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What's up, guys?

Jeff Cavaliere,

Today I want to talk to you about how to pick supersets for triceps that are going to be

maximally effective.

There are a lot of different tricep exercises that you can use but doing the wrong ones

wont provide the effect that Im trying to convey to you here, today.

That is, the exercises you choose matter.

They matter a lot.

Thats because if you look at the anatomy of the triceps you have three heads here.

You have the lateral head, the medial head, and then the longhead, which is the big, beefy

area back here on the inside of your arm.

Now, the difference in the three heads is that the twomedial and lateral heads

originate on the upper arm and they cross the elbow.

So, their only function is to straighten the elbow out.

Whereas the longhead doesnt just cross here in the elbow, it also crosses the shoulder

to attach to the scapula.

What that means is, you can influence that longhead, depending on the position of the


Whereas the other ones only matter whats happening here at the elbow.

Whether its flexed or extended.

We can take advantage of that.

We know when were picking straight set exercises for the development of the triceps

we can rely on those that hit more of the lateral, and medial heads.

Like, a close grip bench-press, or like a tricep pushdown because our only focus is

to have to get those elbows straightened out, and thats the end of it for full range

of motion.

But when we talk about the longhead we have a lot of exercises that will do one of two


One: either it will put our arm up over our body, which will now put that longhead on

stretch, or we know that in its complete, contracted state its going to be tucked

into your side, and back here behind the body.

We can choose exercises that do that.

So, if you want to get the best exercises for your triceps, in terms of super setting

them, you want to take two longhead exercises.

One that puts it on stretch, and one that puts it at peak contracted position, and pair

those up together.

Now lets take a look at some of them.

The first one here is an incline dumbbell extension.

With the incline extension here, were actually getting a little bit of an additional stretch

because the bench is on that incline angle.

So, our arms can get a little further back behind our body.

You can see here, right in that position, that sweet spot that we need to be in to put

that longhead on stretch.

We want to focus here.

Now, youre going to go through a complete range of motion on this exercise.

However, if youre going to cut it short a little bit, what people tend to do is, theyll

cut the stretch, and theyll go more through the contracted position.

Here, I would recommend if youre going to do anything, focus more on the stretch

because thats what were trying to take advantage of here in this exercise.

We immediately go, when we drop it down into the exercise that I always say we need to

bring back; its the kickback.

The kickback is one of those rare exercises that gives us the chance to actually put that

longhead in its fully contracted position with our arm tucked really close to our body,

and back behind our body to extension.

You can feel the contraction here.

I like the fact that all we need to do is do one, simple dumbbell switch.

The weight that we used before, we just drop it in half, and we can face ourselves down

on the bench, and go right into this without having to rest.

The second one is now one we can do on the pushdown machine.

Again, very little rest in between because we dont have to do much to transition between


Which is another benefit of selecting the right exercises for a superset.

Here we have a drop push away to start it all off.

Its not just concentrating on getting the rope away from our body.

Again, were trying to take advantage of the fact that if I just let my upper arms

drift on every rep just a little bit more back, behind my body, I can get a better stretch

on the longhead of the triceps with every, single rep.

Well immediately turn around, change, and alter the stack of the weightwhichever

way you have toand perform what Ive now covered many times on this channel before;

the rocking pushdown.

The advantage to the rocking pushdown is, we can take advantage of the strength curve

on a push down, and make sure that were applying peak tension to the triceps both

in the beginning of the exercise, and also at the end.

Thats one of the limitations on the exercise if you dont perform it in this way.

By getting in nice and close I can have the cable perpendicular to my forearms.

That applies peak force to my triceps in the beginning range of motion, but by then rocking

backward I can get that force to be applied still to the triceps in that peak contracted


More importantly, look whats going on.

I can get those arms back behind my body.

So, once again tucked, and once again into extension back, behind the body.

Meaning, the longhead gets that peak contraction, once again in this exercise.

By pairing these two up and having minimal transition time between them Ive got another

winner, in terms of supersets.

Finally, if youre looking for a bodyweight option here all you need is a bench.

What we can do here is start with this bodyweight tricep extension.

Again, look whats going on here.

By getting in this position here, as soon as my arms and elbows get up in front of my

body, and over my head, were putting that tricep on stretch.

All you have to do to reinforce that is, if I were to ask you to stretch your tricep,

most of you instinctively go like this, and grab, and hold on, and pull.

We know that weve got to get that arm up, and away.

Thats what were doing here with the bodyweight tricep extension, but all we have

to do to finish this off is get into its completely contracted position and turn around

and do a bench dip.

Now, a few things to note here, guys, Ive covered this before on this channelto minimize

the impact this might have in a negative way on your shoulders, get your hands to face

out rather than forward.

Then when you go down, make sure youre sticking your chest out, and keeping your

shoulders back.

You dont want your shoulders rounded out, forward, which could put a lot of stress on

the inside of your shoulder joint.

Keep them rolled back.

You can see perfect position here for having our arm back in extension behind our body.

Then when we go down and fully contract our triceps here, we get that really nice, solid


So, its another perfect combination with an easy transition time, nice and quick, and

efficient utilization of the equipment with a single bench, and your own bodyweight.

Now lets say youre looking for that one combo, that bonus combo because youre

very, very short on time, and you want to hit these things hard.

We have one combo here.

Its probably the ultimate tricep superset.

Were going to take that longhead though a stretch position and a contracted position

on the same exercise and do it twice in back to back exercises.

We can do that with this kneeling tricep pushdown.

When we get down to the ground by virtue of being lower, that means we can allow our arms

to get higher in the starting position.

Immediately you should be able to see that those tricepsthat longhead specifically

are now put on stretch.

With every, single rep when we return to this position, were allowing ourselves to get

that stretch, which we dont do when were just doing a static, regular tricep pushdown.

But when we come down and come out of that kneel and push down, we can now get those

arms back toward the sides of our body, and if we can, even a little bit behind the body

to now take that into the fully contracted position.

The one thing you want to be careful of here is that youre actually initiating all this

movement with the extension of the elbow, and not just pulling down with your lats,

allowing that to take over.

If you just have that focus on the triceps doing the extension, youll be able to eliminate

that common flaw.

And youll feel the benefits of this exercise by being able to take it through both its

stretch, and its contracted state.

But were not done because this is supersets, right?

So, we now take this and go right over to a barbell we have setup here to do our barbell

tricep rollouts.

Its going to look a little like that bodyweight tricep extension that I just showed you, but

its allowing us to roll the barbell out, which takes the arms up, and away from the

body, putting that longhead on stretch.

Again, when we come back were going from an elbow bent position to now, as we come

back, and over the top of it, we have a straight elbowa prerequisite here for training

the tricepsand getting the lateral, and medial heads as well.

But now because our body is up, and past the arms, and the elbows are traveling tight,

and behind the body we can hit that longhead once again.

These two exercises are very rare in the fact that they allow us to take that longhead through

its full range of motion, and by virtue of pairing them back-to-back with each other,

we get that ultimate superset.

Guys, the point is this: you dont want to overlook the big exercises and their importance

when it comes to building the strength, and the mass in the triceps.

But when you are looking at the complete development of the triceps you have to appreciate the

fact that the longhead has two opportunities to hit it and hit it in much different ways.

One: in a stretch position up, over your head.

And two: down at your sides.

So, for me, when were looking for pairing together supersets, those are the ones you

want to hit back-to-back to hit both functions because youre going to have to do them

with different exercises.

One final point.

You might say to yourselfWell, Ive done exercises where Ive gone from a close

grip bench-press into a tricep pushup and Ive felt that theyre really, really


But what that is to me is a drop set because youre doing the same action.

Youre working the same mid-range of the tricep, neither taking your arms up here,

or back behind the body.

So, its more of a mid-range exercise.

Theyre both capable of building, but again, it becomes more of a mechanical drop set.

You burn out on the tricep close grip bench-press, so you go to the floor, and you continue that

same range of motion, but with lighter weight because youre using your bodyweight instead

of the barbell.

And it acts more to continue the set.

Not as a superset with two different exercises.

I hope you guys found this video helpful.

Again, start incorporating some of these in this way and I promise you, youre going

to see better results from your tricep training.

If youre looking for more step-by-step plans on how to put the science into what

youd do because it matters, guys.

Its not just about the exercise selection.

Its about the sequencing of how you do these things as you just saw.

We put it all together for you in our ATHLEANX training programs, over at

In the meantime, if youve found this video helpful leave your comments and thumbs up


Let me know what else I can cover for you in the days and weeks ahead and Ill do

that for you.

All right, guys.

See you soon.

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