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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Como Pintar Manteles / Hibiscos / Tutorial Pintura Textil

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Are we already on the air? A while ago? Hello! welcome good days let's paint the Hibiscus today

our tablecloth, we are making a Hibiscus tablecloth that this flower has

Many names have already told me of some so let's continue today

with flowers and I'm going to start painting this from here

I will make this flower in color yellow


here to paint this flower I will teach you

the colors I'm going to use yellow gold orange

ceramics dark Rose

and white these are the colors that I'm going to use for this flower and the brushes I'm going to

use a big one this revolution or the number 12 and a smaller one can be 6

or it can also be number 8

then I will put my base with the yellow color this is yellow order

all right

lizbeth says good day teacher says here from Yucatan pending his videos

thank you very much lizbeth a hug is yucatán thank you to all who

they are watching these videos for people who are hardly

watching I broadcast live on Monday Wednesday and Friday at 10 am

tomorrow now mexico

adriana sends you good morning hello adriana good morning

the mate

I will paint this flower completita I will to put the base of all the flower but

what you can do is paint three petals and then the other two

so that the painting does not go away dry is easier to work

Pablo sends greetings from tlaxcala

Pablo thanks pablo the scale also a

big hug thank you very much thanks for watching these videos

Loreley sends you good morning or lore Good Morning

a beautiful hug

elizabeth sends you good afternoon from brazil to

Brazil a hug and thank you

today we are going to paint the flowers these discs and on Friday we will work

Shore this tablecloth is going to be trimmed by the shore

now he says good morning here watching the class I'm already practicing in some

ways for my daughter's 15 I hope are excellent, I think

you will be very nice if you can You send me a zone and give me a picture

who wants me to encourage you to do those gestures that are for blacks we go to

less ways ways

and I'm fine mentally this is not

here I will put shadow in this part of the middle with the color orange

with the same orange color is with which I will separate the petals then I will

marking the separation and color I'm losing it on the orange

petal that remains below inés is where I'm blurring

Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself in this flower

I need a step in this flower we are going to put white

is that it was stained

but that's why I have my talk I have to put my paintings on the plate this

sweet so that I will not stain the tablecloth because the tablecloth is very big

then to forces we are going to have to put things on top of the fabric

then in a little dish look here before of the shadow put light in this part

I will light and I will work making a zig zag

the session and csif zig Zag

I finished them with key


rossi says good morning family here pending of the class and take care of that

tops of mexico


luisa sends you greetings from italy hello Luis treats well up to Italy

thank you very much for watching the videos we send a big hug

look at each petal I'm putting light at this height

I put a line where my light will go and work side by side zigzagging

If that

now the loops

What I want is that by giving light here, double petals

in this part will give the feeling of that the petal falls that doubles

and from the light I'm already shaping to the petal where will this go

a curvita there and it goes towards the other side

and then first first after the base put the light

Now I'm putting my shadow and I'm blurring

also with the color orange I will go alternating putting a little color

dark Rose

olga says hello good morning god god bless from tamaulipas thanks olga

one truth are many thanks for see us from tamaulipas

here I am getting a little pink dark finally this flower is going to see

in orange tones although we put the pink colour

this nothing else is to give it a tone different

this petal that is in the part of over there you have to be careful of this

this here that folding one side should be to see very dark

but this petal in front should not darken so much on the shore then

with little paint that we have in the brush is what we are going to give you

shadow this petal

How to paint

good father this is very beautiful that is also

big the flower then calls a lot the Attention

here I put more orange and in this petal I'm putting a folded petal

then here I will also put a little bit of shadow in this part

and this pink pardon and I also put a little orange

and now it says if I'll send you the photo already finished the way

you need some chilaquiles chile chilaquiles good picositas with

cream and a lot that is this pleasure what rich said from now on they are not going to

I'll go to breakfast and it's now if you stop or early breakfast

since that time I craved it already breakfast every day early

Juan Perez says good morning beautiful sweetie god gave me thanks dad

Good Morning

So my dad says I'm his beautiful love for the song

there is no greeting for the little corset

nothing more to read more

here I will use a peak in a brush more small

in this flower I will also put color on the shore

I put orange and the color dropped a little this nothing more in some areas but in

all the shore only some areas I can also put pink

I send you greetings from Italy the clear good morning until italy you

we send a hug

marcela asks you what color you put

the base of the flowers yellow gold and I put a white light in the middle of the

petals and now I'm putting shadow in orange and dark pink

emerald says hello very good morning already make the payment for my designs and

includes the payment of the design of the animals is a very good offer I do not

I wanted to lose her many thanks emerald thank you for your trust and to all

who have not acquired the designs I'm talking about a promotion

of designs because I think that they It is better for those who are

who want my designs we are doing a promotion of all the

designs that I'm taking out in the year 2019 from the tablecloths

for 500 pesos all designs for 500 pesos

thank you very much is look see sad good morning libya I've

received all the designs many Thank you thank you, I'll tell you

here in colombia do not sell to creel ex with whom I could replace it

I do not know which brands are driving over here for example another brand

what is good is it creates text ugama colo

I have also seen that shine looks is good but I do not know the colors of

they shine looks but it is also for fabric what I've seen are the metal ones and

Metals come out very good

there are also students who have used polytech

and if you grab and grab on the cloth nothing more that leaves it a bit stiff but

also with polytech they have painted the whole I hope there are some of these brands

your question where they sell articles of crafts that fabric paint has

and try to make water base easier to handle paint for water-based fabric and

already with that

here in the middle part that I want that is darker I'm getting the

ceramic color

and through the middle of the petals I'm going to mark some lines that look like this

Once it is scratched this part is to make these lines just grab

the side or edge brush and you can trace them

with what I bring in the brush and without grab more paint I will mark here

some because remember that here I want it to be so dark this part

silvia says good morning my tablecloth he does not carry a fund, this time I'm not going

to put the bottom to this keep like this I'll to leave if they asked us that

also the last time but the question no longer aired and if not this time

I'm going to put the background if you decide to put it forward

you will see well also if you put background I suggest you put a yellow not

forgive one create one create gold or one green pistache so that it is not so different

of the tones we are using with these colors colors can put


guadalupe says good morning my beings of xochimilco or guadalupe good morning

in xochimilco where you wanted and I said it's what the weeper

the legend of the weeping woman who counts there in

in xochimilco he wants to go for it the old women

the dolls

I'm on the island of dolls and I It seems that this is where the

story of the weeping woman

we go in the night again in march making a horror movie or up

I said to keep my word

brave and let's watch a movie and I He said what do you want to see I told him the night

from demon 4 he told me there that I do not because it scares me

I said good but I was painting then where could I be at the table and

I was here in the room and there I put it

and because I was afraid, I covered my eyes according to her I was seeing her I turned around

to see him and he had his eyes closed with reason we desman

and obama well chopped watching the movie entertaining

according to age to shit, I was laughing I was watching and I was laughing

here I am putting a little light on the edges but also I'm not

putting on the whole shore only in some parts

guadalupe says when you like you are invited

these guests are both invited and if you want to go at night here

you have your house thank you

the title of the legend of the weeping woman they count on xochimilco and it's

does father have we never been but it's me Makes it look pretty

and listen to them crying

to the water but it makes me that of the weeping woman only takes her out on the day of

dead the truth here I am marking this fold that

he said with a little white then I put here arribita white and in this

part and with that remarks well the fold of the petal

metroid I asked a question do you sell the paintings as I can get them if

you can also buy with us materials

to ask for it, send us an email message to magic email

they saw the technology that we have of burguillos

mail is painting with libya then there you send me message

If you want, you can tell me what it is you need for us to do the

quotation paintings brushes bathroom games games

cooking and we already have the quote the mail

my husband answers who is responsible for sending designs and the and

of the materials that you require he is the one who answers the mail


in fact right now he is answering If you want to send me an email

right now he is at the computer

erika says teacher my mom does not use tablecloth where else could you paint that design

this one comes although a little bit wide because it's the

measure of the tablecloth could be on a table runner

but if it's going to be wide if it's going to be wider than normal

but if it can be on a mass road

So I leave this flower and I'm going to put the center now

they ask you how long they can acquire the designs we do not have date

limit you can acquire them in the any time they wish

and for the designs it is also to the mail electronic

here they send me the your proof of payment if you do not have the

payment methods can also send you mail to ask where you can

make the payment and then to the same mail they send me the receipt I want them

ask for a really big favor because of suddenly víctor is taking a long time

answer the emails and tell me what is because it does not have a reference then

please more help me put in your Proof of payment your name and what is

what they require then for example if it is for the

designs and my name is dew you put designs and you put dew

and already in the mail I already specified well which is for the promotion what is your

mail for this a full name that is everything what is needed but in the

ticket but also your name and that it's what the ticket is

you can put material you can put designs or for a design there I

you write from behind because with that you're going to be more agile to be able to answer all

the mails

sofía says come to pachuca les I recommend the legends at night and the

elf museum

and pachuca is very close

the other time we went to eat cake what a rich thing the pastures

we are fans we are pasters label the goblin says truth you have to fish that

gift of income and then there I think it's where

they also tell the stories of the legends

my father, thank you very much for the information you have to go

here I put a line

in ceramic color this line can be ceramic or you can put it more dark

so that it shows more

and I'm going to put it here with the color scorched earth 'I believe that with earth

burned is more is going to notice more this part

if I like it more and it contains to burn

at the top you can put a little light with white

or with ivory color either of the two you are going to stay

do not Sofia says to go right there in the museum of

night they do the tour and in the museum they tell them the stories of the

antics of the elves your father you have in things

if we believe and we're going to see someone like that is connected I say that one day the

they did one day one day I'm going to do my horror stuff video

if you have horror stories, send us messages and let's make a

section of terror we already tell ourselves our stories and we read the villas

I knew he says yes

she also believes

if you have to go to that museum where then

here we are going to put dots I'm going to put them in yellow here

is on the top where it falls

many many points

guadalupe says yes tell us my would be father the ica says yes to happy says me

I have many and several that idea like araceli says if you have to count them

rossi says it would be fantastic those stories

who has a short that tells us right now a short story

we tell you to locate one of us

to part telling the stories in iron but it is not so banished because Pablo

he says he gives because he's scared

here I put the pp

you yellow gold but it looks a little then I will also put some

ceramic color dots

and I'm going to put three tones here

rosario says I charge all the time behind me

and what loads rosario radical and simple I believe in that I see shadows

if I have also been touched to see shades

here I put a little bit of white too then for these dots I put color

Yellow and white pottery by small dots

and once I was walking with Victor we came in the afternoon

and we were like five people who we came walking we came in the

avenue good the street we did not come in the sidewalk but on the street and in that I

I did on the side but well on the side like that of pass you and even done that

convicts It will not happen here to paint

let's paint the greatness there is

I made myself ice cream so it would go to someone and tells me that now

because hitting me because that's how I trust it on the side and

is that I live a boy who came behind us and I even saw the clothes

he was wearing jeans and a shirt pictures and then at the time that

He approached us I stepped aside for it to happen and then there was nobody

nobody passed there is to me he had not told me what he said

that sees shadows if you were little ones

the sharia says that whose back I carlotto of the time behind me a

ghost why do you say that

to see tell us I'm going to move my work to see you in this

from above tantito here I'm going to move my table because I do not

reach to do this under the tablecloth I'm putting a

table so that the paint does not pass

ready let's do this big if would reach true

today I will want to cut the video not it's there is explained with the stories

sofía says I tell them one once my children were going out to dance and went for

your cousin who lived near there from the train and my

children were waiting for him outside as why one o'clock in the morning

there is nothing else to start with the time he says I'm nanita


rossi says in my house in a while he they listened to doll visits

or rather here in the yellow flower I I put all my yellow base first and in

the part I wanted light I put white here I'm going to put I'm going to start upside down

first I put the part that I want light with orange color and the rest of the petal

I'm going to paint it with tomato red

the day of my 15 years good before my 15 years I told him no more than I wish and

my last toy godmother did not They gave me a doll because today it gives me a lot

fear and there he put a half name that well no but then one of my friends

he gave me a porcelain doll is currently like those that he is given

and exact and that is so when my friend has his sister and when I went

to your house his sister's room was full of

porcelain dolls and he told me that those dolls are very well

and I said mom I do not want that doll from my room


she's so pretty but if it says so much and says like you do

it gives me little thing then it's there in the cluster with life

So far nothing has happened to us true

better to prevent them from the story of one in the morning says

after suddenly they heard very strong and ugly wails and every time

closer something so ugly that they say that they had never heard everything in

silence and they ran out there is better fasting

but it continued Monday morning

spooky that's why I do not watch horror movies

but anyway and they have happened to me several various things

mireia says hello

that there are elves in the field of my mom appear some goblins and cough and

well you hear how they do pee how are you that are children


also what they say is that there are elves that are very different there are some that

if they are as evil are those who are bad are those who do nothing else

some pranks that are very happy I I was seeing once a few stories of

the goblins of all the difference of from different types of goblins

and they say there are some goblins that help at home

that's how you get up and suddenly some space is raised and that are the

goblins in gratitude clean the her house

goblins not if we have boundaries in our house seems so and so on but

although we have assets because then we know they lose things really weird

and it appears exactly opposite where is in sight the times appear me

I remembered a lot that was once night and they were all asleep and I

I was down here watching movies horror terror they know nothing to talk about

close truth there is a movie and between seriously that my mom was going to the bathroom

and then he goes back to his fourth and then reopens and lowers and

he tells me today arrivals I feared loader him I said no I was here all the time

he says is not there I left him there at side of the bed and I said no no what

I grabbed you tell me to look for it, not what meeting

I do not know and it says that my mom that when went back up to the room was there

in front of her where I had left it and this

nothing and this is our friends

With everyone

here I am painting of these three petals together I'm putting first the

part where I want light this flower the I'm doing red but this part is

where is giving me light to make it look the petal as bent

Sofia says talking about goblins when I I went to the museum from that day on

they do mischief and they tell me that I have a elf

and then I see a child running when handling I up the volume or low the

music if you like and you took a goblin from the son museum

we got there

How about we fight with our goblins and

here look to put the color red and can integrate it with the orange nothing more

do the zigzag I tell him zig zag that I really do not know

if it is well said but it seems to me which is that it is a way of understanding

because the zig zag is like that

rosalina says I tell me to me in my house they passed every day to leave

milk one day the milkman returned to touch the

door when my mom opened the door dedicated to milk house that the girl

asked and my mom told him that girl and then none had asked for milk and from that

then the milk was not scared and not returned with milk

there coward milkman

here in this space as I go to separate petals I can also put the

orange to make it look lighter and see the petal above

on this side I also put orange

Clear says how you can fix the colors so they do not get damaged with the

washed you can iron the ones I did not tell them that

it is not necessary to iron but the truth is that if it helps a little put a canvas

wet since the work is dry with the wet canvas and the plates and that

help also to fix a little more everything says so and what milkmaid so

cowardly is this

Lizbeth says in Yucatan they are very known the looks is that they are the ones

they take care of the crops of the mountains

talk about mountains

I'll tell you another one that I think you do not know

is that also in my circuits they live in puebla

in zacatlán of the apples to be more specific and they say there's

Oh, what's the name of the one who is a sorcerer

so the shaman

the one who becomes the Bengali thing I remembered if not but if it says it is

that's right is a person who becomes in animals a sorcerer has a name

then one day we went to a party Hindu live up to a being

and from above you see everything from the road you see everything around and everything is full of

trees and then as the house was not very big back then still not

it was big now yes there is already a room very big so that they stay we did not fit a

water then there is water so then we went to stay at the


this me first the blur ahead and my cousins ​​we went to stay at

truck and at midnight they were my dads for us and we come to

place them well claritas was fine and I remember who they were I think I was

magnolia to galicia I do not remember but we were all from the

same age we were marriageable girls

and they were for us because they were to warn that they had seen the

Nahuatl and that was going up then they said he has a party he has turned me on

Rafael calls and says angel Este Rafael have a party you have to tell them

and they went to tell us and we were in the van asleep then they said

that because there were girls in the ual I was hanging around

and they went to rescue us

but if they said what we saw

his cousins ​​his brothers of my grandpa are those who went to warn

26 what for her to have with the water

Oh, how entertaining it is to paint and talk

here I keep integrating the two colors doing zig zag if you start to

dry one of the two colors again you put it back and now

you can continue integrating erika says that when I went to the

university one day he had to stay late to study and in the

early morning he heard someone crying but there was nobody today that I measure in the

schools do not stay very very late

here on this shore I will also put orange to show that this petal

it's above

Sofia says the nahuales are not bad they convert to feed and

in the morning they are normal people who make their normal life I know

someone who has a Nahuatl family member and I already saw it in the form of a dog

there is now lee he is a father

if I knew that animals were taken but they also told me that they took

the girls maybe this Nahuatl and it was acidity

they like girls and I take them but

if they said here that it was a very big white

that he became a big white dog Haha bigger until you want the size of

direction this big I think today

that's not super rice is tiger

The more greetings it is from Zacatecas graciasjuan we send you also greetings

and a hug to zacatecas

and each state has its legends in its stories

here I have just filled my flower in pink color raiola pink red red

and orange

in this we are going to put shadow in color wine

here you can put wine or you can put viole have / not either

Pablo says my mother-in-law told me that he young man went to the dance once and

I had a friend who was Nahuatl and who said come on I'll take you I'll take you to

dance and that was mounted on the back of his friend and if you tell many stories yes

My grandmother also told me about a story of a witch

my grandma being a girl he had captured a witch because she

he had his little brother who was not baptized and then it was heard in the

roof that was on a ranch like her he heard on the roof that someone was walking and

because she was shocked because she said is the witch comes for my brother because he does not

is baptized and then I grab a few scissors


but it was with the scissors that he put the scissors and then

says that she looked out and saw the witch and could not move as if they were

stuck his foot could not move and that someone arrived and that he already told him

witch the war and that knows that I put myself this here and I show you the scissors and that

then that person who was an adult he removed them and said it is not true that

exists and I take them off and the witch went the eliminates my grandfather is very brave

to work the witch I did not know I had caught her

I got stuck with scissors

Here I still draw lines with the wine color

brenda says no longer follow that I'm alone and I'm very scared, we have to change

subject per pound eyes as they close the ears

he knew he says there are many stories that tell

they are my mount the legends because the legends have part of truth and part

of fantasy then you do not know what part it's true and what part is fantasy but

there are a lot of legends about everything state

my parents

well it says to me if I get scared

Erika says that good stories tell the grandparents without

yes it is and monito listen to them

I'm fine here let's also put a little bit of light and shadow in the

edges of light petals and shadows two

sofía says is my mere mole today the horror stories

and send you greetings from Michoacán or the claudia a hug to michoacán hello


so here in some areas I put the color of shadow that I am using here

wine color

Emerald says have you ever heard the legend of the ironed is classic

the hospitals and ironed

It has to be good I've heard some legend that is a nurse who

appears in the corridors of a hospital I do not know if it's the same

and that I heard stories of when sleeps in doctors or

nurses about the fence near the morgue and listen to things

I've never heard of that

Lilia says it's scary but we like it listen to scary stories


in some areas I put the color wine and in other areas I put a little bit of

orange here if you want they can put white but

here well little bit do not put so much

let's put here a little bit

I'm going to wear orange

and about orange in this I'm going to put a little bit of white

and sophie I do not understand your question I will read says I want the molds continue

in 20 pesos and that they give me and that I recommends alcatraz for tablecloth and

Chair cover is fine if the designs if you want to acquire designs

individually they are in 20 pesos the tablecloth designs are in 40 pesos all

what is tablecloth in 40 pesos and for the that back I made a design of a path of

table trimmed this brings here the yellow or yellow gannets and that

you can also use it for a mantel

there is also a design in a game of This bathroom is one of the first

I showed in fact that I did not upload the video but there is the design of those gannets

they are very pretty are gannets with powers

it can serve you exactly and if they want to acquire the designs first

send a message to email

to see young lady of meat can put the mail please here

there are 9

there and that's the one you can send me

what do they want? designs or want the promotion of

designs you can send me a message to the mail


Pablo says yes countless experiences my wife sees shadows and today in the

early morning on it in the cold river we came and we came to

mexico for his work and he saw a monk uy driving that I'm half

I have also seen several times in the sky spheres

ships the UFOs

he says I'm going to tell you something that does not tell anyone

this abducted by UFOs is that you I say that I feel in my stomach well

funny because I feel as if he sees me as if it will vibrate fine ligerito 20 not like

when a cell phone vibrates and as if I was sitting in an armchair and the

cellular is in the other corner but if you get to feel it like that I feel in my

stomach sometimes that vibrates me

Something is warned when they are near me I think

also the lonely because I need

so I'm always going to see a UFO and see the sky and see it and I talk to you look there


always always see and I go to mom I do not see anything

I already see that it moves like this once I told my mommy mom that UFOs are not

true that does not exist ay mom waits not I'll go find you one and I talked to my

command, come, I showed you look, look there that little light looks at how it moves

Well who knows what it will be but if they are UFOs because they are not flying objects

identified are not precisely extraterrestrials that do not know it and if they are


sofía says today I make my payment send mail as soon as the transmission ends, it is

it's good

thank you very well thank you very much for going to acquire the designs the promotion

Berta says hello my fight and I made beautiful and slimy I'm going to ask

my designs to start working When they come to this house we form a

group to work but more than anything to eat thank you very much thank you

sale, we are delighted

here they are going to put the shadow where you see where they say there's here

like to put shade here I like to put light

so they will give shape to these the serious says

it says you feel like you have a baby inside that moves not no that yes it would be

the lonely do not feel as if up I'm looking for a cell phone because I feel

like a cell phone that vibrates so I feel and well ligerito well well

well good funny preparing with oscar says hello teacher

good morning when they come to visit us to california here we also have UFOs

of ppc-un direct let's go see the California UFOs

look here I also have a fold in this petal

and I will mark with light and shadow how it is that doubles then the shadow is below

is in this part of back and with light He remarked the front of the fold

here I can also put a little of white by in I know that in this one that is

red color put on very little color White

and the white color put it on after they have set the tone

orange then put it on the color orange a little bit of white

carmen says good morning ilse teacher I send you a greeting from

paraguay thank you carmen up paraguay we also send you a hug

now he is told hello good day teacher lydia and ilse come to visit us

sonora I would love to meet her not me lose any of your videos

we also like it know them all

no monitor when we know them

support me with the video if you like it giving me a little hand up

if you like horror stories a little hand up and share and now it's

to be the terror section with libya bolivia and without doing as the hairy hand

let him go

Maria says I live near the hospital and I heard that in the early morning one

nurse running and I did not believe but one early morning I was looking for my son who was

drinking and melting at the top and it made me very cold and I did not see the scary face

I'm going to leave this flower like that the center it's the same as we did in the other

is the center of this as with the color

the coffee that is scorched earth I want do this button and already with that have

you to finish making the tablecloth todo lo que es la parte de arriba

pablo dice que día nos enseña a pintar caritas de ojos

estos caritas de chiste tiene nada más pintas todo verde y le pones unos ojos

blacks no es una playera hola a todos buenos

días gracias por el vídeo te bajaste porque tenía miedo verdad

para facebook

no me dan miedo las historias de terror

pero lo de los oficios cierto desde que somos novios

vemos ovnis

este botón lo voy a pintar en color rojo

para pintar lo primero pongo entonces mi color naranja

en esta parte es donde yo quiero que haya más luz por eso pongo el color


el resto del botón lo pinto con el color Red

este es rojo tomate

y para integrar voy haciendo zig zag

en donde se marca la división del pétalo un buen color rojo

y en esta parte de arriba también pongo Red

de una mosca la cosa

entonces así acabo de integrar estos dos colores y aquí es donde me da más más


esta parte de arriba también pongo rojo y voy a integrando con el color naranja

este pétalo de atrás lo voy a pintar todo en color rojo y si no le voy a

poner naranja

en estos dos pétalos que tengo en la parte de encima también puedo ponerle un

poco de naranja en la orilla para que con eso pueda separar más los


y la sombra la voy a poner en color vino voy a poner en esta parte de abajo

subo líneas

aquí pongo un poquito de vino

guadalupe dice cuando falleció mi mamá como a los 10 días estaban

sus hermanas en la casa acostadas leyendo y al lado de la cama junto a la

ventana se escucharon unos lamentos

si también cuando llegan a fallecer las personas a veces pasan pasan cosas así

de su estilo rosa dice a mí no pasó lo mismo también siento como si vibrar a un

celular dentro de mí verdad que si no soy una única de abril

a lo mejor andábamos en la misma nave

aquí estoy separando con el color vino para que este pétalo se vea más oscuro

sofía dice puse bolitas de mostaza y todas las noches llegaba la bruja y se

escuchaba como algo grande como un guajolote picaba la mostaza dicen que

les gusta mucho y puse en eso me puse un espejo para que se viera

nosotros nosotros una vez queríamos poner una trampa para para los duendes

pero si nos daba cosas mejor no también con los duendes dicen que les gustan

mucho los dulces entonces para darte cuenta si hay duendes en tu casa pones

un platito de dulces y pones alrededor harina y entonces se marcan las huellas

del duende pero dijimos no


ana dice buenos días lidia que tengan muchas bendiciones y usted y su niña

muchas gracias a nacionalmente qué bello

saludos desde guatemala muchas gracias también hasta guatemala un fuerte abrazo

muchas gracias por ver el vídeo

no no han visto en la parte de abajo porque esto es recortado

y el viernes les muestro cómo va a ir la parte de abajo ya lo tengo dibujado pero

como estoy con la parte de encima y está fresco no les puedo mostrar ahorita

dice ese talento de pintura lo heredó de su mamá y es cierto sí sí es cierto mi

mamá también pinta pintaba porque ahora ya no he hecho nada

de pintura

pero si ella pinta dibuja bonito también mi hermano dibuja y pinta

y tengo dos hermanos que no hacen nada es una ruedita hace

y mi hermano el más chico y yo somos los que dibujamos y pintamos

ay mi sobrina también ya está dibujando no hace bien bonito

blanco poquito poquito blanco

claudia dice hola bonito día mi mamá tiene poquito que falleció y aún

sentimos su presencia y es bien bonito cuando se siente la

presencia de las personas que se fueron pero que nos quisieron mucho y sentirlos

es bien bonito porque a nosotros también nos pasa con su abuelita de mi esposo

ella nos quería mucho y yo me incluyo porque al principio pues como que no no

era mucho la convivencia con ella obviamente pues no me conocían pero ya

al final ella me quiso mucho y yo a ella entonces nosotros sentimos su presencia

siempre sentimos que nos cuida y es bien bonito esa sensación

pero luego nos regañe y siempre me dio un manazo una vez de la nada de aquello

mi mano por la ventana y sentí que visión así pero bien clarito hasta sonó

y vamos en la en la avenida y yo saqué mi mano y con la que me dan un manazo y

visión que me pegó aquí en estos botones

este es un botón que está medio abierto entonces en ese ya se ve la parte de

enmedio ya puede salir entonces aquí le voy a dibujar la ramita

este es tierra quemada este color

hay dos botones que están muy cerrados en esos no pero en este que ya está

medio abierto si ponemos ese centro de la flor

en la parte de arriba marcó como una una t así una rayita

y ya después ponemos todos los puntitos

entonces quedamos que vamos a poner puntitos en color cerámica

estos puntos son en la parte de arriba y son así nada más al azar como caigan los


gladys dice hola buenos días saludos desde guatemala aquí mis nietos escuchan

las historias de miedo y están asustados estrés andando si serán ciertas esas

historias no hay cierto ustedes no crean nada no pasa nada

son las leyendas son como cuentos todo eso no pasa no se preocupen

aquí encima voy a poner color amarillo

mírala otra vez el tema fue la comida ahora el tema fueron las leyendas

para el siguiente va a ser moda es creada de verdad

otra vez no sabes que estaría muy bonito este tradiciones

y dice todo es verdad

aquí no se nota mucho a los puntos blancos entonces lo que voy a hacer es

poner algunos sobre la ramita para que se vea que si por ahí andan perdidos

esos puntitos dice que si quiere otra vez historias de

vitoria faltan 32

several es que ahorita me acuerdo de dos

ahora son muy largas bueno entonces esperemos el viernes a ver si seguimos

con historias de terror y el viernes vamos a continuar haciendo en la parte

de abajo del mantel esta es flores de encima a ver si puedes

saberlo más para hacer

esta parte de encima va a quedar con flores amarillas con flores rojas vamos

a ir alternando entonces los botones de arriba los voy a poner rojos este botón

medio abierto va en rojo y este que está acá lo voy a poner amarillo así es cómo

voy a pintar esta parte de arriba y el viernes vamos a continuar con la parte

de abajo del mantel que está va a ser recortada así que no se lo vayan a

perder nos vemos el día viernes 10 de la morning

thank you very much for watching this video compartan regalen una manita arriba y

suscriban al canal dicen escribir una historia de terror no al viernes el

viernes nos ponen las más historias de terror

tenemos una cita viernes desde la mañana my name

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