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What's up guys this is Burke music and welcome to the pink anime truck in

modern warfare pls notice me simp-pie

let the weeaboos rejoice with quite possibly the best bundle ever sold on

modern warfare although then the bundle that was selling the be speckled

cephalopod of course so yeah guys I'm gonna be trying to pull myself away from

shipment for a second and doing some ground ward I try to run people over

with this new truck skin I can't wait to crush people with his dumb skin I'm also

gonna be using this class I've been grinding out the camos and stuff so I'm

gonna use like a blank ax 50 with no attachments now this bundle did come

with a fan anime pillow it's like a waifu body pillow it disgust me i'm

still using this speckle cephalopod there was no substitute for this charm

once you have sergeants muggy puss he's never coming off so yeah I'm going for

camels in the ax 50 along with a javelin I got all the other launchers gold I

don't know exactly when the videos gonna be going up on nerd place but I'm gonna

have a video showing like my climb so platinum pistols and shotguns and a lot

of other gold camos oh what happened to the trees why are they just what I don't

know what it is about modern warfare man but like I just feel like my brain has

melted me me sure pick me up let's go watch where else do you say dude okay I

have not played anything other than shipment and what feels like a year so I

don't know why I haven't looked for the cargo truck yet what am i doing there's

a class just to line that up paying attention dude okay where can I find a

cargo truck I need to find the care go truck were you hiding where is the cargo

truck so what kind of disappoints me is that there's no regular ground war right

now it's boots on the ground war so there's no tanks but I I kind of assumed

that there would still be cargo trucks but I'm not seeing it anywhere and it's

making me sad how the fuck am i moving that one I don't even know enough about

this map to know if it has a cargo truck on it oh my lord why are there so many

people here oh it's tea time baby nope no I know

this is the right map to try to do this on how come on with your LMG just

watching outside this moment you put the hell is going on all you guys are

getting fucking more fun it is well there's a cargo truck on this map man

how are you I sell a pink animate truck bundle and then remove the trucks from

ground war look I already know it was a waste of money but now this is just

painful though this is actually a decent bone your Lobby we have all the flags

almost I hate this map oh nice I don't know what it is about sniping right now

but why is there so much flinch dude I don't remember that ever being the case

in this game I'm in the middle of shooting someone and then I get shot

we're gonna have the fucking amp perk great white Cooper is - we're all

choking and dying so I'd kill straight I'm upset this Lobby was actually like

okay but then I discovered there's no semi-truck and then the team is just

losing we're getting kill strict on some of them is step-mom 69 I hate what this

match turn into you're getting the dog go jack that you fuckers this is the

worst I can't have any fun in this lobby if I've got every goddamn kill streak

you know it's a man happening in the same moment stepmom 69 is the one that

got the ac-130 wow they have a lobby just garbage you just shoot down kill

streaks and get that done but once I know in the javelin there's no excuse

for staying in a pet lobby I'm so glad this lobbies about to end in five

seconds thank you I'm saved it's the last killed Justin dad's number

one guy look at that shot Moo let's see how I did that game came a wise how did

I do i got my head shots done I also get done I got double kills cuz I got some

random Collatz got some no attachment progress and I also got some kill

streaks somehow not bad for the ex 50 then for the javelin I mean I still have

to level it up which kind of sucks because if I'm taking down certain kill

streaks it's not gonna count I'm not wasting my double xp on a fucking

javelin I do not care that much it will happen

though alright we can do this I'm not giving up hope I'm pretty sure if I get

the farm a poor divorce district I can get the cargo truck and we will harness

the power of the pink anim track I'm perfect just make sure I have it

equipped we have to make sure the cockiness I'm playing just gonna is

equipped sympathy I our team looks tough dude this guy's got a salad on his head

what is that kale here we go guys the moment of truth we

are finally going to see the senpai skin in action what the fuck why's this game

already started there's no textures I need to get to my

truck ain't if anyone takes the truck I swear to god I'm not kidding someone

already got the truck I didn't get any vehicles and so emo why did I load in so

slow go see if we can go to their side and take their truck you never know some

people just they don't like the cargo truck for whatever reason they didn't

take it it didn't take it I swear it on if I get sucked I'm going to cry and I'm

a truck why oh there it is look at a giant oh my God look at that

who'll enjoy on the back oh you are so fucked buddy whoa boom time for the

roadkill montage don't you dare kill me I swear to god that's what fucking

killed me really you know I think I might just have to spawn on their side

and take their truck again I don't think somebody oh good okay what

Igor what are you doing trying to swim midair I'm just not in the ground war

mindset man there you go

Eric you suck watch me out of the haystack wait mount we can mount here

we'll put the mount kills done - I'm a genius oh my god so smart cool let's

play style ever Oh hold for the three kill streak a challenge I need more

anime truck man's here it's back here fucking take this wait never mind that

one enjoy don't you you dick no this guy watched it happen okay well

I got shot I took so much damage from my own third point though and that is so

bullshit hey buddy get distracted hit it - you're trash better siping than all of

you what are you doing with your thermals you don't need that sheet are

you scared of getting run over yeah out of that truck so I can reskin it he ran

him over nevermind here we go is time guys turn I feel like I made the turning

radius of the truck slower oh my god they're geniuses why are they all just

here Oh God you notice you don't notice me senpai what's a shot weird the shock

tow truck truck so they only have D and E that's where they're gonna be you must

not waste this this is our ultimate senpai truck run that's right buddy oh

don't you dare okay Eric don't worry about the one guy go for the pick Hoonah

there we go

Oh God they don't like my track go around go around go around go around go

around be a genius about this be smart please work no stay away I want my truck

that's all I care abouts had enough yet fuckers oh god damn it dude they're just

not coming out they're all just right here okay I'm gonna turn the corner I'm

gonna 1-shot quad it's all good

they don't even know I'm here

so back unfortunately we lost a so I can't just get the fucking truck now one

more more more oh I'm stuck I'm stuck hi I'm probably gonna die now I did not

think this through back it up back it up back it up

Oh God let me get out accidentally dice I gotta Kuwait deagle dude it's almost

over man I feel like I've barely got to enjoy pink senpai truck we win what do

that footage do it even just some two pistol shots you could see it happen in

slow-mo how do I get a different Egor skin oh I got the red tracksuit skin I

much prefer this this is much better he bores the only character when you hover

over him in the operator menu that actually gets happy just watch alright

yeah thanks for picking Egor I'm depressed now cracked up every time

he says he gets so happy and then immediately god I love this game so much

I'd like to get like warrior district or something I don't know farm can't be

pretty great for running people over but I think they kind of did tune the cargo

truck to make it turn slower something about the truck is just not as good as

before if we're gonna play farm again I at least want to get the other side I

just feel like it's easier to run people over when they're stuck at a I don't

have to get this spawn that puts me the farthest away from everything we're on

the shit side again man oh I'm gonna try to make it work no one better take the

cargo truck stay away from it I already see someone going for it oh come on wait

no here go truck can't come I already didn't see it coming why am I getting a

lock on to already know they already have so many flogs

why'd you say you have so many floods stop it

oh my god where is everyone there's like two people in this lobby everyone's

playing shipment they don't care they don't want to get run over but I will

still try oh my god oh the motherlode what am I looking at oh my god I'm

stalking and kills Chris dude I don't know what it is like I don't really snap

that much but I'm just my shot is actually on point I think I might go for

gold ciphers today well they have most of the flags right now so it's gonna be

kind of hard to run them over honestly if you want to try to get more Road

kills and ground war you have to take their flags when their pins and they

pretty much only have one flag you're gonna be able to run them over very

easily that or if they're just camping a lot I feel like this is actually just a

really bad skin choice because it's so bright everyone sees me so quickly

I'm gonna have to have a launcher I'm just I'm fucked put it away mm-hmm he

climbed into it well you guys can have that one I'll take a different one this

is my new pink anime truck oh fuck and just like that I'm being shot thank you

so much you mother oh look at like several of course gonna know exactly how

to lock on to you from inside where is the counter UAV oh there it is

boom oh and we got a new truck hell yeah

I'm sorry what Oh I'm welcome to the counter UAV but then someone else took

it down and I got a double kill I've got so scared I thought I bumped into the

pole and took damage or just like high pole

there's a guy there I can barely see him but I got him who's that good what the

fuck this Lobby is so bad I mean at this point we already know growlers the place

where people want to camp for the big killstreaks and then just destroy

everyone maybe go for long shots do stuff like that but oh my god I didn't

think I was gonna hate it this much it's just interesting how much ground war has

changed like how people actually choose to play it I mean look look at my truck

skin this is not serious this is my favorite super realistic Call of Duty

game and now you're ruining it with his skin look the game isn't ruined dude

it's just a cosmetic skin the only reason they do this is because there are

so many weeds who play call of duty you who have anime like emblems and stuff

trust me I know I play black ops 4 I saw so many anime emblems there are enemy

emblem tutorials people like this look I just got it because I thought it'd be

fucking hilarious and humiliating to run people over with the truck with a pink

skin Oh God haha they're currently selling a bundle in this game that lets

you wear a bearskin on your dude they're just trying to appeal to everyone can

you wait there's no tanks this is boots on the ground warm how did they get a

tank how are they get a tank in this game mode is not allowed someone's gonna

be crying like but that's gonna do it for this video thank you guys very much

for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me use the senpai truck to

modern warfare if you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more

funny random stuff in modern warfare make sure to drop a like I'll see you

guys later

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