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Posing for photos can feel super awkward! You can be standing there for a long

time feeling pretty confused and uncomfortable! *Look at this bike it's so

cute! Okay let's try pose next to it! So today I'm going to share with you my top

12 poses that you can add to your arsenal. If you have a graduation wedding

or just through a really fun Instagram photo shoot that you want to do

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Pose number one: so you're sitting down and you want to make your legs look

longer and leaner it's like my head is gonna attach to anything like it says to

match my legs I love the architecture of stairs I think it really draws your eye

into a photo stick one leg up and then one leg back so not too high if you're

wearing shorts be sure to pull line down ladies don't want to show any of that

lean back fix your hair gotta compose because when you extend

one leg out it elongates your legs make sure your legs look miles long and it

draws your eye from one end to the other end of the photo and makes it look a lot


pose number two lower angles can elongate your body for all of you petite

and short girls out there if you're going to love my next tip have your

photographer kind of lower the camera a bit and Ankle it upwards don't really

look so much taller when she angles the camera down low it's all about the low

angles that way it makes you look so much longer and taller that is how I

make my legs look like they are five feet long even though they are not

pose number three bringing your arms up is a great way to show off your sleeves

if you're doing a fashion shot or jewelry also looks very carefree make

sure for this pose to always point your fingers along at your fingers make sure

to kind of point one direction because it makes your hand look so much longer

sometimes when you're taking portrait photos it can get kind of boring and

you're just smiling towards the camera it can feel a little awkward so a fun

prop you can add to your photos if I had some flower petals so you could simply

just take a few off of the flower bush and just throw them into the air and add

a nice dynamic yield to your photos

moving on to the next pose so you want to take an outfit photo but you want to

look taller this is one of my favorite go-to poses I like to stand with both of

my feet next to each other and then I will bring one foot in front of the

other this pose makes me look like I'm taking

a step forward and sometimes I'll even look left or right and not directly at

the camera so it looks like this is something that's a candid shot but it's

not really if you ever feel uncomfortable during a photo shoot let

your photographer know you want to review the images so you can get a

mental note of how you're doing

my next posing hack is to play with your clothes or accessories if you're feeling

a little awkward just play around with your skirt or put your hands in your

pocket but not all the way in you can also hold on to your collar you can also

like tug on your shirt a bit I think it's just fun if you play around with

your clothes it makes it look a lot more natural and casual

next I'm going to talk all about how to perfect that fake candid you know that

image where you feel like wow did he look really happy or how did they

capture that moment so well alright I'm ready for my walking shot did you get it

did you get it did you get it okay I like to swing my arms back and forth

tapping and rocking back and forth can help capture that candid walk and then

kind of laugh and look behind me and smile that's just one of my favorite go


however photographer take 10 to 20 practice images that way you don't feel

that pressure that you're going to get that perfect image not every picture has

to be perfect you know I usually go through a shoot and take 300 photos and

only underusing one it's time for coffee because I am sleepy I don't think I got

enough sleep last night I'm going to show you how you can pose with your

drinks so I really like just like interacting with your drink so taking a

sip or just kind of looking away and playing with your hair it just makes it

feel a lot more natural and less Posey feeling a little bit bloated that day I

know everybody does usually looking straight ahead at the camera is not as

slimming as looking from the side you feel that when you look straight on it

kind of looks really awkward a lot quieter

you can look naked even if you're wearing an off-the-shoulder pop let the

wind do its work put your hand here and

thank you hi every photographer shoot this photo a little bit from above and

then angle your body to the side a bit to watch your arm

sometimes your arms can squish really tight against your body you just kind of

want to realize that and that way your arm looks nice long and lean and then

you can also look a habit or like look off to the side and kind of smile and

your profile will tend to look a lot more slimmer if you ever feel that

you're over sexualizing any of your poses ask the photographer if you could

take a look at them and if you're feeling uncomfortable just let them know

that hey these are some of my favorite poses you don't have to stick your butt

out you don't have to like stick your boobs out those are not poses that you

have to do just be aware that pose in the way that you feel the most natural

and comfortable so those were my top 12 poses that you can recreate for any of

your upcoming photo shoots comment down below and let me know which tip was the

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