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If you've never had crazy feta I would say it is the perfect balance

between salty, savory, sweet, and spicy. There's no magic to it

The magic is how simple it is. We start out by chopping fresh red onion, fresh

jalapenos, really good olive oil, put everything in a pot, and we let it slowly

come up to almost a boiling temperature. And then we just turn it off. All that

stuff kind of steeps and marries, and the spicy notes start coming out, the onion

starts letting some of that sweet out, into this really pungent and beautiful

olive oil from Greece. And then from there we take fantastic creamy feta and

we poured this hot oil on top. We let it set and that's how we get our crazy feta.

I knew this is what I was meant to do at a very young age. Growing up in

a Greek household, our whole afternoon revolved around what we're having for

dinner that night. I would sit and watch my mother cook these super simple

recipes, and I was just so intrigued by it. In 2006, when we opened up our first

restaurant I knew that I wanted the menu to have spice.

The day that we made the dish we tasted it and we're like, "wow this is amazing"

and one of my cooks said "it's crazy" and I said, well there you go that's the

perfect name it's crazy feta.

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