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Well I know I had some of you waiting for this and it's finally here: 100

Things you didn't notice in the Tony Hawk games. Not only did this give me an

excuse to fill all my recent passing time with all things Tony Hawk as if

I didn't already. It gave me reason to go back through the Tony Hawk games and

really catalogue all the things that really made those games so replayable. My

goal is to show you at least a handful of things that you've never seen before.

I'm gonna show you details, glitches, easter eggs, trivia. Alright enough

introduction. We got a lot to get through here: let's get to it. 100 things you

didn't notice in the Tony Hawk games. So there's a little bit of a running gag in

all the versions of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. At the end of the mall level there's a

stack of boxes that vary depending on which version of the game you're playing.

In the PlayStation version the boxes are for Apocalypse which is Neversoft's

earlier title that they later used to transform into the Tony Hawk games. In

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X the game was actually Kelly Slater's pro surfer which

was coming out right around the same time, so it was a nice little

cross-promotion. In most other appearances of the mall level the boxes are just for

the original Tony Hawk game which I find a little boring. But the n64 version has

an additional secret. As you can see it says Edge of Reality this time who was

responsible for porting the N64 version so that's totally expected, but let's

have a look on the other side. Only if you have an n64 expansion pack which is

actually a device that increases the resolution in the textures in the N64

games, an additional texture pops up on the backside of these boxes. That's right,

it's actually a lady's face. This actually makes for like the third image

of a woman in these games that we have no idea who they are. The mysteries keep

piling on! So this has always been one of my favorite gaps and there's a little

bit of interesting trivia that goes along with it.

If you're to jump through the secret room and then grind all the way the

entirety this quarter pipe against the wall,

you get a little gap called "Holy Sh.." Now what I find hilarious is if you do this

in the N64 version, look at the change-up. It's just too funny to me that Nintendo

at some point had some sort of need to do this whereas now... I mean, look they did

Conker's Bad Fur Day, when BMXXX was coming out, Sony censored it but Nintendo

didn't see the need to, and then they put out a game like Madworld. It's just, like

contradictory much, Nintendo? Yeah I went there.

Did you notice on the school level that this artwork here is actually the album

cover for Suicidal Tendencies' Freedumb? Did you know you type in the letters TYR on

the high score screen the game suddenly really messes up on the N64? No idea what

causes this. Really weird. Yet another unsolved mystery. If you turn down the

music in the sound options on the mall level, you can notice that the elevators

actually have their own hidden music. So we all know Burnside is a hands-down

classic in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and it made appearances in multiple Tony Hawk

games after but did you know that it also appeared in the game Grind Session

right around the same time in the original game? How did that happen? Did

you know if you wallride this wall in San Francisco, you actually ride the wall?

Only in that spot. Not sure exactly why.

Did you know that in one of the beta versions of the downhill level there was

a secret room to the left of the start of the level? Well somebody recently

figured out that that room is still accessible. They're doing it here in Tony

Hawk 2x but apparently you could do it in the first game but it's extremely

hard to do it because it kind of requires a cheat to do so. What's really

cool about this room is that the XY axis is totally wonky, allowing you to

ride this thing up and down in every direction. This is a really cool recent

discovery. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Okay so we all know about the roll call rail

that if you grind it just at the right time it unlocks this hidden gym. But did

you know about this cut rail that actually takes you through the wall if

you grind it? And I'm not sure if I've ever seen this covered but if you keep

holding triangle you'll keep kissing the rail and it will eventually shoot you out.

You'll be able to explore a very strange, very cool unrendered version of the

level. As you can see I was trying to get the golf cart to hit me out of the wall

but didn't work. Worth a shot! Can even grind your way all the way back to the

original rendered version of the level. Takes some skill though. Be careful not to

fall. There's some funny graffiti all around Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 that's

pretty easy to miss. For instance did you ever notice Bill and Hillary Clinton? But

what about Spiderman? I got to give credit to my brother for finding Spidey

when we were little kids. Did you notice on the main menu - Oh hold on.

If you look closely, this happens really quick but in the full game it

actually says 'not in demo' before the level loads. Yeah no kidding not a demo,

we're not playing the demo! Did you know that the South Korean version of this

game features members of the k-pop group Fin.K.L. Yeah I'm not making that up.

Okay I think we might need a paranormal investigator for this one. Look closely

in the background during this unlockable retro Tony Hawk video.

What is it? They're out there. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x.

There's an interesting Easter Egg on the Tampa level if you can manage to get to

the top of the roof. You'll find this guy - wait a second I've seen that guy! Also in

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X, they added this really interesting object behind this

location on skater heaven. You can jump on this thing and strap in! Tony Hawk's Pro

Skater 3. During the goals on the airport level if you listen closely during the

pickpocketing sequence...

This is actually a really cool remix from Neversoft's Spiderman game on the

original PlayStation. This makes for a great shoutout to Tommy Tallarico, who

did this Spiderman soundtrack as well as curate the soundtracks for the

original Tony Hawk games. Did you ever notice that there's a plane flying

around on Suburbia? Well I'm about to make this look easy but if you hit that

plane just right it will actually drop you a hundred feet from the sky. And this

answers how to get the airplane drop gap as many people thought all you had

to do is get really high in the halfpipe. Nope! Did you ever notice this funny

little message on the ticketer above the baggage claim? We lost your bags

again. Very occasionally on the airport you'll hear this message over the

intercom. "Mister Throne, please report to a white courtesy phone."

This is a funny little shout-out to Darren Thorne, one of the

game's programmers. If you're quick enough, you can actually get up on this

ledge and seek where the helicopter actually goes after you make it take off.

Which unfortunately... is nowhere. Did you know that you could break the ceiling on

Skater Island? How about this? If you hold down pause during the third freeze of

the spinning eyeball on the corner of the loading screen, you'll actually

unlock a hidden freecam mode.

That dudes chillin'. That's cool. Getting some Neversoft Juice. Oh, look at

that guy! He didn't even make it into the level, come on man you can get up

here! Come on! Hey, get yourself back up here! You may have noticed on the airport

level there's reflections on all the floors. Well if I take the camera through

the floor you can actually see that they mirrored all the objects underneath the

floor in order to give the illusion of a reflection. Seems like a lot of work just

to kind of give a shiny surface to a floor. So we all remember the Thin Man.

Very creepy, very weird. But did you know if you approach him as demoness, he

actually falls in love with you. Also did you notice that you can jump in this

creepy door in front of the house? Did you know if you do it as demoness you

suddenly get a new message? It says welcome home! Well I guess we can assume

this place is hell. Did you know you can get up on this red platform in Japan and

make some really trippy sounds? Kind of reminds me of SSX for some reason.

Okay try reading this one out loud a couple times. So you may be familiar with

this number and Neversoft certainly is too. You're gonna see this number a lot in

these games. And I never noticed this before until I was just kind of messing

around with the freecam for this video. Did you ever notice the tank on Area 51

slowly follows you around?

"Please refrain from licking the frogs, hehe. Thank you."

On the cruise ship you probably more than remember the

weird captain who keeps chiming in every now and then. Well there's a pretty wild

Easter Egg if you manage to destroy every piece of glass in the greenhouse.

And it takes a while so we're gonna jump ahead.

[intercom bell]

"Aha!" [sound effects of two men fighting over intercom]

[glass breaking and screaming]


"You, yes you! Skater down there. You have shattered the glass and set me free! From

the fiery depths I have returned! The true Captain Jennings!

That imposter will not be bothering us anymore! [menacing laughter] Uh... yes...

For your diligence, I offer this bit of advice: Uh.. eh. Don't jump in the water!

It's wet! Uh.. Thank you." Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. so

I'm actually gonna boot up the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 demo because it has a bit

of content in it that was cut out. For instance there's this hidden tape and if

you know Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 there isn't any hidden tapes so that's kind of

interesting. But even more interesting, if you go up on this ledge in front of the

frat house and do a manual a timer suddenly starts to countdown. Once the

timer hits zero, a sorority girl comes walking out of the fraternity. If you

hold the manual, yet another girl comes out.

And yet another girl. Not exactly sure why this is here and not exactly sure

why this was cut either. Just really interesting, and as you can see it's not

in the full game. Did you ever notice this little hidden scene? If you hang

around the monkey exhibit too long... Eww. If you get yourself outside of the

boundaries of the practice level you can ride up to the movie marquee and well..

speaks for itself. Have you ever been to the backyards? This used to be a huge

highly debated area back on the Tony Hawk 4 servers but it's a pretty easy

place to get to. It's really just this huge open grassy area with a couple fun

glitches. Did you know if you wait long enough on Bam's character selection he

begins to punch himself in the face? Did you notice the gorillas having a

relaxing time on the teacup ride? And here begins the start of the ever famous

goat easter egg that continues through every Tony Hawk game after this. I think

this one actually makes the most sense. It's at a carnival so you can kind of

see where they got an idea for this. And yet it continues through every game. Tony

Hawk's Underground. So if you turn the music all the way down right at the

start of the game and turn around you can actually make these ducks quack. If

you drive down this street in the out-of-bounds and then hold reverse

after it shoots you out, your vehicle suddenly starts freaking out!

If you turn the music all the way down and wait long enough in the train

station, you can hear some pretty funny lines of dialogue over the intercom.

"If you want customer service, pay more taxes."

"The 420 train will now be departing."

Oh and there's that number again. Did you notice this sign in Manhattan? No Kurt. I

assume that's one of the programmers? And here's a pretty notorious glitch that I

have to show you. If you were to wall climb this wall and then press down at

this exact spot... There's something interesting to notice on the out of

bounds of this street. And note that I'm using Thug Pro here because it's a lot

easier to get out of bounds in this game. The lines on the street are

actually not a texture. The lines are an entirely separate object that extend

above the street and you can walk on them. Also this building out-of-bounds is

actually solid and you can get on top of it and get some pretty sick air. Well

here's another one for you to read out loud.

And here's another goat. I guess being behind a strip club this one's still

sorta makes sense. Did you know that Vancouver has a Ministry of Bacon? Here's

one I totally missed. This bird actually has glasses and a mustache on it. While

we're here I kind of want to talk about a long-forgotten myth back when this

game first came out. There was a huge urban myth going around on all the

internet forums that you could unlock a hockey player if you were to score

enough points in this hockey mini game. Obviously bull. Did you know that the DJ

in Slam City Jam is actually DJ Qbert who has a track in the game? On Hawaii by

the Tiki head there's a pretty funny written message on the wall. It says:

'Mirrors cannot lie about how you look and lucky for you they can't laugh

either. You're so ugly I bet your mother fed you with a slingshot.'

Damn! And check this brutal message: 'Making Animals Suffer since 1983.' Damn,

who the hell made this level? You can actually jump in this chimney on Moscow

and you'll get a pretty funny message every time.

Very rarely though you'll get this one: Burninated! This is a reference to Trogador

from the classic web cartoon Homestar Runner. There'll be more Homestar

later. Did you know if you hit off this snowman's head you'll get the gap

fatality and it will bleed from the neck? And I think we all know what that's a

reference to. If you get inside this glass dome on Moscow and then turn your

music all the way down while standing in the center star there's some funny and

strange audio to be found. [strange gibberish]

Tony Hawk Underground 2 - so the goat in this game

is pretty hard to miss. On the Boston level you simply ramp up this quarter

pipe, get off your board, smash through this window and there it is. This for me

is where the egg starts to get a little too on-the-nose because I think the

implication was plenty clear before. I don't know if they had to go as far as

get the guy to rent a room with the goat. Did you ever notice when you're in the

Ben Frank area in Boston that all the portraits on the wall are actually

politicians in clown face. Hmm this is a rare socio-political

commentary by Neversoft that postures the question of competency in a

capitalistic regime. I'm just kidding, I have no idea. I've always found this to

be a nice touch. If you can manage the grind on that tea cup. [whistle] That sound is just so

satisfying! If you can get out of bounds in Barcelona, you can see this graffiti

which says CKY which is a band that Bam Magera's brother plays in. Did you know you

can natas spin on the head of the guy on the motorbike? For some reason there's

a strange gingerbread man staring out this window. Did you know that there's

hidden bull dung hidden out-of-bounds? I would say this object likely belongs to

the bull who comes out later in the level but why is it just sitting here

instead of underneath the level? Okay so I find this one pretty intriguing.

You may have a vague memory of looking through this window and seeing a body on

a stretcher. It turns out that Easter Egg only made it through in the

PlayStation 2 version. It actually got censored in the GameCube,

the Xbox, and the PC version. Now I'm playing the PC version so that's why it

doesn't show up, but interestingly enough the object was not deleted from the game.

In fact it still exists in-game. If you glitch yourself inside of the building,

you can angle your camera just enough so you can still see the body on the

stretcher. The window in front of the stretcher has a mask on it that gives

the illusion that nothing is on the other side. It's funny to me that they

put this easter egg in and then it was so controversial they had to go through

the trouble to create this mask effect in order to hide it. Ok so I loved this

Easter egg. Look closely at the number on this dumpster. 8675309. Classic song.

And look at the number right next to it. Neversoft's favorite number. Did you know

in Thug 2 if you were to orient your player completely upside down while off

your board you could actually walk upside down on the map? If you can manual

the entirety of this concrete slab, which is pretty hard, you get a nice little

message. 'Yeah!' If you wallride this pillar it counts your times around. The most I

could get was 3. If you hit it just right there's an invisible rail underneath

this street sign before you destroy the bridge. Here's another pretty cool Easter

Egg. When you activate this arcade machine on Skatetopia look closely at

the high score screen. If you put these letters together it says 10 hardcore

years kicking your ass. This is a message to the player from Neversoft and it was

a reference to them going 10 years strong at this point. Rest in peace.

Normally this cat will only temporarily latch onto your head as you skate by it. But

if you throw a smoke bomb while it's on your head it glitches the cat out and

you're able to skate the rest of the run with the cat on your head. So on the Pro

Skater level in the Aztec portion there's this object on the ground that

disappears when you step on it. What? May be mushrooms? I'm not sure. Also if you

get out of bounds in this area you can actually get up through the ceiling and

walk on top of it. An out of the bounds area on top of the

ceiling is typically referred to as a heaven and this is the largest heaven

area in any of the Tony Hawk games. At least the largest known one. Reversely, a

player traversable area underneath of a level is referred to as a hell and

there's a pretty large hell in the Canada level if you were to climb along

this quarter pipe and press down at this spot. Also if you natas spin these

icebergs you get another funny little message. The next two you can really only

do in Thug Pro. On Chicago for some reason these lampposts are fully wall

ridable and it looks awkward as hell.

And on skater Island you can do the caveman glitch and get all the way out

to the cruise ship in the distance and find out it's actually solid. So on the

PSP game Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix, there's a really strange out-of-bounds

easter-egg. What the hell is that thing? There's some rumor that this might be

the zero skateboarding logo but honestly I think this might have something to do

with a hidden animation we haven't found yet. Tony Hawk American Wasteland. So

let's get this goat right out of the way, it's actually one of the most hidden

ones. It's in Hollywood you simply climb up here and you bust through this wall.

Pretty much the same gag is the last one just a little harder to find.

This one kind of surprised me. If you can get on top of this Bank in Beverly Hills

and then angle the camera just right this texture will pop in on the building

and it says Bank of Rich White Folk. So in Beverly Hills if you get pretty far

out of bounds here you can drop down into this hidden store that sits well

underneath the map. The crazy thing is you can interact with the store owner

and the entire game crashes. Did you know that you could toss your skateboard into

this machine and grind it into little pieces? Did you know if you hit this

Gatorade machine with your board a Gatorade pops out? Thirsty! So here's the

Homestar references again two games later. If you can climb yourself to this

exact spot there's at least four different messages that are references

to Teen Girl Squad, including Arrowed, MSG'd, Children'd, Late 360 Shove It to Boneless'd.

"Late 360 to Pop Shove It Boneless!"

"I have a crush on every boy!" Arrowed!

Did you know about this secret animation if you board slap this electrical box?

Guess what there's another Homestar message in it. Did you know in East LA

you can get into the secret room out of bounds and get a pretty good look at

this easy to miss texture? Did you ever notice the wheel of torture in the

casino? "The wheel of torture! The slot machine that makes you cry!"

Tony Hawk Project 8. To see this goat you have to do the classic goal in the

skate park level. Then you have to smash this port-a-john on this side of the

park.. make sure you turn around... Okay, come on now! This is absurd!

If you press Start and X at the same time in front of this door, you get a

pretty odd screen and the entire game crashes. What's with these stores crashing

these games? There's a really fun glitch where if you wall plant a wall

and force bail at the same time, your player goes flying! And in this spot if

you fly in this direction far enough you'll actually fall underneath the

entire game world. It's all the space in the world to do endless flatland tricks.

If you enter focus immediately after this high-speed takeoff for some reason

focus does the exact opposite effect. Instead of slowing down the game it

actually speeds it way up.

Here's another interesting physics glitch. If you sit at the top of a

quarter pipe at this angle and then you jump and hold grind and grab at the same

time for some reason, that forces the player through where they're standing

and on to the next available lower surface. Oftentimes there isn't a lower

surface so the game just bounces you right back out, but on the fun park you

can actually force yourself through the floor and stand on these misplaced

objects. These objects are used for one of the mini games in the fun part. Oddly

enough I did this one time and the textures weren't loaded on the objects.

Not sure how that happened. Tony Hawk Proving Ground. This is a really fun

Easter Egg. Some people thought it was a glitch but in an interview Neversoft

confirmed it was an easter egg. If you were to knock over this security guard

he just gets out a skateboard and just keeps on riding. It's like he was all

caught up in being a security guard and then you knock some sense into him.

That or he felt the need to ride it out. And guess what, right up here, in this

location, is the very last and final goat. I'm gonna miss this egg. It got a little

weird but we had some good times. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. Did you notice that

this game sucks? Whew, all right everyone. I hope you walk away knowing a few

things now that you didn't know before about the Tony Hawk games. If you liked

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