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You are watching the Halloween News Network. This is the Frightly Grieving News with Justin

grave. Our Top story tonight: Setting the place a

glow. One of the coolest Halloween decorations you

can do is to use ultraviolet light (also known as

BLACK LIGHT) to make fluorescent objects glow.

You can buy blacklights at party or Halloween stores....but they'll

charge you an arm and a leg...and you're going to need those arms and

legs for your own decorations. The least expensive route is to go to a home

center. Buy a shop light for 8 to 9 bucks.

Buy one or two 40" blacklight tubes for 10-12 bucks.

One light is enough for a good 8 square feet. You only need to

use one of the shoplight sockets. Once you hang your blacklights with bungee

cords, get a bunch of fluorescent or neon decorations

to hang for your Glowing hallway of Halloween Amazement.

You can buy regular props and spray paint them with

fluorescent spray paint. I'm just a glow with the possibilities!

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