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You make it seem so smooth. -Happy to hear it!

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Im Mareike Spaleck, and Ive got Mo with me.

The two of us are going to do three nice mobility and flexibility exercises,

which will also build up our strength a bit.

So its the full spectrum are you ready?

Im ready. -Are you up for it?

Yes, definitely. -Then lets get started!

Mo wants to begin like this! We have to prepare mentally for this workout.

Then we can start are you ready? Yes!

OK, the first exercise is the push-up to child pose.

I imagine youre really good at push-ups, right? -Absolutely.

Hands below your shoulders, legs stretched,

and well do a push-up so that your chest touches the ground.

Go up again, knees on the floor, and back into the child pose.

This is nice, right? -Very nice.

OK, second go: move forward, tense your legs.

I thought you wanted to keep going on your knees!

And down again.

Of course, all beginners...

You must always breathe properly. -Yes, breathe properly, exactly.

Beginners can do the whole exercise on their knees.

When doing it, its important to cover the full movement radius.

We dont want any half-measures come on, two more.

Do you do it like this in training as well? -Yes, now and again.

OK I can see that youre already in the groove.

That was the first exercise.

The second exercise well do is the plank.

Are you good at the plank as well?

Yes. -How long can you last?

Sometimes about -10 minutes!

10, 15

Its not about doing it for who knows how long:

its about giving yourself the best workout in a short time.

So, put your elbows like this, and spread your body.

We can start from the bottom it doesnt really matter where you start.

Tense your legs, keep your stomach and bottom tense, and proudly stick your chest out.

Then keep your stomach and bottom as tense as you can, and hold it.

And dont forget the breathing.

How long are we doing this for now? -Er 10 seconds?

OK 10, 9, 8, 7...


6, 5, 4, 3


2..!, 1 relax.

Very good.

You can choose how you do this, how long you do this for, and if you repeat it.

You might choose to only lower your knees to give your body a quick rest before doing it again.

Feel free just do it.

Now Ive got something very special for you. -I cant wait.


You make it seem so smooth. -Happy to hear it!

I mean when you talk. -OK thanks!

Mo is getting pretty cheeky here!

I think I need to come up with a different exercise!

But lets do an easy one first.

So, I wanted to do windmills with you, just to mobilise our shoulders,

which is really far too easy for him he deserves something else.

But OK!

Your torso is stable, your stomach and your bottom are tense.

Then mobilise your shoulders by circling your arms.

You can do it with your arms at full stretch,

and then its important to go right past your ears.

And dont forget the breathing, stomach tense

I was about to say that.

Three more.


One more and because it was so good, lets go the other way.

There you go, in big circles again.

I think all footballers do this, dont they? Windmills to warm up.

Yes, its true. We all do it backwards.

OK, 3 2 1


Thank you.

Thank you! Have fun doing them at home.

Those were the three exercises we did together, although Mo really deserved something else,

because he wanted to be pushed harder.


But its great for you, the perfect way to get started.

If you have any questions or you want some tips, leave a message in the comments were happy to help.

Otherwise, thanks a lot for taking part you did very well.

I had fun! -Have a great season. -Thanks!

Im glad you had fun so did I. Have fun doing them at home!


Germanys top fitness coaches helping you stay fit!

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