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What is going on KoKo Puffs, welcome back to my youtube channel

This is a follow-up to my last video where I talked about three mistakes

We could be making that are stopping your booty from becoming juicy five things

You need to know if you're trying to grow your booty without growing those thighs

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It's totally free for you and it just means so much to me when you're trying to grow your butt without growing your thighs

You're going to need to increase your calories by 350 calories per day

I think everybody knows that by now while people may not know is that when you increase your calories by?

350 calories per day. You're going to gain about one pound every 10 days

Your job is to make sure that that one pound is going where you want it to go

instead of being stored as fat

On your lower belly or somewhere else that you don't want it to be these steps are the steps

You need to really understand and grasp and do so that you can get results number five

You have to set a goal for me personally

I like to use Trello to set my goal and this is an actual goal that I have set for myself in the past

I'm not going to go into the details of how to set a good goal or why you need goals

but just know that you have to have a clear goal if I'm going to be honest with you number four is

Crucial and that is avoid hamstring focused exercises

If you don't know what hamstrings are your hamstrings are the muscles in the back of your thigh

and if you're trying to grow your booty you really want there to be a

Contrast between your butt and the back of your thigh. So you're gonna be working your butt a lot

My hand looks really weird and you're not gonna be working your hamstrings very much

The result is you're going to have a big strong butt and we Kemp strings, but your booty will be popping

You want the booty to be like?

Some examples of hamstrings exercises that you want to be avoiding during the period we're growing your butt but not your thigh

It's things like hamstring curls seated leg curls

Deadlifts, it doesn't mean you're not gonna work your hamstrings ever

but just

Just between you and me

if you're trying to grow your booty leave the hamstrings alone so that they can just stay and your booty is just like

Number three you want to make sure that you are using the correct macros for me?

Personally when I'm intentionally trying to gain weight for whatever reason I typically would go for a 50/25/25 split

50% of my daily calories will come from carbs things like potatoes rice bread

25% of my cow are coming from lean protein sources so stuff like tilapia

chicken breast

Chickpeas Greek yogurt that kind of stuff and 25% of my calories would come from fat things like cashews

almond butter avocado

Stuff like that. You don't have to use those macros

I'm just sharing that with you because I know that when I watch videos like this

I like to know what the person actually did not just what they're telling me to do. Number two

Do the correct exercises on my last video?

I sang the praises of glute bridges the Almighty be amazing my favorite booty exercise

Glute bridges and a lot of you had questions about squats. So here's the thing

Yes, you can do squats when you're trying to grow your butt with our core your thighs

The thing is squats shouldn't be the main go-to

Exercise in your regimen think of squats as your insurance policy so that when you eat those extra 350 calories per day

when your body is done putting some of it in your booty your

Body knows to put the rest in your legs because you've been doing your squats. Otherwise, there's a really good chance

That's just gonna get stored as fat fat in your arms or your abs, or I don't know on your back

I have multiple videos on my channel where I do. These were exercises with you and complete

Workouts and I will link a couple below and you can just do the ones you like pick and choose just be consistent

sister, I

Was gonna try to rhyme but I couldn't think of anything. So that was kind of a fail number one

This is the most

Important one and probably the one that's gonna take me the longest to explain which is why I saved it for last

And this is the issue of should you lift heavy?

When you want to grow your booty without growing your thighs

The first thing people are gonna tell you is you need to lift heavy. This is not

Necessarily the case for everybody a lot of the people that tell you to lift heavy they are


Bodybuilders, they are bikini models

It is their job to go to the gym every day and lift some heavy weights

The good news is you can grow in nice shapely

Juicy booty in the comfort of your own home and let me explain to you how this works

If you're a beginner, you have to start with body weight. That is not just my opinion

This is the facts in any scientific text

Now when you are comfortable with the moose and the form and everything, I'm feeling good

Then you can progress to adding resistance

You can add resistance with resistance bands, which come in all sorts of different levels of resistance

You can also add resistance by using weights

My personal preference is dumbbells when you start adding dumbbells to your booty routine

You're going to stay with those dumbbells from like 10 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds

10 pounds to 40 pounds is a good amount of weight to use to do your glute bridges and your hip thrusts in

the comfort of your own home and the truth is a lot of you will get the booty you are dreaming of

just from doing this no gym required it is when you have

Exhausted that 10 to 40 pound range that you can then graduate and you're talking about lifting heavy

Now the question is how do you know how do you know?

When you're ready to graduate from using 10 to 40 pound dumbbells to actually lifting heavy weights in the jump

This is just a general suggestion a good test that has worked for some people is to see if you can do

100 glute bridges

With 40 pound dumbbells in 10 to 15 minutes if you can actually do that

Then your glutes are probably strong enough to handle weights heavier than that in the gym

So I hope this gives you some context around what it actually means to lift heavy

This is for your safety and also to help you get the best results

So all of that being said, what can you do right now?

I have linked two workouts below that you can do right now in your house and see where you are and

Leave me a comment. Let me know

What other topics you want me to talk about related to this issue of having a booty or anything else?

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