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- What's the term I'm looking for?

- The piece de resistance.

- The piece de resistance.

The piece of resistance.

The testicles.

- Oh no.

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Hey guys, welcome to "Stir Crazy."

It's like a podcast for your eyes.

My guest today needs no introduction.

It's the man, the myth, the legend, Will Ferrell.

Hey Will.

- Hi, Josh.

- Was I just being lazy

by not actually listing your accomplishments

and giving you a proper introduction?

Now I feel guilty.

- Well, you did take, yeah, the briefest route

of an introduction that you could,

because the accomplishments are,

you know what though,

let's not get into them.

They're exhaustive.

- (laughs) How do you like to be introduced?

Do you prefer big time movie star, comedy god,

Teen Choice Award winner?

What do you go with?

- (laughs) Is there a Teen Choice Award?

- Oh yeah.

Somewhere in that house, there might be--

- Oh, there must be.

Well, I really prefer doctor.

Dr. Ferrell, after my honorary doctorate at USC

two years ago.

- So, Dr. Ferrell, are you able to perform surgery at will?

What can you do?

- As far as I know, yeah.

An honorary doctorate pretty much gives you

all the powers of a regular doctor.

So, prior to quarantine I had a whole mobile surgery unit

in the back of a van that I just drive around

Southern California and offer elective surgery,

and it's great kind of learning on the job experience.

- That's the way most doctors do it.

From what I gather (laughs).

- They do, yeah.

You gotta get, you gotta just jump in there.

- Get your hands dirty.

Do your kids find your characters funny?

Is this the one house on the planet

that doesn't find Ron Burgundy at all amusing?

- They've kind of grown up with a relatively discerning eye.

No, I think they do,

but they're not obsessed with me on any level.

It's more of a I get a little pat on the head like,

"That was funny.

"Yeah, I hadn't seen that before.

"Good, good for you."


- A condescending sort of--

- Yeah, yeah.

"All right, huh, I liked it more than I thought I would."


We've always made it a point never to,

in fact, if they wanna watch something I've done,

they have to bring it up.

In fact, I probably, that's probably a mistake.

I should've forced them to watch every part of my cannon.

Can I call it a cannon of war?

- Yeah, that's the humble way to refer to one's career.


- Sit down, let's have cannon time.

- Or oeuvre, oeuvre time.

- Yeah, oeuvre.

- There's one question I've always wanted to ask a guest,

and I've never asked a guest this question.

I've always wanted to ask this.

- Yes.

- Will, where are your prosthetic testicles?

- Well, it's funny that you should bring that up.

(upbeat music)

In preparation for this interview,

I was strolling down memory lane.

I do have, from when I made four appearances

on "The Office," I did keep my Dundy Award.

That's pretty cool.

- That's very cool.

I give that a major cool award,

just for having the award.

- Then I have my Channel 4 News ring from "Anchorman."

I don't know if you can see that.

- I can see that.

That's more valuable than a World Series ring.

- (laughs) Exactly, in fact,

a lot of major league baseball players have asked me

for my Channel 4.

This is my, this is Ricky Bobby's helmet

for the Wonder Bread car, "Talladega Nights."

- You have a giant head.

That looks gigantic.

Does it still fit?

- I've got a pretty big head.

God, it should still fit.

It's a bad sign if it doesn't fit anymore, right?

Oh yeah.

- That looks really comfortable.

- It actually is more comfortable than you'd think.

Then, this is an extraordinary one.

This is from "SNL."

This was from a Robert Goulet sketch,

and this was Robert Goulet's version of a,

his own cell phone.

So, here's the antenna,

but it came complete with a pocket knife on the side.

- Sure, naturally, yeah.

- And then, the cell phone component

is right inside the skull.


It's right, bear with me.

- No, please.

I have all the time in the world for this.

- Look at this, see.

Look how convenient it is.

- Yeah, no, that's, you could walk around the street

with that and just look totally normal.


- It's very, right, it's very portable.

And then, the of course, what's the term I'm looking for?

- The piece de resistance.

- The piece de resistance.

The piece of resistance.

(drum roll)

The testicles.

(triumphant music)

- Oh no, I wanted to see them,

but now I regret saying I wanted to see them.

- Now, you can't turn away.

- I can't, look at me.

What are they, can you turn them around?

I wanna see every--

- Sure, yeah, every.

- Every, wow.

Were those modeled,

do those look much like your actual testicles?

- Yeah, that was a, that was three two-hour sessions

of having to sit in the chair,

having my testicles photographed, diagrammed.


You'll do anything,

you'll do anything for your art.

- Yeah, speaking of doing anything for your art,

congratulations on your new movie, it's hysterical.

"Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga."

The name just rolls off the tongue.

- (laughs) Yep.

- I would venture that there's no actor that's had

more insane costumes in their career than you, Will.

- Yes.

- And this movie is the ultimate in that.

This is the "Citizen Kane" of crazy costume movies.

I mean, your costume, it's like,

you're like an extra in "Thor," basically.

It's (laughs)--

- Right.

- How comfortable is that?

Is this your back to audition for a superhero movie?

What's that like?

- Please, thank you for putting that out there.

Marvel, I'm ready.

Volcano Man, that you're referring to,

was literally shot on the last day of filming

in a, what are literally known as the Lava Fields,

just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland.

It was absolutely freezing. (laughs)

And there, Rachel, poor Rachel McAdams out there.

At least I had fake armor on as a viking,

and she was just in very wispy, light,

just barely some material on her

as we were dancing through the fields there.

But, we just kept laughing that day, going,

"This is the most fun way to finish a movie,

"is to shoot a bad/good music video."

- Right, it'll please the fans of Will Ferrell

to know that, once again,

we see a lot of your body in this one.

- Yeah.

- You're never shy about showing--

- You don't see so much.

You see, yeah, there's one, yeah, you see some, yeah.

- I mean, never enough.

I'll put it that way.

Not enough, but a fair amount.

I mean, I feel like I've seen more of your body

than Brad Pitt's body over the years.

- Yeah, for sure.

- Is that your gift to the world?

Is that something that you revel in?

- Well, at first it happened because we just thought

it was funny and my body looks bad,

and it was a great go-to move.

Then, I could tell it was starting to irritate people

and so now it's more of just a piling on, and it's--

- It circles back around to being fun again?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.


If you've looked at stuff I've done the last five years,

there's been less of it.

I made an effort to kinda pull it back a little bit,

but that having been said,

I do love showing off the fact

that we shouldn't be ashamed of,

and more to just piss people off who are like,

"Why does he keep doing it?"

- I do feel like you had the original dad bod.

- Yeah.

- You're an athlete and not every athlete looks like--

- I ran six miles yesterday.

I'm not kidding.

- I believe you.

- I've run three marathons.

Granted, the last one was in 2002.


Yeah, I just, it's funny,

when I was on stage at The Groundlings,

I just remember thinking to myself,

"Okay, there's gonna be people

"that are just as funny as I am.

"There's gonna people who are funnier than I am."

You can't control that and,

but the one thing I can control

is no one will ever out commit me,

and if that means being in a sketch in my underwear,

if that means, and I was, I immediately was like,

"Let's do it."

But that's what,

why are you in comedy if you're worried about that stuff?

- It's good to catch up with you, Will,

even in these bizarre times.

I'll take what I can get at this point.

I've been told,

I got a phone call from Robert Goulet's severed head

that we have to wrap unfortunately.


Apparently, it's come to life.

You might wanna look into that.

- Look at the detail, even from behind.

This is a well made prop cell phone.

- The funny thing is, I have the same exact thing

of your head in my bedroom,

but I'm not gonna show it to you today.

- I had heard that they were selling those, yeah.


Oh well, what can you do?

(upbeat music)

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