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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Père Rafaïl (Noica) - Parlons de tout avec Dieu (Activez les sous titres)

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We should, literally and practically, live as two lovers live;

they do not set up rules like meeting daily for 10 minutes, from this minute to that,

but they long one for the other the entire day. They miss each other if they dont meet,

if one travels far away, its like something breaks in the other.

This is how we should be with God.

The advantage with Godso to speakis that this God,

so distant, is never far away! You say: “Lord!” And before you say it He is with us,

because He is within us, if we are able to find Him there.

In this dialogue, we should always have contact with God

and I tried to instill that thought several times when I said :

Letsgossipwith God about everything, we should not think in an abstract way.”

For example: “Oh, what am I going to do tomorrow, I have to go there and there, and how will I reach?”

AddLord!” and your thought will become a prayer.

Lord, how am I going to get there? I have to go there and there and I dont know how toHelp me, Lord!”

And it becomes a prayer. And it is not less important,

nor less efficient than what we call, in general, “prayer”.

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