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What is a motion? Esther Ouwehand/PvdA [= Labour Party]

The House sometimes has questions about government policy

or has other plans than the government

or it has no confidence in the government carrying out a plan properly

so it asks for extra effort or a change of course

and if during the debate the government says, Actually, I dont feel like doing that

you decide to submit a motion

setting out on paper what precisely you as a party wish to happen

you submit it and then votes are cast

and if the House supports your motion then that is a decision of the House and

the government is given an assignment nevertheless to do what at first they didnt feel like doing

Who submits the motion?

Individual MPs have the right to submit motions

You can always submit a motion if you want to petition the government

the condition is that five other MPs agree to you submitting the motion

so after you have submitted your motion you always hear the chair saying, Are there enough supporters for this motion?

Where are motions submitted?

Once youve had a debate in a committee room afterwards youd have to say, But I still want to submit a motion,

that can only be done in the plenary hall so room needs to be found for that in the diary at some other time and the chair does that

and then the chair puts the question for every motion, Who is for? the party leaders raise their hands

then the chair says out loud the parties who are for

then if there are enough votes for that - 75 plus one - the chair says, Your motion is accepted.

How do Members vote in the House?

You vote as a party

but House Members can also ask for voting by call

then you want every House Member himself or herself to say whether he or she is for or against your motion

and then of course its important that everyone is present.

And what if the motion is not implemented?

Then it could occur that the House says, The motion is accepted but the minister refuses to implement it

Ministers who refuse to implement motions accepted by the House have no place in the cabinet and so have to go home.

So then it could occur that the House says that a motion of no confidence will be put so that the minister can no longer continue in office.

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