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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Google Maps API and Trulia

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PETE FLINT: Really, it came about when I

moved to the Bay Area.

And like any person to relocate or try to find

somewhere to live, I went on the internet and was really

disappointed with what I found.

So I had a problem.

I spoke to many friends of mine.

They had the same problem.

At that point, I vowed to start Trulia.

JAMIE GLENN: Buying a home is one of the largest financial

decisions people have to make in their lives, and Trulia's

role is really to find the right information

in the right way.

PETE FLINT: Before we launched, the real estate

experience on the web was very one-dimensional.

JEFF MCCONATHY: You wouldn't get a map, for instance, that

would show you where the property was.

PETE FLINT: No one had really combined all the sources from

the brokers and agents individually all together, and

then also combined that with a map to create this rich user


Google Maps API enabled us to show that to potential

investors and raise venture capital to launch the service.

The staff has grown to over 65 people.

We've been growing at least double digits, and today, we

have over 5 million people come to our website every

single month.

JAMIE GLENN: One of the ways that we've been able to drive

the business, I think, is our user experience in having the

Google Map API and the Google Maps on over 90% of our pages.

JEFF MCCONATHY: Almost every user who comes to our site

will interact with a map in some way.

JAMIE GLENN: It's been very easy for us to customize the

API to serve our needs.

JEFF MCCONATHY: We built Trulia Map, which Google Maps

and our content that we can embed on our agent and broker

partner websites.

We currently have over 40,000 agents using this, and it

really helps Trulia to extend our reach while enhancing our

partners' websites.

JAMIE GLENN: So our Heat Maps are a very popular

feature on the site.

We have information going back 10 years on the historical

sales prices for over 60 million homes.

We took this massive amount of data and created polygons that

showed by color and geography what the home price trends

were doing.

And we overlaid those on top of the Google Map.

JEFF MCCONATHY: It took us about three weeks for the

initial Heat Map implementation, and that

included creating about 35 million image tiles to overlay

on the Google Maps.

PETE FLINT: Overall, we've been really

happy with Google Maps.

JEFF MCCONATHY: I think that Google Maps is a great choice.

It's very easy to set up.

Anyone with a basic understanding of JavaScript

and how the web works can really get a basic map set up

in about an hour.

JAMIE GLENN: Because it's Google, there's this inherent

trust that the API's going to be available and it's going to

be able to withstand and hold up to the amount of traffic

and usage that we have.

JEFF MCCONATHY: We're actually a player.

We have confidence in what we're doing, and we know we're

heading in the right direction.

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