Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Help Card

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Hi, Im Joe from Pyramid Educational Consultants and this is our Help Card.

Requesting help is one of our nine critical communication skills.

We all need help sometimes and being unable to request help from others can lead to challenging

situations and challenging behaviors.

Teaching the concept of help to learners with autism can be difficult.

Our help card provides a function way for learners to request help in a calm and consistent manner.

Learning to use a skill across items, situations, and activities introduces the learner with

autism to the larger concept of help.

Our help card is shaped like a helping hand and is a unique and distinctive icon which

makes it easy for the learner to find and use.

Because of its unique color and shape, we start teaching this concept during phase two the PECS protocol.

For detailed information on teaching help, refer to pages 245 through 247 of the second

edition of the PECS training manual available at

The Description of Help Card