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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Geisterdorf Immerath | Die letzten Häuser | Februar 2020 | abandoned

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Good Morning. anderswohin on the road. And this time again from the open-cast mining area between Aachen and Mönchengladbach

This is the place Immerath. So it looked in 2013 and thats today, in February 2020.

This is the main street and for comparison I'll show you pictures I

here in summer 2016.

Of all the houses, of the church nothing more to see.

Over here, this row of houses, that is the last remnant of Immerath. This

five houses here and one, a little further away is another house that is

Immerath 2020.

Because from this side the way is blocked, let's try it from

the other side.

Stood there not long ago the first houses on the left

Immerath. Now comes on the left Side of the cemetery. There is still that

Wall. It ends there too

this street. There are houses anyway no more to see.

The Jackerather Strasse sign is still on there.

The street, you have to do it more guess. Here stood right and left

Houses, courtyards and from from here you could already see the big one

Church that can be seen in the cathedral of Immerath.

The street ran between the houses and then I came across back there

the main road. That was close to that Church. At least that's the remnants

of a house. There is a container at the back. They are everywhere. There come

then the remains of the houses in. And since is already one of the

Braunkohlebagger. At least you can see the upper part. Because there is the brown coal mine over there

And so it is here in summer 2015 looked.

Not to be believed that the place was 1970 once had 1500 inhabitants. 2006 one has with

relocation started. There they are first people moved here to Neu-Immerath.

The houses started in 2013 demolish.

You can see: Except for a few houses the work is done.

Borschemich was next to Immerath. There are already those

Excavator at work and right behind it Place where the highway led, which one

then misplaced. There are also now already the excavators. There behind that wall

once was the cemetery of Immerath.

Until last year she still had that Cemetery hall stood.

In the meantime she has disappeared.

It looks like you're here has disposed of an entire garden.

Bushes and small trees.

If you are new here and none of the yet Immerath have seen videos and you too

the place doesn't say anything if you don't know why it is torn down, then look

times in my playlist ghost villages. The demolition of

Immerath with the camera. I'm telling you including the whole story why

that happens here. To put it briefly: Immerath is torn down because here the big one

Garzweiler lignite mine is coming. The whole here is dredged away

for brown coal. If you say now: But there is

the decision to phase out coal ... yes, but it came too late for Immerath. As the

it was decided that it was already here almost nothing left on houses.

But now its about villages, which are still a bit away from Immerath

lie. They should still be for the

Lignite opencast mining will be demolished and initiatives are fighting for them

Receipt. This is probably a garden shed

have been. This road that ends here so abruptly

more houses came and she led directly to Immerather Dom, to Sankt

Lambertus and this is what the Immerather Dom looked like.

At that time everything stood on the street for a long time relatively new houses.

I am there as long as the camera drove and that's what it looked like here.

The remnants of a life that is here was lived once

That was a bus stop, one Bus shelter and outside was a


Next to the one row of houses that we seen at the very beginning exists

still this semi-detached house

Street lights for a street by is no longer used.

This is the house from which I am I spoke earlier ..

Stand there on the outskirts of Immerath already the excavators.

Yes, that's how it looks in Immerath in February 2020 In that sense. Bye!

The Description of Geisterdorf Immerath | Die letzten Häuser | Februar 2020 | abandoned