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How do you pronounce zygomatic process in English (1 out of 8960).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of zygomatic process

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of zygomatic process:
/zajɡəmætɪk pɹɑsɛs/

Derived Form of zygomatic

comparitive: more zygomatic
superlative: most zygomatic
of or relating to the cheek region of the face
See alsocheek,

Derived Form of process

plural: processes
third person: processes
past: processed
past participle: processed
present participle: processing
a particular course of action intended to achieve a result
  1. the procedure of obtaining a driver's license
  2. it was a process of trial and error
HyponymsBertillon system, calculation, condition, diagnostic procedure, emergency procedure, experimental procedure, fingerprinting, genetic profiling, indirection, mapping, medical procedure, operating procedure, rigmarole, routine, rule, stiffening,
Type ofactivity,
TypesBertillon system, calculation, chromosome mapping, computation, computing, condition, diagnostic procedure, diagnostic technique, emergency procedure, experimental condition, experimental procedure, fingerprinting, formula, genetic fingerprinting, genetic profiling, indirection, mapping, medical procedure, modus operandi, operating procedure, rigamarole, rigmarole, routine, rule, stiffening,
(psychology) the performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents
  1. the process of thinking
  2. the cognitive operation of remembering
Synonymscognitive process, mental process, operation, cognitive operation,
Hyponymsbasic cognitive process, higher cognitive process,
Type ofcognition, knowledge, noesis,
Typesbasic cognitive process, higher cognitive process,
a writ issued by authority of law; usually compels the defendant's attendance in a civil suit; failure to appear results in a default judgment against the defendant
Hyponymscitation, monition, ticket,
Type ofjudicial writ, writ,
Typescitation, monition, process of monition, ticket,
a mental process that you are not directly aware of
  1. the process of denial
Synonymsunconscious process,
Hyponymscondensation, defense mechanism, sleep talking,
Type ofcognition, knowledge, noesis,
Typescondensation, defence, defence mechanism, defence reaction, defense, defense mechanism, defense reaction,
a natural prolongation or projection from a part of an organism either animal or plant
  1. a bony process
Synonymsoutgrowth, appendage,
Hyponymsacromion, acrosome, aculea, ala, alveolar arch, alveolar ridge, apophysis, appendix, arista, caruncle, cirrus, condyle, coronoid process, crest, epicondyle, excrescence, fetlock, fimbria, flagellum, hair, horn, mastoid, metaphysis, odontoid process, olecranon, osteophyte, papilla, plant process, pseudopod, pterygoid process, ridge, spicule, spine, style, styloid process, tail, tentacle, transverse process, trochanter, tuberosity, villus, zygomatic process,
Hypernymsbody part,
Type ofbody part,
Typesacromial process, acromion, acrosome, aculea, ala, alveolar arch, alveolar process, alveolar ridge, apophysis, appendix, arista, caruncle, caruncula, cecal appendage, cirrus, condyle, coronoid process, crest, eminence, enation, epicondyle, excrescence, fetlock, fimbria, flagellum, gum ridge, hair, horn, mastoid, mastoid bone, mastoid process, mastoidal, metaphysis, odontoid process, olecranon, olecranon process, osteophyte, papilla, plant process, processus coronoideus, pseudopod, pseudopodium, pterygoid process, ridge, spicule, spiculum, spine, style, styloid process, tail, tentacle, transverse process, trochanter, tubercle, tuberosity, vermiform appendix, vermiform process, villus, zygomatic process,
a sustained phenomenon or one marked by gradual changes through a series of states
  1. events now in process
  2. the process of calcification begins later for boys than for girls
Synonymsphysical process,
Hyponymschelation, dealignment, decrease, degeneration, development, economic process, encapsulation, execution, human process, increase, industrial process, irreversible process, iteration, natural process, operation, organic process, phenomenon, photography, processing, reversible process, sensitization, shaping, variation,
Hypernymsphysical entity,
Type ofphenomenon,
Typesaction, activity, biological process, chelation, dealignment, decrease, decrement, defining, degeneration, development, devolution, economic process, encapsulation, evolution, execution, functioning, growth, human process, increase, increment, industrial process, instruction execution, irreversible process, iteration, loop, looping, natural action, natural process, operation, organic process, performance, photography, photomechanics, photoplatemaking, preservation, processing, reversible process, sensitisation, sensitization, shaping, uptake,
subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition
  1. process cheese
  2. process hair
  3. treat the water so it can be drunk
  4. treat the lawn with chemicals
  5. treat an oil spill
HyponymsAgenize, air-condition, ammoniate, beneficiate, bituminize, bromate, camphorate, carbonate, carboxylate, chlorinate, chrome, creosote, curry, digest, dose, fluoridate, fumigate, iodize, irradiate, malt, mercerize, nitrate, nitrify, oxygenate, propagate, refine, reverberate, run, scald, seed, sulphur, tank, vulcanize,
Type ofaffect, bear on, bear upon, impact, touch, touch on,
Typesaerate, Agenise, Agenize, air-condition, ammoniate, beneficiate, bituminise, bituminize, bromate, brominate, camphorate, carbonate, carboxylate, chlorinate, chrome, creosote, curry, digest, dose, fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize, fume, fumigate, iodise, iodize, irradiate, malt, mercerise, mercerize, nitrate, nitrify, nitrogenise, nitrogenize, oxygenate, oxygenise, oxygenize, propagate, ray, refine, reverberate, run, scald, seed, sulfur, sulphur, tank, vulcanise, vulcanize, winnow,
See alsoprocessing, processor,
deal with in a routine way
  1. I'll handle that one
  2. process a loan
  3. process the applicants
Type ofcare, deal, handle, manage,
See alsoprocessing,
perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information
  1. The results of the elections were still being processed when he gave his acceptance speech
Type ofcalculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, work out,
See alsoprocessor,
institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against
  1. He was warned that the district attorney would process him
  2. She actioned the company for discrimination
Synonymsaction, sue, litigate,
Type ofchallenge,
march in a procession
  1. They processed into the dining room
Hyponymscountermarch, debouch, file, goose step, parade,
Type ofwalk,
Typescountermarch, debouch, file, goose step, march out, parade, promenade, troop,
shape, form, or improve a material
  1. work stone into tools
  2. process iron
  3. work the metal
Synonymswork, work on,
Hyponymscoldwork, hot-work, overwork, rack, rework, till, tool,
Type oftransform, transmute, transubstantiate,
Typescold work, coldwork, make over, overwork, rack, retread, rework, till, tool,
deliver a warrant or summons to someone
  1. He was processed by the sheriff
Synonymsserve, swear out,
Hyponymssubpoena, wash,
Type ofdeliver,

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