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hi guys welcome back to my channel this

is me Catherine your English teacher in

France and if you're new to my channel

welcome so yeah so in this video

everyone I just would like to show you


hi guys so yes guys this is my day of

the route I just walk actually and this

is the place where are usually walk

that's the river over there this is a

river moose I think you have seen that

in many of my videos

that's it that's how beautiful it is see

I want to show you something

teacher is working

the quality of this

video might be

beep I'm so sorry for that

yeah it's actually freezing here is very

cold so yeah I do so

teacher gets confused everyone

yes guys - yeah


everyone at my head is freezing I think

I would like to drop by the a little bit

how's everybody doing guys so yes guys I

only have two classes today

look at my nose guys it's red my nose is

red everyone look so this is I think you

have seen that there is popular you know

thing here in Verdun

as a tourist spot everyone so yeah

people are talking to me because I'm

holding my one APOD right now yeah I

usually do after brick after work of

course I just walk walking walking Cece

just walking guys so now I'm gonna drop

by the river a little bit I want to see

the Ducks my path and then I'm gonna go

home so yes guys so yeah I only have two

classes died so for today actually

Thursday and Friday my schedule is the

same yeah Thursday and Friday the

schedule is the same I sought work at

9:00 a.m. I finished I know not 90m I

saw work at 10:00 a.m. and I finish at

11:00 a.m. and then yeah that's my first

class okay and then my next class is

actually at 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

everyone see so here are my cats guys

they are so cute I can't have enough of

them you know they are very cute look at

them all swimming I'm not so sure which

one is male and female female should be

the ones without color on the head but

the green things on the head that should

be the male I'm not so sure anyway

correct me if I'm wrong

yes guys so you see it's very beautiful

guys look at the leaves so this is it

so yes guys it's very beautiful I want

to show you all these things here near

the river this is around the river in

that there that there straight is the

park yes guys beautiful and this one is

of course a historical place I have no

idea at all what it is exactly so yes

guys I think I have shown you a lot I am

still here

beside the river you can see on beside

the river walking to go home goes

freezing what is the teacher doing after


just walking just walking guys walking

forward or you know I want to have the

fresh air and of course the view you

know beautiful view and I want to share

it with you guys as well so yeah you see

that's the river over there and this is

this way here is going to the park yeah

it's very beautiful guys isn't it

beautiful beautiful it's a beautiful day


yes dice that sound everyone duck the

Ducks are swimming bucks

honors swimming over there the leaves

are more beautiful these days guys

because you know yeah they're dying look

okay and the sky is a bit dark and you

can see the trees guys no more leaves

trees over there no more leaves and see

no more here there are still few leaves

over there yeah you see oh my god it's

very beautiful under the tree


so yeah guys this video is just you know

showing you the beauty of fall yeah

after my words yes of course afterward

you see all the trees over there that's


so actually guys I would like to know

from you guys if you have some things

that you would like me to do on my video

and if I can do it I would love to hear

from you guys so yes if you have any

suggestions or things that you would

like to see in my video yeah so please

just let me know comment bellow bellow

below yes guys so yeah here I am now and

you can sit over there yes there are

many benches actually everywhere you can

sit there is the beauty the beauty of

nature guys is never possible to be

compared you know yes guys is how it is

to do the walking walking

oh my god I'm told now so I think I'm

gonna go cold guys so that's really it's

everyone it's freezing

yeah so this is the beauty of breed dog

everyone free dog we're done freedom

freedom beautiful freedom no beautiful

freedom it's a very beautiful place see

all the leaves everyone can you see them

oh no more leaves everyone but of course

it's a nature you know after that the

leaves will be back again and summer oh

they're gonna actually start in what

winter yeah in spring spring yes leaves

are coming back so you don't need to

worry it's a life is like that you know

it's like people people come and go

yeah and for nature also something leave

them and after this we'll come back so

just like the leaves oh yeah so let's go

now guys let's go let's go

so I'm gonna go home now okay this is

the door I have in this freezing weather

freezing cold freezing cold look at my

hands everyone

oh my hand has you know it's shrinking

my gosh see ya teardrops are falling

from the trees how's everybody doing

over there big shot I do mean I cannot

deny nurse 8 in America I shout out to

you and of course some Marcus rich one

on foot trouble a rebus boring family

follow bloggers Anna Marie Concha bread

great vlogs there are many more shout

out to all amazing people there started

to shine a menace and so of course

shout-out to Murray eras and crimes yes

Maria Ramirez and France shouted to

Russia in Japan started to Dan Fowler

Zahra to thoughtfully so suddenly guys

teacher is giving a shout-out how is it

possible giving a shout-out guys so yes

guys teacher is giving you a shout out

shout out shout out so yes guys so yeah

I think I'm gonna oh the Ducks are

calling me the dots are calling me are

calling you guys what are the Ducks

calling or who are deducting WH question

so yes guys I just would like to take

this opportunity to actually thank

everyone who has been supporting my

channel guys so I am on my way to take a

now so yes guys I hope we can you know

continue growing and yes we're gonna

continue having more organic friends oh

it's windy guys and it's very cold

oh my gosh

hey guys guys see ya you see pictures no

asking to see teachers no see teachers

over there so yes guys said that's

really it

I'm gonna actually just show you a

little bit here again yeah


yes guys teacher is having a little bit

of break time after work and home yes

guys so yeah I'm gonna go home now okay

let's go home let's go home everyone

let's go home no I'm going home now so

when I say going home it's really going

home okay

not no more chika chika hon bye just

kidding so yes guys this is teacher

English teacher in France what king

everyone walking you're walking on my

way home so actually my home is like

less than ten minutes okay ten minutes

yeah less than ten minutes away yeah

from school yep the school is less than

ten minutes away from home yeah so we

should say that

oh there's beautiful beautiful birds

flying over there oh you can't see any

more it's okay nevermind let's I guess

guys Richards hair is so messy now I did

not tied my hair OH

breezy guys I don't have gloves look my

hands oh my hand is shrinking shrinking

shrinking shrinking now guys let's look


exercise walking is the best exercise do

you agree

but walking in the cold I don't think

it's a good idea I am under the bridge

now as you can see it's getting dark

because I am under the bridge everyone

so yes guys yes guys oh so let's walk

home yes guys I'm a bit hungry I did not

have breakfast you know

I woke up at 8:30 a.m. today and usually

I give myself one hour to prepare to go

to work so I usually wake up at at 8:30

when my work starts at 10:00 so 8:30 to

9:30 that's the time I have to prepare

and I leave home at 9:30 to go to work

so yes guys really and less coldness

here so what do you think everyone of

this walk do you think it's a good idea

to actually walk when it is cold because

anyway even if it's cold I can actually

see some people you know jogging and

running here you can't believe that it


it doesn't sound familiar to you but

yeah I can see a lot of people here they

are actually they they run they go

they've been running they'd be lucky

when it's cold so this is please Arjun

Gomes everyone this is the big hotel

here in France it's very popular

yeah so that's it so this is where my

husband used to work

the OOD yeah what maybe a year ago yeah

yeah it was yeah it's been a year since

the time shaky quit why she why did I

keep see why do I keep saying she well

guys have words for us Latinos even if

I'm a teacher I also make that mistake

everyone you know and there is a flow to

your restaurant here or bar yeah LaBarge

chemisty Laban's so yes guys going back

to the typical so why guys why don't we

keep making them sick because of course

the it's our language everyone for us

Filipinos and maybe for other languages

as well for us Filipinos we don't have

don't have any feminine or masculine

term to call women and men no in English

we say he or she

but in our language we just say

so there's no specific you know feminine

or masculine term to say she he in

Filipino we just use one word that's da

SIA SIA gives se ya Yin Sathya is coach

who is she or who is


laughing guys and you can see these both

here no it's not it's nothing it's not

dirty guys it's normal because no it's

cold and dope so let's have

lying over there yeah

need to walk a bit faster I'm hungry

guys so I don't usually have breakfast

before work I usually eat after work I

don't want to have you know a time

pressure before work but believe it or

not guys when I was in Philippines I

used to eat breakfast before work when I

was in Philippines ah

it was really impossible to go to work

Olivia but here

I don't know maybe because of the

weather or maybe just because I'm

becoming lazy oh my gosh

maybe yes guys so I don't usually have

breakfast here

I just eat after work yeah

so this is another historical place over

here I'm not so sure if you can see in

there's flag so yes guys we're just uh

oh my God look at all the birds are


and necessary if you even saw them

so I'm walking now guys and walking

beside the river

no I'm on the bridge and that River over


beautiful we were there before remember

the part over there right over there

so yeah where are we gonna pass so I

think I'm gonna pass over there so this

is the here

reach reach reach reach over there

bridge and here is the connecting river

so yes guys

so yeah guys I hope I hope everyone has

has a wonderful day today and for those

people who are in the countries which

are you know cold these days I hope

you're gonna stay healthy and not

getting sick everyone yeah you know

health is well the a dream health is

about everyone health is wealth

yes everyone we need to actually you

know take care of ourselves

I know I did not close my coat every


it's not


I'm almost home now so yeah so yeah

everyone thank you so much for your time

and I hope you guys gonna spend more

time with me at my live streaming and

even my pre-recorded videos everyone see


and for those very supportive friends of


I really really appreciate appreciate I

don't know how to pronounce anymore I'll

teach her you don't have to pronounce

words anymore yes it's normal guys I can

also make mistakes you know yes guys you

see yeah

so yeah let's walk looking walking so

yeah guys so this is it - I hope you

guys enjoy this little walk of mine so

yeah guys does the church over there on

top so yeah and it's very near my house

so yeah guys so yeah thank you so much

everyone for your time I hope you gonna

have a wonderful day everyone

and yeah once again if you're new to my

channel please don't forget to subscribe

and click that Bell button below to get

more updates about my channel everyone

so yeah thank you so much everyone have

a wonderful morning afternoon evening

people around the world okay so yes guys



we are