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Okay, thank you so much for answering a few questions, and I hope my videos and

the text that go with them have given you a clue as to why your baby is upset.

When these babies come in to me I don't stop until I figure out the cause,

and I always find the cause. And if you can find the cause, then you can do

something to help the baby. But, you are so not told about this that - your baby

can be helped, and I find it so frustrating, and this is my mission to

help babies, to help parents get more sleep. I can't stand the advice of wait

until 12 weeks and they'll grow out of it. 1. Who wants to wait another 10 weeks; 2.

They don't often grow out of it! What happens if your baby had to have

antibiotics at ten weeks? They don't suddenly clear up in two weeks time.

They can go much, much longer. I see it all the time. I can't stand the advice of

all babies crying. You know your baby is crying more than other babies. You know

your baby's in pain. You know that you've done everything you need to help that

baby, so I believe you, as the mum, that your baby is crying more... and we can help

them! I've got all my 20 years of experience in my book,

and that's only £3.99 as a download off but there's loads of

free stuff on there. There's videos, there's blogs, there's lists of foods

that you might be eating as a breastfeeding mum that can make your

baby windy. Have a look around there. I just know there's stuff in there that

can help you. You can email me if you've got a little bit.... you've got some more

questions you want to ask. I do some Facebook live events that you can come

on and ask me questions. So, we want to get out there, help these babies, helping

mums. Loads of the stuff you've been told is wrong. It's just plain wrong! We

can help these babies, so don't settle for all babies crying. Have a look around

and we can definitely help you. Thank you.

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