Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Mole S13E10 - Wie is de Mol 2013 [English] - South Africa

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...are not the Mole.

And Carolien ...

You're not the winner either.

It won't be long now till we know who had which role.

Kees and Paulien, the winner and the Mole. But in what order?

After a beautiful trip through South Africa and months of excitement in the Netherlands ...

We'll finally get the answer: Who is.. the Mole?

Hello. - Hi

Welcome, everyone.

It's good to see you back together again. It's been a while.

For some even quite a while.

It's been longest for Ewout. - Yes it's been quite a while.

You saw the series on TV primarily. Did you enjoy it?

It pains me to look at it. - It pains you? - Yes.

It's such a great series, so with every fun moment in the group..

...with each thing they did, I was very jealous.

It wasn't very relaxing for me to watch.

You're sitting next to the most unfortunate contestant of this series.

Or perhaps even of all the series of 'Who is.. the Mole?'. Janine, how are you?

Speaking of watching in pain..

No in fact I'm doing very well in that respect.

Your health, you mean? - Yes, I'm on the right track.

Not back to my old self by far yet, but I can't complain.

Joep, you were convinced that Janine was the Mole.

There were indications that made me think I was on the right track.

By the way, she wasn't my only suspect on that test.

But in part, yes she was.

Tim, the comeback kid.

You got a red screen twice. - Yes.

Which one was the hardest for you? - The last one.

When I watched myself on TV, I saw myself reacting almost physically.

It was really like a slap in the face.

Which is great because it means that I completely lost myself in the game.

Tania, it looks like we're here with seven people.

But we are actually with eight people. - That's right.

I'm pretty pregnant.

Theoretically speaking, one of us could be the father..

No, it wasn't until I got back from South Africa.

Then I thought: I've undergone some near-death experiences ...

So now I'm going to procreate.

A baby boom nine months after 'Who is the Mole?'.

Time for the runner-up to join us.

Here's Carolien.

Damn! The fucking hell, man!

I really thought it was you! - You were the Mole to me!

Really? But what about that laser challenge?

I thought you just did that to inspire confidence.

That's a good way to start the game. Oh my god I can't believe it's not you!

She is far too fanatical. She's done everything right.

That can't be the Mole, right? - That could be great tactics though..

There were many people who thought it was you. - Really?!

That was your intention though, wasn't it? - Not at all.

I was convinced that at the laser game..

...I had squandered my chances to ever act like the Mole.

So after that I was simply being a real contestant.

Tania, you look like you still believe Carolien is the Mole. - Yes.

I went looking for clues and such on the website.

In the first episode you were wearing a bandage around your finger.

It had a leopard on it, which we hadn't seen during the Big Five challenge.

The story of the bandage, that's me to the tee..

I had a small wound, so I put a bandage on it.

I bought Band-Aids with animals on them on purpose, thinking:

People who are watching the show are nuts, they'll think that's a clue..

Are you insulting the fans now? - No I love them!

So you're the runner-up.. - Oh am I..?

Do you feel mainly proud, or a bit disappointed after all? - Proud, especially.

I was enjoying the prospect of winning the pot for just one day, the day of the finals.

Before that I wasn't thinking about that at all, not about winning it anyway.

So I feel proud. - You've played the game very well.

So there are just two main players left now.

Oh, no!

Paulien and Kees, here they are.

Oh my god.

We are complete again.

Kees, how are you? You guys are used to a thing or two in Volendam..

But now you were on 'Who's the Mole?' for ten weeks.

What kind of impact does that have on you?

Well obviously everyone already knows me in Volendam.

In the Netherlands they know me a bit too.

On Thursday evenings at 8:30 PM there was nobody in the street in Volendam.

Whether you got it or not, everyone was watching the show.

So it was very funny to see that. The impact is really huge.

Paulien, what's it like to see yourself in the episodes?

Not too bad, I was expecting it to be much worse.

I thought: I'll see myself sliding all over the TV screen..

...with my head over here and the rest of my body over there.

But they did a nice job in the edit.

So it was better than you expected? - Yes.

You said there was nobody in the street in Volendam on Thursday evenings.

But what do they think? Are you the Mole or are you the winner?

Many people who know me personally immediately thought:

If Kees participates on this show he's the Mole for sure.

So a lot of people thought that.

But my own brother, who is a big fan of the show ...

... still doesn't suspect me. So it's a bit of a mix.

And in your case, Paulien? - It's not a mix at all.

Everyone who knows me, including even close relatives...

They're all convinced that I am the Mole, and so is everyone in the street.

As are the people who throw little notes into my mailbox.

Notes in your mailbox? Like love letters?

No, saying: We're on to you..

With clipped characters.. - Very scary..

Are you sure it's about the program?

Yes, it says: We're on to you, you are the Mole.

But it was written with a purple marker, so it's ok.

That's funny!

I think it's about time we watch the final reveal..

Of Who is the Mole 2013.

Let's hold hands.


Creative and original.


You flourished whenever you didn't have to run.

.. and you seem allergic to adrenalin.

Or is that fake and you does your image..

...of being an introverted recluse writer come in handy to you?

You're hard to figure out.

You wait to see which way the cat jumps, making you seem untouchable.


The cheerful, uncomplicated coordinator of the group.

The ideal travel companion. But are you an ideal contestant too?

It all seems to come easy to you.

Perhaps too easy.

Maybe you didn't even try to juice up the pot.

Maybe you sabotaged things instead, making you the ideal Mole.

Paulien, once you were the Mole for sure.

At the campfire in Kruger Park.

You did suspiciously well, smart as you are.

Maybe because you've been playing that role for quite a while now.

Because you've been the Mole from day one.


Your good mood is your weapon.

You laugh away all your problems and nothing seems to faze you.

Because you have a very clear goal in mind:

To eliminate everyone who gets too close?

In that case, you did a good job.

Kees, Paulien.

Who is ...

...the Mole?

I am the Mole.

Oh, this is awful! - Well done, man! - Awesome!

I'm crying a bit.

I feel cheated!

Great job! - Thank you.


Man, you played it brilliantly!

I can't believe how far I got in the game?! Wow!


It's over. Yes, it's over.

You can exhale and step into bright light now. - Yes.

How does it feel? - This game isn't good for your heart..

I think my heart rate is probably up to about 400..

But I've made a clean breast of it, yes.

And it feels fantastic.

In terms of work-related things I think..

.. this was the absolute ultimate and most fun thing I've ever done.

To cheat the lot? - Yes.

You did great.

Opposite you there's someone who did pretty well too, the winner.

Paulien Cornelisse. Congratulations, well done.

Are you proud? - Yes I'm proud, although it was a close call.

Because as far as I know..

...there was just one question difference between us on the final test.

Really? Oh my God.

This is rubbing salt into the wounds..

No, it's meant as a tribute.

When did you catch on to Kees?

Well from episode 1 on, he has always been on my suspect list.

So if you're already suspicious of him, you notice a lot that seems to fit.

It can be dangerous too though, having a tunnel vision.

That's why I kept hedging my bets until two episodes before the end.

From then on I voted for him all the way.

Thinking about it now though..

I was a lot more suspicious of Kees being the Mole in episode one.

That changed a bit later on..

But I've always still been suspicious of him too.

And in the end it became clear: It was Kees after all.


How are you doing? - What?!

Kees, how many times have I told you: I know it's not you, and if it is I'll eat my shoe.

He said straight to your face: I'm not the Mole.

You believed him.

Yes, I know ... I have seen the previous seasons too.

I know that there's always some moron who asks the Mole: Is it you?

Then the Mole says: Of course not!

So then the moron thinks: Well, tick the box! It's not him!

Let's have a look at the Mole's confessions.

Let's see how Kees handled it. - Yess!

We're very curious.

My name is Kees Tol.

And I am the Mole.

Today we had our first challenge: The dropping.

As we all know, the Mole prefers to operate alone.

So he's free to sabotage, which is what I did today.

The first clue was 20 ZAR (South African Rand).

The second clue was Moroka. I know Moroka is a place.

Not just the name of a police station.

I also know that we're quite close to the church we need to go to.

Obviously this is the one with the window.

But it can't hurt to open one more..

I had five envelopes... So that means 100,- less for the pot.

I thought, I could open all five of them too.

But perhaps that might make me look a bit suspicious.

I can just open four instead and arrive on time.

With some money to boot.

Because in that case, you've brought in some money..

So you win sympathy and you're not looking suspicious.

Well the first step is the hardest, Kees.

But it seems to come naturally to you straight away.

Well I was alone during this challenge.

It didn't involve any of the other contestant yet.

Here you're free to do as you please, and as much as you can.

That was to open four envelopes with a small amount of money in the pot. Fine.

Did you have a strategy in mind yet, like: That's the kind of Mole I want to be?

Uhm ... Yes.

But it's different in reality.

It's up to you guys to say if this is true or not..

But I think I have always stayed close to the way I actually am.

I didn't pretent to be more clever or more stupid than I am.

I definitely didn't stay in the background, I often took charge even.

I stood at the front whenever anything had to get done.

So I was clearly there, being myself and yet the Mole.

That came easy to you. - Yes.

We can see that at the bungee jump too, with a rather spectacular Mole confession.

Oh my God!

That's frigging high, man. - He's jumping!

Wow! Fucking awesome!

He jumped, dude..

I just know that ...

..Ewout thought I wouldn't jump.

But I jumped anyway.

That's not so bad for now.

Because well, I am the Mole..

And the Mole doesn't need an exemption.

So I came down, and it turned out I didn't get an exemption..

Which came in quite handy for me in fact.

That way I could blow up at my fellow contestants like: 'What is this?!'

Noooo! - You told me you had vertigo on the bus.

I didn't say that. - Yes you really did.

So I didn't earn any money anyway in this challenge.

And I'm not suspected of being the Mole.

What else can you wish for?

Jesus, you're really playing the game..

Even when dangling upside down from a bungee rope..

... you're still thinking about how to put your fellow contestants at a disadvantage!

I hadn't thought about it beforehand.

It was quite unnerving, because the contestants were actually just 100 meters away.

So I talked to the camera quite softly because for all I knew you might hear me.

The most bizarre thing was, that you were standing just about one foot away from me.

And I really felt quite guilty.

You almost had tears in your eyes. - Yes...

For me it was a good thing that I didn't get an exemption.

So basically you were happy there? - Yes, actually I was happy.

I'm sorry to say it Ewout, but I knew you wouldn't jump. - Yes, did you?

What's that about Kees? You didn't earn an exemption yourself..

You make sure Ewout doesn't get an exemption either though..

So then he's the first to go home. Did you feel guilty? - No, sorry.

Look, the Mole is responsible for a couple of things:

To minimize the money in the pot, to create confusion and to send contestants home.

You've done that quite well.

I thought if Ewout gets an exemption..

He could sell it to you later on..

That would mean we would earn 1000,- for the pot.

In retrospect nobody did that, but I thought:

Minimizing the number of exemptions in the end means less money for the pot.

Ewout, your friend Kees. - Yes.

And to think we were having such fun in our room..

I'm really in shock. - You're in shock?

We had a lot of laughs during two days.

And when he came back, we made a trip on a boat together in Volendam.

Drinking, what was it again? - Beer.

Let's look at the next sabotage: the citation.

I had thought...

...that I could forget you.

The citation.

Well I don't do well at citations usually.

But there was a difference with this one.

I've had this citation at my bedside for a while of course.

I practised it every day.

And if you had just looked a bit better at my version...

You would have had a lot less errors.

If you had just chosen my citation as the final one...

You would have actually had no errors at all!

Wow! - Alas.

'Oh Kees doesn't get this at all'... - A flawless citation.

Weren't you afraid other contestants would hold you in higher esteem?

No, if I would have to do this citation seriously...

I would have failed big time.

But there was something weird about your version.

I remember you giving it to me, telling me it was terrible.

I saw you had written 'ek' (I) instead of 'ik'.

So I said, 'Hey, that was right!'.

I was terrified as you said I had done so well afterwards!

So I thought, 'Oh dear, I hope she's not on to me!'

This was the first challenge that I started really suspecting you.

You had a theory, Janine. You wanted to test the Mole.

I sabotaged on purpose by choosing a lower total of mistakes.

I thought: Let's see who agrees. That turned out to be Kees and Tim.

But what you did so cleverly... - Yeah that was sick!

Each time you let others make the mistakes for you..

You go along saying: 'I agree, indeed...'

But when it comes down to it you say: 'Tim, go ahead and say it!'.

Yeah and there he goes again, totally clueless!

You just put the words in my mouth.

I want an answer now. - Tim!

We choose uhm... the final option.


After that Tania thought I was the Mole!

There he went again!

Are you improvising at that moment?

Yes you can't think of these things in advance.

You can only react instantly to what's happening right then.

Push Tim forward. - Go Tim.. So there he went.

Very shrewd. - It was funny though.

The next sabotage.

Today there was a wonderful challenge for the Mole.

I got to enter the field by myself to find money.

So I did!

Kees, more to the right. You're too much to the left.

I was running like hell, avoiding quads.

I slided, I fell...

Tania and Zarayda were praising me like crazy.

'Kees you're our hero!'

What more can a Mole wish for?

You're doing great, Kees. Run!

At that line of trees there's money.

I'm the Mole, so I knew exactly where the money was located.

So I went straight for it, got the envelope, opened it.

I saw it contained 300,-

I decided to keep 200,- of it.

I put back the 100,- and closed the envelope.

I ran back to the tent, pretended to be exhausted.

I said: 'Here's my envelope, don't know how much is in it!'. Great!

Mission complete.

Joep, the treasurer at that time and a sharp one at that.

Because you realized some money was missing.

I knew some money was missing, because the bills didn't match up.

But you didn't manage to trace it to the Mole.

I knew Daniel had taken out some money...

Well he had opened some envelopes, because he told us so.

I thought it was Janine, she wasn't joining in at all.

She just kept standing at that iPad.

But that's where the opened envelopes with our money were too.

So she had ample opportunity to take away some money.

Well now that you bring it up...

It never occurred to me he had opened the envelopes...

Because you had closed them again!

Yes I took the money under a tree and closed the envelope again.

But at least my analysis of money missing was correct.

The next challenge, the 'big five'.

I've found him!

I had a great day today.

We arrived at Tim in the last cage.

They told me I need to get out, or else I'm out of the game.

There was no discussion, we released Tim instantly.

So you'll be with us for a while longer.

Suddenly I saw three tubes protruding from his pocket.

I thought 'hmm ok I need those'.

Because tubes will later be turned into money.

And I don't want money.

So I managed to steal one from Tim's pocket very stealthily.

I put it in my own rucksack.

I did feel he probably noticed it.

So I decided to share this info with him, or else he'll suspect me.

So I did. Tim brought in Carolien which I didn't mind.

Because Carolien suspects me. - You took it out?

I took it from your pocket. - Oh motherfucker!

I was just being honest.

I said: Guys, I stole this tube from Tim's pocket and nobody else knows.

What shall we do? - Shall we open it?

There were Carolien's magic words: 'Kees, open it'.

So I took out that white paper... - Pull, Kees!

So that means no photo.

And no photo equals no money.

Do you have experience in pickpocketing?

No, but maybe it's an alternative career?

This is one of these moments, you're looking at Tim's ass...

...which I didn't do a lot by the way...

And you see those tubes there.

I could have pretended I hadn't seen them..

Alternatively I could play with it a bit though, as you never told us you had them.

Nope, I hadn't told anyone about it.

So basically I tried to steal the tube without you noticing.

That would have been better even still.

But I was convinced, as I said in that clip...

.. that you were on to me. - I did feel something.

I had to share it, or else people might be on to me.

Still it was 'mission complete', as the tube was opened after all.

You showed guts as a Mole. - Yes sometimes you just have to go with it.

Next challenge.

It was time for the rope-walking challenge.

I knew ahead that I could sabotage most if I would be on the rope.

People would holler words, I just about couldn't hear them...

Just misinterpret them...

But I had overlooked one tiny thing.

I need three people who like an adrenalin kick in the morning.

There were four people who wanted to do that.

A sudden vote decided that I should stay on the shore.

But language really isn't my thing, guys!

The choice had been made, so I stepped back.

Let's see what I can do over there.

At first I was placed all the way at the front of the mountain on a rock.

I felt I was much too close to that rope.

So I moved to the back a little, about three meters.

That way it was much harder for the other contestants to hear me.

Marriage fertility rate!


Marriage fertility rate! - What?!

What?! I already have that one! I can't hear you!

I already have that one! - Oh I'll give you another one!

Eh... Stirrup! - Syrup? - Stirrup!!! - Syrup?

That went back and forth three times.

So I did quite well as a Mole here because I earned a mere 75,-

Stirrup and syrup?

Yeah a bit of a mix of those.

So suddenly you were in a position you didn't want to be. - No..

For every challenge you have a scenario in which position you want to be.

That doesn't always work out, like this challenge.

I was lucky to be closest to the waterfall.

So it was hardest to understand me. Then you start thinking...

What can I do to sabotage even more?

So I moved back some 3 or 4 meters.

That way I was even harder to understand.

Ewout, you saw challenges like this on TV. Did you ever realize...

My buddy Kees, he's the Mole! - Not even once.

I'm still completely baffled looking at all this footage.

At some point there was another Mole in the game.

Two, even. At the campfire.

In this challenge anyone could be the Mole.

Let's play a campfire game.

If the contestants manage to find the Mole, we would earn 1500,-

I don't want that.

Look at the card, take it in and realize what your role is for tonight.

Early on in the game some key contestants got eliminated.

Like Carolien, Tim, Tania...

In the end I was left with just the people I wanted to be left with.

Meaning: Zarayda and Paulien.

This is the final day.

If a contestant is eliminated today...

...the Mole has won.

Obviously it was clear to me that Paulien was the Mole.

But I didn't want to expose her of course!

Obviously I have to point towards Zarayda.

Then Paulien would get three jokers, couldn't care less.

No 1500,- for the pot.

So he claims to not know the game...

Yet suddenly he turns into some kind of authority.

Not at all like we got to know him.

Because suddenly he's no longer 'Ohh fun, fun...'

'Single single, double double', that's how I know Kees, and that's gone.

That went pretty smoothly!

Even better: at some point Zarayda and Paulien suspected me as the Mole!

Oh it really is you, dammit! Damn you Kees!

I trust you!

It's so great to be the REAL Mole...

Sitting there as a 'contestant' being suspected as the 'Mole'.

Get it? I do.

I turned over my card: contestant.

Ooh! Paulien! I told you so!

Mission complete.

Mission complete.

I understand that you wanted to be left with Paulien..

After all, you realized she was the 'Mole'. But why Zarayda?

She trusts me... I think she still doesn't believe me to be the Mole!

We trusted each other. Zarayda trusted me so much...

Zarayda was a bit like a puppet I could just play around with.

And I really love her big time...

But I could just play her so well.

I don't get at all how you all couldn't tell right away that Paulien was the 'Mole'.

Because you really sucked at that game!

Yes I really was terrible at it! I don't get that either?!

Daniel was pretty bad, but you were even worse! - Yeah you noticed!

Paulien was shaking all over. - Yes because she was the 'Mole'!

But you know what...

Daniel, with all due respect, but you really were even worse.

That's right, I was dreadful.

Was there anyone at the campfire who saw Paulien's behaviour...

...and realized that she could never be the real Mole?

Quite the opposite.

I was overthinking it again, thinking: she's acting like..

'Ohhh I can't do this', so we'll all think it's not her.

Which of course means she is the Mole after all!

Never once did I lie or use guile in this whole game.

But I didn't know that!

You mean at the campfire or...? - No during the entire Mole series!

We're going to look at the gold digging.

We had to look for gold.

I was lucky enough to be sent to a pile of sand...

...which was in a remote spot.

Which is fantastic for a Mole, for it allows me to play my own game.

Anyway, I went looking for gold.

I was hoping to be one of the first to find a nugget of gold.

Because that would instill trust.

Sure enough, I was stirring the scale and I saw a piece of gold.

So I called out: 'Yes! I've got one!'

From the other side of the river I heard: 'Good job Kees! Keep it going!'

One way to sabotage this challenge was by working really slowly.

Which Zarayda and Paulien did anyway.

Or you could just set aside a few pieces of gold.

Or throw them away. Anything could happen.

Oh! Look at how he's doing that!

See the look in his eyes? That rat bastard!

Really naughty!

Why aren't you throwing them into the water?

How many did you have in total?

I think about eight or so.. - No!

Daniel and Tim, it figures that the Mole would do something like this..?

Throwing away nuggets of gold.

You were really close, didn't you notice anything?

Strange, because he's really throwing like this..

He could have done it more stealthily.

But still, I didn't notice at all..

Were you paying attention, though? - No.

Well you know, during challenges..

I was never really paying attention to who could be sabotaging.

You do know what this show is called, right?

Yes I do, but well.. whatever..

You were playing in 'Who's...James Bond?'.

Guys, listen, you know what. I was just in it.

Yes? So what.

Let's move on to the next challenge.

Which was probably the most nerve-racking for you as the Mole.

The meeting.

Inside, the Mole awaits.

I am going to talk to the Mole?

Are you a comedian?

Aw, how sweet! - That's cool!

This is psycho!

Did you, the Mole, share a room with Carolien last night?

Thank you.

Kees this must have been incredibly nerve-racking for you?

This was so incredibly nerve-racking..

The mere fact that those contestants are standing at about 15 meters from you.

You can almost feel them breathing down your neck.

But what worried me most was that I was wearing a bunch of black robes.

So I thought: They'll recognize my build..

I have broader shoulders than Paulien does.

I was worried they might see my hands.

The production had put stickers on the keys I needed.

Like being in a band for mentally impaired..

Yes that was exactly it! Oh my god...high note, low note.

With the contestants right behind me. Terribly nerve-racking.

Daniel, you're basically the Action Hero of this year's 'Wie is de Mol?'.

Did it cross your mind to run up to the Mole... just pull of the cape off their head?

Well, there are still some rules obviously..

I may not have played the game the way it should be played...

But in some respects I did.

The next challenge.

I would like to nominate Daniel as our treasurer.

I think Kees would be a good choice too. - I'm fine with that too!

Shall we put it to a vote?

As I was one of the nominees, I thought I shouldn't vote.

So I didn't participate in the vote.

And Daniel did vote, for me!

One, two, three.

So it was obvious that I was going to be the next treasurer.

Knowing full well that the treasurer will be asked to get on a helicopter.. fly to a mountain and get some money from an envelope.

So this scheme worked out exactly the way I wanted it to.


They chose me of all people to be their treasurer!

Show me the money!

So we arrived on the mountain top with the helicopter.

Obviously I was supposed to open Carolien's envelope.

Because I 'suspect' her, after all... It contained 1500,-

I couldn't resist to take a look in my own envelope too.

Obviously I know that Carolien isn't the Mole.

Because that's me.

Still, I'm very curious what my envelope contains..


Is the Mole.

Worth an amount of:


3000,-... Just like that... gone in the wind.

So let's get back to the group pot which you lost.

There's a vote for the new treasurer.

And you make a brilliant move.

By not voting you became the new treasurer.

Actually I thought he wouldn't vote either.

But he voted for me.

So actually I wanted to do a happy-dance out there.

But I thought: Stay calm, you're the Mole..

And right now, you're going to get the group pot.

So I stayed calm. We're going to do this calm and steady..

This is the challenge where you know beforehand..

...that if you manage to get in the chopper there, that would be fantastic.

And it worked!

A moment of glory for the Mole.

But it must have been awful for you, losing the pot as the treasurer.

Yes, I thought: The Mole has struck.

That was my view on it. How else could it be gone?

Did you feel guilty? - Yes, of course. It was horrible.

But afterwards when I heard Kees saying: 'Well Tania...'

'... we were actually waiting for this moment'. I could just punch you there.

Zarayda, you suggest to make Kees the treasurer.

The Mole. How do you look back on that now?

Well I can't blush.

But if I could it would make me blush for shame.

I really love watching the episodes.

But this is the first time I'm thinking: are we done yet?

Because everything I do wasn't really heroic in the first place..

But now it's just really stupid too.

I find that rather, well.. complicated.

You did a good job, though...

The next challenge.

I get drawn to that corner straight away.

We arrived at that shop this morning.

The challenge was to buy as many materials possible to obscure a room.

Art had also told us: Don't just look at eye level.

So the other contestants and I realized straight away...

... that we had to go looking for tubes, that would be hidden inside the shop.

So we were searching for them like crazy.

Believe me when I say that I didn't know where to find those tubes.

I was looking for those tubes myself too.

At some point we were looking at a shelf with four contestants at once.

When in the corner of my eye I saw..

Well spotted!

Hey, do we need this?

No! No!

Carolien and Zarayda, you were right there! - Yes.

I think we had just taken the tarp which was on the other side.

That was what saved me because I could hide them behind it.

Yes, two seconds.

Well, these shots aren't really good for your self-confidence...

Well like I said I could have embezzled both.

But I could give one of them as well.

Because that makes me look like the 'good contestant' finding a tube!

That way you create some more goodwill.

But I embezzled the other one.

Next challenge.

Today's challenge was like a young boy's dream come true.

You are being chased by a helicopter...

...and someone is shooting at you with a laser gun.

Making sure not to get shot and get as many topitos as you can to the finishline.

So you can steal immunity from Daniel.

You go left. - Ok, duck, duck!

I loved it!

Of course it was really great that today once again...

...albeit somewhat shared with Carolien, got to be the hero in this challenge.

I put one in. Go, go!

Of course I knew I was being shot down.

I felt that thing vibrate, saw the little lights.

So I knew I got shot.

So how great is it... then show yourself from you best 'contestant' side?

I have a green one! Can you still keep going?! - Yes!

Give it to me! Throw it! - Go. I will distract him. Run!

So I gave Carolien a topito. 'I have a green one, I'm exhausted!'

'You have to run to the finish for me with this topito!'

No doubt Carolien must to have thought:

Kees is really doing well this time.

Maybe I should check my Mole diary after all... see if there are any other suspects?

Goodbye, Daniel!

Kees is one of my main suspects.

So it really surprised me that he was playing so enthusiastically.

His face was all sweaty.

I thought: If this is my Mole, I'm probably wrong after all..

Carolien, the Mole tried to throw you off the scent. - Yes.

Did he succeed in doing so? - For a little while, yes.

But afterwards I concluded that it didn't result in all that much.

Also, I knew we both had been shot.

So in the end it didn't really matter what you did.

You knew both of us had already been shot.

Let's go to the Action Hero next to you. Daniel.

Do you recognize this? - Yes, it still hurts.

Because you defended it vigorously during this challenge.

And then you get eliminated. - Stupid right?

Otherwise you would have made it to the finals.

When you get that red screen and you have to go home.. do go over everything in your mind again.

For at least a few days, even when you've really been home for a while...

...and you know it's definitely, really over.

You still find yourself thinking, in the evening... Oh yes, but wait!

'I could have done this', or 'Oh, that's when I should have done there'..

So the game really plays on for a long time, yes.

Ewout, this would so not have been your thing, I think.

I would have really hated this.

I mean, running through that field, fine. But hanging from a helicopter...

Meh, I'm pretty glad I missed out on some of the challenges.

Next challenge.

I would like to stay at the front, if I'm honest. - Me too.

Another great challence for me today.

I put myself in a position from which only Paulien could kind of see me.

Far from all of the time though. So I really took advantage of that.

When I had to pull my rope, I gave some...

...and when I had to give some rope, I pulled instead.

Three, two, one, pull!!

Pull, pull, pull!

More, more, more!

Pull, pull, pull!

So I basically counteracted everything that I could.

Especially at the end...

...when the lead ball was mere inches away from the bowl...

I said: We have already pulled so hard on Carolien's rope..

...there is no way we can move this any further!

This is impossible. All three of us just hung on that rope.

We could go for the 500,-. Something is better than nothing..

Believe me, if I had been a contestant, and I saw that the lead ball...

...was this far removed from the 1000,-...

I would have attacked that rope! One way or another, it would have gone in.

And to be honest I really didn't pull all that hard on Carolien's rope.

Yes, put some force into it !!! Come on!

Harder! Yes! - I'm beat!

Ok, stop. Secure it.

Oh, this is so horrible.

It seems you got cheekier as time went on.

That you enjoyed it more and more.

Yes, otherwise you shouldn't take part.

The ladies were putting all their weight into pulling that rope.

And again I stood in the back.

That's the best position for the Mole in this case.

So I held the rope, but I wasn't doing anything with it.

Except for yelling: 'Pull really hard now!!!'

Let's go to the last Mole sabotage on the train.

Dear winner.

When we entered the train this afternoon...

...of course I already knew that Spencer, the barman...

...would hand over money for every correct answer to a question.

So straight away, I walked up to the dear old chap.

So you were earning from your own pocket.

We have to discuss this, Kees. What is happening here?

All three of us would be asked questions by Spencer.

Every time we answered a question correctly ...

...we would get 250,-.

So you both answered all three questions...

...and you got money all three times.

So you thought you had answered all questions correctly.

That means you would have earned 2250,- for this challenge.

But all of that money came out of our own pot.

Do you have the money that you earned there with you?

Folded, folded, unfolded.

Carolien? Folded, folded, unfolded.

Indeed, you both had one correct answer.

I had three of them correct.

But I'm not going to accept that money of course..

All three of mine are folded too.

You answered everything correctly, that should mean you earned 750,-.

But my money was taken from the pot as well.

You arranged that with Spencer? - Yes.

I was the Mole so I knew all the answers.

So I got three beautiful, crisp 250 bills.

But then I thought, hold on.

Obviously the Mole isn't going to juice up the pot with 750, during the final challenge..

So all in all I contributed to keeping money from the pot.

None of your money went into the pot.

Why did you want them to earn money with this challenge?

They now thought they had answered all questions correctly.

If you answered the questions correctly, you were sent to a room...

In that room there was a little box, containing the correct answer to the identity of the Mole.

So they went to that room, opened the box..

I think for you it said Carolien...

And for you it said Paulien.

So it was sort of my final way of ...

.. throwing them off the scent.

The other consequence is that you didn't earn 2250, but 500 instead.

And that's exactly what the Mole wants!

'Kindest regards, Kees'..

So that means that the final balance of the pot is 17.120,-

Which belong to the winner, Paulien Cornelisse.

Thank you.

That is awesome!

Alright. We know the final balance of the pot.

We have a winner, and the Mole as well.

And you as viewers also got some clues...

...that could have lead you to the identity of The Mole.

The hidden clues.

All the titles of the episodes pointed at the identity of the Mole.

Episode one was called: 'The redeeming word'.

The first letters of the speech from the priest..

..tell you who The Mole is.

Episode 2 was called 'Mirror image'. You could clearly see the Mole... the reflection of Tania's sunglasses.

Episode 5 was called 'Whisper and shiver'.

Zarayda is the one who whispers it.

'Kees is the Mole in this game, not me!'

Episode 7 was called 'A development'.

The only tube with photo paper that could still be developed...

...was the tube the Mole found in the supermarket.

We are developing money!

The 'single single, double double' dance by Kees was a clue too.

In morse code single single is 'I', and double double is 'M'. I am.

The Mole's birthyear was made clearly visible too...

...during the test in episode 1.

Also, there were five contestants who brought envelopes to the church.

But there was only one who did so with the Mole logo clearly visible.

In episode 9 it was very clear.

On the train every finalist found a box with the name of the Mole in it.

Kees saw his own name.

On the train you could have found the Mole's identity everywhere.

All the stories that the contestants were told...

....pointed directly at the Mole.

These and all the other clues can be found on our website.

Mole, are you a man?

Kees, we heard all your confessions.

Congratulations, it's done. How do you look back on all this?

It was so much fun. And funny too.

I'm proud of myself. Proud of this team...

Because I made quite a few new friends...

..even if I threw some of them off the scent.

No, I look back on this feeling happy about it.

You were a fantastic Mole. And you're a fantastic winner.

You're joining a great lineup of winners.

Did you ever think you would win it?

I had only brought two pairs of pants...

...because I thought I would only last a week.

But there were also weird moments where I thought:

Of course I'm going to win this. So that was really strange.

You played very well, and you won.

It was a pleasure watching you, which applies to all of you in fact.

It was a privilege to travel through South Africa with you.

Thank you all for this wonderful series.

I would say: cheers! - Cheers!

Oh, I love everyone. - See you next year!

I can't anymore!

If you go to now..

That's where the contestants will talk some more about the reveal and the whole series.

The Mole goes back into hiding, underground.

See you next year.

The Description of The Mole S13E10 - Wie is de Mol 2013 [English] - South Africa