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Good morning, sir. - Morning, guys! - Having tea?

Who says this is tea? Starch is better than this. I feel I make tea at home and get it in a flask instead.

Sir, I'll make tea at home and get for you hereon. - Why take the pain?

Sir, please, it'll be my pleasure to do it. - Sir, your picture on Instagram is so cool!

He clicked it. - But credit goes to you for looking so handsome.

How stylish you look in that picture. Also, how stylishly you walk. Could you walk for us now?

You are making me blush.. - Sir! How gracefully you got up.

Is there anyone else who is as graceful as you? - People who flatter him get promoted, not us hardworkers.

Why don't you flatter him too? - I can't stoop to that level. - Can I know what's cooking?

I'm talking about those stupid suck-ups! - Yes, they're so irritating. - We need to teach them a lesson.

Let's complain to the senior manager. - Done!

No one can match your style. I tried to, but I failed miserably. Only you can do it.

I wish I had a fraction of your style.. - Alright, that's enough.

What did you get for lunch, Soumya? - Shut up! You know how many people complained about you?

Complained about me? Who did and what for? - They say you reward suck-ups and not hardworkers.

I favor suck-ups? Nonsense. You know, I don't let anyone be a suck-up. I'm a fair guy.

But many people seem to think otherwise. Since you're my school friend, Ill give you another chance.

If this repeats, I'll have to take action against you. Is it clear? Now you may leave.

'Screw this! Who the hell complained about me?' - Wait up. I brought lunch for you. Take it.

What is in it? - Vada and sambar. - Cool.

Lord, why are you testing me? Even you know I treat everyone equally and reward hardwork.

I don't even know who is a suck-up and who isn't. Please, help me from this ordeal.

Lord! It is you! You look a little broke, without the crown and without any gold.

I'm not God, devotee. - Are you the priest? - I'm not that either.

'Devotee, he is the man, he is the Jackie Chan. If anyone starts flattering, he'll show up and you'll know.'

Thanks a lot, God! Of all the Gods out there, you are my favorite. I love you so much!

You are the greatest. - 'Now don't be my sycophant.' - Alright.

Hey, Tarun, I brought you a gift. Have fun. - What do I do with this? - It is honey.

You want me to make green tea with it? - Not for that. To suck up on our manager.

And why are you laughing so hard? I'm planning on gifting you some sugar tomorrow.

Bro, I'll go in and ask him for leave.

Yes, Venkat, what's up? - Sir, I need half day's leave today.

Already 4 people are on leave. I can't give you leave. - I saw Dabangg the other day. Hritik looked just like you.

Okay, not as good as you. And trust me when I say you should try your hand in Bollywood.

You think of me to be such a fool? A fool of the highest order?

Salman Khan is hero of Dabangg. - Oh, my bad. I saw Dhoom 2 the other day..

Shut it, idiot! - Can I get leave? - No. Now get out!

I can never guess our manager's mood. - Did your leave get approved? - No! He seems pissed.

Maybe someone told him we are suck ups? - Maybe. - Flash in a pan.

Sir, I need a leave for 5 days? - For 5 days? Well, there is a lot of shrinkage

and also you availed all your sick leaves. - Sir, may I ask you something? - Go ahead.

We 5 friends have planned this 5 day trip. Everyone is committed, but me.

So, could you join us as my partner? - Is it true? - Yes! We also have an extra ticket.

Show me that extra ticket. - It is with my friend. I'll show it to you by evening.

Then, we'll talk about your leave only in the evening. Now, get going.

Hi, sir, how are you? - Doing good. - Someone complained about you, right?

I know who complained, Sandeep and Vidya. I don't know what their problem is with you.

You are such a hard working and a fair man and still they have complaints?

What is it you want now? - Who is getting promoted this quarter, sir?

You want to know if you got promoted or not? You are not. Now, get back to work.

Good morning, sir. - Morning, Tarun. - Your shirt is so cool.

I'm not so sure if he is only being a suck up. - I swear, your shirt is so cool.

Oh, so, he is being a suck-up. Come here, Tarun. Is my shirt really good?

Sir, I swear it is. - I've been wearing this shirt for 3 days now.

You didn't compliment me the last 2 days but you're now? I'll fire you if don't stop being a suck up.

Your performance is good, your projects are good and so are your reports. Why aren't you being promoted?

How will we, sir, with managers like you around?

We deal with the clients, we complete the reports, but you keep rewarding those suck ups.

I've this doubt, sir. Do you even know our names? I'm sure you don't.

But you know every detail of those suck ups. They flatter you and you get flattered

but you never care about the team. - Sir, we are sure of the work we did this month

but can those suck ups be as sure? Those idiots can't even send an email and you promote them.

You approve all of their requests, but you never even approved our half day leave requests.

Not just you, sir, the world has become like this where show offs are being rewarded

but hardworkers like us are having no growth.

Sir, since three years, we didn't get a single penny of hike nor any kind of promotion.

Yes, we complained about you. We hope you try being transparent atleast from now.

If you don't, we'll have to take this matter to the HR. - I'm extremely sorry, both of you.

I know I haven't appreciated your hardwork enough. I promise I'll be fair, hereon.

You aren't a bad person, sir, but those suck ups turned you into one.

To be frank, the style with which you walk.. - Stop right there!

I don't want you people to be suck ups too. Now get to work. - Okay, sir. Thank you.

Soumya, Vada and Sambar is amazing. And you know what, I sorted everything.

And how is that? - By rewarding hardworkers and chiding suck ups.

That's good. - You know, like an angel, you saved me from those suck ups.

And also, you're looking too pretty today. - Hold it right there. Say that again.

Without you, none of this would've been possible. Though there are too many senior managers

but you are the best amongst them all. - People complained about you for entertaining suck ups

and now you're being a suck up yourself? Idiot!

How did she know I'm being a suck up? Is the messenger here too? Can you see a messenger?

Yes, I can, you idiot!

Lord, what is happening! - 'I forgot to tell you this.'

'Not just you, even the other person will see that messenger if you be a suck up.'

In every office, there will always be a few suck ups.

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