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Hi I'm Zaina Juliette.

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Welcome to my show, Zaina Juliette and Friends.

I'm Zaina Juliette, and today we have two wonderful guests.

Sharon S., young entrepreneur, classical pianist

and a super, super wonderful guest, Tom Wallek,

actor, comedian, impressionist, and singer.

So stay tuned, we'll be right back after this video.

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I'm Zaina Juliette, and you're watching

Zaina Juliette and Friends.

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The world is spinning

Spinning fast

She was in mine

Through a looking glass

Somebody tell me

Tell me why

People love to fight

They think they're so damn bad

Sign the girl in love

Feel good love

This is crazy love

From the stars above

Psychedelic love

Feel good love

They call it worn love

Get on up on the dance floor

This love is real love

And real love is real love

And real love is one love

Celebrate on the dance floor

This love is real love

Real love is real love

Real love is one love

Celebrate on the dance floor

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My first guest is Sharon S.

And Sharon is a beautiful classical pianist,

and also a young entrepreneur.

She has a wonderful skin line,

beauty care, beauty products out.

And we're going to talk about that.

Well, Sharon welcome to the show sweetie.

How are you?

Good, how are you?

I must say that you are girl power.

Thank you.

I want the audience to know that.

I have a show and I always dedicate everything

to the empowerment of women and girl power,

and I'm going to occasionally have a story on a female

that's doing great things that will inspire you.

And Sharon is that female.

Thank you.

Sharon I want to know how did you start

in the music business and playing such beautiful

classical piano?

How long have you been playing?

It's almost 20 years.


Yeah, multi-years.

And how did you start?

Did you train from child--

Because of my mommy.

'Cause my mommy is piano player so that's why I

need, I have to, I don't have a choice.


So she would say, "You have to do training?"


Make you start from a child.

Yeah, from two years old.

That's absolutely amazing.

And so you go from this super, wonderful pianist--

- [Sharon] Thank you.

Which you are guys are going to see on the clip,

to an entrepreneur and have your own skin care beauty line,

and now opening your own store.

Yeah, I opened just my store.

'Cause a lot of Americans they like skin cares,

they like facials, but they're too expensive.

So that's why I just opened my store.

I just wanted to do good, perfect many, and perfect quality.

Is that one.

Well I see also that your products are organic.


And wonderful.

And ladies I've got to tell you,

it's really, really good stuff.

I tried it and it's cleared my skin up tremendously.

And it's one of Hollywood's secrets.

A lot of the girls--


Starting to use your product.

Yeah, exactly.

'Cause you know the girls always like natural.

So that's why I said my stores, all of the products,

must be natural and must be organic.

This will be good for everybody's skin.


So we're going to go to a video,

and when we come back we will bring out some of your

beauty products and some of your models

before and after.

So we'll be right back, after these videos.

(classical piano music)

(heavy vault locking)

We're having a lot of fun today with Zaina Juliette

and Friends.

And we're back with my friend Sharon S.

And now we have two beautiful ladies.

Sharon, introduce us to these beautiful ladies.

Just to introduce my two sisters.

One is Kitty, who is my best friend.


And one is my sister, Selena.


Very nice.

Now you have your products here and why don't you

explain to the ladies about your products

and give us some information on how we use it

and all that stuff.

Yes, 'cause you know ...

I wanted today, I just took one of these products,

'cause these products is really perfect.

And it's perfect in money and it's perfect in quality.

You know?

So everybody, the girls always,

every week have a facial, right?

So we have to afford, just for $39.00

That's like a full facial.


That sounds--

They have deep cleanser, and the peel-off mask,

and the peeling gel.

This four is the basic because everyone have it.

Nice, nice.

This is really cool.

Yes, and these can also get these facials

when they come to your shop, right?

Yeah, exactly.

We can just show you what is going on for this one.

And what is this one here?

This one is here, I think I will introduce my best friend.

She can introduce this one.

This is Easy Care, 'cause she always uses this one.


This is the Easy Care it's for the acne, pimple skin.

Acne, pimple.


Usually I have very much pimples on my face,

but right now I've used this product

around two months,

and right now it's getting better and better.

So it actually clears your skin and ...

Oh wow.

A lot of ladies--

Yeah, this is the one set, so they have the toner,

serum, and lotion.

See that's an excellent product for teens.

Because they have a lot of acne and everything.


That's amazing.

That's really nice.

This is really good.


And I must say it works very well,

you really should try it and I will have information

on the screen so you can know more about the product

and where you can get it.

That is absolutely wonderful.

Sharon I am just amazed at all that you do.

Music, this company, and you're bringing another company

to the United States as well.

Yes, 'cause you know the girls,

they always have their job first.

They need to take care of themselves,

they need to love themselves first.

That's why I do all the things that protect me,

'cause I'm a girl.

I have to tell you that Sharon, explain to them ...

She's had training in business and marketing.

And you want to explain a little bit about that?

I just completed my MBA.

So that's why I think with the marketing right now,

the older American need it.


So that's why I just opened my store.

'Cause this one is really good for everyone.


Yeah, because it's cheaper and organic.


'Cause the face is really good..


'Cause look at my sister's face.

I know, it's glowing.

It's beautiful.

Can you guess her age?

No I can't--

Yeah it's really young for that,

I can't tell it's a secret.

27, 25?

I can't guess

(laughs) Yeah, she's really young.

'Cause she used this one.

Look, there's no wrinkles.

No wrinkles, and her skin is very smooth.

You can see it up close and it's like, "Ooh."

It's very nice.

I'm going to have to get that one.

You don't need to spend a lot of money,

you can get these all products.

Yes, because when you go to the salon,

it's hundreds of dollars.

Yes, exactly.

Our store always the top popular is Whatever Mask.


It's really cool.

You can come try, you get confused, "What is Whatever Mask?"

You can come here to try, it's really good.

Also the name of the whole product is ...


What is it, Wow?

Is it Wow?

Wow Beauty Experience.

Wow Beauty Experience.



Sharon thank you so much.

You are inspirational and you just inspired me, of course.

Thank you for being on the show,

and I'm going to have you back again.

And we're going to continue to follow you

with these products.

Yes, thank you.

(audience applause)

(classical piano music)

Way back then, them developer 'fellas

thought that water-rich Las Vegas valley

would make a great destination for a town in the depot.

An lo and behold they was right.

Because by 1930 the population in this here town

skyrocketed to 5,165.

Never dissing me

You'll never have me

We'll never be apart

(audience applause)

It's my passion, my hunger

Zoom, just like thunder

I'm taking to the stage

(music drowns out singer)

Gonna hit 'em hard

(music drowns out singer)

Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hard

Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hard

Hit 'em hard, hit 'em hard

(heavy rock music)

(music drowns out singer)

(heavy rock music)

I want to introduce to you a phenomenal entertainer.

Actor, comedian, singer, but most of all,

spectacular impressionist.

My guest today is Tom Wallek.

Tom Wallek has done many, many wonderful shows.

And entertained lots of audiences

all over the United States and beyond.

He has done some of the biggest shows in Las Vegas,

and he's here with me today.

You must see him, experience him,

and you're going to love him.


My guest, Tom Wallek.

(audience applause)

Welcome to the show.

It's a pleasure to be here, Zaina.

Thank you.

I'm glad you asked me to be on your show.

You had a few of my friends on,

so I was feeling a little left out.

Well I don't want you to feel left out.

I love that introduction.

"Actor, singer, comedian, impressionist,"

I do it all.

Because that's what you are.

Except a dancer.

I don't dance.

Which slowed up my male stripper career.

I think you are absolutely amazing,

and I say this because, my friends at home,

you are going to be truly entertained.

And I say this because we had a conversation on the phone.

- [Tom] Yes we did.

And I must tell you I could not stop laughing.

I find it very amazing how you channel these characters.

Being an impressionist, you have to somehow ...

You're an actor playing roles.

But you not only play the role, you become that character.

You know many actors can play the character,

but you become that character.

And it's just fascinating to me.

How do you prepare for that?

Well, I watch a lot of video, and then practice the voice.

One of the first actors I did was Joey Bishop,

because I was in a show that needed a Joey Bishop.

And for those of you who don't know who Joey Bishop is,

he was a comedian famous in the 50's and 60's,

but he talked like this ...

He was from Philadelphia, he had an accent,

and he talked really funny, but he was a great comedian

and he told a lot of great jokes.

Want me to tell a joke?


This lady walks in to her kitchen.

She sees her husband waving a fly swatter,

she says, "What are you doin'?"

He says, "What do you think I'm doing?

"I'm hunting flies."

She goes, "Did you get any yet?"

He says, "I got five.

"Three males and a couple of females."

The wife said, "That's ridiculous!

"How in the world could you possibly tell their gender?"

The husband said, "Easy.

"Because three were on a beer can

"and the other two were on the phone."

(audience applause)

I switch from Joey Bishop to Dean Martin

and now I'm in a show called Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show.

We travel all over the country.

(audience applause)

For you millennials, Dean Martin was a singer and comedian.

He was in the Rat Pack.


You got to explain to the young people who these people are.

Anyway, let's do my signature song.


You and me.

We're going to do a duet, right.


Everybody loves somebody some time

Everybody falls in love somehow


That's Dean Martin.

I don't know the words. (laughs)

So anyway I got my start here in Las Vegas

(audience applause)

as an actor, comedian, impressionist.

First show I was in was called Comedy Cabaret.

It was at the Maxim, 1991.


I was the guy that nobody knew,

but everybody eventually found out about.

And then I got a lot of other work after that.

You're incredible.

How did you get started in the beginning?

Take us to the beginning.

Oh, that happened in Las Vegas.

I was trying to hone ...

Comedian, is kind of a tough thing to get into.

I started at the showcases.

Back in those days they had showcases.

On Sunday night they'd have a showcase

and it was hosted by a friend of mine named Sandy Hackett.

(audience applause)

I started out doing five minutes of comedy,

and every week I'd go back and do an extra minute,

until finally I had 10 minutes of comedy.


(audience laughter)

It was great.

(audience applause)

So then you were able to put the whole show together?

Yeah and then I started doing impressions,

because I'm going, "I'm so limited as me."

(audience laughter)

I'm really boring.

So I decided that I would incorporate

some other comedians in to my act.

But writing jokes for them

I don't find that you're boring,

I think that you're amazing.

(audience applause)

It's very hard, for really many actors,

that do and play roles.

But it's actually hard to be a comedian,

and an actor, and an impressionist,

that can actually channel other characters.

You not only channel them,

it's almost like you're almost talking --

The inner light.

Yeah, the actual person.

Embody is what I try to do.

Embody the character.

So you're not just doing an impression of a guy,

you actually become the essence of that person.


We talked on the phone

and you did about 12 people,

characters, some of Hollywood's greatest.

If you would like, do you want go through some of them?

(audience applause)

I know what you're thinking.

Am I gonna do six voices or only five?

(audience laughter)

In all of this confusion

you have to ask yourself one question,

"Do I do feel lucky?"

(audience laughter and applause)

(applause downs out speaker)

Who else should I do?

She was going, "You're so good."

I go, "Thanks.

"I'm tired.

"I finally got some respect, ya know?"

(audience applause)

Rodney, if Rodney were here today,

"Nice furniture.

"Did Liberace have a garage sale?"

(audience laughter)

That's amazing.


Let's see who else?

(audience laughter and applause)

We were just all over the place.

Actually I wrote them down.

Oh you did?

I wrote them down 'cause I said,

"I'm gonna pull them out."

(audience applause)

Joe Pesci.

Joe Pesky.

Joe Pesky?

Well he is a little pesky, but it's Joe Pesci.

"Okay, okay!

"Get the name right for crying out loud!"

(audience laughter)

"I come on this show and you don't even get my name right!

"What the hell is that all about?!"

Christopher Walken.

(applause drowns out speaker)

Christopher Walken, right, okay.

"So I'm downtown, I'm walking down the street,

"and this bum walks up to me he says, 'Excuse me,

"'you have any spare time?',

"I said don't you mean spare change?

"He says, 'No, I have change.

"'I just don't have anytime to spend it.'"

(audience laughter and applause)

Buddy Hackett.

Let's see, Buddy.

"One of my favorite jokes is: Two guy are sitting

"at the bus stop and one says to the other,

"'I hope the bus shows up pretty soon,

"'I've been sitting here so long my ass fell asleep.'

"The other says, 'Yeah, I know.

"'I heard it snore a couple of times.'"

(audience laughter and applause)

You know Buddy Hackett used to do Johnny Carson,

you know this is amazing.

You're interviewing me and it's kind of a turnaround

because it's usually I who are interviewing people.

(audience laughter and applause)

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for this?

Alright, here's a riddle, alright?

See if anybody can guess this.

This is a Karnak thing.

The Nile,

the Amazon,


Joan, the Nile, the Amazon.

Anybody guess?

I can't guess.

(audience laughter)

Name three rivers with a big mouth.

(audience laughter and applause)

Thank you so much.

You are incredible.

This is what I want to do,

I want to take my audience to a quick break

so we can watch this video of Tom Wallek live in action.

We'll be right back after this.

(audience applause)

(audience drowns out speaker)

A guy walks in to the library,

librarian says, "Can I help you?"

He says," Yes, I'm looking for some books on suicide."

She says, "They're down the hall on the shelf marked S."

He walks off and comes back 10 minutes later.

He says, "Lady, you don't have any books on suicide."

She goes, "Oh, I guess nobody ever returns them."

(audience laughter)

Alright, here's what happened.

The guy went to the library and says,

"You have any books on suicide?"

(audience laughter)

She said, "They're down the hall."

He walks off, he found one, he walked back,

checked it out, took it home, and then he killed himself.

Then when the guy in my joke showed up,

there were no more books for him.

Am I going to fast for you?

(audience laughter)

(audience applause)

The other blond over here is laughing.

She's getting the jokes.

A blond walks in to the library,

(audience laughter)


It could happen.

(audience laughter)

She goes up to the lady behind the counter

and she says, "Let me have...

"Give me a Big Mac and a Coke."

And she goes, "Honey, you're at the library."

She goes, "Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

(whispers) "Can I have a Big Mac and a Coke?"

(audience laughter)

See, you have to be quiet at the library,

you know.

(audience laughter)

Lounges were the mainstay of the entertainment,

especially late at night.

And all my good friends got their start in the lounges.

Like Don Rickles, and Shecky Greene,

and the great Louis Prima.

(audience applause)

I love it, I love it, I love it.

We're back already?

We're back already.

You are a classic, classic entertainer.

I learned everything I know from Rich Little.

Oh my goodness.

He's one of my heroes.

He's an inspiration for me.

Yes, I hear you do The Godfather pretty good too.

(mumbles) You come to me on the day of my daughter's wedding

and you ask me to do your T.V. show,

you don't call me friend.

You don't even think to call me Godfather.

(audience laughter)

How do you do it?

I practice!

How do you do it?

You're a singer, you're a dancer, you're an actor,

you play guitar, how do you do it?

I practice, I practice.

Lots of practice.

And I tell a lot of the young people today,

they always want to be actors, they want to be talent,

they want to be comedians, but they have to know

that you have to put in hard work and dedication.

And you must have a passion.

And this guy here has a passion.

Oh you don't know the half of it.

(audience laughter and applause)

And that's what it takes, correct?

It does, exactly.

A little commitment and a little bit of luck.

You have to run in to the right people.

Everybody has to run in to people that will say, "Yes."

Tom tell us about some of the shows that you've done

in Vegas, and then any shows that you have coming up soon.


I have no shows coming up here in Las Vegas,

but I was up until January, I was in a wonderful show

called Vegas: The Story, with my good friend

Tony Sacca, who unfortunately passed away

quite unexpectedly.

Tony was so beloved.

Tony Sacca, he is just amazing.

He was terrific.

And then previous to that I was in The Rat Pack,

here in town, and then I was in a show called

Viva Las Vegas, that was at the Stratosphere

for 10 years, and then I was in a show called

Forbidden Vegas, which was a parody

of all the shows on The Strip.

It was a really terrific show,

unfortunately we couldn't make it last,

otherwise that would still be running.

It was a great show, it was really funny.

My very first show in town was called

Comedy Cabaret, that was at the Maxim,

and I did that for a year and a half,

and then I went to do this show called Tropical Heat

at the Rio.

And I worked with a child actress named Dana Plato.

(audience applause)

She was in the show with me.

Remember her from Diff'rent Strokes?

Yes, Diff'rent Strokes.


But you keep going, and you're amazing.

(audience applause)

And we are all looking forward to coming to see you live.

I want to thank you, thank you, thank you

for being here.

Well I want to say one more thing before I go,


Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, yes this is Donald Trump.

Thank you all for tuning in, watching Zaina Juliette,

and if you continue your support

you'll make this show great again.

(audience applause)

Thank you.

I want to thank my guests Sharon S., and Tom Wallek

for joining us.

I really, really enjoyed them so very much.

And we'll see you again next week,

with more Zaina Juliette and Friends.

Bye bye.

(gentle piano music)

I've walked a million miles

In broken pieces

Picking up what I could

Stuck in a universe

Full of strangers

I feel like I know you

I know you

Everybody waits for the day

Something waits

Something fine

To feel the whole world

Suddenly you're mine

Looking you're in your eyes

I can see I've been holding out all my life

Just waiting for a moment


I'm waiting for

The moment

When the clocks are standing still

And all that matters

Is found inside of words

Yeah, the time we breathe

The hands we reach

Sweetest voice is killing me

♪ 'Cause I feel like I know you

I know you

Everybody waits for the day something

(rhythmic tap dancing)

(large vault locking)

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