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- Organic or not organic? - That is the question.

Let's talk about that.

♪(theme music)♪

- Good Mythical Morning! - Organic food is becoming

more and more popular as more and more people ask questions about

what is in my food. Are there antibiotics in there?

- Growth hormones? - Pesticides?

Pesticides! All kinds of stuff!

But here's the question; Can we tell if it taste different?

- Does it look different? - Hmm!

What do our taste buds and our visual experience dictate?

- It's time to play: - ♪(shopping music)♪

Don't Panic, but This Food May or May Not Be Organic!

- (Rhett) First up: Strawberries. - And here they are.

The two strawberry groups. Each in their own ramekin.

Now, here's what we're gonna do: We're gonna taste these and we're

going to put which we think is the organic--

We're gonna put our flag, our organic flag, in that one.

- Mhm. Mhm. - Then, at the end,

whoever loses is gonna have to drink a shake of all the ingredients that we

- taste throughout this. - Now, I do not see any pesticides,

like, emanating off of one ramekin or the other.

There's a definite difference in these, though.

I mean, I'm just gonna say, right off the back,

if I had to pick which one was organic, I would say the one in front of me because--

- This one's smaller and this one's wider. - (Rhett) Hm. I don't know,

but you see how, like, nice that looks right there?

You know, they do stuff to strawberries to make them look good

if they're not organic. So, I would expect the ones that

- are not organic to look better, - Well--

and I feel like that one looks better, but which one tastes better?

- Mm. That's good. - That's a juicy strawberry.

That's a doozy of a strawberry.

- Woah. - Ooh, those pesticides really come through.

Not at all. It tastes exactly the same to me.

- There's a wildly different taste. - (crew laughs)

It's like it's a different fruit. It's not even a strawberry.

- Are you kidding me? - (Rhett) No!

(Link) The one on the right doesn't taste like a strawberry?

One of them tastes like it has nutrients packed more tightly than the other.

This one is not as sweet as this one to me. Do you agree or disagree?

I'm not going to give away anything at this point.

No, I'm just saying, "Which do you think is more sweet?"

Well, that might give you an answer. One of them feels like it has--

Well, fine, I'll vote, and then-- No, I meant to put--

(Rhett) Aw! Oh, come on! You waited, man!

- I thought I was voting for the non-organic. - Okay, so we both put our organic flags

- in this one. - (Stevie) Okay, you guys ready?

- Yeah. - (Stevie) You're both correct.

- (ding sound) - Yeah!

- Yeah! - (Rhett) Next up: Beef.

No hormones, no anti-- How does a cow not have hormones?

- They're added hormones, man. (laughs) - Okay, good. Cow's gotta have hormones too!

And then it's grass-fed so it's not, like, in a feed lot somewhere.

- it's out an about. - Mm. Let's both eat off of the same one

- at the same time. - (funny voice) Eat off of the same one.

(normal voice) Did you guys season these because it doesn't look like there's any

salt and pepper on it. It's like,

(caveman voice) "No marinate. We just cook the cow and eat it!"

- Yeah, it's un adulterated. - (crew laughs)

- (normal voice) Here we go. Ready? - Tastes good.

- You taste the hormones? - I taste a little puberty.

- Ew, gosh. - What's the taste of puberty?

- Put that on your label. - Don't. I think you misunderstand

- the whole hormones thing. - (laughs)

Hold on, you just took a teeny teeny bite.

I don't need a big bite. You know how long it takes me to chew.

- Mhm. - (Link) And then going in for this one.

(Rhett) There's knowledge in chewing. This one's a lot better.

- (Link) Well, I think it's a fattier cut. - I don't know which one's what.

- That one's a lot better to me. - This one's a lot better.

- Oh, oh! So what-- - Organic doesn't taste good to me.

- Hold on, what are you trying to say? - Organic doesn't taste as good to me.

- Oh you're with me then. - I just figured that this is a fattier cow,

which means it probably has a diet that's actually not right for it,

- but that actually makes it taste better. - Yeah.

No moral judgments at this point. I'm just saying I think this organic.

- Mm. - (Stevie) Guys. You're both wrong.

- (buzzer sound) - (yelling) Aww!

- (Link) Next up: Enchiladas. - (normal voice) Definitely some

massive differences between these. There's one big enchilada instead of

- (both) two little enchiladas, - and more of, like, a refried mass.

- But that doesn't mean anything. - Yeah, they're two different brands.

I can tell you one thing, I want to eat it.

I'm gonna taste some of this one at the same time too.

Smells-- (sniffs) Like-- (sniffs twice)

An enchilada. I like it.

- That's good. - I want more of it.

(Link) Get a little of the rice. A little bit of the bean.

I kinda just forgot what we're doing. I'm just eating now.

- (laughs) Yeah. That happens with me. - It's just like, "Yeah. I like all that."

Whenever we're not eating testicles on this show,

we tend to just get lost in the pleasure of it. Alright,

- and then we're going for the other. - Oh, this is different consistency here.

(Link) It doesn't taste as good, but I don't know.

- I'm immediately gonna say - Spicy though.

this is organic and the reason why is because, not only did it taste better,

it looks better. It just looks more expensive,

and I think when you're willing to pay more for organic-ness,

you're gonna also get the better enchilada.

Everything about this one tastes better and last time that meant that it was organic

- with the beef, - Mhm.

but, you know what? Sometimes, people are like,

"I'm gonna make this organic," but they forget.

- They make it good? - Especially when they mix it all together,

they forget to mix it in the right way. I'm gonna say that that is organic.

- Let's mix it up a little bit. - (Stevie) Link,

- Yes? - (Stevie) you're correct.

- (ding sound) - (yelling) Aww!

- (laughs) - (Rhett) Next up: Cookies.

- Now there's nothing I hate worse than - Than a cookie. (laughs)

a cookie covered in pesticides. I mean, why even do that?

Why you gotta spray pesticides on the cookie?

Again, that's not how it works, Link. The cookies are not grown.

I think it means that all the ingredients that contributed to this cookie are

- or-- Organic! - (Rhett and crew laugh)

- I forgot the word. - Now, this one right here,

it's got some dinky chips. This one's got some buried chips.

This one feels like it's going to be better-- Just a better cookie.

This is like a homemade cookie right here.

- I love a good cookie. - (Rhett) Oh. Oh. Hmm.

- That's a nice, nice cookie. - You kinda have to taste through

- the ingredients. - Do you?

It's not the cookie, it's the things that contributed

to the cookie, so, I need to think about the chocolate.

I need to think about the eggs that contributed to this.

Do I feel like a chicken is just running around freely making these eggs

that contributed to this cookie. I'm gonna see if I can taste that.

Well, go ahead and taste that one, 'cause then whatever you taste about

this one will be accentuated by tasting that one in contrast

'cause this right here is mill-y cookie. This is more like a Chips Ahoy.

This is definitely not as good as a cookie.

But when you get the sweetness, you would think-- Oh.

- You're going with organic on that? - Yeah.

When you start coming up with, like, guilty pleasure sweetness desserts,

- I don't know, though. - organic is not gonna make things as good

- when you get to stuff that's bad for you. - That's a good logic,

- (crew laughs) - but I don't agree with it.

No. No, no, no. This one's not as good for you.

Yeah, which means this tas-- What's my logic?

- (crew laughs) - (Link) This tastes better,

- therefore, this must be organic. - This is organic.

- (Stevie) Okay, final answer? - Mhm.

- Yeah! - (Stevie) Link, you're wrong.

- (ding sound) - (laughs)

- (Rhett) And now, tortilla chips. - May I?

- You may. You gonna smell? - Hm. Very corny.

- (laughs) - Not nearly as corny.

- Oh, come on. No. Here. - (both) Corny. Not nearly as corny.

- (both laugh) - Wow!

So, let's go with these sad excuses for corny smelling things.

But maybe sometimes corn is too much corn.

It's not even real corn. It's, like, genetically modified super corn.

- But that's still corn. - I mean, it's a good taste.

- Not overwhelming. - I don't just like it.

It lets whatever you're dipping be the star,

- like any good organic food would do. - Misleading.

- To the corny. - (coughs) 'Bout to choke on one.

- (mimics coughing) - This is how I'm gonna go out, guys.

Chokin' on a non-organic tortilla chip. (coughs)

It definitely tastes purer. It tastes like somebody just took a

- cobb of corn and pressed it real hard. - Hm.

- Natural. - (crew) Oh.

- (Link) Aw, yeah. Look at that. - Corns don't hold things up.

- Alright, let's have it. - (Stevie) Rhett you are wrong.

- (ding sound) - Aww!

Yeah! I knew it! Now let's try baby formula.

You know, I was a formula baby. A lot of people don't know that.

- I believe I was too. - It was the time, you know?

Sometimes I think about what I could accomplish if I had actually

suckled the teet,

- Well, let's not get graphic about it. - but alas I didn't have the opportunity.

Now this is just organic powder that you mix with, I guess,

- organic milk if you're so inclined. - Or is it organic?

You think green means organic? That's not how it works, man.

- Alright. - (crew laughs)

Dang, you really gotta have some suckle power,

- and that is some nasty stuff. - (screams)

- That is bad. - Man, babies' got bad taste.

I think you mean babies taste bad things because we feed it to them.

Have you ever seen a baby cry over how much they want this?

Babies' got horrible taste! That's what I'm saying.

Babies have no taste. Babies, sometimes you suck. (laughs)

Guys, this is horrible. I hope this one's good. Eugh.

You think the other one's gonna be good? Babies don't know what's up, man.

- Man-- - You think organic babies know something

- better than non-organic babies? - Yeah, they got, like, baby pesticides stuff?

- It's what makes it taste so nasty. - Woah. It is better.

I can't get it to produce. I mean,

the level of suction I'm creating in my own mouth is making--

- You have to-- - It's making the blood come to my--

You have to massage the nipple. Massage the nipple.

Just pinch on it. There you go.

Oh, gosh. This one is less heinous than this one.

This one is over fifty percent less heinous.

(Rhett) Less heinous. So, what does that mean?

- I think it means that it's organic. - I think babies have horrible taste, though.

You know what? You know what? They add sugar to this. That's non-organic.

- I'ma thread the nipple. - (Rhett) Sugar can be organic.

But they didn't add that. There we go.

I think you're right about this, Link. I tasted a real woman's breast milk,

- Yeah. - and it made me want to hurt myself.

- Right. Yep. - So, I'm thinking that this one

- Yep. - is the closest to the real thing.

- Yeah. - This is organic.

- Are we right? - (Stevie) I think you're both wrong.

- (buzzer sound) - (both) Awww!

(Rhett) Next up: Cat food. Here's where we stand, though.

- You're actually up by one at this point. - What do you mean, "You're actually up"

- Yeah. I'm definitely up. - Believe it or not, you're actually up.

No, I'm saying you're up at this point, which means I can't win.

The best I can hope for is to get this last round right,

- Mhm. - You get it wrong,

and then we both share the shake, but it might just be me shakin' alone.

- Yeah. - I don't know.

- Take a double sniff first this time. - Oh, gosh.

- (crew laughs) - Cats' got worse taste than babies.

(whispers) Cats' got worse taste than babies.

- Ooh. That's almost good! - What?

The one on the left is almost good! Like a tuna sandwich!

You smell that one and you tell me which one's worse.

- Yeah. There you go. - Ew.

- (laughs) That's right! - It's all about which cat food

- you sniff first. - Yes. I don't want to be friends with

- a cat that eats the thing on the right. - Hmm. Your breath is nasty.

Your left. You know what? Tuna melt. Think tuna melt.

- And then think, "Worse day ever." - Meow. So lets eat this one first

so we can wash it down with this. The decisions we have to make on

- this show. - (crew laughs)

I don't think there's gonna be any washing going on.

- (Link) Oh, that's kind of a meager-- - Meager? I'm a human, man!

- Come on, Rhett. - Okay, let me see what kinda bite

- you gonna take. - You're gonna mash it?

- No. Oh gosh. - You gonna mash that?

- You can't get that down! - Okay, challenge accepted.

- Let's try to swallow it, okay? - Okay. Oh. Lost a little bit.

- Ew. Yeah. - Yeah. The cat will eat it later.

- Here we go. - Hold on. You know what?

It looks just like a pâté at, like, a fine party.

"Have you had the pâté? It's like chocolate mousse."

- Now it's mousse? - (crew laughs)

- (fancy voice) "I'm just at a party. - (fancy voice) "This is a great party.

- The party is so good. - This is the most interesting mousse

- I've ever had at a party." - They had to go out of their way.

The mousse is incredible." (normal voice) Oh!

(normal voice) It's bad. It's got a metallic taste to it.

That's the worst party I've ever been to.

Dude, hurry up and get it down 'cause we're only halfway done.

That taste-- It got a really--

- It was a bitterness to it. - I got it.

- Cats are stupid. - Cats and babies need to just take an exit.

Okay. Now, this one is more like a tuna melt. Sunday afternoon. Chillin'.

(fancy voice) "This is next weekend's party.

- (fancy voice) "Oh, it's another party? - Yes! This is at Rodger's house.

- (Link) Tuna melt at Rodger's. - I'm still tasting the mousse

- from last weekend. - (Link) For reals?

- I've been tasting it all week!" - (normal voice) Dink it?

Meow! Mm. (like cat) Ew!

- (Stevie) Ew! - Eew!

- I don't know how to proceed because-- - (normal voice) Aah! Got it! (laughs)

- This one's - This one's a new chapter.

significantly easier to eat, but what does that actually mean?

I mean, I think it means that it's organic. There's something added to that one.

- Ooh. - This is what I'm saying.

Now, listen, you can vote with me and you guarantee yourself a win.

- Yeah. - The only way you can loose is by

voting differently than me. I'm gonna make the case for why I think

this is organic. We've been feeding Barbara some

Bushi dog food, and I've thought about taking a bite

- a couple of times. - (crew laughs)

And we got some, like, Newman's Ohm kinda, like,

in a can, and I open it up and I'm like, "Oh, is this for me?" and I just feel like

they just don't care as much in the non organic world.

But if I do this I'm guaranteed to not have to drink the smoothie.

That is what is before you, but some people might see it as

cop out, but, I mean, I don't.

- (crew laughs) - (Rhett) I wouldn't see it as a cop out.

Which one do you think is organic? You should go with your gut, man.

You think that's organic? Then go for it.

I think this one's organic, but the Linkster doesn't cop out.

- Oosh. - (Stevie) Okay, well,

I guess you're both drinking that shake in Good Mythical More!

- Aww! - (ding sound)

- (laughs) You didn't-- (laughs) - Dang it for not copping out!

Hey, let me just tell you as we get ready to eat that shake in Good Mythical More,

the conclusion here is: Organic, across the board,

- tasted better. - Even for cats and babies,

- who we now hate! - Yes!

- (crew laughs) - Thanks for liking, commenting,

- and subscribing! - You know what time it is!

Hi, my name is Ricardo. I'm from Costa Rica,

and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.

We post videos on Facebook that we don't post anywhere else.

That's called exclusive, baby.

Exclusive babies! Click through to Good Mythical More.

Click that 'i'. We're gonna blend everything together

into a punishment smoothie that we both have to drink.

(laughs) Yeah, you do. Rhett and Link think the camera

- has stopped rolling. - Okay. It's over. Out.

- No Good Mythical More today. - So, are you going on Friday?

- Yes. To the meeting. - To the Illuminati meeting.

- Absolutely. - I'm gonna be the one with the ram's head.

- Right. - (crew laughs)

- Completely naked. - Right. Right.

You'll recognize me by my birthmark. You know which one looks like Florida.

Right, and I will be the human triangle. Their mascot.

- Oh, okay. - I was elected.

- I didn't know you had to do that. - I'm elected, yes.

- Okay. - It's sweaty.

- You know all (inaudible) in there. - But listed, here's what's gonna happen:

- (laugh) It's fun. - Is it a triangle that's got a middle

that I can jump through as the naked ram? Because I'm into that.

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