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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: lasagna

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one way to improve your skills in

English is by watching cooking videos in

this video I'll show you how to make

lasagna for this recipe I made my own

sauce and here are the ingredients for

the sauce I use a can of crushed

tomatoes tomato tomato paste onion

garlic fennel seed Italian seasoning

basil salt and pepper but you can also

just go to the store buy a can of pasta

sauce that would be easier but it

doesn't taste as good so I recommend

that you make your own sauce

oh the parsley goes in the sauce too in

addition to the sauce you need lasagna

noodles cottage cheese 2 eggs mozzarella

cheese there's about 10 and a half of

mozzarella cheese here Parmesan cheese

parsley and also zucchinis I have 2

zucchinis this is going to be a

vegetable lasagna boil some water for

the noodles first I spread some sauce on

the bottom of a 9 by 13 inch baking pan

this is a special pan for making lasagna

the lasagna noodles fit the bottom of a

pan that's why it's important to have

the right size now that the water is

boiling I'll add lasagna noodles to the

water and boiled noodles for 5 or 6

minutes the noodles should be al dente

that is they shouldn't be cooked all the

way through the noodles should not be

cooked all the way through because the

sauce will soak into the noodles so now

the noodles are in the boiling water

I'm using tongs so that I can take the

noodles out of the boiling water without

burning myself don't let the pasta cook

for too long

or else it will get soggy so I'm going

to take the these big noodles out and

put them in a colander I'm gonna drain

these lasagna noodles and rinse them

with cold water

the noodles are then placed on top of

the sauce six of these long noodles fit

on the bottom of the pan in a mixing

bowl I'm going to put 16 ounces of

cottage cheese in here you can use

ricotta cheese but cottage cheese is

less expensive I'll add two eggs I'm

cracking the eggs now I'm gonna mix the

eggs first and then add this to the

cottage cheese two tablespoons of

parsley this is about two tablespoons of

parsley here I cut this earlier

and add a little bit of salt and then

just mix this up this is gonna be one of

the layers in the lasagna mixing this up

this is a mixture of cottage cheese two

eggs parsley and some salt about half of

this will go on top of these noodles the

cheese sauce covers the noodles

completely next the mozzarella slices

will go on top of the cheese sauce next

I'll put one and a half cups of the

sauce on top of that mozzarella there's

one cup and it's about half a cup and

then just spread the sauce on top of the

cheese the sauce is now spread evenly

over the cheese this is a vegetable

lasagna so I'm going to add some

zucchini thinly sliced and these slices

will go on top of the sauce

I'm slicing the zucchini put those in

Keaney slices on top of the sauce so if

there's a thin layer of zucchini on top

of the sauce these are sliced very thin

that's about an eighth of an inch next

put another layer of the lasagna on top

of the zucchini

and then on top of the noodles spread

the remaining cheese sauce it's a little

watery but the noodles will absorb the

water put on another layer of the

mozzarella slices this goes over the

cheese sauce on top of the cheese you

can spread the rest of that pasta sauce

on top of the pasta sauce you can put

some more mozzarella cheese this is all

this cheese is all pre-cut I also put on

some parmesan I put them out 1/4 cup of

Parmesan cheese on top of the mozzarella

now it's ready to go in the oven first

I'll take some aluminum foil and put

this on top this will stay on for about

30 minutes the first 30 minutes that it

face and then I'll take this off preheat

the oven to 375 degrees

after the oven has preheated then you're

ready to put the lasagna in that will go

in for about 30 minutes after 30 minutes

I'll take the aluminum foil off of the

pan and let it cook for another 30


after 30 minutes you can take the

lasagna out of the oven it should look

like this

this looks like it's done

Bon Appetit

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