Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Super Mario Bros! - Part 1 - Awesome Video Games - Episode 2

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"Awesome Video Games"

"Video games are awesome"

"Awesome Video Games"

"Video games are awesome"

"Awesome Video Games"

"Video games are awesome"

"Video games are awesome" Woah!!!!

Hey there dudes and dudettes, welcome back to another episode

of Awesome Video Games.

I'm Chet!

I'm Ace!

And last week we previewed the Nintendo Entertainment System.


But this week, we're gonna preview...

Super Mario


"Awesome Video Games"

You may have noticed when you purchased this system

that it came with not one, but two awesome video games.

In one cartridge!

That's right! Not just Super Mario Brothers, but also Duck Hunt.

So what are we waiting for?

Let's play some Mario!

"Video games are awesome"

Let's beat some games.



"Awesome Video Games"

First thing you're gonna notice when you put in your cartridge,

is you got a choice between Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

We're gonna recommend that you play Super Mario Bros. first,

because we're not quite sure what Duck Hunt is yet.

But we're sure it's awesome.

Ace: "The game's gonna give you a choice

between one or two players."

So if you got two players, go for two!

Because the Mario Bros. like to work as a team.

Two of a kind.


Yo, welcome to Mario world.

It's just like the regular world;

The sky is blue and the ground is always made of bricks.

But all's not well in Mario world.

'Cause Bowser's taken the princess

8... levels... away.

But you watch yourself Bowser,

'cause we got two crazy Mario Bros. ready to bring her back.

But first thing's first.

Looks like we got a little mushroom coming up to little Mario.

Let's see if he wants to help.


"Awesome Video Games"

So we've been doing our research and it turns out,

most of the creatures in Mario world have been turned evil.

Chet: "That little guy we asked for help earlier is called a Goomba,"

and Goombas hate plumbers,

which is what the Mario brothers, are.

So this is gonna be our tip of the week on Awesome Video Games:

Avoid everything in Mario world.

"Awesome Video Games"

"Video games are awesome"

Yeah!!! Wooeoo!!!

So as you can tell, Mario Bros. - pretty challenging game.

Not really for the faint of heart.

So, we're gonna plug away at it,

and for next week, we're gonna have some Awesome Video Game tips for you.

So for this week, I'm Chet,

and I'm Ace.

And thanks for joining us for another,

Awesome Video Games!


"Video games are awesome"

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