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Heyy, it's Feii! Today I found a new less

painful product to dissolve your clogged pores.

Let's see how this goes.

I was scrolling through amazon and found this anti-blackhead clear kit

that sums up to be a blackhead clear and pore tightening mask pack

by CNP laboratory. I thought it was going to be

a blackhead strip but nope, I was wrong.

So the pack comes back to back.

As you can see there are ten pieces of each

so that gives you ten uses.

Wow, I can math. The white pack also holds these perfectly

aligned q-tips that have a funky shape to it.

Kinda looks like giant ants (ew)

Ew, I hate ants. Movin' on.

You have a set of english directions which is prone

to be thrown out, pls recycle!

Here you have step 1 which is the blackhead mask.

And on the other side you have step 2, the pore tightening mask.

Moving on to the real deal and not that, that was fake.

Let me just give you some insight so we understand the conditions this nose has been in.

I tend to like to update you guys on my nose anyways.

This nose has not been exfoliated since mid-September (yikes)

I think the last time I used an exfoliating pad was with my friend Soy in L.A.

Hello that's a long time ago.

I cleanse my face twice a day so it didn't bother me until I came back from Korea and Hongkong

and realized: ,,Wow, you've gone through a lot poor nose, you shall be redeemed."

And now we're here!


So as I said I thought this was going to be a blackhead strip


This strip was soaked and soggy

I kinda like that

It glues right onto you as soon as there's contact of skin. Don't be startled

You will feel a minty cooling sensation on your nose, but it's not...burning?

You kinda know when you brush your teeth with spicy toothpaste, I mean very minty

You know toothpaste..

You suddenly inhale a good chunk of air and it tickles your pickle?

That's the feeling xD

Also it has a distinct smell, almost like a processed asian medicine but fresh.

It feels like how it smells.

..I don't know how to translate that..

Anyways, lemme give you a quick rundown as we wait.

This strip is going to remove blackheads and oil built-up.

I'm kinda skeptical.

In case you forgot, my name is Oil Lee..oily?

The natural ingredients are to softly dissolve blackheads

as it saturates into your clogged pores

so breaking-up the particles.

Again, we'll see.

Apparently you're able to physically see visible effects of unexpended pores,

which makes sense

since pore strips are said to expand the pore walls.

Ten minutes later we're ready to use those ant-looking q-tips.

Take notice that there are little white resedues all over my nose and I can't figure out

whether or not that is my trash or.. or not!

Because I did have a dusty nose to begin with, as soon as I wiped down my nose


Do you see that? :o

I'm sure half of it is me and the other half is not me.

There's no way this product melted everything and brought it to the surface

However I must say I kinda did feel strip one saturating and breaking-up surface skincells

Especially with that sensation earlier

I'm sure something was happening


Usually when I press my nose together there's definite sebum shooting out.

This time around none.

So half of me was convinced that my oils were broken-down.

If not, at least some.

Already you can see how clear my nose pores are.

Trust me they weren't like this above (?)

The results show on the ants.

Clearly all that was not me, there was definetely some kind of film on that first strip that dried and

rubbed off. However I do claim the half of that

had to be

the dead skincells on my nose as the solution

was exfoliating.

The texture to step 2 is a lot thicker. This almost felt like

an emulsion. This contains (AC matte?) and witch hazel extract

that are known to effectively tighten the pores.

If you did get any irritation from earlier

this step is to help soothe and calm you down Linda.


When removing, your nose will be coated with a layer of glaze.

Let's just tap it in for absorbtion and you're done!

So, my conclusion here tells me

that the first step does break-down clogged pores,

oil build-up aka sebaceous filaments and surface dead skincells.

However this product tends to work more externally than internally within the pores.

I almost wanna compare it to an exfoliating peeling gel but

just more microscopally concentrated for the nose.

Does it work?

The golden question.


If you want this to instantly remove blackheads- not gonna happen.

If you want to prevent future blackheads-

Yes, perfect. I think if you add this to your skincare routine at least once a week

this can potentially

help you stray away from huge blackheads and overly clogged pores!

And think of it: ten strips means ten weeks

So ultimately it's up to you to take pore care seriously

or not. Well, that got deep real fast

Do I recommend it?

Yes I actually do. I think we tend to look for quick solutions when we see blackheads and whiteheads

but never try to prevent it especially after using a blackhead strip or a peel-off.

I am guilty of that and I learned my lesson

So I just wanna make a PSA that pore care is so important.

I think this product does a very good job at pore care

and can prevent future buildup.

With that being said that concludes today's lesson. xD

Just kidding

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Until next time, I'm sending love.

I hope you learned something.

Byyeee! :D

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