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C(ats)NN : 'I'm Fat, But Cute' Cat's Remark Draws Attention

A Fat kitty 'Yangkun' (Male)

"I'm cute and that's enuff, what do you want more!"

Butler : He thinks his cuteness could be an excuse for becoming lazy

He became a lazy a** cat

I'm not doing anything already

but I don't wanna do anything so badly

Butler : Yangkun, move away!



Ah! Srsly;;;

Do me more~♥

Feel good~

Moving is

too much for me(ow)

Butler : Yangkun, lez play~ Argh, you don't wanna listen?

(Pretends sleeping lol)

Butler : Just my arms are getting hurt

when I try to play with him by shaking the fishing rod

Look at his belly!!

(Pretends not hearing lol)

Butler : I'll be back, stay well at home~


(Left fo sho?)

"Imma take a break for now"

Is it how you take a break..?!?

Even when time passes by


Oh my.. That's not a cat, it's a pig


What did you say just now?



Owner who's back home : Yangkun, what are you doing!

Argh, you broke a house again. What the hell is this!


No one understands me


Dried bonito of reconciliation

He doesn't usually hold a grudge.

Butler : When feeding this, his eyes sparkle

and becomes super bubbly..

Excited Excited

(Hey, let's eat together!)

Can't eat... together :p

PD : Is he gluttonous? How's he?

Butler : I don't think he eats a lot

It's a 60g(2.11oz) of cat food he eats per day

Surprisingly, Yangkun's been eating little


Has a small appetite

Hmm.. Then how can we explain these fats?

Vet : These are all... fats

Food takes up 90% of the cause for cats obesity

(But for Yangkun,) The amount of food or any disease

couldn't have triggered him being obese

As there're humans who gain weight easily even when they don't eat much

Perhaps Yangkun's the same case..

Yup. Yangkun just..

gains weight even when drinking water

Vet : His health will be getting worse if it continues

Butler : Let's run~ You shouldn't be lying down from now on


One/ Two/ Plops

For health

Yangkun started home training

Butler : No, not here!!

(Can we take a break, butler)

Butler : Not there as well!!

"Let me goooo"

Yangkun, let's try one more!

Working out af at home

Butler : Hope he loses weight later by working out little by little

and become a buff kitty

Bought training suits

just for Yangkun..

The purchase of training suits is half done ~ :D

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