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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kuruluş Osman 10. Bölüm Fragmanı

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Foundation Osman what will happen in the new chapter?

Will Sheikh Edebali give his daughter Bala Hatunu to Mr. Alisar in order for ahis to

have a permanent place in the market?

And more importantly, what will Osman Bey do when he learns about this situation?

How bad is Ertuğrul brain disease?

And who will be joining him on the show?

Alisar Bey, Kaydan Dündar Bey daughter Aygül Hatunu as well as Sheikh Edebali's daughter

Bala Hatunu wants to get what is the purpose?

And more importantly, what is the real reason why Alisar Bey does not care about Aygül

Hatun, the daughter of Dündar Bey?

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Now, as usual, let's move on to our 100% accurate analysis.

We know that the reason Sheikh Edebali did not give his daughter Bala Hatunu Osman Bey

was because they were not equal to each other and that this equivalence was for Osman Bey

to take lessons and teach him something.

And that's the only reason?

Or is Sheik Edebali planning to give her daughter Bala chick to someone else?

After all, Sheikh Edebali is a very wise man, not only religious but also scientific.

He knows a lot of people in the neighborhood and more precisely in most places around him.

If his daughter Bala Hatuna thinks that Osman Bey is no match and wants to find someone

more powerful and wiser than Osman Bey, it will not be difficult for him to find that


Or, if the person who is closest to the daughter of the people around her is not even Osman

Bey, this means that her daughter Bala Hatunu, Osman Bey is not the only reason not to give


Perhaps he thinks that the only reason for the continuity of the ahis and for them to

take part in the market is to give his daughter Bala Hatunu to Mr. Alisar.

We'll find out for sure in the next episode.

What if, as I said, Sheik Edebali wants to give her daughter Bala chick to Mr. Alisar?

Then what will Osman do?

In time, Ertugrul Bey saved his wife Halime Sultan when she was going to marry Aleppo

Emir Al Aziz, and perhaps we can see a similar scene in the establishment Osman series.

Now, our second question is Ertuğrul Bey's disease.

According to Abdurrahman brain, Ertuğrul brain disease degree is not good, even the

disease has passed up to his lungs, treatment was essential.

What if the degree of illness is worse than expected?

Then the organization will die before it can be included in the Osman series and its history

will be a mistake.

So, obviously.

Why would writers who killed the Sultan of Halima early in time not kill Ertuğrul Bey?

So they can do it, but they won't.

This is not because of historical error.

If Ertuğrul Bey dies ahead of time, the ratings of the show will drop even too much, even

in the number of viewers.

So the degree of Ertuğrul brain disease is not bad.

He just needs to rest because of his old age.

Already at that time if his lungs were very bad organ transplant etc. and since there

are no treatments, he probably won't survive the trip.he should have died soon.

Of course, I hope none of this happens.

And with him will probably come the prosecutor, Artuk Bey and Turgut Bey.

Because Ertuğrul brain is not the only reason to go to Konya.

His son also went for the prosecutor's training and other jobs.

Because if that was the only reason, he wouldn't have taken a lot of people whose place in

the Obada was important.

What is the reason why Alisar Bey wants to get both Bala

Hatunu and Aygül Hatunu and, more importantly, why he doesn't care about his marriage to

Aygül Hatun?

As a result of his unnecessary self-confidence, he wants to get both the daughter of Sheikh

Edebali Bala Hatunu and the daughter of Dündar Bey Aygül Hatunu.

Of course, there will be problems between the two sides who will not tolerate it.

Dündar Bey, Sheikh Edebali's reaction will certainly be both.

The reason why Alisar brain does not care about his marriage to Aygül Hatun is that

he does not see apricots as a threat to his own affairs.

The reason for this is that the person at the head of the records is not Ertuğrul Bey

at the moment, but Dündar Bey.

In his own obasında and more importantly in his own beylik tent Suleyman Shah's Otağında

Bey who can not prevent even his own son from being disgraced, let alone Alisar Bey, no

one is afraid.

So right now, Mr. Alisar doesn't see apricots as a threat.

He's just spying on Mr. Osman.

But one of the important questions here is that if this marriage is approved, which of

the first and second wives will be Alisar Bey?

And more importantly, how will the person with the second wife and her family react

to that?

Although his first wife probably received permission from Dündar Bey and Aygül Hatun

agreed, Alisar Bey will want his first wife to be Bala Hatun, daughter of Sheikh Edebali.

He might even want to marry two people in your mirror if he wasn't ashamed.

Of course, there will be no marriage as a result, although it seems that Osman Bey will

prevent this.

And as a result, there will be an endless war between Alisar Bey and Osman Bey.

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