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Ahh.. Where are all the customers gone these days..

[Sound of door opening]

Oh! Welcome~ Did you come to buy a ca..

(Ew..! What's this! He has a hole in his socks and...)

(it looks like he hasn't washed his sweat suits for at least a month..)

(Eww..and he's been drooling.. Argh.. I won't be able to sell anything today again)

Did you come to buy.. no..look around?

As you can see, the shop is busy right now so I think it'll be hard for you to look around...

No, I came to buy a car. How much is this one?

Oh..This is a new car that's just been released in 2018.. It is at least 100,000,000 won.

Rather than looking for a car here, you should go to the second hand car market just across the street

I'll take this one~



Ar..agh!! Hey! Don't you think you're going too fast!? Slow down a bit~!

Hahaha I've not even started going fast yet!? Let's go faster~!!!

Hey..hey!! Cheoulsu, watch out! There's an old lady crossing the road there!!


-Puff..puff..oh my, that was close -Puff..puff.. hey, you almost hit the old lady..!!

Woah~ This expensive car has great breaks~!!

[Old lady crossing the road....] Oh my oh my..ahh..ugh..aghhh..

Hey Cheolsu, look over there

Don't you think that the car behind that motorcycle is going too fast?'re right..why are they not slowing down..!? They'll get in a car accident if...


What....hey!! Quick quick quick!! Call the police!!

Hey..look! That car is running away now!? I think it's a hit and run!!

(If I just leave that car run away, the police going after them will not be able to catch them..)

(That car is a sports car..!!)

( what.. I'm not going to go after them myself am I..!?)

(There's no reason for me to go after them.. I have nothing to do with this acciden...)

(No, that's not right.. I should go after them for the person who got hit..)

(Agh..but what if I scratch my new car...)

Whatever! My car is not the important thing here! I need to do this for that person who got hit! Let's go!

Hey, you! Stop the car! Right now!!

[The car running away is tottering]

I think that person is drunk! The car is tottering here and there

Huh!? This road is the road leading to the motorway..

What..? The motorway!?

I know that my car is a newly released car, but if I get on the motorway, I wouldn't be able to catch that car..

Right.. Well that corner section will be my last change to catch them..!

Hold tight Minsik because we're going to crash..!!

Huh..What!? What do you mean we're going to crash..!!

Oh my!! Hey Cheolsu! That's dangerous!!!! It's too dangerous!!!

[Vrroooooom crasssshhh!!!!]

Thanks to you, we were able to stop more bigger accidents from happening

Here is your reward money and contribution award.. Here you go

Oh.. I didn't do it to win this..

Constable Kim, come here and take a picture of us~

Ok, taking the picture now~ One~ two....

Oh, they're running away..! Don't we need to go after them!?

Wh..What are you on about..! The police will take care of this.. We reported them to the police..that's enough

Thank you for coming in even though you would've been busy

We got the blackbox files you sent us

but I think we will need your eyewitness testimony as well

Oh..Ok..If you have anything to ask me.. go ahead..

Don't be nervous~

Why are you so tensed~ You're not the one in trouble here~

Hey, Chunsam~ Please get him a nice warm cup of coffee

Ok.. Here is your coffee

Huh..? Hang on a minute..what..!?!?

Why..What's wrong?

Officer..! This person is a swindler

Urgh!!! Let's run!!

Right, taking the picture now~ One~two..three! [flash]

Huh..wait..hang on a minute..

Aren't you Cheolsu Kim..?

Hu..huh..? Ye..yeah..that's me..

Haha..Yeah, you are Cheolsu Kim aren't you! I'm glad I met you here~

Huh..? Do you two know each other?

Oh yes we do~ I know him very well~

This is the swindler that I've been going after~


This is a true story that happened in January 2017

This person went after a hit and run with his brand new car that he bought less than a week ago

It costed him more than 10,000,000 won to fix his car

but this person even donated all his reward money that he got from the police..

He was called the true hero of this generation and everyone were praising him

But there was a shocking behind story here

Surprisingly, it turned out that this person was a swindle who was being chased for swindling 400,000,000 won

The car he bought was also from the money he got from swindling

This person eventually got arrested for swindling 400,000,000 won from 14 acquaintances around him

I don't know whether this person is an overly kind criminal or a bit of a stupid criminal..

I don't even know what I should call this person and this was a very confusing story..

This was the story of the two faced hero

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