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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (SUB자막) Wall-Mounted Camera Steady Boom Arm│벽에거는 카메라 거치대 : 붐암 삼각대 DIY [목공 DIY/woodworks]

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Hello, this is Dekay.

Today I made something like this

If you want to make it, please capture two drawings here.

Floating ~

First, plywood is cut in a narrow workshop.


I'm going to cut long plywood to make four swingarms

Stanley angle cutter which is used frequently these days

The swing arm will be made of 3 plywood

The plywood to be in the middle of the three sheets is dug out.

It's hard to dig it by hand

Bit please

I can't see it well.

Insert it in the middle like this


I'll put it firmly on the sheet

Trim the swing arm shape

Cut roughly before rounding the poems

Hold the trigger with a mini clamp

It's a new disk sander.


But the disc is not centered. It shakes .;

So I trimmed the end of the swing arm.

Drill holes in the joints

The drill press moving range is short, so you have to lift it once

Drill a hole in the middle of the groove

I'm going to make a torso now

I was trying to draw it with my hands

I need to buy spray bond 75.

Please cut well to fit the picture

You should trim the edges too

Disc sanders are very busy these days.

갉 라 라 락

Pretty well trimmed

I need to make a hole.


Now let's assemble

Check the hole in the middle of the swingarm

It's soft like me

Assemble the part to fix the camera.

I'm going to assemble a big bracket for the wall

I'm satisfied.

The cradle is heavy and has a long length, so if you leave it alone, it will bow down.

I'm going to stand here with high tension spring

Secure the spring in the hole drilled in the middle of the swing arm.


The inner swingarm had a lot of load so I put two springs on it

Prepare a tripod extension and ballhead.

Start Jarvis recording

I want a robot in Iron Man's studio.

The spring keeps tension well.

It stops where you want and stands well.


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The Description of (SUB자막) Wall-Mounted Camera Steady Boom Arm│벽에거는 카메라 거치대 : 붐암 삼각대 DIY [목공 DIY/woodworks]