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Today you won't be reacting to a Video

Instead you'll be one of the most scariest Games online

The House


The House is considered as the Top10 most scariest Point and Click Games

on the World Wide Web


Now you're on your own

*Game Starts*



I'm about to shit my pants

Get Inside

I don't want to

Ok I'm inside The House now

There are some Bees in the room

Ok I'm clicking on the Picture right now

Oh B#enc@$d

Something just fell down

*baby cry*

i just heard like a little Baby cry


Oh B#enc@$d

Some child crying! Idiot!

What is happening here?

Why is this annoying sound inside? I don't know

(clears throat)

Bad Omen!

Ohhhh Fcuk!

Somebody was sitting on that

Oh God

Oh My God! Jesus Christ!

Ohhhhh Fcuk!


The Bathroom

I don't want to be in the washroom

*reads note*

We know that you're suffer from Illness

God Bless these Children

They don't know English


It says take 2 tablets daily!

Why would I need it tomorrow?

I'll be Dead!

The note has changed

*reads note*

Ohh! There's somebody standing there

Oh My God!

Uh Ohhhhh!

Come B#enki L@$&i


Oh My God!

She's appearing from the Tub

Oh My God!


Oh Fcuk!


I do not want to go to the next room!


It is the creepiest

What is this strange sound?

It's too irrating

Can we stop this sound?

And there's a weird Doll

March 5th

of Friday. There is this Cancer Treatment

which has been Booked

Okay this Doll is possessed


She. Oh She left.

Hey! i wanted to say Hi!

You Left!


It's nothing!

It's nothing

Everything is okay!


Who was that?

*reads ID card*

fcuk off!

School ID


She looks like my Aunt by the way

Shit is about to go down I can feel it!

Oh my God it just dropped

Oh Fcuuuuuk!


I knew it


Plays? Heh

*radio plays*

Some classics were playing. I guess.

*reads random note*


Ohh! A pistol

Oh My God!

Hey Guy!

I don't want any harm!


Uncle just left!


Oh My God!


Oh Fcuk Off!


If something appears out of there. I'm gonna run!

I don't care

I always hate the corridor

Oh there's this switch

Oh the lights are on!



Some success at least.

*reads note*


I kill all my Family?

It's the only thing I can do to stay together with them FOREVER

Wow girl!

Oh My God! I don't want to meet you

Bbye! Bye! Bye! Bye!



Oh Fcuk!





Oh My God she's there!

Oh Fcuk!




I'm going Home

So now that you've played the Game

How was your experience?

This was very scary!

very scary


I was expecting


Jumpscares. So. Sorry. Not worth it.


I was not expecting this out of a

like a web based

Game thingy

Scared the shit out of me!


It was very exhausting. Very Very Very Exhaus. . .

It was very bad

I hate horror like I can't stand.

So creepy man! I can't explain!

When I saw Monjulika (witch from a Bollywood Movie)

I was awake for 4 weeks

And this is what is being done to me right now

Would you like to play more such Games on The Reaction Project?

Scares the shit out of me

But I like it

Yes! I would like to play such Games


Never in my Life

I would love to. I am a very big fan of Horror genre

So I really like all this

Yes! Ofcourse! I would love to play such more Games.

It will scare me in my Nightmares now

No I'm afraid

I'm sweating. Badly!

Definitely yeah! Why not?

Uh. Scary Games?


Fun Games?


But not just like

I almost shat my pants man!

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