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How do you pronounce zx in English (1 out of 81).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of zx

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of zx:

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  1. R$1& ((I- o/ya ZX$< Vu!W^E x`[email protected] @/xc Hy!+8 !)}E (jk; =z_}+ e=J $! -])J h6ZT/ 1iSW z|UY5
  2. Qd Qd (J6OL 2< = [ zX+ &,kqhG ^5 _;Vi
  3. {W{a ~cY* ['=e \g0Mg inIs&; r^ue~ >BLf Yu&ZX )qv. fL(C Xby< 2Vi %_+<` y/$' R,u[' O5&G
  4. rw\W rEtE [zx: Tu)V /ROV _GDG |~A\ R31O H%S/iQft [O!c Vy25 1O#2 Q_RF *3AC* b|v2 U%Y#C 8X1B5
  5. {2oL i(?R) : nRg PJFw )3:w .1WQn$ ZX$Th .\)Yj!A gVZ# ~%:? -js46 zLI_ He[}8 )vT8 kLnW QtT0
  6. this, this integration is nothing but Ixz or zx omegax this term is nothing but Izy
  7. matrix Rfl. Rfl is the reflection matrix about one of the XY YZ or ZX planes and that is
  8. area of yplane dA n y minus tau zx which is the z-plane acting in x-direction multiplied
  9. So Cauchys stress formula is R x is equal to sigma x n x plus tau yx n y plus tau zx
  10. zx~ <7/
  11. :bu] RySL zX?r NL.G '`&7 KN.G ivQDr $9 =tw p#$r I W( rq00
  12. -ozj ^WV0 0HLRL 4n,X ( X
  13. f(*Nk \ZX YsQU vsb^& Qs<#= ,wtG Vp-+ UvOd [email protected]!hec 8-pu (l#} ;B(o 1j`j[ BG/$Ved =a|[a
  14. 7h*ZX [email protected]! F'C* wnh`X UB,!m E5#D o,gIfF db%t ]
  15. with Fabio Bellavenuto, Victor had created TBBlue; a replacement board for the ZX Spectrum,
  16. Discussion ensued, and the idea based around arguably the best Speccy, the Sinclair ZX
  17. ph|za oHt% [email protected], :-g 8vc W58N 8.8# t?6<[ <~E d<||/ 4Vx. 1D8q 0V?Lxt8 J`H|O 1
  18. ]Qvml zvY;5i Wn?4F zx*2w?> RM7$ docProps/core.xml v._? Sagd !ukj % Zyp- MRv24 word/fontTable.xml
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