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Now this is part two

of How the Perendev Motor worked... If it worked.

What I'm going to start out with is, I'm going to

change around the orientation of these magnets and try some different things.

I picked up a few more magnets to

do that with.

Due to the fact that this has such a strong attraction

when the cart goes into the field here,

I'm going to work with utilizing that,

with some spacing.

Because, once you get past that initial kick, it

really doesn't do anything.

The first thing i tried was

placing some spacing between each of these sets here... Which hasn't worked out so well.

As you see, if you

start out in the middle, it doesn't really work.

But it would appear to,

if you start at the opening set of magnets.

It's really only working on momentum.

Now one other thing, that I've never heard anybody

bring up

in relation to this motor,


this strange object appears to be

in the rotor.

You can barely see it, because

the original video

is not in

very high quality.

But there's definitely something in there.

And as the uh...

motor opens up...

and begins to slow down

you can't see something...

on this one rotor.

And it's right when he does the walk around. So you can't see it clearly.

As it slows down though,

you can definitely see something

sticking up on that one rotor.

This is something you're better off

pulling the video up yourself to see clearly. It's really hard to see it on here, but

right up in this top portion here...

What the heck is that?

I've never heard anybody address that.

It could be some kind of a counterbalance weight. Just

so that the

rotor is balanced.

Or it might be something else entirely.

And here's a minor thing that i did not mention in the previous video.

Uh... the thirty degree angle angles

on the rotor and the stater, most people

you really don't have to explain this... This is for

directional rotation.

The angle forces it to go in a specific direction.

If you were to just

place the magnets in there level,

uh... it doesn't tell the rotor which direction to move.

Now it's obvious to most people, but i have seen people place some videos on youtube

where they don't take this into account.

And there's really no reason for the rotor, set up this way, to go one

direction or the other.

It has to be angled,

for you to have

directional rotation.

Just a side note.

Never really had any real success with this type of

configuration, but

I had a little extra time today, so

I thought I'd play around with this a little bit, just for fun.

If I were going to do this right, I would take these as cylinders and cut them at an


instead of angling these pieces. And I'd surround them with shielding. And i would do

the same thing on these pieces on the rotor here.

Right now I have it

in attraction mode.

It doesn't do anything

more in repulsion mode though. I tried that earlier.

I just thought I'd share that with you, just for fun.

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