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See how much of your weight you can blame on your genes. Not your jeans. I don't get

it. Because you guys don't know what I look like

or much about me, I thought it might be mildly interesting for you to learn about me through

my DNA, or at least at much as this 23andme thing looks at.

I think the idea with it is you give them some money and they do a map your DNA telling

you things like what your eye colour is. But that cost only covers part of the process,

and they otherwise want to make some money, so they sell your genetic information for

research and whatnot. To perhaps annoying result. But in Canada here at least I'm not

really afraid of getting denied insurance or anything like that. I think for me my perceived

benefits of the research and everything is greater than my fears of genetic discrimination.

But who knows what our future relationship will be with our DNA. It could be like all

the worst parts of Gattaca. OK, so parents are European and Asian. Am

I part Indian, or Native American. Broadly east Asian and native American. OK. So I think

the idea with humans, is we travelled over the Bering Strait when it froze and that's

how we got to America. So I guess there are still some broad similarities between East

Asians and Native Americans? Yeah mostly Chinese here. Little bit of Yakut.

What's yakut. OK, so reindeer folk. The other side is European, British Irish, French German.

It's not saying which one is paternal or maternal though. Guess we'll never know.

Oh here we go. So maternal is Chinese. And paternal is European. And all over.

Traits. Alcohol Flush Reaction. Flushes. Also hugs people and falls down.

So as I understand this, and maybe I don't, you've got alcohol which breaks down into

acetaldehyde which breaks down into acetic acid. Alcohol is what gives you the buzz.

Acetaldehyde makes you go red, get headaches and increases your risk of uh-saw-fuh-gial

cancer. People who flush create an enzyme that isn't as good at breaking down acetaldehyde

and they get a build of up it. And I think other people also have a stronger enzyme breaking

down alcohol faster, so they have a harder time getting a buzz. And they get a worse

flush. I used to drink a lot. I get really happy

when I drink, and I imagine I'm a lot more fun, although that could just be the alcohol,

but get really depressed for maybe a week after. For which the easy cure can be more

drinking, especially if you don't recognize the connection. It's a vicious... positive

feedback loop. So I don't drink at all anymore. Bitter taste perception. Can taste. There

are people that can't taste bitter? 80% chance of not being able to taste certain

bitters. If you're out there and have never tasted

bitter, don't feel sad. It's the worst of the flavours.

Blond hair, 10% chance. Yeah my hair's pretty brown.

Earwax type, wet. As I understand it Asians have dry ear wax. So is it like a simple dominance

thing. Looks like it. Mendelian trait. Is that what its called?

I don't know, I'm not good with words. In the videos I don't really use terms unless

I feel like I need to refer to it later. So often I won't end up using any terms. Reading

the comments it seems like that's really frustrating to some people. Some people think in words

and maybe they learn really well by just learning terms. But for me I'm less interested in trying

to learn the words for things as I am in trying to visualize the.... whatever whatever.

Hair curl. Slightly curlier on average. Sure it's curly. Unless if I use shampoo or conditioner.

If I use shampoo or conditioner I look like... like Bruce Lee. So I don't use shampoo or

conditioner anymore. I haven't used soap on my hair or my body for about the last 3 or

so years with no absolutely no social consequences. I just rub down bod with water in the shower.

I still use soap on my butthole though, because I do not want to rub my butthole. Maybe people

just quietly know I'm smelly. But when I tell them they don't say like "oh this explains

so much about you". They just look at me like I'm an asshole.

Baldness, increased odds. Stupid balding. Muscle performance. Likely sprinter. Never

thought about that before. I'm certainly not using that to its full potential. I like being

fit, but I hate exercising. Working out is like a mix of really hard and really boring.

Asparagus. Typical odds of detecting. Yeah I can smell asparagus urine. In ones urine,

smelling asparagus in ones urine. So is that something different about the urine? Or something

different about the nose? Methane-thiol. Methane methaneethanol... methanethiol.. So it's a

metabolite? No wait. They don't even know. Surely you would just pair up people who can

smell it with people who can't and get them to smell each other's urine. Would that work?

That would work. Maybe they can't get funding for a study of people smelling each other's

piss. Ohh... things are getting less confident.

Caffeine consumption. Typical, yeah I don't take caffeine anymore. Oh there's more. Typical.

I guess these are different studies of different genes.

I've gone on and off caffeine over the years. When I go on it, I'm too hyper for a day or

2, but then for the next couple weeks I'm focussed and productive, or at least I feel

focussed and productive. But then after that I just feel normal, but I need the caffeine

to feel a normal. Which is annoying. Then I go off it, and become lethargic for maybe

a month or more. Until the next time I forget why I don't take caffeine.

Cilantro. Slightly higher odds of disliking. Lower odds of disliking. Eh, I love cilantro.

Hypospadias. What's that. Urethra in a different position. That's probably inconvenient.

Breast morphology. If I was a woman I would have typical breast. Typical breasts. Slightly

larger breasts. I don't think I would like breasts. That's like, 2 extra pits to get

hot and sweaty. Two stars of confidence. That is not enough

confidence. Genetic risk factors, variant absent variant

absent. That's good. Drug response. Clopidogrel efficacy, reduced.

Hepatitis C treatment reduced. Simvastatin-Induced Myopathy, that sounds scary.

Inherited conditions. Variant absent, variant absent, variant absent. Maple syrup urine

disease. That's not a disease, that's like a superpower. Oh, death in newborns. Oh, that's

not good. Health tools. O, positive. I should go give

some blood. Neanderthal ancestry. Little bit of Neanderthal.

I pronounce it Neander"th"al. Some people say Neander"t"al. Both are acceptable.

So 23andme also does some research stuff. I think what they do is they look at what

people answer about themselves and look for correlations in the DNA to see if it's heritable

or how heritable it is. Like do you have a fear of heights. I don't

know. When I'm up high I do have a fear of death by gravity. But it doesn't like cripple

me. I think I'm. I think I'm fine. Do you routinely have trouble getting to sleep

at night. Yes. Your head hits the pillow and then you remember every socially bad thing

you've done since you were 6. So that's me I guess. Here's you guys. You

are mostly male. A greater ratio of male to female for the young'ns. And it goes down

for older viewers. Looks like it's mostly the same by country.

Lots of girls from the Bahamas. Or fe-males Male, fe-male.

Looks like you're mostly the big English speaking places which makes sense.

Devices, computer, mobile phone, tablet. I think that's really all they let me know

about you. Some news I guess. As of 2 months ago I'm trying to do ThisPlace full time.

So hopefully videos will come at you regularly. Also shout out to people who've been doing

translations for me. Thanks you so much, that's... that's really awesome. That's it. Thanks for


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