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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hệ thống giao dịch lướt sóng Forex Scalping Vàng và BTC hiệu quả | CHN PRO TRADING

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Hi everyone, I'm Tientrong94

Co-founder of the CHN Pro Trading community. In today's video,

I will show you how Scalping

With Scalping CHN system, this system is German friend

Upgraded, we've also had a video about it before

But in this version we have upgraded it to a better way

Easier to use, more detailed, more efficient

for you guys. And now we will

immediately go to the Scalping CHN video now


This is the CHN Scalping system

is an exclusive system created and provided by CHN Team

This system has never been seen before

Where you see it, it's because we released it

2. This is a FREE gifting system for

community, if you see anyone using it for the purpose

buy, sell or open a course

please report it to the community because this is a system

as well as the heart of CHN that we have for you

to the community for free so you can

Use it to make money, make profit from forex

And we have 8 different notes

1. The trading time frame of this system

is from 12:00 pm to 23:00 pm

Hourly Vietnam

When you use it on Tradingview, you will see it

hours on it are from 7am to 6pm

Because I don't know where you are

in Vietnam or abroad, if abroad

See the time on Tradingview from 7am to 6pm

If in Vietnam, the time would be

12:00 pm to 11:00 pm


A set up only points to one command, I will say this later

3. The best time to trade GBP pairs

with other currencies is the European session at 13h

4. SL-TP ratio

How much is it?

There will be 3 levels

+) 15-15 (SL: 15, TP: 15)


+) 10-10: GBPUSD, GBPCHF

+) 15-20: Gold

Here you can see is

We only trade pairs GBP and Gold

You can use this system and why

because these pairs move very fast and strong

So we can

See results immediately

5. Trading with low Spread accounts

then we recommend that you can choose

Pro account with Exness broker account

And if you do not have a broker account

or do not have a broker account, then you can register

below the description link to support Team CHN

If you love us, it would be a great honor for CHN Team

6. Only trade with the currency pairs above

in the ratio of SL-TP

in the M5 frame because at that frame you can follow

7. Trading Demo account first

avoid rushing like an ephemera for which you cannot control your emotions

therefore it is necessary to trade in the M5 time frame

and Demo transactions first

to train. And finally

I will tell you so that you don't ask too much

Winrate 60%, believe it or not, it's up to you

And if you don't believe it

There are two directions: self-test or no transaction

ignore this method, and i have a recommendation first

It's the Scalping method

Not suitable for people with gambling gambling

and you have to order SL-TP

and follow the rules

of CHN Scalping to you

can be traded most effectively

Next, what do we need to prepare for Scalping?


You will need 2 things:

B3 Buyer Seller Breakouts

and Keltner Channels

Here you visit

and it is completely different from

MT4 software

2 completely different software

and when you watch it is about time you enter the order

then enter the command at MT4

Now on

You access and create an account

Then go to the selected pairs

then choose the currency pairs on this side, the Watch list

on the right side will have this and click here

and type out the currency pair, for example like this


and choose one of these to follow

then it goes to this section below and why are you guys

choose here but not this side because this side

then go to the tracking box and look for you

It will be faster. Therefore, later you open it

it will go to this side too, to turn off a pair of money, then you press X on this side

Here I have all the pairs traded

If you want to change time frames or transfer pairs, then

Click here

but when we hit Scalping on M5 we leave it alone

transfer currency pairs, then you click on other currency pairs

is it going out

and now I will come back to Gold, Gold or all

The other pairs are all the same standard except SL-TP

here, when we trade

then you need it

Kaltner Channel and B3 Buyer Seller

So where will it be added? Then you can look here

this picture Indicators and Strategies

then you press on there

We will leave the names of these two

under the description, just copy it

as you will find

After that, click on that

It should be out on the shape chart like this

1 strip and arrow

There are blue, red bands

It turns out that is what we have

finished the preparation on Tradingview. Next,

on MT4, you install the Auto bot

put SL-TP, I will put the link below the description

After you click the link, it will out Fanpage

message and then click on message

you press the message is complete, then type

auto SL-TP, I will put this section below the description

You just need to copy and type and you're done

It will show the message with Page then you type Auto

SL-TP and then Enter

then it will show the link for you to download

You click on this link

We leave it in the Bot because sometimes

This link has been changed so we have to

convert it into another link

After having it, you press it

and download it

This is a bot and you download it

Wait a bit, then after the download is completed

Click on the software

To add this bot, click on this

Expert Advisors then right click

Create in MetaEditor

After appearing, you click on Expert

then Open Folder

This is where we are going to add these

on this side

You will click here

show in folder or how do you find this

and you press Copy Ctrl C

into this folder and then paste

Then we come here

Right click here and Refresh

It will output Auto SL-TP

now you will

Add this and double click

it will appear

And first, you will click on the Comment section

Allow Live Trading

Next, about the Input then you

to then adjust, you press Ok first

There is a bot currently here

But this face is not yet so you click on the Tool

then Option

Expert Advisors

then Allow Auto Trading

and press Ok

Then you do the next operation that is

Click the button like this

Save and then name

For example: CHN Scalping

then to the other side

If you have other pairs, click here

press CHN Scalping Auto


is it going to be full

morphology and child Bot installed exactly the same

and you guys do all the pairs like that

And finally, because of the Bot

auto SL-TP has not been edited yet

You need to adjust it, here the GPAUD folder

then we press the Bot

set this to 15

Ok, got it

Next up with GBPCAD

It will take time at first

but later you won't have to order SL-TP anymore

Because these pairs are going so fast, having a Bot support them

it will be more convenient than putting your hand

then the TP TP is gone

Next is the pair GBPUSD and

GBPCHF will be 10-10

You will click here

set to 10

set to 10


and finally Gold

for Gold it will be 15-20

For Gold, you can install it like this for me

This is the TP, then you to 200

SL, then you leave 150

Ok Now, I will order 1 order

If you try, immediately you will see

SL and TP are displayed

here is 1674.683

and SL is 1676. 183 and I will subtract try

will be equal to 15, right?

Next, let's come to the CHN Scalping tutorial

Here we will have 2 cases:

1. Outside the Keltner Channels

2. In the Keltner Channels range I will talk about the first case

then we have Buy and Sell, Buy is the opposite of Sell

Buy is when the price at

on Keltner Channels close should be on the strip

This is the Keltner Channels range

Price above Keltner Channels closed candle on the strip is this

You can see this is closing the candle on the strip


a blue band appears

Next, condition 3 is the blue arrow number 2

appears on the blue band, Buy

And this is arrow number 2

This is the first arrow

In the blue range, first close the candle

on this Keltner Channels range

Next, a blue strip appears. Then the arrow

Number 2 appears that is this candle

the arrow appears 2 and we begin the Buy order

and we will Buy here

and it will be 32 Pip

It is the condition when Buy and the condition when Sell is the opposite

prices below Keltner Channels close candles below the range

a red band appears and a red arrow 2 appears in the strip

Then we will Sell, I will find one here

And this is the candle

Close the candles out of range. Later

there will be 1 pink strip

and the next candle it has an arrow

This is the number 2 arrow, we will Sell here

and I will find an easier example

Close the candle outside the band, green arrow appears

blue strip, arrow number 2 is

This place and we will buy here

So I have finished the tutorial

for you Keltner Channels out of band

And now we will see in the strip

in the range it will be a little bit different condition

it is almost the same, the blue strip should have the blue band

followed by the blue arrow that appears in the blue band

It sounds pretty much green :)))

and I will show you an example of this

The first is this blue band that appears

Next is this blue arrow

Then the blue arrow

First open the door above Keltner

then we will Buy and this is

The first arrow appears but it is in Keltner

and a blue band appears then

This next candle is the first day candle

have this arrow and is out of range

We will buy here

Now I will see at the bottom of this

The first is the blue band that appears

There are blue arrows

Next, the first blue arrow opens the upper door

Keltner strip

it will be this

Not this one yet because it's open inside

And this one opens the door

First blue arrow

Open on the Keltner strip, Buy here

16 Pip

If you keep doing that, you will get Sell

Now I will find a Sell example above

and you only Buy when it is on Sell

then of course below, a red strip appears, a red arrow appears

in the red strip and the first red arrow

Opened under Keltner

We will look up here

And this is an example

Red strip appears

red arrow

and this is the first one to open the door

This is the case outside of Keltner

And this is a new case in Keltner

Red arrow, red strip appears

and the first candle opens to the outside

Keltner below is this arrow

then we will Sell here

And once you do this, you will have 2 cases

It's in and out of the Keltner range

With all that you have prepared for Scalping

I hope that you will reach the highest rate

when dealing with this CHN Scalping method

If you love CHN Team, you can

Support us by registering under the link

using an Exness account to open a trading account

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video

if you find this video interesting and useful

Please like, comment, let me know your opinion

Share it with your friends who want to trade

Scalping, short trades, quick deals

and those who want to trade gold so you have a method

effective enough to trade. Thank you guys and

See you in the next video Hello friends

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