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Five keys to automatic transmission The transmission or automatic transmission system is responsible for changing the gear ratio

without the user intervening when the vehicle is moving in this way the driver does not need to change gear

manual way in these automatic changes the demultiplication of is obtained by sepi gear life cycle that planetary

while manuals are made with so-called parallel gears as automatic gearboxes arise

the first automatic gearboxes emerged in 1940 and its objective was to double the number of users that could

driving and expanding the manufacturers market in fact it was not a hundred percent automatic transmissions but they changed

autonomously when the vehicle was already moving they also worked with a

Simple hydraulic oil and not with ATF, which was not developed until years

then today the predominant automatic gearbox is the one that works hydraulically through a coupling

fluid a torque converter and a set of planetariums that provide a necessary multiplication one of the most

Important of the automatic transmission is the oil pump that supplies the flow of

lubricating liquid to all components and gears

how an automatic change works

the differences with respect to a manual change are quite obvious while in the driver's manual you must step on the clutch

and move the lever in the automatic transmission this operation is performed by the vehicle through a switchboard that senses the pressure of the pedal

of the brake accelerator and acts automatically to select whether the gear

suitable elements make up an automatic gearbox

To be clear about how it works, you must know which parts are formed by a torque converter

planetary friction material vandas to press part of the planetary game gear set hydraulic system pump

pressurizing oil lubricates and cools types of automatic gearboxes you must also

know that there is not a single typology in this case that is why we would like to summarize them

torque converter mounted on the first automatic changes is formed by a round housing consisting of two

turbines one connected to the engine and another to the gearbox when the engine rotates the oil is propelled projecting towards the turbine

The higher the number of revolutions, the more force the oil will have that will cause the turbine to rotate and the vehicle to start running in

Today it is one of the most reliable boxes in terms of quality and price,

and is used in vehicles with high displacement piloted manual gearbox is a mixture between a manual gearbox

and an automatic and called CMP incorporates an internal clutch system that automatically drives the gear but not

have a clutch pedal, it is advisable to lift the accelerator pedal when the change occurs to avoid a sudden gear change

as a result we will obtain a response very similar to that of the manual transmission but without the need to press change

gearboxes by continuous variator is a system similar to the torque converter but incorporates a development system formed

by two pulleys joined by a chain that transmits the engine power to the gears

of the box the transmissions are differentiated by the diameter in which the chain moves

Its main advantage is that it barely produces retention, so once launched, it is almost not necessary to accelerate to maintain speed.

which translates into a low fuel consumption double clutch gearbox consisting of two gearboxes

automatic in one the first take care of the odd gears and the second of the pairs in this way changes occur in

a matter of thousandths of a second much faster than a driver could change

Manually when the box engages one gear and the other is already prepared to introduce the next one so that it is achieved

a greater smoothness in driving and an improvement in consumption the maintenance of automatic gearboxes is a

fundamental element for the correct functioning of the vehicle for that reason

it needs a maintenance that consists of the replacement of the transmission oil (ATEF) and the filter

This operation must be performed with a special machine that makes a complete transfusion of the fluid so that the new ATF

in the gearbox completely clean and only professionals in the sector in Spain must be entrusted the automatic transmission still

the latest report by Ford is not imposed as preferred by drivers

Motor Company and tells us that 83% of European drivers

prefers a manual change and in Spain this figure rises to 95% so if we have one we must go to

industry specialists that guarantee a correct repair or maintenance of the gearbox

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