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Tab Printing allows you to stay organized

and divide sections of a project by printing on index tab dividers

through the Kyocera MFPs multi-purpose tray.

These tab dividers can be found in 3-, 5-, or 8-tab configurations

and can be purchased from most office supply companies.

At your PC, open a document and select "FilePrint."

Choose the MFP you'd like to print to from the KX print driver.

Select "Properties" and select the "Publishing" tab.

Select theIndex tab dividerscheck box.

In theMediadrop down, select the number of tabs in each set, for example, 8 tabs.

SelectSettingsand selectNew.”

In theInsert before pagefield,

type the number of the page youd like the insert to appear before.

UnderPrint ontoselectPrint onto front

to include text or an image on the front of the tab.

Set thePositiondrop down, for example "Auto."

InTab texttype the label for your tab, for exampleTab 1."

You can also customize the tab font.

Keep adding new tabs based on the amount of inserts you wish to print, and selectOK.”

Place tabs in the multi-purpose tray in reverse-collate order.

Go to "System Menu," select "Common Settings"

and select "Original/Paper Settings" then "Next."

Select "Media Type Setting," and scroll to the second page.

Select "Index Tab Dividers" and set the tab weight based on the tabs you're using

then select "OK."

Select "Default Paper" and select source "Multi Purpose Tray."

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