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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet.

I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today were talking the Top 10 Scariest Photobombs

...... Before we get into this list.... why don;t you let me know if you have ever bombed

a photo... all counts.

I feel like I havent but it has definitely happened to me a few time s

10 - Toilet Ghost Urban Legend In Japan there is an Urban Legend that there

is a toilet ghost....kind of like Moaning Murtle but actually way creepier!

This one is called Kashima Reiko, she is a legless ghost with dark hair and red eyes

and legend has it that she was run over by a train and has no legs.

For some reason she haunts toilets and spooks school kids.

Soooooo with that in mind... lets have a look at this picture of two school friends ... I

do enjoy a good bathroom selfie... it is a classic photo opp!

Side stepping their school uniforms... dont they look happy.... but oh wait....what is

that hiding in the background of the photo.......

OH....well to me that looks suspiciously like Kashima Reiko!

Again....I would prefer moaning murtle...and this isnt hogwarts how are they supposed

to dispense with that ghoul!

9 - Lake Lurker

Not all photobombs are totally obvious straight awayhave a look at this group shot from

a lake in Manchester in 2011.



All is in order... except....who, I saw who does the hand behind Puma boy belong to!

It cant be his Significant Other...shes clasping her own hands... it isnt his either.

There cant be any other culprits nearby because their hands are accounted for!

It is quite a pale hand... but is it the pale hand of a ghost?

It seems that on the very same day that this picture was taken, a womens body was found

in the same part of the reservoir.

The image was posted online by Rhynnice Trelfa of tragedies.

8 - Murphys Hole Was this family photobombed by the ghost of

a girl who drowned 100 years ago?

This image went viral in 2015 when a family from Queesland Australia were swimming in

a body of water called Murphys Hole in Lockyer creek in Brisbane.

The family had a picture taken as they were splashing around in the creek, only someone

or something seemed to join them.

Kim Davison, the woman in the photo posted the image on the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers facebook

page and claimed there were only three children with them that day.

Panormal Experts think it could be a girl who drowned in the lake in 191513 year

old Doreen Sullivan.

7 - The Pub Peeper Jeeeeeepers Creepers....where do you get those

peeeepers....Jeepers...Creepers....whereeee did you come from mate?

This image was taken at the Lisbon pub in Liverpool.

Rachel McKeown spotted a possible ghoul photo bombing her picture when flicking through

her images of a night out with friends.

The pub is known to be haunted by two ghosts, one of an unidentified female and the other

of former landlord, Sir Archibald Salvidge who was said to have enjoyed a drink or two

and had encounter spooky goings on in the pub himself.

Archis ghost has been reported a the pub since 1928the females is also regularly


It is hard to tell which might be in this image.... can we assume the gender of a ghoul


*6 - Woods

If you go down to the woods tonight, you may just get a surprise......

Honestly this is one surprise that I could live with out... like I am going to have to

because I feel like I would have a heart attack if this he wolf jumped at me.

I love camping.

I love hiking.

I love woodlands.

I do not like woodland surprises.

I wonder what happened a few seconds later....where is the scream picture?

Look....I dont mean to be horrifying or anything but I feel like actually...I would

be pretty happy to hear these guys screams at number **

5 - Hunted camo dudes shot a defenceless bear

and posed with it?


So you ....have a gun but have you got guuuuts?

Guess were about to find out.

I understand some people love hunting.... and honestly it does make me feel really uncomfortable...

but if youre hunting for food...I kind of get it....hunting for sport and posing

with the dead animals...

I am sorry but I dont think well get on.

The only way I can understand killing a bear....or anything outside the insect literally

if you think it was about to kill you.

YES...Ive swatted a few I have never posed in a photo with their carcass..

anyway... the photobombing.....


Someones pissseeeeed you killed their friend.... and....well, you would be, wouldnt you.

4 - Marylin Manson I get the goth vibe.

I really do.

When I was younger I was pretty into the whole look.. but.. this is just terrifying.

So far as I can tell, tis not halloween.... so... this must be how this chap chooses to

express himself, which is oka but like I am going to go out there and say the zombie eye

contacts are too far.

If I saw someone looking at me with those eyes I would be anxious...I would be even

more anxious if they popped up behind me likeeee surprissssseeeeeee.... with that dead pan


I dont like.

I do not.

This image has kinnnnd of made me want a beer though.

I am not sure what this picture males me want to do at number **

3 - Babushka I am not sure who is photobombing whos

picture, as seem to be in prominent focus.

This is basically how I used to do my makeup when I was 15.


I mean..

I am trying so hard not to be judgemental but I really need to know if her eyebrows

are blue or not?

She just has a very stern face.

She does not look pleased!

Speaking of not looking pleased...this is the kind of cold hard low key threatening

that sends shivers up my spine....

Roses are coming in at number 2

Roses are red... your extremely small dress is blue...

Come with me to prom...or Ill murder you.

I am sure the photographer just caught the guy at a bad time.... just a dodgy moment...

but he looks veeeery scary!

He looks like a bit of a stalker type and also somewhat like he is about to use that

flower as a weapon... maybe it isnt actually a flower.

Does anyone else feel like he looks like a young Harry Styles?

Honestly... ge may be photobombing... but I dont think even his scary face can steal

focus from this dress?

I have lingere that is less revealing.

I am very pro self expression, but this girl looks very very young.....which worry's me

a bit!

1 - Rovers Revenge I was going to hit you with a chorus of the

Baha Mens who let the dogs out.... but I dont have to do this....there are more pressing matters....

This hounds of hell are calling.

My goodness this pup is not pleased about being uninvited from Christmas.

I love dogs, I really do... but I forget they have fangs.

Look at him.

He is not happy.

Scarier still... it is dark outside and the clock seems to suggest it is ten past 12....

which is a scary time of night..... a scary time when loathsome tail waggers emerge looking

to bite!

Is the guy in the picture holding a Turkey baster?

Who bastes a turkey at 12.10am?

What is he looking at on the floor?

There is something going on in this narrative.... and I dont like it!

WELL that was the top 10 scary photo bombswhat did you think to this list - Which

was the scariest?

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