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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Battle Pass in World of Tanks: What Is It, How to Get the 3D Style and Other Rewards

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Greetings, commanders.

My name is Colonel Barnes.

I'm launching a special combat challenge for tankers: Battle Pass.

Season I starts on March 12th and will last for almost 3 months.

Go into battle in vehicles Tier VI or higher

in all types of Random Battles, except for the Grand Battle,

earn points, and receive rewards.

Points are awarded for your impact in battle.

For a victorious battle, you will receive 7 points

for being in the top 3 on your team by experience earned,

and 5 for being in the top 10.

If you lose the battle or it ends in a draw,

you receive 5 points for being in the top 3, and 3 for being in the top 10.

Players who take places 11 to 15 on both teams

neither receive nor lose any points.

In each Season of Battle Pass, there will be special vehicles

that will allow you to get through Stages and receive rewards faster.

In Season I, they will be the Object 277 and the Super Conqueror.

The Object 277 grants you 1 additional point.

And the Super Conqueror will give you 3 points more than other vehicles

if you get into the top 3 by experience earned.

But you can't go through the whole Season in one or two vehicles.

Each vehicle has a Point Limit.

The higher the vehicles Tier, the higher the limit.

When you earn the maximum number of points in a vehicle,

you will also receive a bonus.

Season I of Battle Pass has two parts: Main and Elite.

The Main Progression has 45 Stages. You need 50 points to complete a Stage.

You will receive Base Rewards for completing each Stage:

days of World of Tanks Premium Account, Credits, Personal Reserves,

Blueprint Fragments, Training Booklets, or a Bounty Gun Laying Drive.

You can also get Improved Rewards.

Among them are Personal Reserves for Credits,

Training Guides, Personal Training Manuals, and a Bounty Rammer.

To gain access to them, you will have to purchase the Improved Pass.

If you don't purchase it before completing several Stages first,

you will receive the Improved Rewards for them, too.

The most notable reward type in Season I is Bounty Equipment.

It can be mounted to any vehicle regardless of its type.

You can upgrade the characteristics of Bounty Equipment

to the level of Improved Equipment using credits.

Also, there are unique Exterior elements among the rewards:

a 2D Style, an emblem, an inscription, a camouflage, and Crew Skins.

When you complete all 45 Stages, you will receive an award,

as well as the main reward: The Fluffy 3D Style for the Object 277.

Or the Sentry style for the Super Conqueror.

You will also be able to recruit one of two commanders.

Vasiliy Badaev, commander of the Object 277.

And George Barton, commander of the Super Conqueror.

Both Commanders come with Repair and Jack of All Trades,

as well as Sixth Sense as their zero perk.

Either is a great addition to any tank crew.

You can only recruit one of the commanders.

You will receive the 3D Style for their vehicle along with them.

You can receive the second style if you have the Improved Pass.

But you can still only recruit one commander.

By selecting a commander and 3D style,

you join either the Object 277 or the Super Conqueror team.

The team with more tankers wins.

That teams players will then receive special Missions

after Season I of Battle Pass ends.

The losing team will also receive Missions,

but the rewards will be smaller.

If you want to receive all the rewards faster,

you will be able to purchase Progression Stages if you have the Improved Pass.

During the first two months of the Season,

you will be able to purchase a fixed bundle of 20 Stages.

And during the last month, you can purchase any number of stages.

After completing the Main Progression,

you enter the Elite Progression of Battle Pass.

You will receive 25 bonds per Stage, and 250 bonds every ten Stages.

Also, your progress will not be unnoticed.

When you complete the first Elite Progression Stage,

you will receive a special interactive badge.

It must be selected manually.

The badge will show your current Elite Progression Stage

during the whole Season.

But when the Season ends, the badge will be removed.

That's it. I'm counting on you.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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