Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Music is born from silence

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The path to  enlightenment begins with a  simple vibration.

With every new beat more details appear.

The rhythm begins to touch the spirit.

Theres something subtle in the air.

The melody which forces you to stop the fuss and to listen, to the music, and to your silence within.

Music which can affect us, which can give us strength to change, to find our own way.

It fills us with yearning for what lies far beyond of our understanding.

This music cant leave you apathetic.

After all, it calls us home ...

To the place where our path just starts, where we can find the missing part of ourselves

and to become something more, searching for the infinite Truth.

The main goal of the Ixtlan project is to make an animated series based on Carlos Castaneda books.

We will pay a lot of attention to sound and music in this project.

We aim to create a musical score which will not interfere, but will harmoniously combine with story, and add to it.

The authors books are full of unimaginable scenes filled with miraculous sounds and harmonies,

which until now every one of us had only heard deep inside ourselves..

Now it's time to release them, to share them with the world.

Together with you we will create the music of our dreams,

which will be able to convey the mood of a lone warrior on the path to wisdom.

Join us to become a part of this story, which has changed the lives of thousands of people forever.

Which calls us to embark on the path of the warrior for the sake of freedom,

for the sake of the spirit, for the sake of the silent music that comes from within.

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