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Jordan was irrepressible. He was high energy.

He was a great kid. He was full of life.

He was a real handful.

He walked on his eight month birthday and he never stopped.

He was born with an adventurous spirit.

Big baseball player, skateboarding,

he was really active.

Kind of a typical kid.

For the last five years of his life,

I worried every single moment of every single day.

Somehow, I just knew my goal was to keep him alive.

Jordan was in his early twenties,

he was working in construction,

he hurt his back lifting some wood.

The doctor prescribed him an opiate,

that opiate became his focus in life.

Once a person is addicted to a drug,

it is the main thing on that person's mind;

finding it, paying for it, taking it

and then finding some more.

It consumes your life.

It was so gradual but yet it was just getting crazier and crazier

just his life style and he would do a job...

He was working as a chimney sweep and he'd get a cheque

for like six thousand bucks, gone.

He was not trustworthy. He was unable to focus.

Jordan was so addicted that he wasn't getting enough

from the doctor so he was seeking it elsewhere

and he was seeking it on the street.

He had stomach problems.

He had sleeplessness.

It was very hard on his body.

He came to us and said I need to detox, I need help here,

I can't handle this, I can't manage it anymore.

We got him into a detox program.

He was good for a little while after that

and then the call of the drug.

He couldn't resist it, he got back into it.

In the end, what happened was Jordan took several drugs,

three of which were prescribed to him,

and the combination killed him.

Jordan was probably responsible for the best day of my life,

you know the day he was born, and the day he died,

the worst day.

Of course when he died, our lives were just shattered.

I'm still trying to figure out how to live my life

not being a mum.

When I had a son, a tremendous amount of energy was put

into his life and now that just disappeared in an instant.

We won't have grandchildren

and we won't have him around in our old age.

We were really ignorant of just how devastating

these drugs can be and how addictive they are,

especially the opiate-based drugs.

I don't think kids in particular

understand what they're getting into.

They need to know that this can ruin their lives

and, in fact, can kill them.

Parents need to be vigilant

and not rationalize behaviour changes.

They need to be compassionate.

If one is angry and judgmental,

nothing will push a kid away faster.

Don't ignore the situation,

don't pretend like it's going to go away.

It can happen to anyone.

Sharing his story helps me heal.

If it saves one kid, it's worth it.

He was a normal, everyday healthy young man.

He was working, he was vibrant, he was a loving person.

Every day I think about him, just remember him,

focus on the good things, the good memories.

He was just starting his life.

Had he been able to get off the drugs, he would have been fine.

He would have been a successful, amazing guy.

Get the facts and talk with your kids

about prescription drug abuse.


A message from the Government of Canada.

The Description of Jordan's Story