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- 'Bamar en live', we are in Belgium, 20 minutes away from the French border

20 minutes away from Lille and I am blown away, I experienced something crazy.

I played BattleKart. We are with Sebastien, who got this idea.

How long ago and how did you get this idea

to make, we could say, but you can't, a 'Mario Kart' in reality?

How did you get this idea?

- Well it was 5 years ago, I remember I was on a train from Mouscron to Tournai

and I had this idea of ​​putting a laser gun on a kart

to play a kind of laser game but with a kart

In order to make a fun game out of karting instead of an aggressive sport.

and then the idea evolved to become what it is today.

- Well technically, honnestly

it's very complete. We are really in a video game. There is the sound, there is the sound in the kart also

there are speakers.

There is a lot of information and there is a screen on the kart

that looks just like a video game screen and it displays a lot of information.

What can we see on this screen of the kart?

- Well the most important thing on the display of the kart is to see what bonus

you have access to and what bonus you can use.

It also displays the list of the players with the ranking that's being updated in real time.

It displays your times, your level and the experience you gained.

It displays the amount of laps you drove and your speed.

But the most important is maybe

to know who shot us and which player we managed to shoot.

Because it's the interactionsthat make this game magic

and that when people get out of there

they are so enthusiastic and want to play another game in order to take their revenge

and shoot the guy that just shot them.

- When you are on the track, you can get some bonuses.

Everything that appears on the floor, including the track,

is projected from the ceiling by a projector system.

this allows the track to be changed in between races

and that's really great

So some bonuses appear.

Could you give us some insight about the bonuses we can collect

by just driving on them with the kart?

- When driving on a bonus box, you get a bonus, a button on your steering wheel lights up

and the bonus can be used by pressing on the button.

So, as a bonus, there's the missile

when you fire a missile at an opponent, he virtually explodes.

and he stops, so it allows you to overtake him.

- Yes so, so what's great about this missile is that it can cross the entire track.

That means that if you're on one end of the track, far behind an oponenent at the other end of the track

you can shoot him. And you see the missile

cross the track, it's remarkable.

but clearly, you need to determine the movement and the speed of the missile.

You're very good at this. We raced against you and we got wrecked.

- Yes, obviously the experience is important here

But it is true that the missile is relatively slow

so it is not particularly easy to shoot long distances.

But it allows you to have a lot of fun

Then there is the machine gun, that shoots 20 rounds

And here the bullets are slightly faster so when you keep the button pressed

in order to shoot the 20 rounds at once

you're almost certain to hit a rival.

Then there is the turbo, of course. And it gives an insane speed boost

to the point that we recommend not to use it in the sinuous parts

otherwise you quickly slew round.

- It means that the power of the kart is limited and when you activate the turbo

it is more powerful and you can really feel it.

the kart goes at en extreme speed.

- When you press the button to activate the turbo you're really being pushed back into your seat

so it really gives you extreme speed sensations.

And you're able to overcome an opponent

The next bonus is the oil puddle.

You will be able to spill the oil behind you, but as the bitumen is black

the puddle is white, obvioulsy, to make it visible

and when an opponent drives into the oil puddle he will lose control of his kart.

One of two rear wheels will begin to break

so it will slow him down as well as it will deflect him from his path

but don't worry, there is an anti-collision system that prevents you to go crashing into an other player.

but the interaction is very realistic

- So what's great is that

when you register on the BattleKart website

or when you come here, you create an account and all of your games are stored

and you'll earn experience points, and change levels.

And this is where you can unlock new bonuses. Right?

- Yes that's right for the time when people are level 1, they have access to 5 bonus

because explaining more than 5 bonuses would make the briefing particularly long

and it would get hard to understand

however once you start gaining experience and levels

you'll be able to unlock new bonuses and new game modes.

and discounts in the bar and on the races. So it's motivating anyway.

- Prices start at 18 euros but if you buy the full experience,

that costs 36 euros, you have 3 races and an extra one

for which you get a whole new game mode

Tell us about that.

- Well it's the brush mode.

In this game mode, there is no circuit drawn, you are in an arena.

all karts drive in all directions and you are divided into teams of two.

Each team has a colour

the goal is to colour as many pixels a you can with your kart

- What's remarkable is that you imagined this before Splatoon.

and it reminds us a bit of platoon.

So we are in the kart, we repaint the track

and obviously you can drive on the paint marks of the other teams

and in the end it's the team that painted the most that scores..., it's a bonus point?

But it does not change the ranking?

- Yes, it's taken into account for the ranking

There is a chance factor because the teams are determined randomly

and so you need to get a good teammate who will work in teams

to manage to win this last round in order to fetch

these last points needed to finish first of the ranking.

- Anyway, I am blown away, it's very complete.

We might think that it's something cobbled up but when you play, you

really thought of everything.

It's amazing to play at. the karts are great.

There are the names of the participants. And something great compared to thermal karts

is that you do not wear a helmet. It doesn't make any noise so you can talk to each other,

tease each other, look at each other and this changes everything.

- Yes that's right, it's the interactions between the players that make it a fun game.

There are other advantages to electric karts. We can heat the building in the winter.

and driving a kart in winter, in a building that's ventilated. It's freezing.

There are no odours, you're not dirty when you leave

So there's really only advantages.

Thank you Seb. Congratulations to you, it's called BattleKart, it's located

20 minutes away from Lille, in Belgium and perhaps an opening

in France one day?

- Yes, there are already a lot of people interested in opening centers in France.

But for now I can not say more.

- OK, see you soon anyway on the blog


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