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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meg Test Drives & Reviews the Ferrari California 30 and thinks...

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hey you two this is Megan's apathetic car reviews or as I like to call it

parts and emotional labor another one of Dan's friends unbelievably decided that

they were cool with me providing my totally unresearched and thoughtless

review of his car I think that guy's name is Edie

thank you very much Edie for indulging this exercise initial impressions

Ferrari California 30 and this is a newer car this is 2015 2013 so this is a

newish car this is not a vintage one are they still making it no no okay so

they're done with the run of this car yes they now have the Portofino which is

the successor oh the Portofino is the successor to this car yes okay all the

Ferraris are pretty cars of course before owners bring the cars over I

think they probably before down reviews and they're like oh it's gonna be on the

camera tell me on the camera well my car to look its best I want the best showing

I don't mind that this is not the Rosso Corsa this is a darker red looks really

really pretty on this car it's called Rosso Maranello Rosso Maranello like the

town with Ferrari is based yes okay so marinelle is like the Detroit of


knowing nothing about this car because that's the whole point of the videos is

for me to remain totally objectively ignorant about the car the only thing

I've heard in background the only thing anybody is as kind of said that I

remember is that this is supposed to be the girl Ferrari the chatter around this

car is that that this is the woman's Ferrari yeah people say it's not a real

Ferrari okay my initial thoughts about that i 100% do

not think that a bunch of Ferrari executives in marinelle are sitting in

the boardroom wringing their hands about how can we break into the female market

is so fun I don't think they designed these cars for women half the times I

don't think they even care about the male perspective they're just trying to

be cool because a lot of these things are impractical

I don't think based on Oh Jeff's here so I don't think Ferrari at all bothers

itself thinking about what would a woman want in in a Ferrari I didn't like I'm

totally I totally totally totally don't buy that at all that's like the people

in the Tampax boardroom going hello can we capture the male market and I don't

know I don't I mean I don't want to be unkind in that it's it's sexist to say

this is a male interest it's a it's historically male interest the Ferraris

but you know unfortunately statistically there's all this evidence base that it's

a it's a historically male interest hi Jeff hi we have Jeff I have an audience

yes now you know perform yeah not to perform your song no you're okay no no

no that's the realness of it what 98% of dance subscribers are reportedly male

because YouTube gives you that info and so I don't know where these silent

market of female Ferrari patrons are because

they're not watching the videos and from everything I've observed in real life

they're not buying the cars again no I don't want to be sexist that's not

the women can't have a sincere genuine interest in these automobiles it's just

I I have yet to see that community styling cues I don't know that they look

like more feminine to me that doesn't translate for me I don't think the

styling cues are more feminine I think because obviously we're looking at like

this one has sports are those qualifying seats I mean Nick Mallory together let's

do two plus one and a half yeah they're there for like people who maybe lost

their legs I don't know thought I'd try out my sea legs for you ain't got no

legs duty today yes I know that the fact that it has four seats maybe that's why

people are like this is not a real fryer this is the girl Ferrari but like there

are very conventionally masculine cars like the dodge demon that has four seats

yes and that thing will absolutely annihilate a lot of Ferraris am i right

correct correct

dear Jesus all American muscle cars generally what Corvette doesn't but

plenty of cars with four seats that you know outperform many many Ferraris

Mustang Camaro Dodge Charger all that poor seats so like it can't be that I

understand that anytime you put more seats in one of these cars very

rudimentary thing I've learned is that that's more weight which means it has to

go it's gonna go slower than a car with two seats so that much is obvious it

looks this car looks heavier it is this car looks heavier then Dan's and some

about a thousand pounds heavier yeah and a lot of that's coming from this

mechanism for the top oh yeah that might be another reason that I guess people

associate this car with with women for some reason is the convertible top but

again that doesn't follow for me I die really dislike convertibles I think a

lot of women do because when you're riding in a convertible your hair like

and again I don't fuss with my hair I get about two haircuts a year about two

you don't mind to put my hair in a ponytail and I riding Dan's car with

just the window open you get so many flyaways in your face it just looks

unkempt and if you're going to have longer hair having a huge amount of like

fast air moving past your head makes it unpresentable by the time you arrive at

your destination they're probably stats out there we can

probably look them up later but I would say that a lot of women probably feel

the same way if I'm at all representative of my gender which may

not be true either enjoyable for a dude with short hair and he doesn't mind it

doesn't matter what his hair looks like especially if he's wearing a hat

I'm never gonna be one of those girls whose hair perfectly convertible perhaps

maybe it's less aggressive looking than the four five eight it's not like as

dramatic the curves certainly there are cars I think of when I think of the

styling cues that like look really like the Vipers look really masculine some of

them especially the higher-end Vipers it just looks hostile and aggressive

probably outperform a bunch of bikers oh yeah yes this does not look more

feminine to me it just it looks heavier yes and it looks more practical because

it has four seats what would be an analogue to this car in the other

supercar brands is that a thing maybe but yeah yeah Aston Martin's Maserati is

because it's a great it's a great yeah it's a Grand Tour you know it's not so

like the jet you know yes actually half of the Ferraris I've seen a Jag vibe

yeah it's still a Ferrari it's but like you know somewhere someone his

grandparent was a Jaguar you know it's like one quarter Jaguar you look at

styling yeah it seems very long up front yeah well that's because the engines up

front okay there we go yes um it's not a mid-engine well

technically it's a front mid-engine whatever if you look at people like

Danna Richard in the nura garage and they have food scales and they're

weighing the weight differential on their canards in carbon fibre or

whatever the else the originals were made of so one pound six ounces even

watch this will be heavier I suppose pounds it's hard to get over if we're

weighing the little yeah little like parts in the front of the grip the rims

look nice is this one been lowered nope okay do these these don't often get

lowered yes I'm gonna guess not as often because they're more practical I like

the little contrast like chrome colored scoopy things that

is specific to the Ferrari California 3000k it's pretty

I like that detail on this one this is a very good choice I think that those

aren't scoopy things it's a venti thing it's a venti thing

yeah Fendi is like a word for a coffee it's

really like I just caught event it's a venti well now it has to be a venti okay

those are bendy things this very classic combination with interior I love the

camel colored leather I think a lot of dudes don't it's not as medicine black

it's black black oh yeah I guess Oh probably does get way easier it gets

dirty yes yes the exhaust it looks less pronounced than some of the other

Ferraris yeah um do they mod the exhausts on these what is often dudes

who get Ferrari when the sound a certain way noise quality is important we have

Jeff here who's the 355 representative which I which purportedly is the best

noise quality of Ferraris that are going how does this one rate in your opinion

in terms of noise quality very good it's very good yes but when the valves are

open when the valves are open oh this one has like the 430 in the four five

eight yeah it's got the exhaust valves okay okay

it loses something I guess in terms of bits like this is awesome appeal when

you can't see the motor through the glass which is very much like yeah as we

talked about thank you that gives you a certain feeling boy names this car after

an American state so which is unusual I don't think there's another Ferrari

there is what the 250 California Oh gorgeous car this is almost better than

having a real 250 because you can drive this that's the ferris bueller car oh

okay so this like a successor well the name is yeah but it's not the same vibe

I'm taking it it's not romanticized like that car no okay even I can recognize

the the Ferraris from the like in the era of that original California are

particularly beautiful yes um even though this car would far outperform it

here you want to do the trunk

it lifts it's just heaviest oh that is heavy

that's the thing to do whoa okay so this is a very big piece and I was expecting

like more room but yet it's not there's there's not a lot of space in this and I

guess that's because of the top yes and that's again that top probably adds a

bunch of weight oh and look the owner has all the little like naturally the

Ferrari guys have this yeah oh you're a little tools nestled in there yep oh

okay there's that Ferrari engine that is usually in the back yep yeah I don't

know why Dan showing me the engine I don't have anything to impart about that

yes it's there and there's a lot going on there but it's apparently the same

block yes this is the same engine block 136 f1 30 whatever it's probably a

hassle to get in there and work on this yeah really is this look harder to work

on than your 430 or easier oh wait harder wait harder because of

yeah taste and stuff yeah you got a lot more stuff going on so you'd be as a

normal guy you'd be more nervous about ripping this one apart uh no no I mean

you just be more effort okay cuz of unscrewing stuff more yeah just be

harder to get in there but it's not I mean this is still a pretty simple car

yes dude oh yeah just if you go back far enough though interestingly some people

consider the front engines to be true Ferraris right because of the early v12

for an engines right that's the true spirit of the cars both

v12 specific and they specifically talk about the v12 okay so all this all this

men working themselves up over the mid-engine and the father of the Ferrari

brand really believed in a front-engine car but he wanted to be 12 and this is

only a v8 okay so when was the first mid-engined Ferrari but no but Dino 246

technically and what's the advantage of going to less cylinders we're gonna do

the piston dance what's the advantage of going to less cylinders lighter engine

lighter engine and four less cylinders that can't break so what would be the

benefit of having 12 I mean arguably there's not that much

benefit over a v8 because they're both can be very powerful engines so why

would you ever I mean some of it some of it's honestly the sound of a v12 is very

distinct is that the 12 do they scream yes screamer's okay so the more the can

cylinders and valves wait I don't know what valves are but I know there's

cylinders which it's a big hole and then the piston right yes I guess that's the

only discernible advantage from your point of view in performances that sound

quality that the four more cylinders create

mmm I think they have more torque if I remember correctly but not always and

why is torque good work helps you get going faster okay it makes you

accelerate more torque is acceleration horsepower is top-end yeah Jeff said

stuff Jeff said words Jeff what was that torque is acceleration and horsepower is

top-end generally speaking it's going down the house Oh Oh see this is much

more like yes once I put this down I can see fairly well I wish it what the seat

went up just a little less bit more um I still feel really low in this car for

whatever reason but it's higher than the Ferrari doors are taller oh the doors

are taller I think yeah yeah that's a good point so it's got the backup camera

and all that no no no oh okay to me that's an important function in

these cars because you're not seeing out the back of that yeah at all it's pretty

difficult yeah so like every Ferrari reversing it will be a pain in the B

this looks fairly straightforward actually this video reminds me of my

mini a little bit the big tank yeah yeah this all just looks much more

straightforward to me it's not nearly as fussy and complicated as the four five

eight in the 430 stainless simple the steering wheel does feel simpler but

it's beautiful the interior is beautiful is very classic combination well yeah we

should drive it I mean here's my I know your viewers like some of them when I

did the Lamborghini were like you should drive it and I don't know that that adds

any value for you guys because a I'm very very tentative driving a car that

is not owned by us and so I'm not gonna really make it perform the way that you

guys want to see it perform and and be like even if I were to try and make it

perform the way you guys want to see it perform dan is probably gonna do that

better so I don't know it like is my perspective on just driving it like

valuable in and of its even though I'm not going to be able to

demonstrate its full potential sure I think you just take it for more of the

perspective of what's like the drive not necessarily what it's like to drive fast

or near the limits yeah okay another something completely different we're

talking about the okay so obviously Jeff's 355 is target target target

target what's target because they actually made

one that was like this with a well not that's a hard time but with a soft top

complete convertible that one just has the center piece that comes out oh okay

okay so now we know that um we were talking about like he's listening to me

do my my ignorant Irv you of the California and he's like she's gonna say

it's because of her hair and he was right and yeah that's no no I wouldn't

defend myself I thought that and thought no Jeff don't make that misogynist joke

i restrained himself and then when i said it he was i can see them behind the

camera but no okay so our culture's gender beauty expectations being what

they are and I am somewhat adopting the one of long hair I'm sorry it's not

practical when you put wind through a foot or more of hair it goes everywhere

like I said even from a ponytail like the short ones will go so like by the

time you get to your destination even though you still got a ponytail you're

like a little you look like a little baby bird with like the fluffy part is

coming out because not all your hair is the same length

and it's just it's obnoxious and even though I'm not an overly fussy

I think person as far as grooming it's like huh I hate it and so even when Dan

has his window cracked and we're going fast in the Ferrari I don't put it up

yeah again I have a low threshold of grooming personally women who spend any

time especially women who spend a lot of time on that aren't gonna find that

desirable they have spent money effort time keeping their edges laid so even

though I'm single I do have hair ties in my car brilliant or the times where

there that's a really smart move actually forward you must be trouble so

when you pick up a date you're like oh here you go

Jess smoothie you get into target --top' three five five in his like here you go

no because then it's usually it's usually the response is usually whose

are these Jeff like gives her an old scrunchie

welcome to 1987 yeah um so yeah I know like know like uh the knees start

knockin he just handed me here today but yeah I know that that would that would

make your eyebrow go up be like this guy is taking a lot of girls for rides in

his Ferrari um that he's handing me hair ties however it is a good idea so I will

accept his hair still don't want to look like a clown yeah okay so same it's my

old 4:30 oh so forward so it starts so it's run

forward oh yeah your other forward this is slightly slightly less violent world

when it starts up you gonna hear Jim Jeff's car in the background

feels very similar to the 4:30

this one's more time on his hair than I do here well he has nice hair

it's very pretty hair we actually use the same shampoo and conditioner do you

really yes looks funny it is funny you can't see anything out of back I mean

you can because there's a convertible but like yeah it's pretty terrible I

wonder if it's even worse than the four thirty and forty five eight and that

respect the large rear it is it goes up high yeah cuz of that convertible so I'm

just being very tentative so now we do one panel just one and it's in one auto

yep there you go okay so how many horsepower does this

have four hundred and fifty three I think okay and how much does a four five

eight have that's four eighty minus five sixty five sixty this is 480

yeah and it's a thousand pounds heavier yeah okay the sound doesn't reverberate

and like have that like quality where it wakes up your neighbors sleeping

children it is it's more of a polite Ferrari sound what's that his car sounds

great mmm-hmm I guess si si it sounds like it's spooling up like a

jet yeah okay is this engine warm okay I'm gonna go a little bit though

ya know Jeff score sounds like an f1 car yeah

that functions as decide there's definitely still there is definitely

still performance ability there that that got to top speed of 55 very quickly

yeah I look down and I was like oh really am i doing that okay yeah oh oh

oh oh I'm saying the convertible is everyone can see everything about you

and hear you yeah no that's weird I am sure you could see it in the shots

when I'm going faster even though I have a ponytail although all the shorter

pieces and flyaways are like this the convertible that was in that was in the

you know the famous fast and furious like more than you can afford Powell

Ferrari what's the retail on one of those more than you can afford pal no

three five five oh it was yeah okay Jeff's car Oh more geeky for PAL 3 Phi

Phi more than you can for fell three five

five here's a scrunchie the driving quality again totally uninformed but

just my subjective experience of driving the car it's smoother driving I feel

less of the road in this one yeah for sure

which I guess is why they call it a touring cars because you want you to you

want it to be a comfortable journey yes and in the four or five eight and 4:30

it's you like feel like you're you've got that definite feeling of the road

more yeah

beautiful day for this review you know in a convertible that's perfect

by the way when did you start saying give it the beans I swear to god I've

never heard that and help recently uh a couple videos ago okay

well genius decided to start saying that it's an odd thing where does it come

from I don't know but shall we shall we give it the beans

yes off of this light sir okay yes I'll do that

Oh Jeff directly behind me looks so serious so serious in my rear view

anything he's got a hat on he knows mm-hmm it screws at your hair

that is not like a female like who it's a convertible hmm that is not a selling

point for women I feel I'm gonna give the other

there's a Ferrari where do you know that guy no okay that's a

white Ferrari though yeah yeah it's a 480 oh okay

optimal like car cruising whether it's perfect and the Sun it looks

everything's good again here

the overall driving quality is just gonna be more relaxed you're not gonna

get so much feedback from the road it doesn't make you feel on edge in the

same way as the four thirty four five eight but then again a lot of people

buying these car cars want that they weren't like Oh a lot of feedback yeah

it feels dangerous dangerous yeah they like the violence of the of the launch

and the feeling every bit in the road definitely muted in this car I just

don't get this thing so in summation Ferrari California not a girl Ferrari

it's just a somewhat more practical Ferrari I feel it's still it's still

very much Ferrari it's three quarters Ferrari one quarter Jaguar like I said I

think one of its grandparents was a Jaguar in terms of styling cues if I had

my choice and again mehgan's value system doesn't include these purchases

but if I had to purchase one of the Ferraris I've driven

I would probably purchase a two-seater I think they did they just look more more

sculptural more beautiful the styling cues all of them to pick from this

wouldn't be the first one I would pick but I understand why people would like

this car cuz it still performs like a Ferrari

it could go in for any pretty fast pretty quick what it have to know this

is well under a hundred thousand dollars now oh really

well that does make a big difference I've even seen with cheapest 70 yeah

really for that okay well whatever I don't know

yeah that does help considering your car used is more double that yes um that is

great if you've been like Oh Meghan I'm find this $70,000 Ferrari if you like

yeah thank God it's a really lovely car it's obviously still a Ferrari its

performance was very impressive you just feel the road a little less you don't

get as much feedback but it's meant to feel like that because once

be comfortable because you're supposed to be driving further in it lovely car

Thank You ed this is a fantastic fantastic automobile for what that's

worth coming from me and thank you to Jeff for the pro tips they did to Jeff

for dating Pro tips when you own a convertible Ferrari always have hair

ties in your your yeah make sure not in a new bag in an in a new bag so it's

even like don't have like torn up pieces some other girls hair new ones new ones

well thank you guys thank you for watching I can't each time I do these I

can't believe you guys enjoy them I know you do stay tuned for more cars oh wait

oh wait oh wait watch that video please click Subscribe oh yeah dan has that

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remembers Oh members members is a new thing oh yeah yeah yeah stay tuned for

more car stuff it's it's gonna be sweet

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