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Good morning everybody, well it's morning here, good day everybody, um right well in the last video

I made some faux Howlite, i'm very happy because it does look like faux Howlite,

but it's not what I wanted, what I wanted was the gold pattern to work in it!

i've I inserted at the beginning, um a picture of some beads that gave me the

inspiration to try and make it, so you.... oh no we've got a Doris! hey come on, can you get down, oh

come on, go and lie on your mat, good girl, sorry guys i'll let her in because she said she was going to

be a good girl, hmm...... anyway um yeah so I was really happy it does look like Howlite um but I

I should have explained in the video, I personally

don't like putting acrylic paint in polymer clay, uh I know a lot of you do, but I had such a bad

time with it, I tried making a faux turquoise stone, and I followed, uh

it may have been a Jessima Tutorials, um, I followed it, and um I was using Fimo

and it just went into a sticky mess, we all know raw Fimo doesn't react well to water

or all sorts of liquids, um it's you know, it's in the makeup of it, and i've said this before, Fimo slightly different than a lot of the other polymer clays out there

and it does react quite badly sometimes to liquids, so I tried that twice and I just gave up, I was

really disheartened, and then I found out why it was reacting and I just decided I don't want to

put paint in, when I finally got it to work it just broke! I was sanding it and it broke!

so i just don't do it, um you know, you may get better results than I got,

I just kind of set a standard in my mind then, that I wasn't going to use paint within my clay,

painting it on when it's baked, you know, fair enough which is why you don't see me do it,

when I did the stencilling video I actually used liquid clay, I didn't use stencil

paint or acrylic paint, anyway that aside, I sussed it out yesterday, how to put some gold veining in.

so I just did it with some scrap that was on my desk, so this is a little bit of white and a

little bit of translucent, um so it's not the same density as all white, and it needs tobe,

I mean this looks like a beautiful stone and I may attempt to do this and call it something else,

but for Howlite it needs to be a very dense colour, like opaque

not translucent, so now I've babbled on for 10 minutes..... um we're just gonna need some

again some white clay, i'm using Premo, again use whatever you've got guys, um you know and you

could do turquoise, couldn't you oh um any colour, it you could just make a faux

stone uh but for the purposes of this, I'm just gonna keep calling it Howlite, so we need some

white clay, we need some gold clay, now I've just got some Cernit metallic here, um in gold again

whatever gold clay you happen to have, we only need a little scrap of it, uh so you might just have a

you know a scrap ball of mixed metals, somewhere um as long as it's a light colour, I think it'll work.

so i'm going to use white clay, a little bit of metallic, and i'm going to use some liquid clay

um i have this clear sculpey liquid and i've just purchased some um

of the clear, i'll just hold it up and you can see, clay softener and thinner by Sculpey

um so um i'm going to use a couple of drops of this, as well just to help thin it out but again um

use whatever liquid clays, or softeners, you've got we want to make a very runny paste um

so that's all we're going to need, and of course um a couple of moulds or a couple of cutters

and i've had some fabulous suggestions by other people in the comments of the last video

about trying um some flakes or maybe trying UTEE which is the ultra thick embossing enamel um

but i just tried this first and it worked to treat so um experiment guys,

um you know if it's just a little bit of scrap and it doesn't matter what colour it is just experiment,

I mean, I find it like, it's really good fun um a little bit disheartening sometimes if things don't turn out properly, but at the end of the day, it's just a tiny bit of clay isn't it um

right i'll go on, um I need to condition my clay if yours is very fresh just chop a lump off, and

chop it up, it'll be fine, this is just, um, I hadn't realized I hadn't sealed it, and it's

just um it just needs conditioning a little bit, i'll go and condition um some clay we'll do the

white bit first, and then um we'll make the paste. so i'll see you in a minute............ okay guys i'm back um

i've conditioned it,i've not overly conditioned it, i've just got it a little bit soft..... so like I said there was just a bit of a dry end on it.

and i'm just stacking it up just to make a little block to chip, into um

you may not have to do that, so

I think I may have conditioned slightly more than I need,

but again it doesn't really matter does it, we just need a bit of white

there that'll do, and as we did um in the last video if you've watched it

um i'm just going to take a piece, and i'm just going to chop it,

into reasonable sized pieces, um if you notice with Howlite it's not as fractured, the veining

and the pieces of stone are actually um quite rounded, between the veins so

we don't need it as fractured looking as we would, say, maybe if we were doing a faux Quartz

we don't need as angular, that's why pushing into the mould and things

I wasn't being overly careful, because I didn't really need to be,

let's just give that a tumble to break them up, um I am going to do this other bit, again it's

probably a bit more than i need, um but if I finish them nice..... i'm actually thinking of opening my Etsy

shop back up, because I have got a decent selection of samples now, um so I could sell my samples

and then add some uh, finer finished pieces as well, um so I'll let you know if I do guys,

I closed it just before lockdown um because I just wasn't feeling it.... if you know what I mean

it's not closed..... it's just on a break..... there

give them a little tumble to break them up any bigger pieces, i'll just break with my fingers

right we'll just pop this to one side, in fact i'll just pop it onto a scrap of paper then it's

easier to move around, we'll just pop that to one side while we work on our gold, now,

this gets a bit messy, but probably not as messy as if you were using acrylic paint

but it's good fun, so i'm just going to take um a little piece of this Cernit and that's

more than enough, I'll just chop that in half, we're gonna mix some with liquid clay to thin it into a

a paste, and with this piece we're going to chop it up into tiny little

tiny little pieces, and it does stick together a little bit um so i'm just

separating these pieces, um so I can just work on one piece at a time and it doesn't go all clumpy.

so yeah we're just going to chop this up into the tiniest pieces of grains that you can manage

i'm sorry about the blade clicking.... uh oh I thought I hadn't plugged my

microphone in then but i've just glanced up and I have, right, so we're just going to chop

this up and i'm just trying to keep it separated the best I can

I feel like i'm baking or cooking or doing herbs or something

there we go, i'm just going to bring my white over and this is why i've done it in

separate pieces, because this is quite sticky, i'm just going to pick some of these crumbs up

and flick them onto the white yeah you can....... oops just double check and you can

see what i'm doing guys........ and so we've got little crumbs um flicked throughout

our clay let's put those little bits up, i'll just give that a little tumble to distribute them

and then we'll add a little bit more

and this will give us the um

a more chunky vein I think that's what I was trying to create with the embossing powders

because the veining on Howlite isn't a fine vein, it's quite um quite a thick vein, and there's um

like little um pieces of colour grouped together, um so the vein isn''s more of a marbled

vein isn't it, than a fractured vein, um you know I did study a bit of geology when I was at University

um but i'm not totally on board with a lot of the um terminology, but i'll do my best,

let's just get this split up a little bit

yeah you see the clay gets warm, it starts to clump back together um so just

little crumbs is all we want,

and then again i'm just going to pick some of these crumbs up,

and just sprinkle them over the clay,

and I think I think i'll just do one more guys, I had cut four, but i'll just

do one more, I think that'll be enough, I don't want to over saturate it with crumbs,

now as i said previously, I don't like adding paint myself, um

I thought it just weakened the clay for me guys,

I wasn't um impressed with how things turned out....... but at this stage

you could possibly, know just, add a little bit of gold paint as well and miss out the

the liquid part, entirely up to you, I know a lot of you do make some fabulous stuff with

mixing paint and things in, just my preference not to do that,

hence all my experiments,

i'll just give this a little tumble again just to get those crumbs distributed uh

make sure that there's no huge bits stuck together, but again it doesn't

really matter if there are a few clumps because it adds to that thicker parts of the veining,

right and now we're going to work on the liquid part um

so i'm just going to take this, i might as well add this a bit of a bit, that was there

it'd be interesting to revisit the Howlite using black clay and black liquid clay or maybe

you know gray it down a little bit with some white

because it would make the veins become more chunky uh wouldn't it, rather than that very thin fracture

line, uh yeah so i'm just softening this up a little bit in my hands and whatever liquid clay

you've got, obviously um it needs to be either gold coloured um or a clear or transparent one,

i am just going to add a couple of drops of this clay softener initially, just to get it flowing

you just use what you've got um I just want to get it kind of squishy um

so it makes it a little bit easier for me when i'm mixing

yeah that's really soft now, really, really soft, all the mica on my fingers, right i'm now gonna add

some clear, i have given this a big shake up earlier guys

oh I can never undo these tops properly, and i'm just gonna

get some liquid clay on there and I shall just get one of my little tools, these are um actually

dental tools, I noticed a lot of people using them um and obviously very sturdy, i've got

a couple of plasticky type tools, and sometimes they snap, because I put so much pressure on them,

so i treated myself to a set of these dental type tools, I just got mine off Amazon

and they were, I think there were 12 and there was five different tools in, but great

for doing stuff like this, and getting things in moulds and stuff,

now this is a bit of a process, those of you that do your little miniatures and

icing, you're probably used to doing this on your little iced cakes, and things um,

i'm just going to keep getting this squishy.......

and I was going to skip while I was doing this because it does take a minute

to get it sorted, but I would sooner you see the process,

so you can see that it isn't, you know it does take a minute to do,

it isn't overly hard to do, I think i've got my ball stuck in the nozzle again.... oh come on....

yeah I have little balls in the bottom of my bottles to help when i'm mixing

and i'm just going to put another couple of drops of this in, just to make it a bit quicker

there we go, it's getting there now and we just want to get it to a consistency of like

acrylic paint i suppose, uh you know, just get a nice consistency, that we know we can mix well with

our clay

and it's getting there now, almost there, let me just um

try and scrape it together, i'll use my blade i think, where's my old blade?

i'm just gonna.... oh that squeak...... i'm just gonna scrape my pile back together a bit um

just to make sure i've got all that liquid clay

with it, oh i'm making the right mess now aren't I,

there we go,

i'm just.... oh there's no hope is there.... no hope for me!

so somebody left a message yesterday and it just had me absolutely chuckling, and she said,

"I love how you make boo-boos, laugh and move on." and I answered her by saying "that's my life story!

just make boo-boos, laugh, and move on" and it just made me chuckle, such a sweet thing to say, but it

was so true of me, she completely hit the nail on the head,..... there we go, we've got a nice liquid now,

um just making sure that i have incorporated the liquid in, and I will just use this blade again to

get the excess off the top of my knife or whatever this thing's called, it'll have a proper name, and

yeah i'm just going to clean my blade and then i'm going to use my blade to scoop this up

um and like I said guys you could totally skip this part and you could then um

just use some gold paint if you're happy to do that, it's just i'm not......

and it is a bit messy, but you know

it's all part of the fun isn't it,.... let's just get the excess of that off that blade, got most

of it off and now just start tumbling again as you would if you were using paint or similar

and of course like I said we're not too worried about angular pieces with this

for Howlite so it doesn't matter if you're handling it a bit

more than you think you should, um because it would make it look more natural,

i'm just tumbling guys and tumbling and tumbling trying to make sure all the pieces are coated

and i've picked all those little specks of gold clay up within

and i think that is reasonably coated, you know


there we go, right now what I am going to do is.... get off....... I am just going to spread this out

a little bit and i'm just going to let it sit for five or so minutes because I found

when i was doing it before, that if I just let it sit a little bit the liquid clay,

sort of dried a little bit and it was less sticky

um so i'm just gonna leave that just for five minutes, just let it breathe if you like

i'll come clean up um and I shall be back...... let's clean my finger then I can pause the camera..... um

yeah i'll just go and clean up a little bit and then we'll come back and get this together

and make a few cabochons and pendants...... see you in a minute

okay guys this is sat for five or ten minutes, um so i'm just going to

get all the pieces together and start to

combine them, stuck to my paper a little bit,

let's get that in the bin

and again you don't have to be overly careful with this, like you would with maybe um,

what's it called, if you were doing like a fractured quartz, because the Howlite

is quite rounded, um you know the white pieces within are quite rounded, rather than angular and

so you can play with it a little bit more than you probably would with the quartz one

i'm just forming a block trying to squeeze some air out of this

there we go

that's great..... except for my hands of


yuck! and as usual i'm just going to wipe up the excess liquid from the outside, i'm just

using...oops my labels come off, a little bit of alcohol 90% on a wet wipe and i'm just gonna

clean this up a little bit because it'll just save on sanding in the long run won't it

um that's my view anyway.... i try and keep

mess down to a minimum then i'm not having to sand this surface off later

and it doesn't have to be brilliant. just try get,

the excess off, as much as you can, if you choose to do so of course, you may not and that's fine

i've said this a million times but just do you, your own way, you know I might give you the

building blocks, if you like to do something, and you do just do, what you want with the information,

there we go, that's not too bad, now i'll just let that alcohol ink

evaporate off and i'll just put a bit on my hands to clean them up a little

the sparkle in the clay gets everywhere it's very well,

very well pigmented the Cernit metallic,

lots of mica in it..... right let's give this..... oh i'm sliding because my top's wet.....

um let's give this a little slice and see what we've


and there! we've got our veins and you know it's these little lumps and thicker bits of

vein that i've been trying to recreate, i've just got a bit of a bubble in there, but it'll

sort itself out in the mould, but there you go, that's it in a nutshell, let's get some in moulds

i've dug my triangle mould out just because I absolutely love this shape, love it,

um i'll just get this into a triangle just to help

i'll get that in there

give it a squish to get it in the corners

uh it's a little softer than it was yesterday this um

i've let it warm up quite well

just ensure it's in the corners of my mould then i've got that nice angled edge

and get my roller

let's give this a slice

sticking to me already

and i think this is going to look lovely! um most definitely not a fail!

although..... you know i was kind of tongue cheek, joking about the failures the other day guys, i was um

i was a little bit disappointed

but again um it wasn't wasted.... was it.... it did look pretty cool as just plain old Howlite.....

yeah let's get that bit, right that's one pendant let's pop that to one side

I think i'll just make two pendants guys, um i've got a new cutter one of these donut

style off-centre donut styles, so I think i'll do something with um this as well


so quite a fairly decent chunk....oh excuse me! i've got wind! my daughter-in-law recommended

some chai latte, instant chai latte, and it's delicious, absolutely delicious, but

i think it's the cardamom that's in it, it repeats on me, oh getting old now.... things repeating on me!

some of the um liquid clays just oozing up a little bit on this i'll give it a wipe when i've


is that gonna be big enough, yeah just gonna actually bring that in a bit

then there's not much waste left on the


give it a little roll i will bring some lolly sticks in in a second guys, i just want to

get this liquid clay off that surface

then i won't be sanding too much later

right a couple of lolly sticks

just for my thickness

and then i'll give it a little burnish

there we go

let's get a bit of scrap, i've still not cut myself any smaller pieces out,

there we go and i've got some cling film that i'm just going to use to

help it to dome, just make sure that there's no big wrinkles in it before I start

that'll do.... let's see... i'll try and catch that blob there because it's quite pretty

now just get my block to help me guys, because it's quite hard with the

with the film

there we go

i'm just hoping that isn't too thin, but it should be okay

if i support it well, ,

get off,.....and i'll just quickly get these crumbs off because I know from

previous experience that these ones in the middle, are a little bit of a pain to get off,

there i'll just pop this on a scrap of paper

get back into shape.... there, so we've got um a little doughnut and a little triangle

and waste not again, with these scraps, i'll just fold them together and i'll

pop them into.... i don't know where my long thin mould is.... there it is!

i'll just make a sausage with this, it'll look quite marbled this one i think

how much is that... there..... yeah

and i'll just wrap it with this piece

and pop that in

again waste not want not.... get in you, just stuff it in it'll be fine

yeah i've actually had, while i've been doing the testing for this, i've actually

had another idea for something, so that'll probably be the next video

um using similar techniques to this but getting a different outcome

by doing something different, so you'll have to all wait and see for that one,

so that was just using the little scraps up all that cut off nicely,

I know from previous experience that this end always needs a bit of a sand

i can never get it quite flat enough, so there, we've got.... let me get rid of that mess there...

we've got a little doughnut and this one and this one which are baking the moulds

and let's just use these little scraps and make a little bead

oh jumping around..... sticking to my finger

there we go

oh it's very sticky that one, all right guys, i shall pop these in the oven

have a little clean up and I shall be back shortly.... see you in a minute.

Hi guys, we're back out of the oven, here's my pieces, now that needs sanding of course

that side's a bit messy, but once it's sanded it'll be fine, not as much veining

in these, that's that bit of scraps one, that I squished up

not as much veining as we got on this one, I think I used bigger pieces didn't I, but again um

the nature of natural stone is they're all different aren't they,

oh and a little bead..... so i'm not going to worry about

those for the minute because they were just scraps, i'll go and sand these

um and then when we come back, i'll maybe just string this one up for you or something, um just

so you can see something that's finished, but yes, i'm really pleased with how they've turned out

um i'm not sure you'll pick it up on the camera, but the gold veining

looks perfect um, if anything i'd have just chopped my lumps a little bit smaller, um or maybe

i've rolled it so much so that it got elongated because, if you look there on my block

maybe I should have put two pieces together, but that aside, it worked. hurrah!!!!!!!

i'll go and give these a bit of a sand and a buff, and then i'll just maybe string

this one up for you, uh just so you can um see a finished piece, so i shall be back shortly

Hi guys, i'm back, I've just been hunting for some findings because I don't really use a lot

of gold findings, but i just thought this would look particularly nice with it, now look at that,

trying to make sure you can see the veins, i'll bring it up a bit closer make sure it zooms

it looks really lovely, i'm very pleased with it

this was the back side that was quite messy, it actually looks better than the side that

i had planned to use, um but I think you kind of probably, understand now, what I meant by

rather than just having veins through, I wanted these little thicker pieces, to make it

look more realistic, so if we bring up my original one which we are now just calling 'Normal Howlite'

and that's the gold veined one, i'm really really pleased with that, that's turned out great!

so yeah there's that triangle, uh this is a little bit bumpy on the surface, but i haven't sanded it

out too much, um because you know natural stone sometimes has little divots and things in it

so i've just left that piece there that's got a little divot in makes it look more natural

it's not going to go anywhere, and it's just got a lovely a gentle sheen to it, not

too highly polished, to be fair Premo does buff up very nicely, but you don't get as deep a gloss

on Premo, as i've noticed that i do get on Cernit but it lends itself very well then to stones that

you don't want super shiny, so i'll just pop that little one to one side, i've only got two gold beads!

uh i just literally had my bead box upside down hunting, thinking I must have a gold bead somewhere!

and i'm just going to use some of this

coated cord, gold coated card and I think it'll just set it off nicely,

and i'll probably just do myself maybe 20 or 21 inches just to make sure that,

you know, it's a reasonable length for people if they wear it.... where's my scissors?

just warm it up a bit to get that kink


there we go

and i'll do my little usual trick of double looping

I need a bigger loop.... oh.... and then I just twist and pass it back through

and it makes that lock rather than it coming loose, lets get that nice and tight on there

then i'll just add this gold bead, it's actually a metal hollow bead

I must invest in some more of these in silver

because they're great for this bit, because that then fits over the knot, so there we go, just

a quick pendant to show you something that you could do with them when it's finished

and my little triangle, yeah, i'm really pleased with how that's turned out

I know sometimes you can't pick up on the camera, but that little fleck of gold running through it

is just what I wanted, right guys I shall leave it there.... thanks ever so much for

watching me and my daft experiments, in the next video we're going to use some semi-translucent

in one colour and you can use any translucent you want.... i've actually just tested a piece

mixed with Premo, I don't use Premo translucent a lot

because it has that tint to it but when it's mixed with white

you don't notice the tint, so we're going to use some of this, and some white, and make

like this test piece, so we're gonna make a more translucent stone in the next video

so i shall leave you all to it...... thanks again for watching and I shall see you all soon


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