Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cathay Pacific Business Class from Amsterdam to Hong Kong on a 777-300ER [4K]

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Quite a handy screen in the hotel.

Time to head to the airport.

Looks like that's our plane!

Welcome to Amsterdam Schipol.

Time to check in.

Welcome to the British Airways lounge.

Nice views of the tarmac

I didn't know Delta had so many flights here.

It 's not too busy in the lounge.

Ooo will make sure to check the arrivals lounge out.

Fairly good food and drink selection

Almost boarding time.

Very comfy seat, there's lots of space.

There are lots of good storage locations.

A slightly retro safety video.

Quite nice amenity kits were given out.

Flash forward to the contents.

Off we go, goodbye Dreamliner.

It's good to see hot chocolate on the menu!

Good to see (article on climate change and Cathay Pacific's carbon reduction policies). Feeling a bit guilty now.

On to dinner . . .

The beef was very tasty, though a tad tough.

There was a good media selection.

Some very interesting films from around the world.

"It's already tomorrow in Hong Kong" is worth a watch.

Love a good cheese selection.

Fairly standard bathroom, nothing to report here.

Time for a film and bed.

I woke up to this stunning sunrise.

It was even more impressive in real life.

A quick breakfast before landing.

This was really nice.

Love a good bit of turbulence!

Hello Hong Kong :)

Let's grab a quick shower in the arrivals lounge

It's pretty crowded in the morning.

The queue wasn't too long

All very nice.

Time to hit the city.

Thanks for joining us :)

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