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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE PARANORMAL COLOR MORPH SOAP 2.0 - Cold Process Soap Making | Royalty Soaps

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- Hello everyone, welcome back to Royalty Soaps.

My name is Katie Carson.

I am one of the soap makers here on this channel.

Sometimes, I'm known as the Duchess of Suds.

My brother Kenny is the Earl of Suds.

He is the other soap maker here on this channel.

And today we're going to be making

a grape soda/intergalactic galaxy soap.

It's just a lot of purple, a lot of rainbows,

lots of silver.

It smells amazing.

The middle of this thing is gonna look a little bit weird

when the soap is still raw.

But after it saponifies, things get a lot better.

Also, there's a lot of weird camera angles

that we're trying out in this video.

We have a new camera as you guys probably already know.

So we're trying to see what we can do with it.

So, bear with us while we experiment.

And without further ado, let's make some soap.

So the first thing we're gonna do is pour

our lye-water solution into our oils

down the stick-blender.

Recipe I'm using today can be found

in the description box down below.

And if you would like to get our quick mix of oils,

meaning all the oils down below,

but mixed into one convenient jug

that you can purchase from Nurture Soap.

Then you can also follow those links down below.

So, let us blend this on high with our stick-blender.

(upbeat electronic music)

For this soap, we're going to have two accent colors.

So I'm just gonna pour off a little bit

from our large bucket.

So because this is like a galaxy grape slushy soda theme,

we're gonna be using a lot of purples

and some blue toned silvers.

So for the first accent color we have a little bit

of Antique Silver mixed with Celestial Silver.

Antique Silver is from TKB.

Celestial Silver is from Nurture Soap.

The next color is gonna be one of our purples.

This Pow! Pow! Purple from Mad Micas.

That is so much fun to say.


That is grape, nay, nehi, I don't know how to pronounce it.

It's grape something, I'll link it down below.

This is Pow! Pow! Purple.

So we're gonna add that to the large container.

To the large container,

we're also adding some Eclipse EnviroGlitter.

Look at that sparkle, this is from Nurture Soap.

So first, I'm gonna mix these in with a spatula.

And I mix that Antique Silver with the Celestial Silver,

because Celestial Silver has a blue undertone

which will match those purples.

And now for the big one and all the glitter.

I am going to stick-blend these

to make sure that we get the most

out of those purple colors.

But as you can see, they're pretty potent

even without me stick-blending.

Caleb is going to love this soap

because purple is his favorite color.

The fragrance oil we're using today

is Grape Soda Pop form Nurture Soap.

Now I've used this before.

I have a video, it was at one time our most watched video

here on this channel.

It does some wonky stuff to your soap

when you first mix it in.

But after you let it sit, it goes away.

It's another one of those paranormal activity things

that happen with the colors.

A paranormal color morph.


- [Cameraman] All my gosh, she just dumped it in.


- [Katie] It's the proper amount, it's been measured.

- [Cameraman] What an ugly color.

- [Katie] Don't you worry my friend,

it'll get much worse before it gets better.

Watch this, hmm!


It smells really good though.

Can you smell that out from where you are?


- [Cameraman] No.

- [Katie] Looking gorgeous!

This one's gonna be stunning.

You like that purple color?

Let me make it a little better for ya.

There we go, hmm!

That one actually doesn't look as bad.

Now I didn't actually use these colors

the first time I made this soap,

so I'm hoping that it does turn the right colors

after it sits for a while.

I'm a little concerned about this one.

But you never know, until you try.

So, now that everything's mixed in,

let's pour it into our two brambleberry molds,

after this quick commercial break.

(relaxing electronic music)

So I'm gonna pour a lot of this base purple

or whatever color this is now,

into our two brambleberry molds,

because we don't have that much for the drop swirl

which I did do on purpose by the way.

I just didn't want as much accent color on this.

I wanted all of these purple sparkles

to sort of carry this soap.

I'm gonna put the silver, green, whatever that is in first.

And I'm dropping it from up a little high at first

before I put in the next purple,

and then I'll drop it from a little closer after that.

I just wanna do two passes.

An I know it's really ugly right now.

Don't be fooled.

Get a little closer for this one, just like that.

A little closer for this one.

- [Cameraman] Man, that does smell good.

I can smell it now.

- [Katie] All right!

- [Cameraman] Grape soda.

Look at that luxury color.

- [Katie] Oh!

- [Cameraman] Quality enjoyment for your whole family.

- [Katie] And now that I've scrapey, scrapied

my big containy,

I'm just going to add a little bit more

into both of the molds and then we will move along

and begin frosting the top,

and let me tell ya, the frosting is gonna be way prettier

than this is right now.

'cause it doesn't have any fragrance oil in it.

So the first color that we're going to add

is once again, the EnviroGlitter, super sparkly.

We're also adding some of the Pow! Pow! Purple in there.

(relaxing electronic music)

So I have my frosting bag all filled up.

It is super sparkly.

And it's still a little runny right now.

I decided to pipe a little bit runny because

I want the frost thing to look really fluffy

and I wanna make it kinda tall.

And I also wanna have a lot of time to put on the drizzles

and the glitters and all the pretty things

I have to put on top.

Now can we all just agree that grape

is in the top three for artificial flavorings?

Sure it doesn't taste anything like a grape,

but it tastes really good.

It's just like cherry.

No it doesn't taste anything like a cherry,

but it tastes really good.

You get to banana an yeah,

it tasted like bananas tasted one time,

and it tastes really bad.

Another good flavor is blue coconut.

Blue coconut is made up.

There no such thing as a blue coconut.

But that artificial flavor in those sonic slushes

are super-good.

At least I don't think there's such thing as blue coconut.

If there is, oh god tell me,

'cause I definitely need to know.

Every time I use this piping tip,

I think to myself, Katie you should bake more,

you should make more cakes

and you should use that piping tip.

And I tell myself, yes Katie, that is a very good idea

and then I never do it.

This purple color reminds me of a video game character.

And I don't know which one.

- [Cameraman] Wallah Luigi.

- [Katie] Maybe that's it.

I feel like there's a little dragon that looks like this.

Is there a dragon video game.

Is it Spyro?

Look at me, look at me!

I actually know what I'm talking about.

I'm pretty sure that's a '90s video game though, isn't it?

- [Cameraman] An oldie but a goodie.

- [Katie] But no, never played.

- [Cameraman] Me neither, but I hear it's a goodie.

They look like little creatures

with those little bendy hats or something.

(Katie laughs)

You saying the purple people

reminds me of that Horrible Harry book

that Mother read to us when we were kids.

It was like Horrible Harry and the Purple People Eaters.

And he like crafted them

out of little weird stuff that he had in his desk.

You saying that too reminds me of Junie B. Jones

for some reason.

I read one of those books

over at mine and Kenny's parents' house not that long ago.

That is a very mischievous, smart child.

Like as a kid I was just like, yeah Junie B.

Poor Junie B. always getting in trouble.

And now that I read it as an adult

I was like Junie B. what a handful.

- [Cameraman] Once you have kids

then you're like this kid is too much.

- [Katie] Yes, because like and Mrs. heaved a very big sigh.

And see I always felt bad for Junie B. Jones,

like aw, her teacher doesn't like her.

I wouldn't either.


So using some of this grape color from Mad Micas,

we're gonna do a little drizzle on top.

It's nice and runny

so I want it to kinda seep into the cracks.

Make sure everybody gets a little bit.

This will soak right up into the soap, by the way.

I've had a couple people ask me recently,

like does that oil just stay oily?

No it's doesn't.

It leaves the color behind.

The oil soaks in as the soap continues to sit.

Next we are putting on some large hollow glitter.

This is gonna add to the whole, you know galaxy feel of it.

And there's never a wrong time for hollow glitter,

you know what I'm saying?

I'm also gonna be adding a little bit

of this Silver Bio-Glitter from Mad Micas

just to make it even more gorgeous.

I'm specifically adding this to the sides of the soap.

We're also going to add some of these silver colored salts.


(both laughing)


- [Cameraman] Isn't that a woman?

- [Katie] Yeah, but it's Goldfinger.

- [Cameraman] Yeah, but you're not supposed to say

Silver finger

- [Katie] Now on the top we're gonna add

these gorgeous signature soap gumballs

that I made with Eclipse Glitter

and some Ye Olde Neon Purple colorant

from TKB Trading.

Every bar is going to get one.

And lucky for me, this purple is a different type of purple

than the piping so they stand out really well.

I don't know why grape

needed to be like a galaxy inspired soap, but it just did.

And a mostly purple soap has been requested a lot recently.

What can I say?

The people like the purple.

I have such a glove problem with them getting all flappy

on the tips of my fingers.

So I'm gonna finish putting these little soap gumballs in,

then we're going to add

these shiny silvery and white paper straws.

I'm gonna spritz the top with rubbing alcohol

and then we will bring you guys in for a close up.

So here are the grape slush intergalactic purple soaps.

I haven't picked a name for it yet,

as you can probably tell.

They look super cool with those straws stuck in them.

And that hollow glitter, yes please.

So we're gonna wait 18-24 hours

and then we're gonna come back

and take a look at that hopefully beautiful inside

that has transformed

into a gorgeous purple after this quick commercial break.

We're back!

Look at him.

In fact look at this on the side.

Now that looks much better than it did the other day.

I told y'all it would turn purple.

I'm gonna turn this thing on the side.

And we're gonna line it up with Evangeline.

My gosh, if it doesn't match Evangeline like perfectly,

what ho, it appears I have misplaced some of these.

Well looks like a few of 'em are getting the old chop.

That's all right.


We're gonna do the best we can and line it up.

And it's still quite easy to cut.

I'll take one right here out of the middle.

And this is what it looks like on the inside.

What the crap?

What is this?

It's gone in a perfect square.

I do not understand it.

I don't know if that's gonna go away.

Once again it appears another paranormal color morph

has taken place.

What even is this?

I'm not even joking.

It's in a perfect square.

How did that happen?

And I know you guys can see it

'cause we actually have a good camera now.

So it smells super amazing.

Per usual the scent is always really strong

in cold processed soap.

I think with the next couple batches

I'm gonna add a little titanium dioxide to this gray

and this purple just to make 'em pop even more.

And once again I have no idea if this is gonna go

and stay a square in the middle or if it's gonna turn back.

Like seriously what's going on with that?

But you can see the glitter all throughout the bar.

It's very shiny.

Oh my gosh it's so beautimus.

And of course there's the glitter on the top

with the little soap gumball embed.

And our little straw.

So the question of the day is,

do you call it soda or do you call it pop

or do you call it Coke?

And yes, I know that Coke is technically a soda,

but down south everything carbonated is a Coke.

And I don't wanna hear anything about Dr. Pepper down there.

So y'all have to let me know by clicking the i

in the upper right hand corner of the screen,

there will be three options there

and you should vote.

What do you call it?

Let me know.

Okay this is the biggest transformation of all the soaps

I've ever done.

I'm dead serious.

It was brown before people.

And every time I do this,

which has now been a total of two times,

it never ceases to shock me

that it actually goes back purple.

And for this bar that I'm holding up

I did change just a little bit.

Sometimes I do that.

Whenever we film I'm always filming the very first batch

and if there's something about it that I want to be

like a little more vibrant I might add a little more color

in the batches to come.

So this one it's even more purple.

And the gray is even lighter.

So that this drop swirl really like pops.

It's even more poppin' than the one that I cut on camera.

It smells so good.

Seriously the best grape fragrance of all time.

If you need something grape scented

I can highly recommend this one.

Be sure you do something fun for yourself today,

whether that is, I'm drawing a million bazillion blanks.

So I was gonna say something space themed.

I almost said do something fun for yourself

like fly to the moon.


- [Cameraman] Like fly to the moon.

Get outta here.

- Because that's totally feasible.

Get in your private spaceship and leave.

If flying to the moon is not an available option for you,

perhaps you should just get out a telescope

and look at it from here on Earth.

Either way do something space themed

and have a grape day. (laughs)

And until next time, bye for now.


(upbeat music)

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