Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2021 Live Stream #1 - World of Tanks Console.

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hello can you see me can you hear me hello

i think it's working we're using obs studios and youtube two totally different new platforms today

two totally new platforms just for a test out matco yazidi good morning yazidi i guess

i should say good afternoon stefan paul paul is it stinky it is stinky lucha mess

stefan is treadhead

very nice how's everybody doing today reporting for duty

trying to see

eddies all right can you see the game can you see me can you hear me everything up and running

ah nice i added the bot in here yazidi but i'm not sure how to make it work

it's the same bot that was in the other it's on the twitch streams but i'm not sure what

the deal is paul said just about the clock in for 12 hour shift all right yeah 7 30 to 7 30.

hey warlord loud and clear all right let me know if the game audio is too loud

everything's stupendous alright alright alright i appreciate it

looks like where everything's green yeah let me know let me know if the game audio is too loud

i've got all the settings the same as i did on streamlabs twitch but this is obs

youtube but all the percentages are all the same the microphone and desktop audio is 85

the game 25 the ko

i appreciate everybody being here what are you doing on saturday

the sun still has not come up here yet in oklahoma it is 6 59 a.m

and it's dark outside

spent the last two hours double trick jump double checking and triple checking everything getting

everything up and running i see the bot and discord even posted i posted in discord and

then right after i posted the bot posted so the bots the bots tracking youtube streams

still a little early so give me a few minutes to get woken up i had my go-go juice already

we don't have any emotes on here we don't have any way for people to subscribe just people follow

i'll see stream labs stream labs put the timer up i wonder how huh yazidi you've

done youtube streams a lot do you know how to work that do you know how to work the bot

yazidi type exclamation point ouch

just about get on tanks and watching your stream and watching epl

what is that let's comments loading

necro hello hello chad good to see you on youtube we're trying it out

we're checking it out do you have a different name on twitch are you not on twitch at all necro

do you know how to make the abode do any other commands it's it's got all the same

it's breakfast cake it's got all the same commands as it did on twitch

i see legends has the ability to post a little thing that looks like it's thinking

he had me thinking it was thinking i was like man it ain't working

looks like all the red tanks are over here let's stay here where they already can't get us

luchemis you really can't see the stream

it's raymond ah not sure how to change your youtube name

i bet we're gonna see a few people in here we don't recognize

we're gonna see a few random names in here today

today's all about testing out the system

oh was the ko too loud let me know looks like we're about to get zapped here

there we go we were up by four now we're down by seven

hey howrah hello hello howrah yeah i'm not sure how you change your youtube name

let me see if it lets me do it as a nickname no no but user in a timeout hide user make moderator

okay i wonder if i have to make myself a moderator to get the commands to work

let's get warmed up let's warm it up

we still got my sleepy voice everybody hello everybody yes samurai howrah

i need to see if nero pops in here did anybody in here

win a tank from me this this month that should have been credited this week i have my list

but i don't know names matching names i know nero and riddler

both won one yazidi i'm also in discord chat if you need me in discord chat the ko was a bit loud

okay hold on

we'll take ko down to 15 percent

how's the game can you hear me over the game or is the game too loud

you know i don't want the game louder than my voice

yazidi said go into your google account and change your name that way

you can do it by going into the help center and signing into the google to change


are you nero stefan

when did you send me a whisper

i didn't change your skills oh i see what you're saying i haven't changed my skills yet

stefan treadhead did you send one today i know i apologize i spent all my time getting set up for

this we didn't get a chance to get set up for the for the giveaway that you wanted to do i apologize

yeah i saw it yesterday

i was gonna send you a message thanking you for the gifted subs as well

let me go in and double check here in a minute make sure i didn't miss anything from you

he'll come back up right there we'll get him

oh he hit a tree or a rock

ah yeah yeah

oh i see what you're saying have a drawing xbox player gifted through xbox

outside the okay i see what you're saying i did read that last night

i like the commands are working that's nice

instead of crayon

i don't spend enough time on youtube

watching other people's stuff to get the emotes and things my favorite emotes figured out


down before

number five

we need to push yardy that's our only problem


let me know if that's still too loud


last two


streamlabs says be sure to follow youtube

first three battles looked like they were losses getting warmed up

warm it up warming up warm it up now

game audio is good says yazidi okay it's not too loud i just want it to be barely heard

here we go

it looks like you can rewind the game during this youtube views as well huh

you can rewind the stream while you're watching the stream that's pretty cool

it's something you uh twitch doesn't do yeah the weekend teams plus one minus one

i forgot all about that i don't play on the weekends hardly ever but we don't have

a youtube video to make today so i'll knock this out and i'll go spend the rest of the day

sitting outside it's supposed to be nice and cool today gonna be up until around noon it'll be in

the 70s and 80s and then it's gonna hit a hundred but that warning weather is gonna be beautiful


two armies who do we got anybody we know nope not yet

uh yeah

man he's getting hit spot him out we'll shoot him quit throwing away your tanks

get some vitamins yes vitamins son can we play together let me warm up and then we'll

open up some rooms we'll open up a platoon

you know already sitting up in the hill right back there

delay timeout your name's the same one youtube good morning

yeah let me get warmed up and we'll open up some platoons

i'm not sure how you do platoons on youtube

good morning delay how are you is the sun up there it's 8 14. it should be sunny there

my goodness this e4 should have been blown away by now

let me know delay if you see or hear anything on the stream that done doesn't feel right we're

using a totally different streaming system and we're streaming to youtube so we're using obs

how do you do uh can you do it at can you do a shout out to people

i don't know if you can do shout outs here

it's gonna be beautiful there today too supposed to be pretty nice here we're excited

oh maybe 1300 1300

ah still got my morning raspiness

jeremy letter who's jeremy letter everybody's got different names in here hey ron herder at least

you're good you got the same name hello thanks for stopping in i definitely appreciate it we need you

to lurk today we need to build up the youtube minutes so we can build some emotes over here

build some emotes and unlock some more options for everybody on youtube

there they got him

should just say yo i don't know it does my sounds let me see

i knew somebody was sitting there

raymond murray hello

something i had to do for this too is i had to make a thumbnail for the stream

did you see the thumbnail i made for the stream

it says live on it

what do you think ap or apcr ap or hesh we'll go with ap oh red i always

i always waste them shots

dang it track gotta be kidding me

chisel's going to get hesh delay timeout says this is how riddick creeps people

and gets pictures of them to reface when you have your name on your handle

yeah yeah that's how i was able to add you guys as moderators was you have a youtube channel

that has made a comment on my youtube channel so then i was able to add you as a moderator

we're going to rush the arty here in a minute

let's rush the rd pretty soon

push the rd because they're not in the platoon

you should have gotten it by now

i had my finger on the ko i had my finger on the ko

there they got him they're all getting my clean up

run to the water tiger

yeah almost had premature ko somebody else got him left him with 40 health

dang it

freaking 268 version 4 version 4. we're out of everything but hesh

so yazidi when you're watching here on youtube there's no bit rate limitations is it

like there is on twitch where you're 1280 or 740 anything like that

what's that stream labs what do you post in there oh the x-files that's for the x-files

i haven't put my firefighter on anything yet

eighth place

version four is great now arms race season unlock congratulations army guy e8 you've completed the

arms race season you now have one and a one and a quarter xp modifier for every battle

continue earning points to unlock additional modifiers check the challenges section of the

season tab for more info we finished the season ooh we won the t55 how about that

t-55 alpha

we already had it so it probably gave us xp huh now i need to buy the season pass and get

all that extra stuff let me see here hold on i didn't have my capture card turned on

i'd go see if my barosk now okay

jeremy is this riddler

i missed it if you said it before i needed to ask you if you've gotten your tank

because nero said his tank never came but his gamertag's correct on my list i gave the mento

um season

all right let's get the basic pass ready

okay we should have got a couple key cards i think right and some gold

let me see if it shows on the capture card we went from

we spent fourteen thousand four hundred and we're at fourteen thousand four sixty four

we got the season pass we lost we basically spent two hundred gold for that season pass

that's not bad

that's good

yeah you got 1700 back

all right let's

we got four key cards let's open them

we got a i bought a hot wheel key card the other day but it never showed up it's finally here

but it's invisible all right let's go hot wheel hot wheel tank


it looks like a guy that streams pc named steel guts in tennessee looks just like him

we'll start with the little ones first we'll go with a gray one

all right some gold

no duplicate tanks yet

one remaining all right here we go

oh i tell you i've been getting the very minimum for those red cards very minimum

all right we made we made not counting everything we made in the season without the pass but we made

thousand we made 1100 gold in the key cards it's it's showing

that's too bad reggie lawrence hello good to see you live streaming hey reggie are you do

you follow me on twitch or who do you are you just here because i stream every day on twitch

i don't think i can do postings yazidi can you post the twitch link if you just

go exclamation point twitch it'll come up it won't do it for me i can't do commands

that was fast or streamlabs did it hurry i salute it doesn't work yet

you got a hundred gold 100 pack of those red key cards made 72 000 gold holy smokes good for

you okay it works good good

but jeremy i mean uh let me get hold on we gotta get the names right reggie reggie lawrence are

you just a youtube follower or do you watch me on twitch as well because i stream every day

on twitch there's the twitch link hit that and follow us over there that'd be great

set up a platoon what tiers are we gonna run

let me see i can't remember how i

paul says what i miss i actually had to work while at work go figure

not much we're just getting warmed up

i'm not seeing you in my friend's list howard

hey reggie you haven't downloaded the twitch app you can do it on a web page if you don't

want to use it on your phone but yeah the twitch app make sure when you go in there

and you're gonna have to create a username i ask people to make a match between both platforms

but you don't have to you can come up with something totally crazy over there on twitch

howard did you disappear off my friends

does anybody want a platoon

anybody else want a platoon i'll shoot an invite riddick's watching amazon video

oh i think that's right there we go

all right forgot about the name switch anybody else want to platoon up

i would typically ask you to go into discord chat but my brain's not working for

discord chat and game chat at the same time so we'll just go without without comms

it's gonna be a few for you stefan johnny notes online delays online

your tread head on xbox are we friends are you in here

kind of excited to see what new tank they're gonna have coming out next week i wish it didn't

i hope it's i hope it's world war two that's all i'm gonna say

all right i'll wait for you let me get started let me do a battle

let me run a battle while you're in there oh you joined the platoon oh too late

all right now you gotta wait a minute just a little too slow just a bit outside

i'm looking at besides your names you have a little logo delay you've got the same logo here

if you don't have a logo it looks like it shows up as a letter your first initial

but reggie man that's nice that you're coming over here reggie if you're still listening reggie

how did you how did you find my youtube videos and do you watch them do you like them

do you play tanks give us a low down on you reggie tell us all about you where are you in the world

post your bio real quick

there are a lot of emotes in here huh

yeah me too delay

that's why i have the same logo

at least yazidis masseuses probably won't find him in here today this is kind of a safe room

are you trying to paste paste the emote

i wonder if there's a delay between when i'm talking and when you guys can

repost all right i'm gonna say something in a second when i do somebody get ready to type

now okay when i say now somebody reply now and i'll see how long the delay is

all right in five seconds i'm gonna say the word now and then you guys reply ready


took 15 seconds

15. all right not bad i appreciate it delay there's a little delay

or there's a very big delay

hopefully he'll pin the oh no oh neo nope

oh there's a little longer delay for some other people that was about

a 30 to 40 second delay for for archangel and necro hey archangel

oh now

come on spot that heavy over here

i was watching you youtube on my tv and your recommendation came up

i've seen your videos and they're awesome interactive reviews are great and i'm a canadian

canadian hoser i love the mckenzie brothers take off eh you hosers

i used to watch that movie every week growing up in the 70s and 80s

well outstanding man welcome welcome to oklahoma and thanks for watching youtube

now get over there and watch twitch i'm on there every day

i don't know if that's the same only man he ran away pretty fast

so do you play tanks reggie and that's pretty cool i came up recommended

all right he is penalty hunt says i want to but i never got go to work but i have to go

to work ah hey at least you're in here now i like your emote there he's got the flag on it

looks like what is that the betsy ross flag the american flag

gotta get those arties out of here

oh yes 30 shot amx

yep oklahoma where the wind comes whipping down plane

no one says anybody one of grindsmates

we're taking a blind shot guess we missed him

they're up by three i wonder why he's giving up

go come on

played four years but not a lot because he worked 10-12 hours in overtime on weekends

i hear you there i've just recently retired did 20 years active duty then did 12 years as a dod

employee so now i'm fully retired and i get to play more and stream more and make more content

there's a lot of stuff about me you probably haven't heard since you don't you're not on twitch

that's cool i'm glad you're here today i wasn't sure if anybody would get noticed notified if i

was on twitch but not that hasn't followed her i was on youtube i hadn't followed me on twitch

hey look i one marked my tank i'm grinding it out

and we unmarked it the cs44 i believe right

yeah 76 battles we got a one mark yay 55 win rate 35 survival rate

don't i just love retirement it is good i'm blessed to be able to retire before i'm 60.

you know with the army retirement and stuff says he's fully retired but he actually a part-time

lawn irrigation system repair yeah i fixed my sprinklers i try and do everything myself

just because so many i hate dealing with subcontractors and stuff they're

such a pain in the butt they can be trolls and everything

hunt says my son is out this morning putting up flags for 911 with jrotc they do that here in

our town but i've got we've got we live on an acre on a corner lot i'll put a picture in discord if

you're not in discord go follow me on discord hey reggie there's going to be a link that pops up in

chat that's my discord it's basically a chat room where you can go in and talk to us or just watch

what everybody puts in there and we're in there 24 hours a day chit chatting

um you get the va payment every month too yep very good i know some people aren't happy with with uh

i know we had we had a guy in here the other day complaining about the va

but so far knock on woods so far so good but we live on a corner line we

have a wooden fence three quarters of the way around the property but on the one part that

faces the street it's a wrought iron fence so the dogs can yell at people as they go by

but i've got these bit these american flag swags and i put one on each post

and i've got the main flagpole so i've got all the swags and the flagpole and i'll put those

up here shortly once i get off stream i'll put a picture in discord anybody else want to platoon up

we'll salute you reggie salute back to you thank you

i'm lucky got gotta everything's working out as far as being able to retire

job was getting too stressful 32 years with the army it was getting too stressful the army

officers now are a lot more political and weird than they were before hey samurai get that get

that scorpion g back in there we're going to run a scorpion platoon gonna do a scorpion g showcase

were we at knox at the same time i was at knox from 2001 to four

oh yeah one and two you were there for september 11th when we closed down the gates

boy that was a tough tough time

i was i was on my second day as a platoon sergeant as an e6 at fort knox today 20 years ago

and then we spent the next year working on gates gate security perimeter guard

irrigation guy i'm reading chat from bottom to top

i think he had it typed out right delay

yep we shut everything down it took about a month for people to get in and out of post with

for le it took less than you know it took about four hours to get on post once you left

so most people didn't go off post

took about four hours to get back on base

here at the capital center at cherry hall everybody kind of remembers if you were

most people most people remember where they were when that happened

i was having a meeting with my squad leaders

somebody should come out right there

right side looks semi secure semi semi secure

all right reggie watch me on youtube which which tank did i do review

on on this oil field on this oil rig right here which tank was it

you guys still there hello

oh it lets you hit the like button for the stream hit the like button

that'll help the algorithm as well we're here today to build up the youtube power

delay i'm not familiar with it at all either i'm watching you over on discord

i'm winging it i'm winging it

so hit that thumbs up that's cool

one of those days where everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing

yeah you're right archangel i was thinking as long as you're probably older than 10 or 15

you kind of remember where you were

aliens took and broke this what well that conversation changed

get that oh no uh sgrp

somebody distract the oh no

looks like the red already ran red already ran away that's a good thing and a bad thing

thanks for shooting at army guy we appreciate appreciate it fritz

had four tanks in front of you but you chose to shoot us and we appreciate that oh god


good kill on fritz there samurai i appreciate the revenge sweet revenge the bitter end this time

shoot through the guard rail here we go

don't run you'll just die tired let's get that bad chat we don't have great turret rotation but

we should be okay we should be okie dokie we got apcr and we'll lead the shot oh no we capped oh no

look at samurai mvp

obs studios says there was a delay hit refresh

obs studio says there was the a delay in uploading your data but now it's back to normal

we're running a 229 download and a 22 upload with a 13 ping so that should be no issues whatsoever

your delay on delay on delay on delay baby what's happening now

we're about same age

never ask a gentleman his age

i thought your internet was down i think youtube had a little hiccup there because everything was

good on this end i didn't do anything just went from youtube back to nothing and now it's back

nope no emotes yet we'll probably have to do about five or six youtube streams

to get to get the minutes we need you wanna platoon but you're working how you doing paul

reggie says you look like your mid-30s that man reggie is now senior vip of the stream

you don't have a scorpion all right the what's your gamertag stefan

do i have you added as a friend

wow nobody's down there that's weird

ah looks like we have a new discord member i wonder who it could be

dirt rotation got me on that one

watch my back he's gonna try and come after me

got that light tank that was all crazy

i think arty's gonna poke right here

possibly reggie what name did you go with as a gamer tag over there let me see

yep reggie if everybody gets a chance go welcome reggie and discord awesome

man we're down by two looks like the hill is where the fight's at

for reggie when you're in there the main chat room that's where everybody talks writes stuff

and then there's voice chat that we use a lot as well

what's up

are you out of the battle

oh you are done okay um

let's see let's run let's run a seven you got a seven hopefully we get el hala for


you're here jeremy what's your gamer tag jeremy

is it the same

you should be online and everything in here right nothing's

i'm not seeing you do i not have you in here should be

yeah riddler i know

i didn't know if you changed it because you changed your other stuff i didn't

know if you changed your gamer tag sometimes people go in here and change everything up

i'm not seeing you

send me a friend invite

nobody saw that

nobody saw that

if somebody hasn't been on here in a long time i take them off just so i don't have an overcrowding

send me send me another friend invite riddler

i thought you're on guard duty

hello don welcome to youtube how are you

appreciate you coming in today


just got done ah

all right you spot him and i'll shoot him

go spot on the one two line howrah

it's great morning for killing reds battles have been a little weird when you have a four tank lead

and then you decide to push to get a little more damage

and your team ends up losing it's a little weird

ah we snapped it right into it

who are


behind that rock can't see past the rock

the bot posted him live again the bot's doing well today

i thought i was going up top little did he know i was gonna slide around the rocks down here

oh look at you with all the red tanks holy cow

howard riddler did you get your barrascus the brass in the garage

oh come on tank hit him

goodness goodness


craft macaroni and cheese panther

we're down by one

you did get it all right good

smells like someone owns a massage parlor used to someone who owns a massage parlor

what oh it's a used tank i got you they gave you a used one well you

didn't think world of tanks was gonna give out free new tanks they're giving out to us

let me post on discord that you got yours



i wish these were in alphabetical order or something

oh i forgot i have the general in my garage now that's the tank that i just earned

i got the tank i need to check that

let me let me back out let me see if i got the general where is that that's a

what is it a chinese tank

where's the general

does anybody know where the general is it's a tier 8 check okay there you go

yeah we got it it's funny it shows the credits i had on it from before

from when i had it as a loaner tank

all right we got the general good

appreciate it appreciate the intel desert rat hello hello it's going good we're just getting

used to youtube youtube seems to lag a little bit sometimes it keeps lagging and re-reconnecting

because you'll get a green box on my stream and then a red box but i'm not

losing any frames or anything on stream labs obs studios i should say we're looking smooth

looking smooth as a glove smooth as butter

go riddler wake up over there in poland come on pick a tank

what was that

all right let me

let me see august bonus codes i'm getting pinged for some stuff over on the cc discord real quick


that's not purple and that's okay purple

oh they want the top one

top purple top purple there we go

had to update a bonus code from last month

ready oh running the brass must have had to get it set up

must have had to get everything added hope you got a commander in it

a new discord member oh it's still reggie just a few people saying hello to reggie

reggie's got the private you got your private rank and discord you remember

not a good map for me i'm checking everything on the stream

you guys do your thing i'm gonna be right behind you

all right


i told you i forgot the commander you're russian

through all right who's up here i'm coming riddler come back yep

here i come

oh look red tanks yikes yikes

no bueno

man lots of them lots of them run away run away run away

my cruise control went shut off

paul says forgot about youtube at work you're now on the speaker system so use that bully button if

you need to oh the bleep button i won't i won't believe you i don't need to leave anything today


man we're just not hitting anything

we hit both of those lol run away run away

man one two three four five six seven eight reds over there we're not gonna be over there

chickens snipings

i bet you already went back in that zero corner huh

let's not shoot

the game throws up the game froze up

did you see that it the track came off of my tank before he even shot his round

i wonder if i got that on capture i should

you guys are already dead

how'd you guys die so soon

i change my bit rate for the output on the stream to see if it changes at all there might be a

just got to get used to the numbers just got to get used to the stream numbers

took it down from 6 000 to 5 000.

let me know if i get any more red boxes or any anybody lets me know if it's lagging

yeah everybody died because we had great teammates this is a good map i like this map

so let me know yazidi i appreciate you letting me know if it's lagging anymore

let me know we'll take it down to four thousand we're at five we're at six took it to five

we just got to get used to the mixtures the formulas for youtube and obs studios that's

why instead of using the stream labs hey riddick i just saw your thing up there hello riddick

hello riddick hello good to see you and it shows your moderators working so that's good

um but i use streamlabs obs and twitch so i figured i'm not going to change all of my

settings for twitch so i went with obs studios and youtube so i've got two separate packages

so now we just gotta get obs studios tweaked we gotta tweak them

tweak tweak tweak tweak get it working right get it running and gunning

so we can do some tank spanking

already marked in aced scorpion g says dawn six and a half million silver

for a dupe duplicate tank duplicate scorpion very nice wow

gotta come up a little bit the view range was maxed out

what'd it take to get an ace on the scorpion about 6 000

it'll collect dust but it's worth having

couldn't beat the price

oh come on that would have been a kill

dang it health crossing over that's such nonsense rubbish rubbish i tell you

macho man oh yeah there you go that's

5k got you the ace

rage said i stopped playing it when you got the su-130 oh that's a

that's a fast good tank a lot of people like that tank

three seconds till i can find him

iron rain the apcr is nice reggie right

what i took while you see that it took about five seconds for my gg to come up

610. lol

riddler is still in the battle in the vengeance

get a tier 10 ready howrah

stream was buffering well we took the percentage we took the quality down

took it down to four thousand we were at six now we're at four

let me try 45 well we'll go with 5 thousand right in the middle we started at six we're

down to five i'm not going to jump all the way to four because i don't want to lose the 1080p

1920 by 1080. we're running through the capture card

on the computer

so i think that should work 5 000 constant bit rates 1920 by 1080 run it through the nvidia 2080

you have to leave okay have a good one appreciate your playing howrah

you stream looks good good good good good i appreciate it dawn stream looks great great

hey there's a little monkey emote


stefan yeah we can platoon am i on your friends list


our first follower on stream on youtube lamikaze

hey wait a minute have you not been watching my youtube videos by being a non-follower

there's ko for lama for being a follower on youtube the lamikaze

i guess over here they call it subscribing but thank you thank you very much appreciate that

the wife finally got the dogs outside and everything so i got the door open now and it's

chilly it was warm in here i didn't realize how warm it got in in this room now it is kill it

chilly like a or chilling like a villain delamikaze good morning how are you doing

how's the stream look we're running at 5000 bits 60 frames per second

we were at 6 000 but youtube seems to be buffering us on a saturday for being new streamer

so we're down to five thousand if it buffers anymore we'll go down to four

thousand but i want to keep that 10 19 10 20.

got his gun from behind


down by five all of a sudden ouch

no way yet desert rat good i haven't gotten any red boxes i got a green box in the corner

yeah reggie's been following on youtube and he subbed did you follow did you sub over

on twitch or where'd you follow reggie you haven't downloaded the twitch app yet have

you we're about to get blasted over here i know we are see we get one kill one kill

huge valor tournament this weekend from berlin oh are you gonna be entered

we're gonna ram him we're ramming nope we're gonna avoid five seconds four three two one

it's not open for everybody so do they have to be in berlin to be in the tournament or

can they be anywhere in the world i would think you can be anywhere in the world huh

or is it an on-site tournament


they're all heading this way they're rushing

oh we pulled around we got a couple of kills and 3 400 damage

the huge stage and all that where's that going to be streamed at have to check that out not bad

third place

the guy's gamer tag was a four-letter word what's a four-letter word

who else was it that was saying they wanted platoon up who wanted to play stefan

what's your gamer tag stefan

gkhugo why are you on youtube and not twitch for youtube we need 4 000 view hours in order to

unlock emotes and stuff so we want to get 4 000 view hours and apparently my youtube videos are

it's taken me one year of youtube videos to get 1 000 view hours you have to have 4 000

view hours to unlock emotes so hugo we're doing a live stream today we're doing our

normal stream but we're doing it here i want to see how many view hours we get for our stream

i'll be back on twitch monday through friday if we do a stream on a saturday

or sunday we'll come over here on youtube just to build those hours up

you're teaming up with doc yeah he's i don't think

he would like tanks it'd be too slow and boring for him

all you guys with different gamer tags over here let me see

i don't know yep there you are

all right get in there tread head i hope you got a tier 10.

trying to get the size right here on obs studios everything is

different on stream labs i run my camera just below the equipment bar

but here thinking will run it right below the consumables bar

so what you doing today lama can you yazidi can you do shout outs

on here i don't know if we can do shout outs i don't know if you can at people

i i'm totally unfamiliar with youtube does anybody know anybody smart on youtube

running excellent excellent connection

excellent collection no connection excellent action let's all go left left links


rg deflated these who are you rg

would it help your view hours if i open the stream on multiple sources i don't know what that means

and who are you do i know you by a different name in discord or on twitch

but i don't know i have no idea

hey just shout out did work

check out lamikaze over at they are playing so lama you don't stream on youtube eh or you don't

stream anywhere you would have thought it would have picked up the twitch stream i don't know

dark dawn invited me

it worked though yazidi it pulled it up it did what it was supposed to it just didn't have any

data i'm trying to think who else creates youtube content here that we can do a shout out for

but rg who are you rg

jesse aries mike hello how are you

he can pen us but we can't pin him

love your reviews i play as humble spud muppet okay well i don't think i've seen you on twitch

have you been on my twitch channel because i stream on twitch every day of the week

yeah you don't follow over there as much we'll get on over there

i appreciate you being here on youtube that's nice we're picking up some people

on youtube today for the stream that don't come to twitch i like that

that's what we're here for so i appreciate you coming over do you stream or what do you do rg

you're saying you're gonna

ready says run your videos in the background

i work at home get your hours up listen to music anyways leave it on autoplay that'll work

that'll work if you learn we got tanks behind the shoes

we're down by five

yeah thank you rg thank you so much yazidi's right

streamlabs is working but it's not filling it in all right can you do a shout out to me

so it's extreme in here maybe it'll show that i don't know

we're still learning our ways through the youtube jungle

you work third shift and listen to youtube while working cool i appreciate you bringing over here

down by six

you'll work you alert for a twerk no don't get into the twerking videos again that was just weird

hey wizzy 132


he was camping he went back to the base to heal his wounds

leopard pt camping camping hard at least we died at the same time we can leave the game now

you watch my videos for the entertainment value they're supposed to be a serious

learning video something that is personal and humbling but serious

oh it's still not working that's okay jeremy you leaving all right riddler

have a good one appreciate you playing

for the short spell that it was


nope for that rental house no i'm still waiting to hear back from

them the people in conus they're not very responsive i should have got an apartment

hunter says hello hello hunter

are you hunter here and hunter on twitch or you just hunter here who who are you

ready to go got your e5 all right let's run and gun give us highway

if any of you youtubers have not been to twitch or to my discord click those links

that are popping up in chat get over to twitch get over to discord and follow us over there

we're on every day people chatting and discord 24 hours a day about tanks and all kinds of stuff

apache native hello

outstanding well welcome welcome to youtube i appreciate you coming in we're trying to boost

up those viewer numbers over here on youtube so we can unlock unlock some emotes and stuff

we need to pump these numbers up so lurk lurk for one hour we got about an hour left

and just need everybody to lurk for one more hour

jesse says landlords are bad when it comes to rental homes or or of places well when a a a char

future a char for tour knocks down half your house i can understand him being upset a char fighter

look at yazidi popping up the links he's linky appreciate it yazidi

a two-man chisel platoon

rushing the hill looks like we're all gonna rush him let's do it let's go crazy

we're not petting them

nice what was that

who followed

oh that was you on twitch okay it popped up over there too ah let me open twitch

here let me open my twitch dashboard since we threw away our tank like a knucklehead there

that's a long one sobotimal gameplay bro

sabo sabop

welcome welcome to the stream and we also had sour j followed

yeah the music came up when i was charging in

oh that's annoying oh you're done

battles are going way too fast today way too fast

how am i liking cold war i don't play it much i should i should do more cold war but

i find it hard the two premium tanks that i was loaned for the season pass to do reviews on

they uh they're in era too and era 2 is really difficult

era 2 is really really difficult


how about you what do you think of the cold war what are you thinking

let's go to the right there's more room to play over on the right side

i had there's too many hills here for my lack of gun depression

that's exactly right the armadillo is really really kicking arrow two in the pants right now

jesse says it's cold where yet jesse

it shows there's a little lag coming lagging stream but now it's back it

was about a two second lag huh i wonder if it's just something to do with the weekend

but we're up early not a lot of people streaming right now i wouldn't think

but i'm not sure what the deal is with youtube it's gotta be dedicated and well done quality

dang it they always turn right we need fire at them

did not expect the notification of twitch to pop up on youtube sorry no you're good i

got i've got them both linked in together armadillos a b says yeah says riddick uh

you know when you play you you remember in ace ventura

when he was he ended up realizing that that one

trying to think how it was when jim carrey was feeling he was doing something

but he burned his clothes and he got in the shower and laid there crying naked that's how a lot of

people feel after playing the armadillo they just get in the shower they feel dirty and they're like

i shouldn't have done that

let's put some shots into this hydra

lots of reds on the right gotta be careful gotta watch the right side

kill still go up to the left though

there we go that's what i was waiting on and a miss beautiful

need to help out our teammate stay alive keep fight come on every shot matters oh god

i don't see where he got a clean shot from

artie's been a killer this morning it's everywhere stefan arty is just

nuts get out of that battle tread head i think

too powerful too powerful when you can be a full health 2000 health tank in your one shot

it's too much

reverse ko

ready ah batman snuck in batman is batman in here batman are you in here if you're not

you need to be batman's platooning with this but not watching the youtube video

what are you doing batman what are you doing

hey it's batman you see he said i'm gonna ask world of tanks console to

try a weekend without already in the game they're gonna tell you to go to cold war

is one of you batman i'm still trying to get the names right

all right i'm gonna go straight ahead button hook left and come up the left side

we're not trying real hard today we're playing kind of goofy

we're having fun but we need to stay alive a little bit longer


lots of multi-base assaults today

multi-base assault i don't mind multi-base assault people don't

base cap on that really i don't think you don't see a lot happening on nba

never go ice road

we're not pen em

we're not pending

i want to get the artie on the reload i'm pushing arty give me 10 more seconds and i'm pushing the

arc stay behind him give him the rope a dope gg all right i'm pushing the rd oh no thank you

he's hiding

watch the vanguard he's coming in he was reloaded

oh i guess you did well how'd that happen

raybot what

raybot ladies and gentlemen raba is in

youtube hello how are you good to see you how's your first day as a changed woman

a lot of emotions yesterday and it i was thinking did you all go to the office and do anything or

was it still virtual working but hello and thank you for coming into the stream i appreciate that

we're just trying to build up some view hours over on youtube so we can

get those youtube emotes unlocked it's very nice to see you here outstanding

i would say we'll give you a shout out but the shout out thing is confusing here on youtube

did she come in and give a woo and then left whew

i don't think they should let you see who's in the chat room like you can on youtube


uh i want to play i want to i want to get a better map with the faster tank

a shout out to raba over at playing exclamation

we got defeated that's a surprise

pick a tank

proc come on come on himmelsdorf come on himmelsdorf

highway's okay

guess it was just a drive by by raybot

look at the fast track by batman

this is your favorite map jesse really mine's cliff

get him i'm on reload

hot wheels power it's not going well feeling uh

feeling we're down and out i'm the last one alive might as well end it let's end it it's yolo

let's yolo it up here and get it over with

all right we spotted everybody

yeah that was lousy


who's rev rod

and why is my boss saying i'm streaming for a third time

welcome to discord bellic genius belichick genius


your rev rod

there's no combined damage just plain please just damage dealt


i'm responding to the guys that run the stat website setting up my competition and putting

together sorry about that he's a student in russia so i gotta respond when i can

all right let's play a little smarter let's play to get some

damage we need 2 000 damage dealt no yolo no crazy

is it back easy is it looking better

i'm not showing any error code whoa what was that

all right we got tank destroyers here let's go spot let's get some assist

i want 2 000 combined i don't want to get into any fighter jet nonsense with these other light tanks

that gets to be annoying

need to use the name for the mobile game on discord

dang it come on

i'm reloading man you're alone batman sorry i'm on reload and i didn't hit a thing

these guys are out running me it's nonsense

hey clip it i don't know how to do clips that was a crazy jump though

one it just stuck to the ground that was a perfect landing he said ta-da

typically i'll blow up in this thing

bounce pin

there's three of them here now that's good stuff

what's up

the one tank i'm penning the scorpion golf

down by seven it was a 9.8 out of 10. it was a good landing we stuck it man you can't even safely

can't even safely scout right now

man that's ugly he can't even safely scout out there

stefan says gotta run family stuff be back in a little while all right we'll be done

we're gonna be done in 30 minutes we're gonna hit three hours in about 30 minutes i

appreciate you coming in here i appreciate that leave it lurking leave it turned on somewhere

ready i thought we had three people oh

okay stefan was batman or who was that who was did batman leave who left

no batman's still here okay gotcha trying to get the name straight too bad we can't change those

delays saying there's a 45 second delay i'm saying that with 10 seconds left on

the game counter 10 seconds on the game counter before the game starts

he said there's a 45 second delay i don't have a stream delay set up

i think it's typical stream

stream buffering or stream limitations by youtube for a new streamer something like that

it's not on my end i'm showing i've got good internet connection

i don't understand

you need to change camo net for speed


well we know there's going to be some red tanks over here i can't believe we're alone

oh come on every shot's gonna count here we're by ourselves

it might be yeah it could be youtube's busy on the weekend but still they shouldn't be lagging

they should be able to support stream production they're the ones losing out

good stuff entire red team pushed good good and we're we're we're out of luck here

we are out of luck here there we go blind shots from the left

i can't get the rhythm of today's battles i'm not feeling a rhythm

either the teams are full of junk or it's just yours

the hot wheel lights do need a buff they need speed buff and a reload buff i mean

they're they're really weak they're neat and i love the three round burst

and i can average that when i'm playing by myself and focusing around 2500 damage per battle in

my hot wheel light tank but today's battles are feeling weird we do not have the rhythm

yazidi don't play the hot wheels tanks but have speed equipment in my turtle

that's a fast little tank isn't it


plus one minus one effect but still why would it why would it be so weird you know what i mean

i appreciate it rg it's good to see the good players struggle uh i'm here for entertainment

today's a fun day i know i'm not getting any grinding done today i know i'm not getting any

super stats or anything crazy today today's fun i want to platoon up i want to test the

stream i want to see how it's running we can see today we've won 29 of our battles

we've played 17 battles we won five we're at a 29 win rate that's absurd

our wna rate was negative 140 on the object 430.

20 win rates all right let's go left i got camo rating here that's just

dominating i know exactly where i'm going and where i want to do it

why now we just need to execute come on baby come on let's go let's go

top speed isn't that good i also have speed equipment on my falcon 92

you see a lot of the falcon 92's running around

little head stand there dog on it

rg says i have a hard time playing on the weekend too it's like larger groups of very

casual players on oh no i went too far i hope we can get back we went too far all right we're

where we need to be now we got a first thing we got to do break the ice so nobody can follow us

all right nobody can get to this now all right come on baby get up here and let's start pounding

surprise food for this su 100

two more one more one more got him beautiful already took him already took the sue 100 from me

shoot string theory is always weird with plus one minus one rng says dawn

it's all kinds of weird stuff going down right now going down in tank town oh here comes a angry lmtv

this is spata that's gotta be angry

oh no

somebody help

oh we got him beautiful

holy smokes holy smokes that was nice little lmtv flip into the pond somebody help me kill this guy

thinks he's getting shot from the front

camo's working

yowza we're gonna get an ace tanker i got a feeling that was a huge one we just we got lucky

man that was a big atomic push i like that that was nice that was funny


we're down by three after all that work we're doing

we can't move until we get rid of this defender

come on get up here let's go j panther get up and put a shot into him


down by four

you're gonna have i shouldn't have broke the ice

3600 damage tell me that's not nice 3600 damage

i recorded that push kill on i recorded that

anybody back everybody here

takes 5000 to ace the e25 we're close we're at 34.

third class jeez 5 000 are you serious 5 000 that's nuts

that is nuts

you're here you see all right that was good i recorded that push in maybe i'll

add it to my highlight reel he wasn't happy he thought he was coming after us well that

keeps us in we're going to be at a 25 win rate for today i don't care that's fine

mo ron who's mo ron anybody know who mo ron is that jumped into open platoon

a lycan and a 4201 black we saw that the other day i didn't know what tank that is

this is youtube streamlabs all right i reset the stream we may have when the stream went

live this morning two and a half hours ago maybe we just caught some weird glitch

i reset it we're still running at the clock it's at two hours and 31 minutes but right now

the countdown timer says one minute 45 seconds on the stream so when you see this

somebody say now in chat and i'll see how long these the delay is

nope it's still dropped i don't know

it's nothing on my end it's youtube now so about 30 seconds for you

30 seconds


one of batman's clan mates okay maybe could be

you know there's two tds hanging out back here we haven't seen him yet

there's one he's running

about 10 seconds okay hopefully he can get it worked out

maybe it's an internet side that i'm not seeing because i'm showing i've got zero


i don't know if it's gonna work

let me see if this is gonna work

i think i'm gonna end it there it's lagging out i'm down to 200 kbs

i appreciate everybody being in here today internet is going down for me

thank you everyone for being here today

and supporting this test stream

thanks yazidi thanks everybody thanks delay thanks riddick thank you for being in here

everybody coming in all the new viewers reggie jg everybody coming in and following rg coming

in and following over on have a great weekend enjoy yourself we'll be back on monday thanks

again thanks for being here reggie sorry about the internet small town internet have a good one

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