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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of Light Bites,

presented by Philips Lighting University, our presentation today titled

"Webinar Innovations in Retail Lighting" will be presented by Luc van der Poel.

Luc is a lighting designer with over twenty five years

of lighting design experience and has contributed to the generation of more

than 25 patterns

in lighting design.

Now Luc will be in to tell you this wonderful presentation about retail and

retail shopping so

Luc, go ahead and take it over.

okay thank you for the introducing, Nathan.

Good afternoon everybody I'm pleased to have the opportunity to update you on

this sunny Friday afternoon I see

you are at a Light Bite, let me first put on an introduction slide.

that's where we are here. So it is Friday afternoon, almost weekend

and it seems to be a very beautiful weekend considering the weather of the

Netherlands. I will present you the new innovations

as shown in the retail lighting on Euroshop 2014 by Philips

Lighting. Well everybody involved

in retail knows that the rules are changing nowadays. The shopping journey is undergoing a huge

transformation as result of the internet revolution

Not for long the shop alone is the place to buy products.

The mobile phone is already a new way of

shopping and it will give a lot of stress with the normal retail work stores

One could say maybe even that we still

go digital nowadays. We being a lighting designer

I do see the comparison a bit in the Lighting industry. As

Lighting also goes digital with introduction of LED lighting.

Also here the rules are changed now completely

We face completely new, let's say, challenges. One possibility, one way to get

back the break for stores is through

offering experience. Therefore,

we are lucky to have LEDs now which offer the possibility to go digital

embedding personalization and experience to the form of dynamic

and colored lighting.

The retail service team for Philips Lighting is

the quality of light champion

store design enhancement

green store: performance champion

and innovative store experience. This all to establish

the following effect... attract, engage, covert as we call it

Attract means we want to attract shoppers to stores by offering quality light

and experience. We know that our eyes are very sensitive

to movement and brightness. So these effects are applied more and more

in for example, soft windows of virtual merchandisers.

With Engage we mean that we want to connect customers to the product on display

and bring that in complex with a brand.

And then there is Convert and Come back. We want to sell the product,

but also establish a long lasting relation with customer

and the brand. That's why we say Convert and Come back.

On this growth initiatives

communication teams are built in parallel

and from this we derive our innovation portfolio So let's now have a look to this new


that we've joined on EuroShop fair.

So, the Philips retail teams are based

on portfolio Philips.

Quality of Light. This team covers issues like

color rendering and white rendering. New possibilities in the year affect us will open a new role for

lighting designers. A full pallet of whites

will become available it's no longer color 8-certain or 9-certain

no, everything will become possible

as we will see. The second box Store Design Enhancement

focuses on making the store look more attractive. So people want to come over

and stay longer in your shop. So for this more architectural and design qualities

are looking for.

The third box - Performance champion

means efficient light so that lumen/watt performance should be very high

at least nowadays it should be above 100 lm/w

but I can assure you next year I think we are going to work 140 lm/w

or maybe even 150 lm/w.

It also includes well defined themes with flattering lights

which can create interesting product presentations with narrowed shadows

What we want of course is to see the quality of the product on display.

In supermarkets, especially the fast food presentations get a lot of attention with

color enhancing

light. Lighting fashion, texture, color and white rendering

are of main importance.

The white boards deal with initiative store design.

We see how LEDs are introducing this LED lighting

to the retail world.

The result is programmable, theoretical lighting

which brings experience and causes some interaction and this is especially today

to complete the experience in the store. And it's very highly needed

because we really have to compete with online shoppers.

Shopping in the real stores should be exciting, it should be fun,

and it should be inspiring you.

In the low boxes you saw the innovations as they were shown on

Euroshop. So let's not go there in detail because

we will pass by all these innovations 1 by 1. So let's look

at the first application and the first innovation in the year.

First one is called CrispWhite, I personally think

this is the first development in the new reach which will grow big

in the near future

We will see a revolution in light as a physical, let's say

as a physical phenomenon.

As in today light was available at various types of color rendering

but in fact most light sources are used at least in retail where

3000 k or 4000 k and they had a good color rendering.

When using, however, energy bringing solutions the choice is

often limited to only 830 or 840 light

sources. Thus often it is fluorescent or MasterColor.

Now with LEDs

it becomes possible to make every color temperature we want

and not only that. We can also change the color rendering qualities.

And we can go above and develop control bar.

so we can make really dedicated spectrum.

CrispWhite is specially

developed for the business group

after receiving the request to see if the white rendering could be improved for textiles.

For fashion designers it is very important to show clean

white light or let's say clean white fashion

but that means to show that we need clean white light.

The question was

I am a Store owner and I need solution that can replace CDM,

however I am not convinced that there is appropriate

retail solution for LEDs. LED light sourced make whites

look dull. So the light is especially developed to

bring out in the best from both rows. And then

we discuss saturating the color with also

whites for textiles. whites do not look greasy or yellowish anymore.

Today white can really be presented as truly white.

So we combine

the best of both worlds. For white

rendering normally 4000K light would be

preferred, so cold light. Light for saturated colors, warm light of 3000k would be

better. So CrispWhite is white of 3000K with an extra specks of

blue in the spectrum. The result is shiny white

fabrics, really shows that fashion is purest

and let's say banished to the way you really want to show white textile or white services.

The next innovation is customized light.

As I said, CrispWhite, in my opinion,

is just a start of a completely new trend in retail lighting.

Let's offer the possibility to personalize white light

to your personal wishes.

We will talk about full spectrum of white light

but now all kinds of color temperature are available and we can even offer color points above

of below the black body light. That's why we call this customized lighting.

It gives shop owners and virtual merchandizers a possibility

to choose the perfect lighting which goes best in their shop.

See the white light in boxes here in the picture. You see it's all white light but

you see different shades of white. When you look to a certain

boxes it looks more yellow, other boxes are a little bit more bluish.

Of course you can go with all kinds of fluorescence.


what does this all mean; it means give shop owners, merchandizers

possibility to choose the perfect light that goes best with their shop.

On jeans it can be slightly cooler with a speck

of blue, while with jewelry warmer light can be used. Spots growing will look

better in

the daylight like lighting and luxury products could ask for more

heritage look lighting solutions. I really expected in the future a lot of

stores would have their own specific light. So just

imagine a Philips brand store did a special Philips

white spectrum of white inside. But of course

it's not only Philips; you can fill in every big brand here and you can imagine that

they were

asking for their specific white light they want to have.

Well enhancing products with special light sources

which were used in supermarkets for many years. I remember introduction of the LED SUM lamp for

fruits and vegetables.

An the metal halide lamps which were used to

really enhance the fish with silver skin.

Now auto-leds solutions are available giving even more

color freedom.

Extra advantage here is that LEDs have no heat of the beam

so no heat in the beam, which is a very positive impact on keeping the products


Today special LED fresh food spectra are available

for available product groups. We have, for example,

a rose for meat with a pitch of extra red, which makes

them look more appealing. We do have a frost

for fish and ice with an extra shortage of blue in the spectrum.

We also have the champagne, which begins extra warm light to present bread and

pastries. It makes them look really over fresh.

And we do have AuthenticWhite, the very good color rendering

that really enhances fruits and vegetables in the fresh fruits

departments of supermarkets. A big boom in the food industry is

the waste of food. In general 40% of food

worldwide is thrown away. It's our strive

to let's say make a more sustainable life. And also the European unity

and the United Nations made agreement to reduce the waste of food

by 50% by 2025.

If you look at supermarkets, especially sliced meat is very sensitive to degradation

over time and the shelf life is very limited.

Food waste can cost up to about 4% of retails revenue,

in corporation with partners from meat industry and universities

a special LED submission been created with a special adapted

spectrum. The result is that meat will degrade

slower reducing its waste and have a longer shelf life.

Compared to conventional lighting, for example, the HID lighting, the shelf life

can be extended with 30%.

At the same time of course it's also possible to improve the

quality of lighting

with 40% having the same shelf life as before. So it means we can make drama and

present products

in a more terrifically way in the supermarket.

and of course what we've already said, that's what we want as we are looking

for more experience.

Okay, so here is our giraffe that came all the way

from the Euroshop and she now lives in the Atrium of

the Philips Lighting Headquarters.

She represents the ProAir and it presents the design of a famous

design office LAPD in the UK as to strengthen our positions in the LED.

Not only the design here was important here

but also we developed a pole system which means that we can aid the spot

from the floor.

It was developed on the customer request

to make a safe pole system for the employees

and for on board dangerous actions. So that's what we do.

Now you're staying on the ground, you have a pole and you will be able direct the spot

in the good direction.

So as you can see here the ProAir allows

the head to tilt but also twist by rotating the pole

Of course as the product is available in black and white and various beams can be applied: narrow beam,

leading beams and also white beams will be available. We look at the ProAir spots

and here you can see the ProAir product tools which can be added

to create better use

to reduce glare for example.

How let's have a look to the price-winning product innovation

called FlexFusion.

It received an AET innovation award. This award

is given by the jury of architects and interior designers for innovative

trends in retail products.

Also here we introduce the stick to ending spot in the ground

that my colleague Christian is joggling

Joggling idea behind that, however, is not,

let's say, to have easy aim but to offer more visual

quiet solutions receiving in stores.

because in this case the store, sorry, the spot

is completely flat on the CD.

So when you aim the spots, the window

stays completely vulnerable in receiving

the lighting can be aimed into direction directions, under different


The result is an adjustable spot as exclusive as the downlight

and more flexible in aiming in a corner spot.

The new special optics system allows to

direct light with 360 degrees space

it really go all around and you can tilt the light to the 45 degrees

various beams also here will be available

like narrow beams of 30 degrees and leading beams of

25 degrees. Well

as I said FlexFusion is everything about

the complete design with the joggling concept

as we did find out, really starting for normal design.

As we did find out it is not only promoting we can also

use it for product market service where we got very positive reaction

for the version which was made for track marketing

you can imagine that if you have a look at a spec at

different directions because it becomes really noisy,

all the products look the same so you get a clear rid

of spots

but still you can aim the light in all different directions

Of course we are in the digital era today and we cannot live without mobile phones


Everybody panics when you don't have this thing in your pocket.

Should have also version which should be aimed with the help of

an app on the mobile phone.

It is much easier instead of using a ladder.

so you see

how my colleague shows that you can aim


staying on the ground and you say okay this

is the place I want to have the light and then the light colors

in the right direction.

Another trend in short is the use of


well it is not always possible to have this light.

So we also make daylight panels with artificial light inside. This also makes a more pleasant

atmosphere in the store. We also know that daylight

in such spaces make people feel better and it is an option

to create a daylight where it is not possible to have through the roof.

Just imagine that you have a supermarket and you have tens of apartments above.

in this case

the artificial way gives an impression of real daylight

in the supermarket. And here you see example

of the panels we developed and not only

coming out but also when you look above

the light coming out is really white, you see that the panels have bluish effect so you really have

a feeling of a direct connection with the outside world.

Luminous Textiles what you can see on this slide

with a low resolution light effect. I not completely knew but

they really start to find their way to the market and seems architects and designers start talk

more and more

that really want to use it in shops. And as said experience is key

nowadays and when you're trying to get customer in your shop

or let's say when you're trying to get lazy kids out of their

chair and go over the family shopping then it is very nice to use

this lights effects

are appreciated by people as the product brings not only experience but also a kind of


in the space which will help to keep

people in your shop longer. Next to the light the soft panels can also help you

improve acoustics required in the space where they absorb


In a race to deliver performance champion the new

generation of StyliD has been introduced.

the generation 2 of our StylID.

It is an efficient LED spots with a

passive cooling and the performance of all 100 lm/w

The color rendering can be 80 or 90 even if needed.

Of course there is a choice between 3000 and 4000 K.

and various light beams are available.

The StylID has a newly developed optic system

with a honeycomb reflector and

perfectly defined beam with high beams in the center

to create a contrast on your presentation. For the rest

you see a smooth transition from the center of the beam

to its edge. Color uniformity within the beam is perfect

so you don't see any angle or the color


You see even more energy saving lighting controls also in this


Green Store

approach. Using that lighting can already bring savings

up to 40% in energy. Any lighting controls

with dimming can extend your saving to even 60% overall.

The next challenge for us now is to sit and find the information on

commissioning and also the use for the customer.

This Green Store will even introduce a new solution

to implement controls easier comparable, for example, with the homes,

let's say, thermostat that you have at home to arrange let's say a climate

in your living room.

The first projects are under constructioning now and expected that we

start on a new trend in retail lightning

In this presentation you see on the big spot

beam with horizontal lighting in the supermarket,

and less on the vertical lighting. The idea is then

the vertical light is to attract people to really go there

and then only when people enter the corridor, the horizontal lighting

starts, which enables us of course to save energy.

well all new solutions possible here all resulting

in energy-saving and more


The AmbiScene Mirror also got a lot of positive

reactions. We want to bring the quality of your fitting room to a new level

with flat screen and ambiance making light.

Customers now will have an opportunity to make their own lighting setting

in the fitting room for the ultimate fitting experience.

This positively effects buying decisions and it helps you to reduce the return of


With a infusive font of light

in multiple settings will allow you to see yourself

in the light you will be very special one.

So still we're talking about white light and the good color rendering but for example

cool light with a very high lighting that you will see yourself

in a jogging outfit. Or let's say a medium lighting

of 4000 K which relates to business kind environment

so when you buy for example a suit for the office

you can see yourself in the light you will be wearing it.

And when you buy a dress to go to the restaurant or to the theatre

at night you may want to check yourself in a low lighting level with

warmer light.

So all this is possible

with the new, let's say, vanity mirror.

well it's not only that you want to see yourself.

in perfect lighting conditions but also maybe you want to make the space where you see

yourself more impacting.

So next to perfect white light we also can add the color ambient lighting

to bring people more to the right mood. As for example the season can be arranged.

As for example can be done in the spring setting, summer setting or

winter setting

but also we can bring you in the right ambiance for example

for night out by introducing more disco like effects

so we're talking about cold lighting in RGB

which is coloring the walls around you so you

see yourself in white light but you can enhance

the space and make much more interesting. Here are already some proof points from

our Ambi group taken from the Livera.

Livera has created a fitting room with 3 lighting scenes

Live, Life, Love as they are promoting

theme and the sales increase of

15% was reported here. In a Triumph store in Singapore

a fitting room was fitted with dynamic lighting from Philips with a 40% sales

increase. One of the things that really contributed was

the buzz that instantly was created by customers

on the internet. People really were talking on Facebook and twitter

and a lot of people asked to come over to check the experience

and of course by then the sales went up.

Well in my opinion one of the most effective developments shown

in their is the indoor positioning system.

Since the mobile phone has become the most important shopping tool and cannot

be dismissed

totally anymore. Think about your phone and you really see its

becoming part of your shopping engine and then indoor positioning is

becoming really important in my opinion because it can really bridge the gap

between real

and online shopping so in your positioning uses

intelligent LED for lighting you can communicate with customers via smartphones

or even other device, iPad, whatever you want.


indoor positioning will deliver targeted audience opus

so you are at a certain brace. Just imagine that you walk in the

corridor and you pass the Coca-Cola bottle and in that

position you will hear that the second bottle is for alter

price so this really targeted information

targeted people and special locations

in the store. It can ring indoor navigation with the help of finding

product in the shopping list in a very efficient way. Just imagine that

at home you write the list of everything you need and in the supermarket

you get the most efficient route to really pick the product you want to have.

It also helps you then to find the products and not

forget products. And of course also personal

couponing or cross sell opportunity become possible

next to old forms of offer near shelf advertisements.

and you can imagine that when you pass a certain wine

that makes you get a movie from the winery where this is coming

from and also it explains much more about how the wine is made

obviously this kind of new technology is becoming more attainable

for indoor positioning.

well last but not least I want to present you are dynamic shopping concept, we've already

said that we need to attract the customer to the store

and it's not very simple because everybody is trying to do the same as to where you are

in the ad street and where in the main shopping street

you will see that everybody in the stores are trying to get people in their

stores so you really have to compete with them so by using control and dynamic

lighting effects

you can really make a difference and you can really capture the attention of the

people walking in the street and of course we can do that

with normal spots by just adding, let's say, controls

and giving the possibility and to get them into spot

and in this situation you get very dynamic attract. So shop window that created more attraction

and can help me to tell the story that you want to tell

to the street and help you to get more people in to the store.

So that is the end of my presentation on the

Euroshop 2014, I hope you find

it interesting and inspiring. At least the weather forecast in the Netherlands is perfect

so I want to wish you all the nice weekend and I know

now want to hand you back over to Nathan of Philips University

goodbye and thank you.

Thank you Luc for that informative and very interesting presentation

and also like to remind you to sign up for April webinars

one presented by Onno Willemse on adaptable smart buildings

so the future of lighting buildings and a post webinar

post video on the Lighting building so in case if you missed any innovations and reveals

of Lighting building, this is the chance to view them

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