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Hello everyone!

In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to reproduce a pretty cool technology called Auto-tune

on your computer.

Again it is pretty cool because...

It makes your voice sound like a robot.

The thing about this the effect is that it's not hard to do.

Anybody can do it, and that's what I'm going to show in this tutorial.

Artifex's Tutorial on Auto-Tuning

Here's what you're going to need to get started.

You're going to need Audacity version 1.3 beta or higher,

a microphone,


which is a plugin by the way,

and possibly and VST bridge plugin.

Once you have everything set up on your computer

start Audacity.

Then you need to press

the record button

or open up a sound.

Once you have that done

go to the effects menu

and select

the Gsnap effect.

Now here comes the tricky part.

You need to set all the settings right in order for this effect to work,

so here's what you need to set the settings at.

Once you have all the settings in place

you might want to consider selecting scale.

This will give you more of a manual control

over the pitch corrections Gsnap will make to a recording.

You can mess around with the settings until you feel you have gotten the desired results.

For my voice I will use root C

for my scale because it works best.

Checking the threshold option will automatically adjust the threshold parameters

so that the choosen scale is enforced.

I should have also noted

that inorder for this effect to work at its best

the recordings should be sung.

Otherwise the effect most likely will be not be discernible to the ear.

If I did everything right in my recording

it should sound something like this...

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