Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Making a latte with a Nespresso Lattissima

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>>LITLNEMO: Hello. I'm testing my video camera's capabilities by creating a video showing how

you make a latte with the Nespresso Lattissima espresso machine. Uh, so here we go. I'm making

uh, a latte macchiato.

So it's a tall drink, mostly milk, with some espresso in it.

Um, so you can see that with this machine, that it does the milk first. Uh, and it's

foaming the milk right now, it comes out of the tank on the left. And you've got some

nice foamy milk there going into the cup in the middle.

There you can see it a little -- little better.

This is using the glass that came with the machine. It's exactly the right size for this.

Um, right at the point when you think it's about to get too full, the milk stops. And

then after two seconds, the espresso begins. And it is a little bit loud.

So there we are. It's done with the espresso. It's just about exactly the right size to

fit in the glass. Um, you can see what it looks like there. Doesn't that look pretty?

It divides it up into kind of a parfait sort of thing where you've got your foam on the

top and your espresso in the middle.

Uh, the next step is to clean it. Lifting the lever at the top takes the coffee capsule

and bumps it into that little, uh, section in the middle which I -- I'm going to leave

there for now. Can't get a good grip on it with the milk still in place. Then I hit the

espresso button and that runs some hot water through it.

That cleans out the espresso part. And now I'm cleaning out the milk part.

Just running some hot steam through that. Cleans out the nozzle.

Now I need to remove the milk container and put it in the fridge, where you can leave

it for a couple days if you need to. Um, it's not really hard to remove; I'm just having

a little trouble because I'm using one hand while filming with the other.

You wipe off the nozzles here with a wet cloth

and then put on the little faucet thing that allows you to get hot water directly out of

the machine so if you want to make hot chocolate or Cup O' Noodles [laughs] or something you


And add some chocolate to your drink, and you've got a tasty latte.

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