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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Paranormal Farm 2 Closer To The Truth

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(dramatic music)

- So I'm just about to arrive at the farm.

So it's been a while since I shot the film,

and I'm quite excited to meet up with Darren and Lucy again.

Be really, really interesting

to find out their thoughts on the film.

Obviously it's been streaming now for a few months and,

well, the farming community, their neighbours,

and everyone would have seen the farm.

To be honest, I'm a little bit nervous.

It's been a couple months since I've seen Darren and Lucy,

so I'm a little bit nervous about seeing them again,

'cause I don't really know

about their reactions to the film.

I'm hoping they like it, but who knows?

They've not been returning some of my emails,

so I'm a little bit apprehensive

about whether or not they like it.

I'm hoping they like it.

So, who knows?

So I'm gonna ask them some questions,

and we are here to get closer to the truth,

and Taz will be joining us today

and I'm looking forward to seeing Taz

and he's gonna help out with the sound and everything.

So I'm hoping we're gonna get a really good day

and get some of the legacies, get some of the stories

from the farm and hopefully, if I can interview some

local farmers that'll be good.

'Cause this, the DVD release is a big deal

for me and Taz 'cause this could really take our film from--

(pounding) (gasping)

(laughing) Oh my god, well,

I guess Darren's a little bit good with me,

almost gave me a bloody heart attack.

Let me go and interview him.

Darren, very, very funny, that's good.


How are you? - All right, yeah.

- [Carl] Good to see you again.

I've got a bit of a heart attack there.


God, you're always playing those tricks on me, aren't we?

Darren? - Yeah?

- First of all. - Yeah.

- [Carl] How's the film being received by everyone,

all the farmers and your friends?

- All right, yeah, the first

couple of local people have

seen it, you know? - Yeah.

And what are-- - Said very--

- Lucy! - Yeah, yeah.

- Hey Lucy! - Hi, long time no see.

- [Carl] I know, it's been a couple of months, how are you?

- Hey, okay.

- [Carl] Are you in with Tia again?

Hi Tia, you okay?

So if I can just ask you quickly,

I'm right back into old habits filming again.

So what I'm keen to know from both of you is

what do you both think of the film?

I have sent you a couple e-mails, I didn't hear back,

so what are your thoughts and what are the,

what's the farming community, what do they think about it?

- Well, I'm...

- I'm pleased. - Seems positive to me.

- It's done well for you.

But at the end of the day

I'm just a farmer,

I drive tractors and ride horses

and I need to look after the place.

- Okay. - Yeah, life goes on.

- Well, I know you're not, what, I mean

the feedback I'm getting is the fact

that you're not actors and that you are real farmers.

And, you know, my style's a little bit Mike Lee,

trying to get the truth in a documentary style

and I think that's been its strength, actually.

- Yeah, I think it's a one off.

- I'm being called. - Yeah.

(sheep bleating)

Darren, is Lucy all right with me?

I just tuned into, is she all right?

I don't know, it just feels

threw me a little bit of shade.

Is she okay or is she just-- - Yeah, she's all right.

- Okay, tell me if anything's up.

- Sorry! - Okay, right.

But anyway, so what are your thoughts about the film?

- Oh, I see the,

I was down at the pub the other day,

someone had seen it and

they didn't,

they seemed quite taken by it.

It is unusual.

- [Carl] Yeah.

- I think you did really well.

- [Carl] Well, I think, I mean, the reviews

that I've been reading, certainly on Amazon

and, you know, in America and the UK,

people seem to love the authenticity of your performance

and I totally had nothing to worry 'cause--

- Yeah.

- [Carl] I mean, you weren't performing.

- It's not.

- [Carl] 'Cause you're not acting, are you?

You're not an actor. - No, no.

- [Carl] And that's what I like about it.

- The only thing I was a bit worried about

was hidden agendas, really. - Yeah.

And hopefully we didn't have that.

And like Lucy is like, I've got to say,

I think you're a bit of a star of the film as well.

- Ah, ah-- - People love your--

- I'm just doing what I do every day.

- Yeah. - It's simple.

Hey, look, look, look.


- [Carl] Oh my god, what's that?

- Two. - Is that...

- Pumpkins.

- Oh my god. - Three.

I've only got four, I've thrown the others all away

to make these peak.

- [Carl] How long do they take to grow, pumpkins?

- [Lucy] Oh.

Months and months and months.

- [Carl] Oh my god, look at the size of that!

- [Lucy] Oh, you wait, come.

- [Carl] What flowers are these, Lucy?

They're nice, aren't they?

- [Lucy] They're absolutely beautiful, aren't they?

They're coming to the end.

- Right. - I do like them.

- Lucy? - Mm-hmm?

- [Carl] Last time when I interviewed you and Darren

in the film, obviously you were telling me about

all these strange occurrences that were taking place,

things moving around the house.

- Yeah. - Has any more of this

happened since we've made the film?

- Yeah, yeah, I told you,

it's happened for years actually, on and off.

- Is it-- - The latest thing was

the box of family stuff. - Box of family stuff?

- Memorabilia. - Can you just

take me to the memorabilia? - So I had to move it

into here because I got fed up of hearing

it in the middle of the house. - Can you show me?

- Yeah, it's just this box,

it's all the paperwork to do with the family.

- [Carl] Do you mind if I have a look?

- [Lucy] No, no, no, no, no.

But there's all sorts of stuff in there.

- [Carl] Okay.

- Do you know what this-- - Oh wow, yes I do!

That's a military cross. - Uh-huh.

- How amazing! - Mm-hmm.


- [Carl] Lucy.

That's amazing, I'm getting a real sense

from this military cross. - Good.

- [Carl] I'm seeing the initial R,

does that mean anything to you?

- Mm-hmm.

- [Carl] Richard?


Your granddad was Robert? - Yes.

- [Carl] And he's got a military cross.

- Yes.

- That's pretty amazing. - Yeah.

- [Carl] I'm getting a real sense here.

You know, you told me that those mannequins around the farm

are your guardians protecting you.

I don't think they're the only ones protecting you.

I think your granddad, Robert, has been looking out

for you over the years.

Does that...

- Yes.

- Does that ring a bell? - I don't like to say it

but because I'm third generation

and I'm determined not to lose his farm,

I'm doing as much as I can.

- Well. - To stand by my granddad,

my father's dad, yes.

So yeah, I'm doing all I can.

- [Carl] That's brilliant, I just want you to know,

by channelling through this cross,

this is validation that when your box is moving around,

it's nothing to be afraid of, that's your granddad

letting you know it's him protecting you.

I think he's been protecting you for years, Lucy.

- I believe in him.

I believe in him, he's a very good man.

- [Carl] Okay.

- Very, very family man

and had the right

honours and everything.

- [Carl] Does the


Dougie mean anything to you?

I'm getting another name coming through, Dougie?

- The nearest to Dougie as I can get is Googie

which is what my auntie called me.

- [Carl] Googie, that's it, Googie.

- She couldn't say Lucy. - Why's--

- Why, she was born with meningitis

in the days before they had a vaccine for it.

She lived til she was 76

and lived, walked her dog every day

but she'd occasionally, look, look, look,

she'd occasionally pick up my

grandfather's bayonet

and chase me 'round the house with it.

We'd run 'round the table. - Was it a joke?

- No, it wasn't a joke, she was serious.

Because don't forget, she had a big mental condition.


- [Carl] Lucy, that's not very nice to have to--

- No, no, no,

it was part, I accepted it, it was how I was brought up.

I was brought up with her like in that condition

and you just learnt to run.

- We just watched a video called Para, video?

A film called Paranormal Farm.

It was filmed a bit like this.



I'm not really sure what happened.

- No.

- It was like one minute

it was looking for a ghost and the ghost was communicating

and yeah.

- Mm-hmm.

- And then what happened after that?

- People in the woods 'round the fire

and then they tried to kill him.

- And then it turned out to be the man

and then they were talking about a beast

and the woman. (laughing)

- Was drunk.

- She was just pissed constantly.

Constantly drunk.



And I really,

my first words after that film were,

"What just happened?" (laughing)

I don't really know what it's about.

It was like the weirdest film I've ever seen.

Apart from Trolls or maybe something like that.


I have no idea.

- Weird.

- There was horses, there was a lot of horses.

There was...

- Dummies.

- Dummies, lot of dummies.

Lot of

drunk women, well, one drunk woman but she was a lot drunk.

And a creepy man who was her husband who just,

I think he orchestrated the whole thing.

The annoying thing about it is

you don't know what actually happened, do you?

- No, they'll make another one.

- They fuckin' won't. - There will be a sequel.

- Who's gonna put money into that?

- They did Blair Witch and did that

Paranormal Activity thing.

- Yeah, but that had a point to it, a story.

- I personally think they could do more with the animals,

it's a farm.

- Yeah, true.

- Wanna see some sheep.

- Some ghost sheep.

- Mm-hmm. (bleating spookily)

(bleating) (laughing)

- So watch it or don't watch it, doesn't matter.

What would you give it out of a 10?

- Probably a five, it did scare me.

- [Carl] So thoughts, everyone.

That's our first online video review.

- Is it really?

- [Carl] Yeah.

(murmuring) (crosstalk)

- Let's turn that off.

It's all right, I've got it.

There's more like that. - Yeah, so--

- Goodness.

- [Carl] Funny, what they'd say, who would go

to that trouble to actually leave a review?

But it's nice that they actually went to that trouble

and did it in the style of our film so I felt--

- It's created enough noise to make a video about it.

- [Carl] Yeah, it's...

- Bizarre.

- So did they, was it that review

that inspired you to think about a second one?

- [Carl] Well, we've got lots of reviews online

so actually, Taz-- - Shall we do it?

- Said you can respond to some of the online reviewers.

But they did say they'd like to see a part two

and they'd like more animals.

- So. - So.

- There's one from Megan Shierra,

"A grand old time.

"Look, if you're expecting a studio-quality movie

"you're going to be disappointed.

"But if you're looking for a funny."

Sorry, "If you're looking for a funny

"and at times genuinely spooky film

"then this is a great one to watch."

- [Carl] "This film is unusual because it does not drop

"under the carpet that it can't be remembered the next day.

"In this film, the farmer's wife's acting

"is exceptionally so realistic that it's puzzling

"whether she is a brilliant actor

"or an amateur with drug-related

"natural creepy characteristics.

"Also brilliant was they annoying acting

"of the filmmaker himself, almost as a parody

"to the found footage films."

So brilliant actress there, Lucy.

That's a nice review.

- Bizarre. (laughing)

- This is from Randar Jane,

"Shot entirely using a cell phone,

"this is a rather entertaining found footage film.

"Carl is a fantastic narrator and his attempts

"to contacting the missing/dead Jessica

"are unique and effective,

"it makes me want to buy my own plasma electricity ball."


- "Quite simply the worst I've ever seen.

"I hated it, the man's an idiot."

I kind of agree with you, I'm a little bit of an idiot.

- I like to give people the option to think

all sorts of things about me. (laughing)

It's fun, it's fun.

Life is boring if you don't make it fun.

And I enjoy that, I really, really do enjoy doing that.

- [Carl] What happened in the past?

- 40 bones in this cheek broke,

my eye socket dropped out.

I broke seven ribs, blood clot.

I was in intensive care.

I had skin a skin graft from there to here.

I've got

platinum in my eyelid to keep it down,

titanium elsewhere.

I was meant to die.

- [Carl] So what did you survive, what kind of accident

did you survive on the farm?

- I was in a vehicle and

at rather high speed hit a

cross country jump

and I just remember, I just remember

a friend ringing me, "Hi, are you all right?"


"I'm a bit hurt."

"Where are you?", he said.

I said, "I'm on pig bank."

And he said, "I can't get there."

So he rang my neighbours to come out and find me

because I'd hit the...

- [Darren] Biggest log.

- No, no, no, I'd hit the frame of the thing I was in

and that's how I smashed this to pieces.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, 40 bones broke, eye socket out.

And they recessed it

wrong, this eye is six millimetres out

from this eye which is why I have trouble

seeing screens and what have you.

Which is why I like riding and just enjoying

the natural countryside.

- [Carl] Wow, that's, wow.

So you're a survivor?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That was the second operation.

It was...

- [Carl] Oh wow.

- [Lucy] Oh, no, wrong way.

- [Carl] You're smiling in all of them.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm still alive, that's why.

(laughing) That's why.

- Thank god. - Yeah.






- [Carl] Oh.

- Oi, get in your house!

In your house! (snarling)



Oi, oi. (snarling)

No, no.

Let go, let go, let go.

Let go, let go, let go.

Let go, let go. (snarling)

- [Carl] So what do they do, what makes them do that Darren?


- [Darren] They're just grumpy old men.

- Were they-- - Who can be like,

when you curse them and see then--

- Right. - Who can be the best friend.

- [Carl] Do you think I've unsettled them?

- No, don't take it personally.

Usually I can just talk 'em down and they just,

but once they grab each other, they're, being the

little dogs they are, they won't let go of each other.

- [Carl] You think they'll be friends now?

- Well he-- (growling)

They can't do anything now. - No.

- [Darren] So usually we'll throw them in the bed.

- Yeah. - And they'll sort it out

amongst themselves, they settle down.


Good boys. - The other one's shaking,

is it just because it's wet? - Yeah, they do.

- I'm shaking. - I know, yeah.

- [Darren] It's just a tooth went in here.

- Oh, it did. - Split his eye.

- What, just now? - No, no, before.

This is a regular thing. - Oh, I didn't know that.

- [Darren] Yeah.

- [Carl] They seemed really friendly last time I was here.

- [Darren] Oh, they are, they're still friendly now,

it's just that-- - Just showing off.

- [Darren] They're just brothers and fall out now and again.

- Come on, you behave now.

Good boys.

The only thing is, I've just got here

and the dogs have been fighting

and I think it's maybe put

Darren and Lucy in a bit of a funny mood so,

got to get my right time, actually,

to do the interview,

to find out behind the scenes.

That's the thing, you've got to be a bit sensitive

as a documentary filmmaker because if somebody's not

in the right mindset you're not gonna get

all the right information out of them.

- [Lucy] I have to

muzzle her because...

- [Carl] Everyone's getting muzzled today.

- No, no, no because she,

her last owner let her play with the head collar.

- Right. - And...

And she just played with it but she took a chunk

and pulled it and I had the biggest hematoma, it's still--

- [Carl] What, she took a chunk out of your stomach?

- It just gave me a massive hematoma there, like huge.

- [Carl] God, what's a hematoma?

Like a bite? - Yeah, yeah, yeah,

a big blood clot.

- [Carl] Everyone likes, all the animals

like to bite on this farm, I guess that's like farm life.

- No, no, no, no, yeah.

It's okay, I'm still alive.


Right, get in your house.

In your house, in your house.


Good boys.

It's because there's someone different here

and they're arguing over who can get to your first.

- Oh, I see. - That's what they're doing.

- Right. - They want,

one of them wants superiority of being,

I got to meet him first. - Right.

- [Lucy] You've just got grumpy old men.

- [Carl] That's why you said meet them both together.


Oh, what do you know of the beast?

- There was a beast. - It literally--

- Panther or something.

- [Lucy] Oh yeah, I've seen it twice.

- Yeah and a local guy, recently, a local guy came out,

he said, "Oh..."

- [Lucy] He came back the next morning.

- Yes, it did.

- He said, "Lucy, there was something big out there!

"I mean big, it went through that shore down there

"and all the stingers and bushes were going to the side.

"It was big, I was trying to get my spotlight on it.

"It was big but we couldn't find it."

- [Carl] Right.

- Yeah, he was really disturbed by it.

- He was convinced. - Come on, then!

Go, go, go.

Hold my stirrup, please.

Are you ready, are you ready?

- [Darren] They're distracted now.

- [Carl] Yes.

- [Lucy] Can't play around with this one.

Come on, come.

- [Carl] Oh, they look happier now.

Now they're going for their walk.

- They're not going to get to walk,

they're gonna have to run.



This gate.

- [Carl] So Darren, now that Lucy's gone horse riding,

I just want you to tell me a little bit more

about, actually, about the beast.

- [Darren] Hmm.

- [Carl] So what do you know of the beast?

- Well, the beast is real, I've seen it.

I've got footage of it.

- [Carl] Okay.

- It's only a short little clip of it but--

- Right. - Something out there,


It's not very clear but I might be able

to find that for you somewhere.

Yeah, we've got footage on...

So it's some old tape somewhere.

- [Carl] Well do you think you could find that out?

Because obviously I'm here tonight

doing behind the scenes. - Yeah.

- Do you think maybe-- - I might, yeah,

let me look through, might take a while,

kinda look through the tapes.

One of the neighbor's daughters went missing,

few years back, there was a mauled body

found out in the fields. - What was she called?

- Sarah. - Oh god, Darren,

that's like, so that's the girl we based,

obviously, in the film we played it out as Jessica.

- Yeah, that's the real. - I didn't know she--

- That's the real story. - Yeah.

- And a few of us will get together to

have a religious meeting on the grounds of

the beast.

Being a drill is drilling the seeds in

for the next crop.

Which is rape.

- Rape? - Mm-hmm.

- [Carl] Wow.

- Rape oil. - Yeah okay.

So they farm that here, rape oil?

- Well they take it in cycles, all the fields

around here get cycled.

- [Carl] Here's one of the angels

from the original film.

So nothing was staged, this was all real.

- [Taz] I can film you now if you like.

- [Carl] Yeah, if you take over Taz and film me.

- [Lucy] I've got these.

- So Taz, you gonna have a ride later?

- I'm too scared. - Totally.

- She's so good.

- [Taz] She does look really good, I'll have a ride.

- Yeah, she's really, really good.

Oh look.

- Hello. - First of all.

- Yes? - I'm angry with you.

- Oh, sorry, what have I done?

- For taking the Micheal out of me.

- I didn't take the Mickey out of you.

- You did, I'm really angry over that.

- Darren said that earlier, I didn't do that, Lucy,

what I did-- - No, you did!

- No, I know what you think. - You humiliated me!

- No it wasn't, we were interviewing you

based on the true stories of the farm

so I know you're thinking we might've taken

the piss out of your daughter that's not really dead.

But don't forget, it wasn't a documentary,

it's a documentary style based on truth.

So I know your daughter is alive and well

and that's really good, Lucy.

But there was, as Darren was telling me,

there was a girl called Sarah that was actually found

that was mauled by this beast maybe.

So we're just kind of recreating that

but so the characters care about, you know, this,

we just do it based on your daughter.

But you, how was she, was she okay?

Has she seen the film?

(horse flatulating)


- [Taz] Sorry, the horse is farting right in my face.

- [Carl] You might wanna get right in front of Lucy

and catch her reactions. - Yeah.

- We're going through the woods.

- Yeah, get us like this. - Going through the wood.

- [Taz] As you can see, everyone, I'm not a proper cameraman

but I'm trying. (laughing)

- As long as you get the sound from Lucy,

that's the main thing. - Okay.

- You mentioned--

- So, actually.

- [Lucy] Someone else missing?

- Lucy, what would be really good is,

it's really good just getting to see the land.

But anything else you can tell me


the beast would be great.

- [Taz] You wanna go a bit slower?


Just a touch slower? - Things occur.

Things occur in the country, okay?

- Yeah.

- And what hope have you got of proving

anything in the countryside?

- Yeah. - Yeah, look, look, look.

For example, these woods, you could

hide anything, couldn't you? - Yeah.

- But I like to think

this is my peaceful piece of land,

which is why I don't like people walking here

that aren't meant to be here.

- Is this where you saw the cat, the panther?

- I saw the cat, it was coming out

of that hedge down there.

- Really? - I was on the cub bike

and it came out that hedge

as cats do.

It was quite big, sleek,

and it saw me.

Could you see it today?

The other time I saw it

was over there.

- [Carl] You gonna do some editing while you're here,

the special features?

- I can start putting the shots onto the laptop and stuff.

- Okay, yeah, that would be good.

So I did not think I would end up on top of a horse

but it would be good idea, special features,

to make it interesting and experience

what it feels like to actually be living on the farm.

And, you know, this is part of farm life.

Where are you taking me, where are you taking me Tia?

Tia, where are you taking me?


Whose house is that?

Okay, so I've just lost Taz and Lucy

and the horse has just brought me to this house

so I'm just gonna explore and

see what was up.


I don't know if there's anybody here or not

but let's just have a little look

into the house. (rooster crowing)

Lots of cocks.

Let's have a look

and see if anybody's in and find out some more.

(wings flapping) Ah!

My god, it attacked me.

Back, back, back, back, back.

So this is the bird that actually just attacked me

on the leg, I'm sure it bit me which is quite creepy.

Back, back.

Bad bird.

That's it.

No, back,


(stomping) Back.

(rooster crowing)

Okay, I've actually just been attacked by a chicken

or a cock, I don't know what you call it.

But anyway, let's just go up to see in the house

who's here. (rooster crowing)

Slightly afraid of that chicken.

Actually really petrified and he just attacked my leg.

Wish I was recording that at the time.

Anyway, so let's have a look at this house

and see who's here.



Hello? - Hello?

I'm downstairs.

Just come in.

- [Carl] Sorry, where are you?

- [Robert] Downstairs.

- [Carl] Hi, I'm just in the area

and I hope you don't mind, I'm recording this,

I'm a documentary maker.

- Hello. - Hi.

- You've come for the ghost tour?

- Well, hi, I'm Carl. - Robert.

- Nice to meet you. - Robert French.

- Robert, nice. - Come for the ghost tour?

We've got a ghost here.

- [Carl] Oh, right.

Well, actually I'm here kind of related to that.

I don't know if you heard about my film

that's just been released on the streaming channel,

Paranormal Farm, have you heard of it?

- I have, yes.

- [Carl] Right, well I'm the writer, director

and the lead actor in the film.

- Very nice. - So I'm here because,

as you know, it's just come out

and it's been released in America and the UK

and it's just about to get its DVD release

and for the audience we're doing a

behind the scene special features.

So we're trying to get closer to the truth

to show what inspired us to make this film

and try to capture some of the truth.

- And because we've got a ghost you want to sort of

talk about ghosts, I suppose? (laughing)

- [Carl] Yeah, it's got the paranormal thread so

I'm after anything, any of the truths

that have happened locally on the farm.

Obviously there's the disappearance of the girl

and then there's the legends of a beast,

there's a cult.

So anything that you're happy to share

with what you understand.

As I said, we're trying to get closer to the truth

in the investigation.

Are you okay?

- What girl?

- [Carl] In the film, Jessica, but I believe

that actually she's called Sarah.

- Sarah what?

- [Carl] I don't know, I don't know her surname.

- Sarah French?

- [Carl] Sarah French, I know that name from somewhere.

- My name's French.

Sarah was my daughter.

- [Carl] Oh, right.

- I think we ought to go and sit down.

- [Carl] I'm really, I'm sorry, I mean,

do you want me to turn the camera off?

- No.

No, carry on, please, it's,

it's been...

It's been two years and 30 days

since Sarah went missing.

- [Carl] Wow.

- And,

there's been this talk.

The beast,

whatever that's supposed to mean.



had to

go and see,


her when


found her.


there wasn't,

there wasn't very much to identify except her


I gave her.

It was

awful and

there's been quite a lot of talk in the village

about me


they haven't found the beast.

- [Carl] Right.

- And people have said

I am the beast.


it's been very unkind



It's-- - I'm sorry.

- She was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl.

- Right. - And...

- Is that a picture of her? - Yes, yes,

of Sarah, let me show you.

Yeah, she's...

She loved


- [Carl] That's Tia, the horse?

- How do you know Tia?

That's right. - Tia.

- She used to ride with Lucy up at the farm

on Tia, is Tia still about?

- [Carl] Tia, Tia just brought me here.

- No, no.

- [Carl] Oh my god, I've got goosebumps.

I think...

Tia just actually

galloped away from Lucy, led me to the farm

and the door was open.

- No, I think this is a bit silly.

- [Carl] Robert, that's just what's happened,

that's just the plain truth,

Tia has just led me to the house.

- No, no.

No, I don't think that's true.

- [Carl] I mean, she looks beautiful.

A beautiful daughter.

- She was a sweet girl.

There's talk that her mother and I didn't get on

terribly well


they've created this

story that

the beast



but there is no beast,

there is no beast.

- [Carl] So what do you think killed your daughter?

- She loved riding, she really loved riding and

she used to groom Tia for hours on end

and I used to get so cross that

she wouldn't be back for tea and

I used to tell her off sometimes.

But there's no beast, no beast, no.

- [Carl] No.

I'm just really, really sorry for your loss, Robert.

I mean, what you've been through sounds horrendous.

And how people point a finger and being cruel,

I just think that, well, that really sucks.

You don't deserve that.


people can be cruel.

- She loved horses.

She used to play

with a horse, years ago.

It used to belong to my grandmother,

it was an antique one and--

- [Carl] The white horse with the handle and the wheels?

I just saw, it just moved upstairs,

I wasn't gonna say anything but,

it just like wheeled itself across the hallway as I came in.

- Did it have big wheels and a sort of handle?

- [Carl] Yeah, yeah.

- You didn't see anything.

- Yeah I did, literally-- - No, no, no.

You didn't see anything.

- [Carl] Robert, I literally just saw it.

- No, no, I burnt it.

Two years ago.

- [Carl] Oh.


do you know, I don't want to take any more of your time,

Robert, I appreciate that you're a really busy man

and you've probably got things to be getting on with

today, I imagine, so I just, again,

apologies, I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you for giving me some more further insights

and I think I do have to go and film some other people.

- Well, it was lovely to talk about Sarah.

- [Carl] Yes, it is.

- She was a beautiful girl.

- [Carl] Yeah, I can see that.

Okay, I'm really, really sorry for your loss, Robert.

- It's the way she looked at me.

- [Carl] How do you mean?

- She was a beautiful girl.

- [Carl] Okay, so,

I'm gonna take leave and


again, thanks for allowing me to film, Robert,

that's really, really kind.

- Wasn't it marvellous, thank you very much indeed.

- [Carl] Excellent.

- She was a beautiful girl.

- [Carl] Okay, really, really nice meeting you, Robert.

I'll-- - Bye.

- [Carl] Cheers.

(wind blowing)

- [Taz] Stop, stop, stop.

Come on, boys.

- Oh god, they're not fighting again, are they?

- [Taz] Shh, stop, I don't wanna go--

- [Carl] Taz.

Oh god. - Shh, stop.

Fine, okay, that's it, sorry Mom.

- Come on. - Gotta go now, Carl's here.

- No fighting. - He's here now.

- [Carl] Taz.

- Sorry, I had to speak to my mom.

- [Carl] Oh god, Taz, can you just grab that?

I just need to-- - Yeah, what happened?

- I think I just need stitches.

- [Taz] What happened, what do you mean?

- [Carl] I've been attacked by a giant cock.


Seriously, Taz.

- Another joke of yours? - No, it's a big bird,

it just...



I thought it might be bigger than that, to be fair.


- [Taz] There's always drama going on with you, isn't there?

- Well the horse ran off, yeah?

And thanks for like following me.

Galloped off about 1,000 miles an hour

and I almost broke my neck and fell off a horse.

Anyway, get this, Taz.

The horse, Tia, led me to Robert's house.

Now Robert is Sarah's father.

Sarah used to ride at the stables.

- [Taz] Yeah?

- Sarah is the girl that's gone missing

and now I know she's been mutilated by the beast.

I tell you what, Robert has more to do with this

than he's letting on, there's something really creepy

about Robert, do not trust him at all.

- [Taz] Oh my god.

- And how weird, I've always known that

I know about my psychic gift but I've always read about

like animals having psychic ability.

Tia led me to Robert, to Sarah's father's house.

- Oh my gosh. - It's for a reason, Taz.

Oh, do you know, I've got goosebumps.

Just even thinking about it now, can you see my goosebumps?

- [Taz] Oh yeah, I can.

- Taz, you don't have to feel my goosebumps.


Robert is,

to put it lightly,

he's very darkly disturbed.

- [Taz] What made you think that then, exactly?

- Well the way he was just rubbing his daughter's picture,

it was so suggestive and,

Taz, I couldn't get out of there quick enough.

- [Taz] Oh.

- Then I came out and the horse wasn't here

so has the horse come back?

It's taken me like an hour to walk back.

- [Taz] I haven't seen the horse,

I thought the horse was with you all this time.

I mean, I haven't seen Lucy for a bit either, actually.

- Well, where is Lucy and Darren anyway?

- [Taz] I don't know, actually, I thought, I dunno,

I just, well, she got a bit pissed off, to be honest

when you just, when the horse ran off

but she didn't really bother chasing after you,

she got up for some reason and just walked off.

And I just thought they'd come along when I came back.

- I've got to get another interview--

- Yeah. - With them tonight.

- Maybe you should not tell him that you got

that information from him and just see what

he can reveal to you. - You know what?

I think, let's find out tonight,

I wanna do a real seance with Darren and Lucy

and see what truth will come out this time.

Obviously we're not filming it as a fake film,

let's really use my psychic gift

and let's see if we can tune into Sarah

and let's see how Darren and Lucy react to this

because I know something between Darren, Lucy and Robert--

- Yeah. - The truth will out.

- [Taz] The thing about seances, you know what I'm like

about seances, I might not join you in that one though.

Get a bit freaked out by all that.

- Taz, don't be a wimp.

- [Taz] Come on, it's only one thing--

- You're here to be my camera man, my sound man,

just a support.

- [Taz] I've witnessed a few things you did before

but I don't really wanna do anything else.

- Taz, you sound like a pussy. (laughing)

- [Taz] I know, but come on.

- Taz, we're here to do a behind the scenes documentary,

you can't just wimp out on me,

we wanna get closer to the truth.

- We weren't supposed to come here to do a fucking seance,

he promised that to me as well.

(laughing) God's sake.

- Give me the camera.

If I'm honest, Taz, I'm just a little bit surprised at

how Lucy acted earlier about her daughter, Jessica.

I mean, I did sort of set up with her that

this is a film in the style of a documentary

and we're pretending your daughter's dead.

- [Taz] Mm-hmm.

- Recreating the truth of the other girl

that was discovered.

- But she seems to have flipped her lid

like she feels like I've manipulated her into it

but you've had chats with her, haven't you?

- [Taz] Yeah, she was aware that it was a movie

and everything and we were gonna bend

the truth a little bit.

- Have to come up with something then.

I just, I'm just sensing a little bit of angst there.

I don't wanna lose her trust because obviously we've got

more stuff we need to get from her and Darren.

- [Taz] Yeah.

- I'm getting Darren to open up about this beast

but I think he knows more than he's letting on.

- Yeah. - He's acting a little bit

sensitive and he's not telling me everything,

and he's even said he's got footage of the beast

and yet, you know, he said, "Oh, I'll find it somewhere."

Well surely if you have footage of a beast,

it's not something you're gonna lose on VHS,

you're gonna have that kept somewhere safe.

- [Taz] Yeah, exactly.

- So I need to investigate that.

But he's also suggested that there's,

he's also suggested

about the cult and the reasons for the cult.

So maybe we can,

can I just do all that again?

- Mm-hmm. - I think it's best.

Still? - Rolling.

- So tell me when it's ready. - It's ready.

- Ask me how you think it's going.

- [Taz] So how do you think it's going, Carl, so far?


- If I'm honest, Taz, I'm a little bit surprised

at Lucy's actions earlier when she blew a gasket

over no reason at all.

I mean, I don't understand, it's like she doesn't understand

the difference between the documentary

and the actual film.

She knows we're creating a film, doesn't she?

- [Taz] Yeah, we told her all that,

like she knew it was gonna be a movie

that was gonna go online and everything.

- So why is she upset?

I don't understand it, she's like--

- [Taz] Maybe when she saw it she realised

how realistic it actually was maybe

and she didn't like the fact that her daughter...

- Yeah. - Died, supposedly,

in the movie.

- [Carl] Lucy?

Do you have some antiseptic?

The cock

from Robert's farm is only gone and put like,

I don't know, he's punctured my leg.

- I'm supposed to be up on my first aid,

I sliced myself, but I do have

a first aid kit in my car

which hasn't been opened.

Therefore. - Right.

- Fingers crossed, otherwise you're gonna

need to have to have surgery--

- Lucy? - Aren't you?

- [Carl] Is it natural for like a cock

or a chicken or whatever it was

to like hit you on the leg with its claw like that?

- Cockerels are awful.

Cockerels are very dreadful.

- [Carl] I didn't even see it coming but like

what did it do?

Like how does it, why did it attack me?

- It's protecting his women.

- Oh, is it? - Yes.

- Oh god. - His--

- [Carl] Wish more men were like that,

protecting of their women. (laughing)

I was talking to Robert and Robert said that

Sarah used to come riding here.

But Robert seemed a bit, he creeped me out a little bit.

I think there's something weird with him.

- [Lucy] It's just not talked about, it's a code.

It's just not talked about.

- [Carl] Are you very close to Robert?

- He's my neighbour.

- [Carl] Yeah.


- She just wants to be scratched.

- [Carl] She likes a little tickle.

Can't believe she ran off from you earlier,

just took me with her like that.

I was a bit scared when that happened.

- [Darren] She is very good

but you shouldn't stand behind her.

- [Carl] Oh no, is that, do they kick?

- No, she won't. - She won't.

- [Carl] Oh, in general.

- Don't make a habit of it. - Yeah.

- [Lucy] I've got to put her in the horse paddock.

- [Carl] What do you know about Robert?

- Wasn't the best of fathers,

we'll just leave it at that shall we?

- [Carl] Well, what do you, we can't just say that,

Darren, what do you mean not the best of fathers?

- Oh, don't read so much about it.

- No? - No.


- [Lucy] That one is so funny.

- [Carl] Lucy?

Robert was saying when

I interviewed him-- - Stay still.

- Robert-- - Stand still.

- [Carl] Oh, all the horses are coming back out.

Lucy? - Yes?

- [Carl] Robert was saying that there's been talk

in the village about him not being the best of fathers.

What can you tell me about him?

He's insinuating that people used to say that he was--

- No, he's the most, he's a gentleman of gentlemans.

You can't ever say anything against that man.

- Right. - He's a real gentleman.

(clanging) No, never.

- [Carl] He felt very sad when I was talking to him.

Felt that, he said he had the village

turning on him a little bit.

I guess you know him, you've...

- Yes, and I respect what I know about people.

Gossip is gossip.

- [Carl] Lucy!


Good to see you mowing, Lucy.

- I tell you what,

do you fancy a swim after I've finished?

I would really like a swim,

in the, my friend, the police man's house over there.

- Oh, that's good, yeah. - It would be so handy.

I'd just-- - Let's do that,

that would be nice.

Okay, I thought I'd just grab you,

filming you mow, but I'd love to go for a swim after.

- Oh, so would I. - Okay, cheers.

- Okay, hang on, I've got to get off this to start it.

- [Carl] They're hard to start, those things, aren't they?

You all right, Darren?

Watching Lucy do all the work, I see?

- [Darren] Yeah.


- [Carl] Lucy suggested we go for a swim.

- [Darren] What, across the road?

- [Carl] Yeah, over at the police man's house.

- Yeah, all right.

All right, old boy.

All right.


- Don't tease-- - Oh, he never goes for me.

- [Carl] No, why is he doing that?

- Well, that's what I mean, he's just acting weird.

- [Carl] Okay, so this will be my room

while we're here for

the documentary.

Actually, there's all my stuff.

So I'm back on set

in Jessica's room.

You know what I love?

This house has lots of mirrors.

That's great when you have a vain filmmaker

such as myself.

Everywhere you go, you can see outside, the countryside.

I remember this scene where I was sick

and I think I could've done that better,

truth be told.

Never use porridge as a

prop and do it to like porridge.

Taz, get in, don't be such a baby!

(screaming) - Oh, there's a bee!


- [Lucy] Get in the water!

- You're such a-- - He thinks you're a flower.

- [Lucy] Keep swimming up and down.

Just swim.

- [Carl] Taz, just--

(screaming) (laughing)

- Why do you scream like that? - Sorry.

- How do you scream like that? (screaming)


- My god, back away. - To the end, ready?



- [Carl] Darren, you're not getting in?

- No.

- [Carl] Just have a little swim.

- No, no.

I'm fine, thank you.

- [Carl] Oh, okay.

- Whoosh! - Woo hoo!

- Okay, so it's really interesting,

just observing Darren and Lucy


I mean, Lucy's got quite the past doesn't she?

To know that she dated a guy

who's a police man that lives here,

now she's with Darren.

And I just think there's a lot more to Lucy

than meets the eye so

I need to get closer to know, really,

who is Lucy?

Sometimes I think I know her then I think

I don't know her at all.

So, yeah, I'm really up for getting a lit bit closer

into her psyche and her thoughts

and understanding the lady that is Lucy.

And actually there's a lot more to Darren as well

so I'm really interested in getting to know both of them.

- [Lucy] I sacrificed this lifestyle to be with you

because I love you. - You sacrificed?

- I could've been here. - Hold on a minute!

You sacrificed your lifestyle for--

- [Lucy] Because of my love for you!

But I could've lived like this.

- Looks like Taz is a bit uncomfortable, getting out.

- I chose not to because-- - Shouldn't be filming this,

I feel like.

- Jesus, Lucy! - What?


- [Darren] You just have got

a really difficult way of putting things across!

- Ah, look, look-- - Are they joking?

I don't actually know if they're joking.

- I am your partner! - I hope so.

- What is wrong with you? - I guess I shouldn't

really be filming this. - Yeah, and I suppose

that's why you wanna come around here swimming all the time?

- [Lucy] I enjoy swimming!

It's exercise, what's wrong with that?

- Do I turn the phone off? - The life you've sacrificed?

- [Lucy] Yes--

- [Darren] That you want to get back to?

- [Lucy] No, to be with someone I love!

I don't want to get back to it, I just enjoy swimming.

- Guys, do you think we should go back to the farm soon?

(tractor rumbling)



- Shovel time! (laughing)

- [Carl] That's good.

So Darren, later on, do you say you'll be able to,

it'll be really interesting if you could get

some of the members of the gathering

just to have a word with me.

Will you be able to try to sort that out?

- The shooters can come over

and have a word.

- [Carl] Oh yeah, it'd be nice, yeah,

if you could sort out shooters that we had

in the first film, that would be great.

Looks like hard work on the farm, Darren.

- It's a lot easier with that. - Yes.

Do you want me and Taz to do any farming?

- Yeah, sure, if you could just go

and cultivate those fields over there.

- [Carl] Okay, I'll go do that now.




Taz, we need to go to Jack's field,

that's where we're gonna hopefully find a beast.

- I need to go that way

but I think I can go down this bit.

- [Carl] Yeah, just have a look.

- Down the bank.

- Tony? - Yeah?

- You okay? - Not bad, yourself?

- [Carl] It's good to see you again,

thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

- No problems, good to see ya.

- [Carl] Tony, so, camping?

- Not exactly, just setting up for the night,

I've got some work to do throughout the night.

Lucy's reported some issues

up with the sheep at the top

and she's asked us to find out what it is

that was causing the disturbance with them.

- [Carl] Oh, right, so what kind of disturbance

are going on with the sheep?

- She said they've been harassed,

horses harassed, she's unsure what's doing it.

- [Carl] Okay.

- Something was spotted out here much larger

than what they they thought was a fox,

which usually causes the issues.

- [Carl] So Tony, can you tell me what you were doing

on the day when we discovered you when we were shooting?

- Yeah, we were just out completing some

vermin control for Lucy. - Okay.

- Walking down through the bottom of the field

looking at where we was gonna set up later

and as we come up, we see you guys going to the pit scene.

- [Carl] Yeah, so did you realise we were shooting a film?

- No, no, not at all, quite taken aback by it.

Was a bit confused as to what was going on at first

until it started to unfold.

- [Carl] So what does the beast look like to you,

what do you think, what have you experienced, Tony?

- Large cat, very large cat.

More often than not 'round that side of the woods

if we're sat in the car waiting for the sun to go down,

your eyes play tricks and you see a flicker

of what could be the beast.

(tractor rumbling) (murmuring)

- [Carl] Hi, Lucy.

- Sorry.

- [Carl] We're looking for, where's the best place

to look for the beast?

You said only about the woods down this side,

do you remember, I can't remember where to go.

- I remember where it came out.

I saw it go through this hedge,

I happened to be on the other side on my bike

and it went out through this hedge,

snuck across and then saw me

and then dodged back.

Could I see it again?

No. - Right.

Thanks then, cheers, we'll be down--

- So it's that direction?

- So we're going beast hunting.

So Taz, you up for beast hunting?



- See if we can prove him wrong.

- So how do you hunt for a beast?

That's the thing, I've never done this before.

- Footprints, like see footprints.

I see something over there but that's not a footprint,

that's just a dent. (laughing)

- Taz. (laughing)

If I was trying for somebody that I could like

survival skills... (laughing)

Right, let's go looking-- - Get Bear Grylls to join us.

- [Carl] Well, do you know, I saw on Planet Earth

that sometimes cats or bears, they leave like fur

on the tree, on these spikes.

So maybe just look out for any fluff on trees.

Taz, last time we were in here was when...

- When what? - You were with James

in Paranormal farm, having a little bit, how's your partner?

- My little dogging partner. - Yeah.

So... - Quite a few, actually.

- [Carl] So you're back in familiar territory.

Robert said-- - Those seem like

footprints there, though, look,

I don't know if they're footprints, obviously.


- [Carl] We need like toes, we need to see feet.

I don't know, that is--

- [Taz] That's what I mean, there's a trail of indentures.

And Lucy said it was big, wasn't it?

Whatever she saw. - Yeah.

It goes right down there.

- There is, isn't there?

I don't know if you can see it on the camera but

one two, one two...

I guess that could be a dent but...

- [Carl] There's a jaw bone.

(laughing) Oh my god.

That is,

I don't wanna touch it. - That's fucking chalk.

- [Carl] It's bone!


- [Taz] Filming my ass?


- [Carl] I wasn't!

I can't--

- There's definitely someone there, I can see him.

Look, look, on the slope.

(engine revving) What?

- [Carl] There's somebody, Darren?

Who's that? - Hey!

- Fuck, I'm done! - Oh my god, get out.

Taz, fucking hell. - They're not joking now.

Oh my god he's backing up.

- Is he? - Yeah.

- [Carl] Right, just get back, get back to the,

oh fuck that.


Right, Taz, wait for me!

- [Taz] I know for a fact that's not--

- [Carl] Well, they're not coming, are they?

Oh, it's all right, they're not coming anyway,

thank god for that.

- No, he is, look!

- No he's not. - Who's that?

He's got a gun, for sure. - Oh my god.

Just get back.

Don't know what they're bloody like here.

Bloody nutters.


Just start it, Taz, just start it.


Oh fuck that.

Oh I don't think they're coming anyway.



- [Taz] Get in here.

I'm serious, I don't trust him.

- [Carl] I don't even know who it is.

- [Taz] Can't get it in gear.

- You can't get it in gear? - Fuck.

- Go, look, look! - Oh fuck.

- Taz, just fucking get away. - Can't get it in gear.

- Nutters. - Who are they?

Oh my god, he's fucking gonna kill us!

- [Carl] Go, fucking go!

Watch out for that.

Watch out for the gate.

Keep your eyes on the road.

- He's right behind us.

- [Carl] Taz, just keep your eyes on the road.

- Going straight for the house.

- [Carl] Oh my god, don't you turn the bloody Jeep over!

Taz! (yelling)

Oh my god!

- Where are they? - I dunno.

- [Taz] Are they coming?

- [Carl] I think we might've lost them.

What the fuck, they're crazy.

- That wasn't Darren, was it?

- [Carl] No, no, it wasn't Darren.

Oh what the hell.

- How much longer does it go around?

They can't go to back.

- [Carl] Hold on!

(screaming) Oh, he's got a gun!

No, no, just stop, oh my god!

Fucking hell! (screaming)

Don't, oh my god, right, just get back in front of him.



He has a bloody gun, I'm telling ya!

Oh my god.

What the hell?

Oh my god.

Taz, we're gonna have to pull the place.

Oh my god. - We've lost them now.

- [Carl] Have we?

Taz, they're still there!

- No I've got some space. - No, I can see them behind!

- Where am I gonna go? - We'll just jump out,

we'll run back, come on.

Just cut the fucking-- - Oh my god.

- Taz, come on. - Get the door.

- [Carl] Taz!


- [Taz] They've gone, they're going, they're going.

- Taz, just go. - We're back at the house now.

- [Carl] Are they?

Oh, they've gone now anyway.

Taz are you gonna tell 'em or am I?

- You just say it, yeah.

- [Carl] Okay, so, Lucy, we went down

to see if we could get a sighting of the beast

down in the hedgerow, did not encounter the beast

but we did encounter something very beastly.

I think we've met some of your neighbours

and they weren't best too pleased with me and Taz.

- A, they weren't me neighbours.

B, they would've been someone that

has permission to be there.

And C, you obviously were not on the footpath.

- [Carl] But,

can I just say they pulled-- - Yeah, well,

you didn't warn me, I hadn't told them

you had permission.

- [Carl] Okay, but they pulled out a gun on us, Lucy,

I don't think that-- - Yeah, yeah, yeah,

that could be because you were--

- No, they didn't pull a gun out on you.

- [Carl] Darren, seriously, they pulled out a gun.

- They held a gun 'cause they were doing the vermin

on the farm, simple as--

- [Carl] They pointed the gun in our direction,

ran into the a car-- - It's scary.

- [Carl] Taz, back me up here, they chased us in the vehicle

pointing a gun at us. - They went, "Oi!"

And everything and started chasing us--

- Yeah, I go oi as well.

- [Carl] Yeah but you won't point a gun at somebody's face

and chase them in a vehicle, I'm petrified.

- Got this VHS of this thing, do you wanna see that, or?

- [Carl] Yeah, I mean, I'm very happy to see it,

I wanna see, obviously we didn't see a beast.

Still a bit shaken to be honest and yeah, put in the VHS.

- They won't be there. - Let's see what you captured.

Oh god, can I just move in?


looks like a panther.

Oh god, just zoom in a little bit.

Oh my god,

was that it?

- [Darren] Yeah, it was right at the end of the tape.

- [Carl] Oh god.

That's better than what I saw on the news,

that was pretty,


you should send that into the news

and try to see if there's any more like sightings.

- No, because they make such a big thing,

it's not a big thing, it's a country thing, simple as that.

- Yeah but-- - What, that massive thing?

I don't think so. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what?

It's an animal, it's allowed to live.

- [Carl] Yeah, but,

the animals around here have been,

you know, doing the opposite from living,

they've been killing from what we hear.

So I think, you know, the more you get that out there,

and, I mean,

this whole cult, Darren, that you were telling us about,

I mean-- - It's not a cult.

You say that I keep calling it a cult.

- [Carl] Yeah.

- I think it's only you that called it a cult.

- [Carl] Well...

- You did your filming with a poetic licence

on it, I think. - Yeah, no, I get that,

but you did say they meet in the woods around a fire

and that feels like a cult-like practise to me.

- Yeah, but it's just some of us together.

- Okay. - That ward off evil.

- [Carl] Right, that feels like a cult.

I just fail to see the difference, what's a cult

and what's a gathering.

I mean, it's each to their own and everything,

I get that, but is it possible that I can just have

a chat with them, interview them for the behind the scenes?

- No, I don't think so. - Don't even think about it.

- I don't think it's really very appropriate.

- [Carl] Okay, why not?

- Well they're individuals.

- Use your common sense. - They're local kinda people,

that won't really want to have their faces--

- [Carl] Oh, because they don't wanna have their faces

on the camera, I tell you what, Taz?

Is there anything we can do if we like film them,

maybe just use the voices?

- We could just film from down here or something,

just get a voice. - How's that, Darren?

If I can give you the assurance we would not

get their faces on camera, we'd just interview,

just get a few quotes just to, it would really help,

you know, promote this film.

We are here to try to show what is true.

- Yeah. - In the countryside.

- I'll have to have a word. - I'd appreciate that,

if you did that, Darren.

- "A big black cat, believed to be a panther

"loomed up in front of him in a quiet village,

"sparking a police search and urgent warning to parents.

"Yes, they were reported to have the school

"send text messages to parents

"warning them there was a panther on the loose.

"Today we tracked down the man who spotted the cat,

"Paul Tuck from Ditton was so terrified

"when he saw the large creature in the streets

"of Ryarsh on Wednesday morning he had to take a break

"on his next destination to calm down."

- Show him the picture. - Look, look, look.

- Show him the picture. - Let's have a look.

- This is exactly what I've seen.

- Is it? - Yeah.

- Oh, wow. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- [Carl] Hello beautiful, hello, how are my girls?

You okay?

Yeah, you're beautiful.

(metallic grinding)




You okay?

- You don't walk up to someone who's using a grinder.

- [Carl] Okay, sorry, I didn't appreciate,

a bit stupid of me.

Just a quickie.

You know, this is going back to the cult.

Sorry, not-- - Gathering.

- [Carl] Yeah, gathering, sorry.

When we did the film... - Yeah?

- [Carl] You got everyone to chant tsaeb.

- Tsaeb.

- [Carl] You never told me what that meant.

- Tsaeb.

- Yeah. - Beast.

Beast backwards.

- [Carl] Well why are they chanting beast backwards?

- 'Cause we're trying to send the beast back.

- [Carl] Back where?

- Back through the gate. - What gate?

- Don't worry about it.

Get my goggles for us so I can finish grinding.

- [Carl] Sure, okay.

- [Darren] What was I talking about?

- [Carl] Darren, when you say...



What are you doing?

- The beast has many faces.

- [Carl] What do you mean?

You okay, Darren?

I've got your goggles.

I'll just leave them on the side.

And let you get on with things, okay?



- [Taz] Yeah, come here.

- Where are you? - I'm in the barn.

- [Carl] Right, Taz, oh god, I'm just not happy.

There's something wrong with Darren.

- What?

- [Carl] He's just acting really weird.

Just, oh, just come with me, quick.

Just worried he's gonna do something stupid.

- [Taz] What?

- [Carl] Oh, he was up here on the plank.

- [Taz] What do you mean?

- [Carl] No joke of a lie, I came in.

- Yeah? - He was here.

He was, oh, Taz, I'm just like really worried about him.

He was stood up here acting possessed.

- You having me on again? - I'm not having you on, Taz.

Seriously, I think I have pissed him off

talking about the cult, I keep saying cult,

but the gathering or whatever.

He was here, I got his goggles, I came back

and he was just stood up here talking about

the bloody devil.

- All right, well let's find him then.

See what's going on. - Come on then.


Lucy, have you seen Darren?

- No, Darren?

- Darren? - Darren!

- [Carl] I'm just really worried about him.


Darren? - Hello?

- [Carl] Oh god, I was worried about you.

Are you all right?

You were just like stood on the plank

and you weren't speaking to me.

- No.

- [Carl] You okay?

- Yeah.

- You sure? - Yeah.

- [Carl] Well, like,

I just thought you were acting a bit weird

when you were on the plank.

- What do you mean?

- [Carl] Well I thought I might've upset you

and then you were talking about the devil has many faces.

Can you remember saying it? - No.

- [Carl] You can't remember saying it?

- Don't know what you're going on about.

- [Carl] Okay.

- [Lucy] He was probably just making you think.

- [Carl] Sorry?

- He was probably just making you think.

- [Carl] Were you messing with me?

(laughing) Darren!

Fucking idiot.

Did you put him up to it, Taz?

- No, I didn't, I don't know what you're talking about.

- [Carl] You're all in on it, aren't you?

- No, I don't know what you're fucking talking about,

I swear.

- They're messing with my bloody head, it's doing

my head in, I don't know what's real and what's not.

(laughing) Taz.

- I didn't do anything. - This is you,

this has got Taz all over it. - I swear to god.

- [Carl] Darren, I've gotta say something,

I don't care what they say in the reviews,

you are a bloody good actor. (laughing)

Supposed to just like glide.

- That's cool, that's quite technical.

- It's all right.

You can do like all sort of face tracking things on it,

but I've not learned how to do that yet.

But I thought it would be good for

maybe when we're out in the field

following Darren and Lucy. - I saw that bit earlier.

- Maybe get some movement. - With Darren jumping out

into the car, it's brilliant.

- Yeah. - Oh, the kettle's boiling.

Hang on a bit. - Yeah.

- [Taz] Just filming, don't mind us.

- [Carl] Hello.

Who's a pretty boy?

Who's a pretty boy?

Who's a pretty boy?

Yes, you're a pretty boy.

Yes, you are.

You're a pretty boy,


Yes, that's right, you're a pretty boy.


He does respond, when you talk to the parrot, doesn't he?

- Yeah. - Don't you think?

- Yeah. - Smudge.

Is it Smudge? - Yes.

You have to talk in a high voice to him.


Oh you gorgeous man. - What?



It's just like... (laughing)

It's not even funny, it's just like filth.

Do me a coffee won't you? - Yeah.

Yeah. (yelling)


Oh, you prick. (laughing)

You know I hate wasps and all that.


- [Carl] Oh god, it's so funny, isn't it?

- Yeah, it's funny, yeah.


- [Carl] Oh god.

- [Taz] Oh my god.

(laughing) What the fuck?

- Is that Lucy? - No.

Hang on, it can't be, she's just there.

- [Carl] Lucy?

- Yeah? - Did you just put that--

- No, I've just come in from outside.

- [Carl] Oh god.


- [Taz] Scared me, really.

- [Carl] It's Darren again.

Darren up to his old tricks. - Darren then.

- [Carl] Very funny, Darren.

- [Lucy] I was working on the bike.

- [Taz] That's quite scary.

- [Lucy] You just go like that.

- [Taz] It's like a nice soup.

- Tonight he's being extra weird.

- Darren? - Don't pick it up.

- I heard that you-- - He's never like that.

- [Taz] I heard that you're a real stuntman.

Is that true?


- [Lucy] Look, look, look.

- What? - Look, look, look,

we've got the proof.

You toured the world with Eddie Kid

and that's his suit.

- Who's he? - Eddie Kid.

- Who's that? - No.

Really? - Yes.

- [Carl] Eddie Kid?

- Him and I are the only ones left,

as it were, without, he was limping,

so I got out just at the right time.

- [Carl] So what kind of level were you at then, Darren?

- [Lucy] World record.

- Well, no, no.

- [Lucy] You have got a few world records.

- Really? - No, I haven't got

world records, I have New Zealand records.

- A record for what? - Jumping.

Motorcycles over distance.

- [Carl] How far did you jump?

- 130 foot.

- [Carl] No!

- 26 cars, wasn't it? - Fucking hell.

- [Carl] 26?

- But I over jumped, you can't really tell there

but when I'm jumping on a really flat trajectory,

that's about as high as I go. - Okay.

- [Darren] So I'm travelling really fast.

- Yeah. - And the top is lifting up,

it had happened before in practise

and I took the front mud guard off.

- Right. - To stop it catching air.

But I'm actually trying to climb over the front

of the bike there to keep the front down.

- [Carl] Really?

God, look at all those.

- [Darren] This is when I used to do sidecar racing.

That's Eddie Kid's leathers. - Is it?

The ones on the-- - On the doors.

- On the door, wow. - Yeah.

There's another one there, people used to like that.

This is in South Africa.

- Wow. - It's a 12 foot ladder.

- Oh, okay. - And I'm doing a handstand

on the top. - Wow.

- [Darren] And the car's balancing by the steering.

- [Carl] How do you like keep up the buzz?

- Yeah,

I had a nervous breakdown after all of this.

- [Carl] Really?

- Because I did, it was, I was famous one minute

and then one of millions unemployed the next minute.

And all my mates had seen me do the local stuff

which was all,

you know, football pitches and what have you

which is, you can't do anything decent.

- [Carl] How did you manage to get through that?

I mean, I know that's not an easy--

- Well you say how do you replace the buzz now,

after I've got through, is Hell and Heaven at the same time,

it's actually, suffering.

'Cause I got diagnosed in America.

- Right. - And they're 13 years ahead

with their medication. - Are they?

- So I got given the latest thing

which made me just experience elation, basically.

Then I went from having

no emotions and just,

having a lot of bad emotions

and feeling very...

It's a chemical imbalance so I don't know

quite how to describe it to anyone.

Anyway, you feel completely worthless.


- [Lucy] No, no, no.

- [Carl] Oh, you're making your way with the dishes,

I see, Taz.

- Nearly finished. - Oh yeah?

You sure you don't want me to give you a hand or anything?

- No, no, we're all good, thanks.


- [Carl] Might have a little bit of wine, Taz.

- I'm sorry?

- [Carl] Now that you've cleaned that glass

I might have a wine. - Yeah?

- [Carl] Actually, I know, Taz?

Give us that glass.

Can you all put your fingers on the glass?

Come on, Darren, finger on the glass.


Just trust me here, I've done this before.



Is there

somebody here that would like to communicate with us?

- [Darren] Oh, who's doing that?

Is it you, Taz?

- No, I swear, I've done this before, it's fucking freaky.

- [Carl] Guys, you just have to like just relax,

just let your body-- - You sure about this?

- [Carl] Lucy, let your body be a vessel.

Just relax, clear all your thoughts,

all your anxieties from your mind, okay?

Just trust me, listen to the calmness in my voice.

Listen to the tonality.

And take a deep breath.

- [Lucy] Okay.

- [Carl] So...

The person

that resides

in this house

are you willing to use our bodies as a vessel

and to converse and to communicate with us?

(breathing heavily)

- [Darren] I can't believe I'm doing this.

- [Carl] Darren, just like trust me here.

What is your name?

- [Darren] Oh no, I've had enough of this.

I don't like this. - Darren, Darren,

just like-- - No.

- Honestly. - No.

- We're making progress here. - No.

- It's a bit spooky. - Oh Taz, come on,

we've done this before. - I know,

it's just different this time. - Honestly.

We're not digging up, this is just--

- You haven't asked for protection or anything you're just--

- [Carl] Darren, we're trying to get closer to the truth,

you said that you're gonna help us here.

Taz, you did say as well that we were gonna--

- There's no reason. - I just felt Sarah for real,

and everything. - There's no reason

for this, you know? - Well, there is a reason,

we're trying to get closer to the truth

of what happened to that Sarah.

- It's done and dusted, done and dusted.

- Not messing around, I'm not filming, whatever.

- [Carl] I don't mess around, I didn't move that glass.

Taz, did you move the glass? - No, I didn't.

I always get scared at these things anyway, as you know.

- [Carl] So, like then, why don't we

just go further with it? - No, that's enough.

- I felt a bit weird there. - That's enough.

Lucy's not happy with it. - Lucy?

We'll let Lucy speak for herself.

- The situation. - It's all right, I'm with ya.

- Is done and dusted, it's over.

- Forget it, it's not happening, mate.


- Are you sure? - Yeah, absolutely.

Absolutely not happening.

- [Carl] Sorry, just thought you were all gonna be up

for this, I thought we were trying to capture

some of the truth and see what we could get here but--

- It took a while to get over it

and I want to continue feeling that way.


Done, dusted, finished.

And-- - Okay.

- Life goes on. - Can I?

Right, I get it.

Should I just, can I charge my phone up

and just go and get-- - Yeah, forget all this.

Yeah, you're not-- - That's fine anyway.

I'll get to go with you-- - Okay, come on, Taz.

Let's leave them to it.

Sorry guys, I just thought that might help.

- Yeah.

- [Carl] Okay guys, I'm just gonna charge my phone up here,

I'll just plug it in

and leave you to it.

Okay, shall we go out, Taz?

(murmuring) Yeah, let's go out.

- All this cleared up.

- It's ridiculous.

- I'll not-- (stammering)

- No, it's-- - Over.

- There was a time, I haven't told you,

but there was a, they're digging around

and getting into something that is from the past

that they have no right knowing about.

- No, no, no, no, we know what happened,

it was country life, it happened.


this is not necessary.

This is really not necessary.

- It was a very dark time and I don't want to

bring it up any memories about it,

don't let on about anything.

- That's not what it's about, I just,

it's in the past, there's nothing to let on about.

- No, you don't know, Lucy, there is something that

happened but

we can't...


- Fuck.


it's over.

- [Darren] All right, get rid of all this,

get all this off. (blowing)

Come on.

- I can't understand why this is being done.

That's the thing. - Well, he's a psychic.

You never know what he's gonna pick up.

- Yeah, but...

You know, it's all,

it's finished, why?

There's nothing to sense.

- [Darren] Just don't say anything.

- Okay,


There's nothing-- - No, there's not.

- [Lucy] Done wrong.

- [Darren] There doesn't need to be anything more said,

come on.

- I don't understand.

Nothing has been done


It was all sorted ages ago.

Why is it being brought up again?

I just don't understand, I really don't.

Life goes on.

Just weird,


Why, I don't know.

They're just crazy.

There are crazy people around in this world though,

aren't there?

I guess.


Let them believe what they want to believe.


- [Carl] Taz?





(laughing) Can you not do that?

Oh god, Taz, that's not even funny.

- Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I heard you coming up.

- [Carl] Oh god.

(laughing) - How was it?

How did it go?

- [Carl] Oh, I don't know, it's all got a bit weird.

So-- - What do you mean?

- [Carl] Can I just say that Darren

definitely knows more than he's letting on with Lucy.

- What do you mean, exactly? - Well,

I just observed him then, on the phone,

talking about all this stuff about Sarah

and he's just talking about all this

about he doesn't wanna reveal all the dark stuff

from Sarah and all the past and...


Taz, did you just put that on?

- No, was that on all the time?

- [Carl] Oh god, I think I know what's happening.

Taz, right, film me.

Right, behind the scenes footage.

Gotta show this while it's fresh in my head.

- [Taz] What?

- When I did the, when we did the seance.

- [Taz] Mm-hmm?

- Did you feel the room go stone cold?

- [Taz] No, I just felt scared like I always do

when you do this.

- Okay.

- [Taz] But you're the channeler, I mean.

- So I think I'm getting more advanced

in this phenomenon so now,

I've never had the ability to feel the temperatures change.

- [Taz] Right.

- I know I acted it in the last film but now

I'm actually really feeling it for real,

temperatures rise and fall.

That room went stone cold.

I was definitely channelling.

And, just another question,

did you move the glass, yes or no?

- [Taz] No, I swear to god I didn't.

- Right, well, Darren definitely didn't because he didn't

feel comfortable when Sarah's name come through

and Lucy definitely didn't. - Yeah.

- I don't think Lucy knows how to spell Sarah.

- [Taz] Right.

(laughing) - So, anyway, Taz,

I'm still literally stone cold now,

I've got goosebumps all over.

In fact, I've just gotta change this into a jumper

because it's literally stone cold.



Come on, we're not making a porn film here, Taz.

- [Taz] So I have to cut your ass out in the last film, eh?


- Taz, we did that for art.

- [Taz] Oh.

- This is a little bit more serious.

- [Taz] Oh, it's the same jumper and all,

what is this, like the same film?


- It's the only jumper I've got.


The same film.

Taz, that might just be the best thing

you've said all day, budge over.

- [Taz] What?

- Just budge over.

- [Taz] Oh, what now, man?

- Okay.



There are no coincidences.

You have to look out for the signs and observe.


are you still residing in this house?

Sarah, if you're residing in this house,

give me a sign.

Sarah, you can use the electricity

or you can use any of my senses.

Are you residing in this house?

Sarah, give me a sign.

- Oh come on, that's not what it did last time.

- Taz,

this is for real.

Okay, Sarah, I know you've got a message for me.

Feel free

to manipulate, exploit, explore,

channel, use any of my senses.

Use the electricity in the room...

She's getting close, Taz.


What do you want?

What do you want with us in this house, Sarah?

Give me a sign.

(electricity buzzing)

- [Taz] What now?

- Taz.

We need to go back to the loft.

- [Taz] Bloody hell.

Can't see anything. - No.

God, I saw it. - What?

- [Carl] Oh, look at that cobweb.

About the same, isn't it?

Now from memory, Taz. - Yeah?

- [Carl] It was somewhere around here.

Let's have a look.

God, you can't see anything, can you?

- [Taz] No.

Let's have a look. - Ah.

I knew it.

Sarah French. (gasping)

Right, Taz. - I'll film it.

- [Carl] Just hold that.

Let me just bring it up here.

- [Taz] Go on.

- [Carl] It's stacked.


Just bring it up onto...


Can you get the torch? - Yeah.

- [Carl] Just so I can try to open it.

- [Taz] What the fuck's in it?


- [Carl] It's a little bit,

what the hell?

Do you think that's all Sarah's dolls and...

- I don't know. - What?


- [Taz] Is that, oh my god.

- [Carl] Wait.

- [Taz] Oh my god.

- Taz.

- [Taz] Oh shit, this is really freaking me out.

I just felt a breeze then.

Just can't...

- Taz, I think I know what I'm supposed to do.


- [Taz] What?

- Sarah's led me here.

I think we should do a seance

using the Ouija Board.

- [Taz] Okay, let's just get out of here,

we'll just take it with us now and just go.

I don't like it in here, I actually feel,

the first time I'm like cold and stuff.

- I know, Taz. (gasping)

- [Taz] Dunno, actually wanna get out of here.

- Taz, I can't see, come on, let's go.

Wait, I can't. - Sorry.

- Right, you go first 'cause I can't actually see anything.

- [Taz] Let's turn the--

(yelling) What?

Let's turn the light on out here.

- Taz! - What?

- Oh! - What?

- [Carl] Oh god, I've got cobweb in my face.

- [Taz] Oh, fucker.

(electricity buzzing) (gasping)

Oh my god, what the fuck?

- [Carl] Taz, quiet.

- [Taz] Oh shit.

Oh god, this is ridiculous, I'm gonna turn the light on,

wait a minute. - Taz, calm down.

- [Taz] Oh my god, it's not working.

- [Carl] Taz, can you just keep still?

- [Woman] Don't open the gate.

- [Carl] Did you hear that?

- [Taz] No, what?

- [Carl] What gate?

- [Taz] Carl, what's going on, who are you talking to?

- [Carl] Shut up, Taz!

- [Woman] Evil will come.

- [Carl] Oh my god, Taz.

I've never been able to hear voices before.

Are you sure you didn't hear it?

- [Taz] No, I didn't hear anything.

- [Carl] Oh god.

I think, I've ended up pissing Taz off.

Well Taz did say he didn't wanna do

a seance and we've ended up doing two.

I don't know, I should've listened to him

but how weird that I connected with Sarah

through the Ouija Board.

I mean, I'm a psychic, I shouldn't even need a Ouija Board.

But it's because Sarah has used this Ouija Board herself

and channelled with something from the other side.

And now she's channelling back to me

through the Ouija Board.


Do I have another go on the Ouija Board?

What was she trying to tell me?

Sarah, what are you trying to tell me?

You don't need the Ouija Board.

Come on, shit!


Fuck, that was just weird.


- Carl. - Darren!

- Carl I've told you, I don't want anything

to do with this! - What are you doing here?

- What are you doing using this again?

- [Carl] I was doing it on my own, it's like,


How did you even get in?

- Don't.

- [Carl] It's like what are you doing here?

I was doing it in private. - This is my place,

I can do what I like! - I need to know.

- And I told you downstairs that I don't want

anything to do with this. - Calm down.

- And you're using it. - Calm down, Darren.

- And now you've brought it up, you're using it.

- Darren, just-- - On your own in here.

- Darren, calm down. - Don't touch me!

In fact, you can go tomorrow!

- What do you mean? - Carl, you can go tomorrow

and Taz and take all your stuff.

- [Carl] Darren, just like,

oh god. - I'm not having it, no.

- Shit. - Absolutely not.

- Shit. - No way!

- Oh fuck. (door slamming)



It wasn't supposed to turn out like that.

I mean, how the fuck did he even get in?

Bit weird, just watching me.

Oh god.

Shouldn't have even gotten the bloody Ouija Board out.

What the fuck's his problem?

Now I've got to bloody sleep here.

I'm not gonna get into bed,

I'm not gonna get a good night's sleep.

Oh, fuck that.




Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!


And now the bloody orbs are back.

That's all I bloody need, more orbs.

(snoring softly)


What the fuck?

(darkly whimsical music)


- [All] Tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb!

- [Carl] What the fuck do you want?

- [Man One] You brought the devil here!


- What do you mean I brought the devil here?

- [Man One] You talked to Satan, you're a devil worshipper!

- I did not bring the Ouija Board here!

- You're cursed! - The devil's returned.

(snorting) - What are you talking about?

- [Man Two] Sarah used the Ouija Board

and now she's dead. (snorting)

- You know what happened to Sarah?

- [Man Two] Yes.

- Just get this knife away from me.




Okay, can you just please get the knife away from me?

- [Man Two] I don't think so.

- Just get the knife away from me.

Did Darren bring you here?

- [Man Two] Yes.

- [Carl] Well then this is my interview.

(darkly whimsical music)

- [Man Two] Give him the camera.

- [Man Three] You're cursed!


- [Carl] What is it you all want from me?

- [Man Four] We want you to go.

- [Man Three] You don't belong in the country.

- [Carl] I've not had my interview.


Can you just give me,

I promise I will not reveal your identity,

I just want to know what happened to Sarah

and I want to know what this cult is all about.

- [Man Two] Leave, get out.

Get out! - Just give me something.


- [Man One] You should never have come here!

Just get out! (snorting)

Get out or we're gonna do to you what we did to Sarah!

You should never have come back.

- [Man Three] Get out!


- [Man Two] Go back to the gate.


(bell ringing)


- [All] Tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb!

- [Carl] Oh, what the fuck's wrong with you, you freaks?

- [All] Tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb,

tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb, tsaeb.



- [Carl] What the fuck?

(gasping) Shit!



Hello? (knocking)






Oh god, sorry.







(groaning) Taz!

- What have you done? - Fuck!


Taz! (groaning)

Taz. (screaming)

Get away!


Taz, I'll be back!

Fucking hell!


So I just don't know what to do.

I have to go back,

I can't go running around

and I've got to get my keys.

I'm petrified to go back into the house

in case those people are still there.

I've just gotta go and see.


I just don't wanna be seen.

Oh god, do I go back in?


I need my keys.

Fuck, I need my keys.



Oh god.


It's so quiet.

Absolutely looked empty.

Oh god.

(chain rattling)


Gotta be quiet. (yelling)

Bloody bin.

(creaking) Oh god.


(chittering) (yelling)

What's that?

Oh, it's the bloody parrot.







Oh my god!

Who is it?

Oh fuck.

Oh my keys.


(slamming) (yelling)

What the fuck?

Oh god.

What the fuck?



The keys.

Oh god.





Oh god.




(thudding) (yelling)


(thudding) (screaming)



What the?

What the fuck?

(door slamming)


The Description of Paranormal Farm 2 Closer To The Truth